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Reported by isoeozup on Sunday, 08.30.2015 @ 15:25pm reporting number 866-205-5424
Company Calling:
He is a british guy offering financial services
Reported by Alberto on Sunday, 08.30.2015 @ 06:00am reporting number 971-450-34762
Company Calling: not clear
Scammer, asked for money
Reported by cynthia on Saturday, 08.29.2015 @ 14:49pm reporting number 646-535-4996
called the no. & this was a sales no.
Reported by Duane on Friday, 08.7.2015 @ 13:46pm reporting number 074-193-32971
Company Calling: life insurance
Type of call: Telemarketer
we wanna recognise who called. Did we miss a job?
Reported by Ma on Thursday, 07.30.2015 @ 13:33pm reporting number 074-154-0267
Reported by Neil on Saturday, 08.8.2015 @ 01:02am reporting number 074-218-19103
This no. rang right soon after we turned on our telephone this afternoon. creepy that these people nkew to ring us at that exact moment. ? we did not reply
Reported by Blair on Monday, 07.27.2015 @ 13:32pm reporting number 074-217-48184
have not had a idea who it is?
Reported by Marquitta on Sunday, 07.19.2015 @ 10:25am reporting number 074-135-98529
Reported by Anibal on Wednesday, 08.5.2015 @ 04:06am reporting number 074-042-24165
these people Ben phoning us
Reported by Lamont on Sunday, 08.2.2015 @ 06:15am reporting number 074-042-24165
Company Calling: Lica mobile
do not recognise who this was
Reported by Latia on Tuesday, 08.11.2015 @ 04:31am reporting number 074-123-38303
prank ring
Reported by Lea on Saturday, 07.25.2015 @ 20:51pm reporting number 074-050-26463
Type of call: Prank Call
who was this
Reported by Jerome on Friday, 07.24.2015 @ 22:55pm reporting number 074-502-25378
Reported by Fern on Monday, 08.10.2015 @ 06:16am reporting number 074-496-0410
these people was aware of our info & talked about our family
Reported by Jonelle on Wednesday, 08.12.2015 @ 06:15am reporting number 074-512-27168
someone's calling us
Reported by Luci on Monday, 07.27.2015 @ 21:54pm reporting number 074-504-27970
Company Calling: Three
Type of call: Prank Call
Complete con artists please be really careful
Reported by Jason on Tuesday, 08.4.2015 @ 02:03am reporting number 074-481-76833
Reported by Elias on Monday, 08.10.2015 @ 01:09am reporting number 074-389-84584
who was this individual
Reported by Winford on Tuesday, 07.28.2015 @ 09:22am reporting number 074-246-00501
Pls give us
Reported by Pete on Sunday, 07.26.2015 @ 15:58pm reporting number 074-471-8160
often miss person calling
Reported by Millard on Monday, 08.10.2015 @ 06:16am reporting number 074-425-01163
never ever get a reply
Reported by Marcus on Monday, 08.3.2015 @ 12:31pm reporting number 074-425-01163
This individual knows our name
Reported by Wai on Sunday, 08.9.2015 @ 07:17am reporting number 074-003-75786
Company Calling: Don't know
Type of call: SMS
he requested for somebody else & threatened to keep on pestering us until we reply
Reported by Kathaleen on Tuesday, 08.4.2015 @ 10:25am reporting number 073-188-0262
Company Calling: ?
Missed 2 rings with 'em today. attempted to ring back & just put on hold.
Reported by Leena on Tuesday, 07.14.2015 @ 21:36pm reporting number 073-188-0262
had a ring with 0731880262 have no clue as well.
Reported by Rhiannon on Monday, 08.3.2015 @ 01:03am reporting number 073-188-0262
Reported by Phebe on Friday, 07.24.2015 @ 12:30pm reporting number 073-188-0262
Company Calling: asfe
weir nonsense ring
Reported by Season on Sunday, 08.9.2015 @ 07:41am reporting number 073-100-7810
Reported by Frieda on Tuesday, 07.28.2015 @ 19:49pm reporting number 073-317-525
keep on on buzzing us
Reported by Evelia on Saturday, 08.1.2015 @ 07:17am reporting number 073-295-9239
Company Calling: Mtn
we would just like to quit getting these unwanted rings with this no. on a really regular basis.
Reported by Sherice on Sunday, 07.26.2015 @ 23:59pm reporting number 073-087-9056
We are receiving rings atleast two times a month with this no., particularly irritating as I happen to be overseas for two weeks & these people keep on phoning our cell.
Reported by Monroe on Tuesday, 08.4.2015 @ 14:36pm reporting number 073-087-9056
Reported by Benny on Tuesday, 08.11.2015 @ 08:19am reporting number 073-005-020
the individual was engaged sending msg lying about our name
Reported by Darlena on Tuesday, 08.18.2015 @ 03:07am reporting number 073-063-3810
No msg is left. Who are you
Reported by Geoffrey on Monday, 08.3.2015 @ 15:37pm reporting number 073-667-8826
Show only the name the individual only
Reported by Dwain on Sunday, 08.9.2015 @ 08:19am reporting number 073-889-3643
Company Calling: Unknown person
Show only the identity of the individual and that was exactly what we want only
Reported by Jeffie on Wednesday, 08.5.2015 @ 12:29pm reporting number 073-889-3643
Company Calling: Unknown person who is using this  nmbr 0738893643
Show only the identity of the individual
Reported by Rayford on Friday, 07.31.2015 @ 16:46pm reporting number 073-889-3643
we just wanna recognise the owner of this nmbr=0738893643
Reported by Joye on Friday, 08.7.2015 @ 10:23am reporting number 073-889-3643
she rang us & she didnt respond
Reported by Sheilah on Monday, 08.3.2015 @ 14:34pm reporting number 073-889-3643
Reported by Jorge on Thursday, 07.30.2015 @ 14:34pm reporting number 073-504-819
the individual created a bogus whatsapp profile of us
Reported by Enoch on Sunday, 08.9.2015 @ 06:10am reporting number 073-409-4730
Type of call: SMS
phone's our guy early hours of the afternoon soon as we ring the no. these people drop the ring suspect faul play
Reported by Omar on Thursday, 07.30.2015 @ 14:07pm reporting number 073-358-6258
Company Calling: Dont know
rings us constantly
Reported by Zena on Monday, 08.10.2015 @ 21:52pm reporting number 073-412-27901
harrassment need a name please
Reported by Ellen on Tuesday, 08.4.2015 @ 17:43pm reporting number 073-411-17858
Type of call: Prank Call
want to recognise who rang us
Reported by Eunice on Thursday, 07.23.2015 @ 14:53pm reporting number 074-923-15830
several rings often soon after midnight
Reported by Merlin on Saturday, 07.25.2015 @ 09:23am reporting number 074-865-88732
this was no mistake the individual call a few times a month often soon after midnight
Reported by Jonnie on Saturday, 08.8.2015 @ 02:03am reporting number 074-865-88732
do not recognise a single thing about the person calling
Reported by Cyrus on Monday, 07.20.2015 @ 23:57pm reporting number 074-953-9790
Reported by Lili on Saturday, 08.15.2015 @ 06:14am reporting number 074-843-21483
Company Calling: unknown