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This number is listed on Page 215 in the yellow pages phone book for a Lock business named "Alviso Cerraiero Barato" at 645 N Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach Fl. There is no history of there ever being such a business located at this address. The call goes to a call center where an unlicensed person is dispatched to your locations, they quote a very reasonable or low price for the service that you are requesting, and them when they get there and "evaluate the situation" they might demand or probably will demand an amount 7 to 10 times the quoted price. If you happen to be a senior, it will be even more. These people are preying on anyone who is in need and has the bad fortune to call them thinking they are legitimate.
Reported by Bill Partington on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 08:59am reporting number 386-233-9290
Company Calling: /alviso Cerraiero Barato
Text message said it was son of S Anders asking about item I was selling. Then gave email

Email received is a scam. Person trying to buy item via bogus paypal transaction. Stated he was Machinery Engineer at Gas Company and that we was "posted out ...and would range pick up...."

Wants person to register with paypal then send him paypal registration that point he will take every dollar available from any credit card or account associated with that paypal account.

Reported by FP on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 08:49am reporting number 330-515-7298
This number is what show up when any number within the Health Sciences Centre calls you, whether it be a patient or Doctors Office.
Reported by Maureen on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 08:43am reporting number 204-775-0055
Company Calling: Health Sciences Centre
I keep getting a call from this number 321-710-6991
Reported by james petty on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 08:40am reporting number 321-710-6991
"Brian" from..... 708-328-8747... called our business this morning. He abruptly hung up when I told him the owner does not come to the shop and I am the office manager, I can help. I called the number on our caller ID and he lied and pretended to be from "Leon's Barbecue"... did I want to place an order and I must be having a bad day. He should be fired for misrepresenting his company, lying, and poor judgement on who to talk business to.
Reported by Office Manager on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 08:23am reporting number 708-328-8747
Company Calling: 708-328-8747
Type of call: Telemarketer
i did no who is calling
Reported by pardeep on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 05:50am reporting number 252-991-60482
Company Calling: 25299160482
Type of call: SMS
This number shows up as a text message on my phone bill. Any ideas?
Reported by Mike on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 05:32am reporting number 000-065-3689
Genesis Appliance Repair
San Pedro, CA, 90731
(310) 514-3534

For The Best Rates in Town Simply Call Now 310-514-3534 We Service & Repair Both Digital and Non Digital Appliances.
Appliance Repair, Appliance Repair Service, Small Appliance Repair service, Small Appliance Repair, Commercial Appliance Repair
Reported by Reynaldo Ramirez on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 05:30am reporting number 310-514-3534
Its the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce trying to recruit new members
Reported by Business Owner on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 04:47am reporting number 012-160-71750
Company Calling: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
Type of call: Telemarketer
sry for bad eng. I got this call also. I have rooted smartphone recently i trayed an app and calls started so I think that maybe ther is some kind off connection.

Reported by mirko on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 03:52am reporting number 006-563-407110
Debt collector - Business Financial
Reported by NoDebt on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 03:20am reporting number 678-701-3990
Company Calling: Debt collector - Business Financial
Type of call: Debt Collector
Having called me three times a day for three days, in spite of my answerphone message saying no cold or sales calls, I finally called them back after office hours - they answered Blacks Business Services...
I am registered with TPS and have now also complained to a body further up the complaints ladder. There will soon be legislation and a £2000 fine for nuisance calls - maybe that
will stop them?
Reported by Susan Hall on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 00:54am reporting number 016-182-66106
Company Calling: Blacks Business Services
Reported by CALLERID on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 00:48am reporting number 951-643-8810
miss call me from this no. every 2 days i dont know whose contact
Reported by naresh on Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 00:33am reporting number 212-692-280169
true caller shows name as APPEL Identifie comme Indesirable...
Reported by nibu on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 22:31pm reporting number 212-692-280186
Company Calling: APPEL Identifie comme Indesirable
I got a missed call from this number yesterday. just a small ring and disconnected by itself. Pls donot pick any ISD calls these could be spammers.
Reported by nibu on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 22:29pm reporting number 212-692-280186
They called saying we owed money and needed to pay inmediately or i was gonig to be served court papers ans the name they game is national carriers and i looked it up and its actually a logistics company which doesnt make sense.
Reported by Nelly on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 20:26pm reporting number 214-302-0267
Received call at 6:10 PM. On answering, there was some static for a couple of seconds, and the call ended.
Reported by Bill on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 17:12pm reporting number 608-515-5386
Today, Wednesday 3/4/2015, they are using the number 801-218-3238. These people have called my number 12 times so far today at 1:35 pm, 1:06 pm, 12:13 pm, 10:43 am, 10:26 am, 10:00 am, 9:40 am, 9:29 am, 8:50 am, 8:30 am, 8:26 am, 8:07 am. They do not answer when you say hello--it is silence. The number is from Farmington, UT.

Yesterday, Tuesday, March 3, 2015, they called eight times using the number 801-218-3237. On Monday, March 2, 2015, they called seven times using the number 801-218-3236.

This has been going on since January. It is always the same. I have put a block on the number and then they change the number and start calling again. How can we get these people to stop.

Reported by Russell on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 16:17pm reporting number 801-218-3238
Company Calling: unknown
Type of call: Telemarketer
Call from 818-154-3515 Dish Network sales call1-888-610-2814 to stop them
Reported by Revenge on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 16:01pm reporting number 818-154-3515
Company Calling: Dish Network
Type of call: Telemarketer
Received call that the warranty on my GM (Saturn) had expired, which it did 2 years ago. Person kept pressuring me for my mileage, and I woudnt give it to them. When they asked why I was in possession of a car without a warranty, told them I had purchased a supplemental warranty with another company already. They got extremely rude and angry and then hung up on me before I could hang up on them.
Reported by Craig on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 15:47pm reporting number 978-267-3122
Type of call: Telemarketer
who is diz
Reported by drew on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 15:35pm reporting number 719-452-4432
Company Calling: drew
Call and leaves no message. When I pick up the phone they do not answer
Reported by Lee on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 15:26pm reporting number 720-685-6287
Collection agency
Reported by me on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 15:19pm reporting number 416-338-0980
647-622-1339 scam alert ! This Nyc Mafia Sounding dummy, knows absolutely nothing about computers and does not know what he is talking about..He makes up prices on the fly...What a moron, keeps repeating his words, doesn't know how to talk. Sounds like he just got out of JAIL......WOULD NEVER TRUST A TALKING MAGPIE LIKE THIS..WHAT A FOOL..
Reported by ahmed on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 14:59pm reporting number 647-622-1339
Company Calling: 106 goodwood st markham
Type of call: Event Reminder
Called three times, answered the phone I heard a computer generated sounding of my first name then they disconnected.
Reported by Richard on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 14:21pm reporting number 601-885-3771
Company Calling: unkno
Type of call: Prank Call
do not call list also, any chance of the fcc busting them or a class action?
Reported by micky on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 14:20pm reporting number 407-934-5791
This Chris Tomasik keeps calling my job and I'm about to have him arrested for Harassment.

Reported by johnson on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 14:04pm reporting number 888-250-2791
My report is the same as most of these I have been reading. These bitches are smart enough to soak so many people out of their money. How can they get away with this on so many people for so long? My suggestion is we all get together and files charges on them and then we all file a class action law suit to get our money back plus damages.
Reported by Duane on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 12:44pm reporting number 877-284-9393
Same number called three times. Twice I didn't pick up and no msg left. Third time I answered and they hung up. If it is this Chrysler...I've never dealt with them. I'm in halton region.
Reported by cici on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 11:59am reporting number 365-800-0068
my stepson used my computer to look around for a payday loan on 2 feb 2015 and gave our landline number. he didnt get a loan but ever since then we have been getting calls from this number with no answer from them when we pick phone up. about 4 a day. as far as i can see, it is scammers trying to get bank and personal details for illegal purposes . we just let phone ring no and if they dont leave a message then we dont answer. even if they did leave message we would only delete. it without answering
Reported by m salt on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 11:55am reporting number 001-23-
Company Calling: 00123
Reported by muhammad usman on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 11:41am reporting number 800-173-22
Type of call: SMS
Reported by muhammad usman on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 11:39am reporting number 800-173-22
Type of call: SMS
Priority overnight package needs to be released. Fraud
Reported by Jess on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 11:35am reporting number 844-547-5528
Company Calling: GWX Sports Promotion Dept
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by muhammad usman on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 11:34am reporting number 800-173-22
Type of call: SMS
These people sent me emails.
Reported by Holland on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 11:10am reporting number 949-878-1222
I know he is a telemarketer and he calls me daily! I want him to stop. I have called him back several times to know avail since he just lets it ring until it stops!
Reported by MarySue on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 10:12am reporting number 315-536-2101
Type of call: Telemarketer
Telemarketer scum
Reported by Jimmy on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 10:05am reporting number 508-434-6414
It's a Google listing recording. Hit 1 to listen to some kid try to verify your business information. I asked for the boss and asked him what exactly they are and what they do?

They are (allegedly) BVS and try to get your listing on Page 1 of Google. He gave me this website

After I called him out on the fact it's Chinese, they hung up. Funny how that works.

Waste as much time as you possibly can with them. It can be fun.

Examples: Act hard of hearing, Ask them to repeat over and over again what they do, act really interested
Reported by Jim on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 09:43am reporting number 203-580-0806
Company Calling: BVS
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is some kind of vulture debt collector calling for somebody we don't know.

Most of those rogue debt collectors are POWERLESS anyway! The majority of debts they call about are well past the Statute of Limitations.

Powerless debt collector out of luck and annoying.

Mr. Collector:
Call me again and will report you to law enforcement.
I am on the do not call list.........
Reported by Bogus Caller on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 09:32am reporting number 800-366-3727
Company Calling: would not identify
Type of call: Debt Collector
so this number called me and didn't leave a message and when I called it back it wanted my pin number
Reported by paulapoo on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 09:04am reporting number 407-479-3027
I saw this call was from Jamaica; I don't know anyone from Jamaica so I didn't answer. I'm sure it's a SCAM! They left no message either.
Reported by Lindsey on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 08:41am reporting number 876-410-4742
Got a call from this number - - no message - - just ignore.
Reported by YvonneJ on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 08:27am reporting number 718-363-4540
Type of call: Telemarketer
Got a call and a voicemail from this number when I read voicemail it said they would ring back
Reported by julie gutridge on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 08:26am reporting number 019-786-38009
This number rang and stated that I had worked in a noisy factory years ago to which I replied "" and then hung up the call.bit ironic as it was a bad line,really noisy office background idea what company she was ringing from.
Reported by Sue Slater on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 07:55am reporting number 019-246-59030
Company Calling: unknown
They keep calling at least once a day. Recorded message regarding elderly and medication. I've been on the do not call list for years yet still they call.
Reported by gs on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 07:34am reporting number 855-736-3867
Company Calling: unknown
Don Chambers Landscape Architect
North Little Rock, AR, 72114
(501) 590-8695
We hve landscape designs that fit your lifestyle. Been in business for almost 20 years we've always been providing exceptional landscape designs and architectures in North Little Rock, AR and all surrounding areas.
Landscape Architect, Landscape Services, Landscape Installation, Landscape Design, Landscape Companies
Reported by Mark on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 07:33am reporting number 501-590-8695
Rang my phone once, no voicemail. Called it back from another number and they answered "Credit Management".
Reported by PJ on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 07:16am reporting number 614-948-4404
Company Calling: Credit Management
Type of call: Debt Collector
This number belongs to NPOWER - seems they don't give a fig about all the trouble they have caused and are intent on causing more upset !

Use call blocking to disrupt them !
Reported by Not relevant on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 06:52am reporting number 080-095-24864
Company Calling: NPOWER
rings and just hangs up when I answer, now blocked the number
Reported by lisa on Wednesday, 03.4.2015 @ 05:08am reporting number 078-076-03972
Type of call: Telemarketer