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They tried to take $39.95 about 2 days after they deposited a penny to my account but I hadn't the funds somy bank denied thembut then charged me a draft fee!! VUCKING BVLLSHEET
Reported by Keith on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 11:39am reporting number 877-284-9393
Company Calling: NRG 8772849393
Believe this is connected to an EBay Scam
Reported by Tom on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 10:56am reporting number 084-337-80059
This number called. my Number Identify said MARKETING FRAUD I answered anyway. When I said the name of my Business I got a recorded GOODBYE. When we the people will stop supporting and electing the enemy to the free people to rule oppressively and tyrannically over the free people, and begin to have Justice for the people these calls will stop since Justice would dictate these harassing criminals would be where they belong. BEHIND BARS along with those that subvert their oath to the free people that allow these type of criminals to prey on the people.
Reported by P.G.America on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 09:43am reporting number 458-201-0461
Company Calling: MARKETING FRAUD
I received a call from this number. The caller (with Indian accent) said they had been receiving numerous reports of errors from my computer. I strung him along as he directed me to the event viewer. He asked me how many messages I see there. I told him there was only one and it told me that a caller was trying to lead me into trouble. He then said, "I can see that you are a bloody mother f***er" and hung up. He then called right back and uttered more profanities. I hung up. He called back several more times and I hung up immediately every time.
A friend got one of these calls and they talked him through giving remote access. They then proceeded to download a program that disabled his computer and displayed a message that said he needed to pay a $200 license fee to get the computer operational again. This is extortion, plain and simple.
Reported by dmyers on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 09:40am reporting number 850-785-9004
probably market research
Reported by sal on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 08:17am reporting number 014-945-90709
Update- filed a complaint with the FTC.
Reported by Jaime Nicole on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 08:03am reporting number 877-284-9393
Company Calling: NRG
This is the second time. I had to file a complain with the BBB (their response was I never called. Baloney! I called THREE times and left voicemails- they never called back). I already disputed the first transaction and got my money back. Now they did it again!!! I called and finally got a live person and she gave me a name and ref# for cancellation but stated I signed up with an email address on yahoo (that I don't use) and provided me with a phone # (that I haven't had in years).

Good grief. Absolutely shady business practices.

Took money out of my account twice in a row!!!
Reported by Jaime Nicole on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 07:52am reporting number 877-284-9393
Company Calling: NRG
did not leave mesage

ID: TollFree Caller
Reported by Carl on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 07:36am reporting number 844-269-6393
Company Calling: TollFree Caller
Y they are calling. ...
Reported by bhawani singh on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 07:01am reporting number 231-332-580723
Company Calling: no
This is weatherseal in Bradford Yorkshire, they are a nuisance call for sales, and they are part of Safestyle windows, who I would never use again for new windows. really rubbish service.
Reported by Sue from Oldham Lancashire on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 06:18am reporting number 084-586-38310
Company Calling: Weatherseal in Bradford
Type of call: Telemarketer
got a call from this number 252 99130399, is a scam don;t pick up
Reported by Tan on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 05:28am reporting number 252-991-30399
Type of call: Prank Call
Getting these calls sometimes twice a day. I just put the phone down on them after telling them that I know its a scam and they are not going to scam me.
Trouble is it is getting very annoying having to take these calls.
Reported by Frances Metcalf on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 04:50am reporting number 000-208-1850800
i am getting a missed call from the number +22478600737 i tried to call to that number in that time they lifted my call and say something to me. but i have only 8/-Rs balance is available. after 12 seconds my total balance is over . i did't understand what's the fuck is happening here then i tried to search in google after that i jest fiend out it is from "Guinea " country the country code is +224 so finally i got it but now i i am searching for " why they r calling me ? where can they get my number ?
Reported by J.RAI on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 03:20am reporting number 224-786-00737
phoned today at9.50 said they were from Microsoft and my compter had errors.SAID HIS NAME WAS JAKE GAVE ME OR SO HE SAID MY COMPTER ID?? WAS ON PHONE FOR 7MINS but I would not put my computer on for him.WHY DO these people keep scaring us I am an oap am getting so frightened.
Reported by maria on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 02:10am reporting number 001-614-324509
Company Calling: microsoft ?????
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Reported by Quick loans no credit check on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 01:51am reporting number 084-551-90969
Company Calling:
Lots of people are randomly receiving calls from this number recently. If you google the number, results show the number associated with two people in Tampa, Fl: Nakia Rumph and Kathyrn Reeve. I seriously doubt that either of these people are calling people randomly. One poster attempted to return the call and got a recording that the number was no longer in service. This sounds suspiciously like another SCAMMER who is hi-jacking (spoofing) the phone numbers of innocent people (and also the numbers of small businesses according to the BBB warning about this scam). If you ever discover that your phone number as been spoofed, report it to the local authorities, your state attorney general office and the federal communications commission and request an investigation. Caller ID spoofing is prohibited according to the Federal Communications Commission, and the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009. It is punishable by up to a 10,000.00 fine per violation. Why people are allowed to create apps that can change the phone number in the caller ID to any number they wish when it is unlawful to use the app is mind-boggling. As for the fine, it might as well be 1 million dollar fine per violation if no-one ever gets caught. It's hard to believe that people in this world have degenerated to this point. I feel terrible for the innocent people whose phone numbers are being violated for the agendas of unethical people.
Reported by anonymous on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 01:04am reporting number 813-325-30296
Company Calling: SCAMMER
Reported by brajesh on Saturday, 10.25.2014 @ 00:40am reporting number 982-602-2473
Type of call: Survey
they are calling me and have my personal info and threatening I have frau allegations
Reported by sc on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 22:37pm reporting number 844-363-0716
Company Calling: enhanced arbitration
Type of call: Debt Collector
Still being used in an Adriana-type spam email.
Reported by softrider on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 22:23pm reporting number 316-347-7234
Scam. Paid solicitor for a supposed charity that may get a small portion of of the funds raised if any. They have called twice to a phone on the DO NOT CALL list. They are fund raisers that take 90% or more of the money raised and only a token amount MAY go to a legit charity.


Reported by MJ on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 21:06pm reporting number 732-491-8208
Type of call: Telemarketer
Whos calling me
Reported by suresh on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 20:04pm reporting number 055-439-596
9:07 am on October 24, 2014 – Received call from Jian, Zai-Nan from phone number 212-577-2604. No message was left. I am contacting the Texas Attorney General Office's about the call and report the number and company. I'm on the “Do Not Call List.” FIGHT BACK. Contact your State Attorney General's Office!!!

Reported by Annoyed on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 19:38pm reporting number 212-577-2604
Company Calling: JIAN, ZAI-NAN
12:55 pm on October 24, 2014 – Received call from Out of Area from phone number 320-365-1270. No message was left. I am contacting the Texas Attorney General Office's about the call and report the number and company. I'm on the “Do Not Call List.” FIGHT BACK. Contact your State Attorney General's Office!!!

Reported by Annoyed on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 19:32pm reporting number 320-365-1270
Company Calling: Out of Area
Called 3 times now, no message
Reported by Anna on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 18:16pm reporting number 218-684-4857
voici le responsable de ca Martin PHANEUF (450) 348-0545
Reported by carl on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 18:10pm reporting number 514-982-9805
Company Calling: voici le responsable de ca Martin PHANEUF (450) 348-0545
Type of call: Telemarketer
These guys call using different numbers. This time I asked how he was doing today and told me ok. I told him I didn't think he loved me any more because they didn't call for a few days and all the numbers he call from were non existent. He hung up so fast I didn't get to tell him more. They call me and I am tired of it, I tried to be nice and tell them no but they won't stop calling.
Reported by Steve on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:46pm reporting number 786-614-0068
Company Calling: Computer repair
scam dont give information
Reported by salmer gupta on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:28pm reporting number 801-759-1268
never stops calling, so annoying!
Reported by John Matheson on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:26pm reporting number 650-545-5566
Type of call: Telemarketer
Called me at 11pm asked for Maria. Couldn't hear the rest. I'd love to kick his ass. And to the guy who fell for his scam... You are a tard
Reported by pfft on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:23pm reporting number 006-612-62601
Type of call: Prank Call
No msg left. Called the phone #. It rang and rang. Never an answer. Who is this?
Reported by susan on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:17pm reporting number 800-596-4696

Been around for quite a long time, hardly a scam. 425-457-3369 is registered with the WA Insurance commissioner's office and has been licensed for almost 10 years with 0 complaints registered.

This person is now a health insurance broker.
Reported by Anon on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 15:32pm reporting number 425-457-3369
Company Calling: Healthcare Solutions
Type of call: Telemarketer
Here's the transcription of the voice message from an automated call: Calling in reference to your current credit card account. There's no problems currently with your account. It is urgent, however, that you contact us concerning your eligibility for lowering your interest rates to as little as 6.9% your eligibility expires shortly, so please consider this your final notice. Please Press 1 now on your phone to speak with a live operator and lower your interest rates, or press 2, to discontinue further notices. Thank you and have a great day.
Reported by P Lee on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 15:19pm reporting number 617-367-3422
Company Calling: Unknown
Type of call: Telemarketer
Calls many times a day. No message, no caller, just dead air. Total pain.
Reported by mgm on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 15:17pm reporting number 818-493-1711
Loan Scammer companythey stole $1390.00 from me
Reported by Dave B on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 14:32pm reporting number 786-342-0540
Type of call: Prank Call
Reported by IRENE on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 14:20pm reporting number 855-610-6131
had a faint message may have been other then English, at the end in loud voice, "if you do not wish to receive further updates press 1"
Reported by rich on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 13:44pm reporting number 602-639-5624

Sending an unknown country code in the number (pretending to be international - which in itself should on paper be illegal in the UK) .

Probably PPI rubbish.
Reported by q on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 12:15pm reporting number 119-574-8396
Type of call: Telemarketer
I need to know who owns this number.
Reported by Muhozya on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 12:15pm reporting number 022-216-4900
Number calls repeatedly; when call is answered, there is no one on the line and then the call disconnects. If you attempt to call the number back, the phone rings briefly and then an automated voice says, "Goodbye," and the call disconnects. Caller ID lists the call as coming from Prosper, TX with no name or company listed.
Reported by L.M. on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 12:14pm reporting number 972-347-8065
Company Calling: Unknown
My cell called. Asian female voice, could here "callers" in background. Said my name & number was "drawn"', I'm to receive $$$? ( couldn't understand) if I call 206-866-5706 & answer their questions. Wanted to know how I wanted to receive the $$. Card, draft, or direct deposit. Asked for my zip. When I said, "if you have my name $ number, you should have my zip"' she became "short". Kept saying government & D.C. 10/24/14 13:30hrs
Reported by Butch on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:48am reporting number 202-684-6771
Company Calling: Self
Calls all of the time.
I do not answer.
weird number.
no caller id for city.
Reported by Boon on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:33am reporting number 698-902-24
Was called by this number but, as it came up "International" on my BT phone, didn't bother answering it and let it go through to my answering service. As is typical for these sort of calls, no message was left.

A number beginning 001 should be from North America but the format is too short. So, if the caller has a fake number ID, what else about the caller is going to be fake?

Reported by Andy on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:22am reporting number 001-002-981
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is an Insurance Company, if you have recently applied for Life Insurance or anything like that, this is probably why they are calling you.
Reported by Steven on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:15am reporting number 800-435-0626
Company Calling: Insurance Central
Victor Painting Service
Haverhill, MA 01835
(978) 521-0006

For us at Victor Painting is very essential the customer's opinion. We do the painting as you want us to be made!
Reported by Micke on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:56am reporting number 978-521-0006
They are calling I don't know who they ar32
Reported by Nancy Sprouse on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:54am reporting number 855-411-0663
Company Calling: unknown
They are calling I don't know who they ar32
Reported by Nancy Sprouse on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:53am reporting number 855-411-0663
Company Calling: unknown
3rd day in a row, no message left
Reported by Reen on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:52am reporting number 403-775-1277
Company Calling: ?
Octavio Plumbing
5126 N Greer Ave , Covina, CA, 91724
(323) 243-4921

Offering a wide range of plumbing services, boiler repairs, water heater repairs, drain cleaning, pipe replacements and more. Serving Covina CA and all surrounding areas.
Reported by Rod on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:44am reporting number 323-243-4921
It's NCO a collection agency
Reported by S on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:24am reporting number 918-779-0207
Company Calling: NCO
Type of call: Debt Collector
well who are you to call me at number 870-653-33369 from number 571-408-7115 need to stop calling are leave message please thank you .
Reported by Michael a Green on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 09:45am reporting number 571-408-7115
Company Calling: unknown