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They rang me so I tried to ring them back but got no answer.
Reported by Pamela on Wednesday, 12.13.2017 @ 05:58am reporting number 012-065-85229
I was charges £2.35 by Virgin for answering this call.
Dont pick up !!!
Reported by Carole on Wednesday, 12.13.2017 @ 01:28am reporting number 087-123-1200
Company Calling: Unknown
has anyone downloaded an apps about anything from bitcoin? ive download GFK apps and tis all starts to happen.
Reported by sammiri on Wednesday, 12.13.2017 @ 01:20am reporting number 384-4-
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is an IRS SCAM
Reported by Sue on Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:38pm reporting number 512-487-1069
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number 326-650-10 keeps texting my phone. It says to Tyriece Kassie Vega commented on a post then ask to load a preview. The others have been about a job or get together.
Reported by Jennifer Cahoon on Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 12:00pm reporting number 326-650-10
Had £140 taken from my account. Came up on my statement as PRIVILEGE (RPYMT) 0345 246 8179GB

Reported by Ausmaan Raja on Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 09:45am reporting number 084-524-68179
they're calling from the government to sue you,,,total scam
Reported by unknown on Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 07:46am reporting number 339-707-3340
Company Calling: us government
Called many times but not available using landline phone.
Reported by Arch on Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 03:36am reporting number 971-451-64626
Receive cell phone calls frequent with no-one there. callback get number you have dialled is not in service. stop calling me over and over again for heaven sake! my payments are up to date
Reported by kevin on Tuesday, 12.12.2017 @ 02:35am reporting number 032-786-1400
Type of call: Debt Collector
Had a call from this number earlier today - fortunately we have a BT Call Blocker which screens incoming calls. Once whoever called up got a taste of the answering stage, they went away...
Reported by Michael on Monday, 12.11.2017 @ 06:52am reporting number 020-707-20375
Called during the Seahawks game and left no message. I don't know anyone in NV, but keep getting calls that don't leave messages. Annoying
Reported by Ilene on Sunday, 12.10.2017 @ 18:00pm reporting number 702-602-4640
This person has called continually for the last two weeks. About once every 3 hours. Don't answer. No
Messages left on machine
Reported by Sag on Sunday, 12.10.2017 @ 16:38pm reporting number 770-599-7665
I also was contacted by by text message about my add on Craigs List. The wrote:

"Is your boat part on craigslist still available for sale? I'm interested. Kindly email me at Thanks"

The header of the text message shows an email address of:

I told them to show up with cash in hand or forget it! So far no further reply. Thanks Melissa for the heads up.

Reported by Michael on Saturday, 12.9.2017 @ 22:42pm reporting number 206-337-6863
08000326212 number called. They asked if we were related to an old family member of which my husband did not know anything about, so he said 'no'. When I tried to call this number back, it didn't take incoming calls.
Reported by Mandy on Saturday, 12.9.2017 @ 12:03pm reporting number 080-003-26212
my phone number is 574118509. please call me
Reported by borisi on Saturday, 12.9.2017 @ 03:10am reporting number 483-03-
Company Calling: +4263723
Type of call: SMS
Got this message from the number 759-73:

Your first app is ready. Install it and sign in to link to your PC:
Reported by TJ on Friday, 12.8.2017 @ 16:00pm reporting number 759-73-
Company Calling: Unknown
I answered the call but caller does not feedback. Caller dialed my number 88 01715 297239 (Grammenphone Bangladesh).
Reported by Nazriul Islam Masud on Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 23:26pm reporting number 004-915-215679218
Just an heads up, you may wanna check with the police. Receiving messages with strange characters is consistent with spy devices, the phone may be bugged.
Reported by Incgonito on Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 21:21pm reporting number 960-989-994
Still another unwanted call from this Alhambra VOIP number arrived today, less than 4 months since the last unwanted call on Aug. 18. Once again, when the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. This is the calling card of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly troll the phone lines, desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. The perpetrator has been unmasked as:
Elite Home Energy
10661 Ellis Ave., Suite J
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Monday thru Friday
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Lic. # 635973
REAL NUMBER (714) 968 5304
Reported by Quick Brown Fox on Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 14:03pm reporting number 626-888-5279
Company Calling: Elite Home Energy
Type of call: Telemarketer
It's used by Credit One Bank. Usually if you're late (like I was) for a payment. even though we're caught up they like to keep callin to have me pay early. SUPER ANNOYING!
Reported by Curt on Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 11:25am reporting number 719-283-3621
Call from company looking to recruit young people for brand ambassador work
Reported by Gabby on Thursday, 12.7.2017 @ 09:07am reporting number 075-353-19402
Company Calling: Norfolk and Suffolk promotions
Called and text the number but no one responds also I called back and it keeps just ringing, feel
Like a scam of some sort.
Reported by D on Wednesday, 12.6.2017 @ 19:28pm reporting number 321-231-7851
It's my number I won this prize but didn't take
Reported by taimoor on Wednesday, 12.6.2017 @ 13:35pm reporting number 065-280-
Company Calling:
Type of call: SMS
Called me on my mobile today.
Claimed to be from SSE and wanted to discuss my final Gas Utility account.
Asked if I had a statement to hand -I said no as I haven't been with SSE for 12 months. The account was finalised and settled in full.
Wanted to go through some security questions - I didn't answer them.
Told me he couldn't access my account and I would need to ring them back.
I said, if he couldn't tell me what the issue was I would not be ringing them back.
He said that was my choice and put the phone down.

Sounded like a scam to me.
Reported by B1GH3R06 on Wednesday, 12.6.2017 @ 05:54am reporting number 029-202-79000
Company Calling: SSE
Type of call: Telemarketer
Had a missed call at 3.30 in the morning!!
Tried calling back but engaged. Treat with caution. Blocking now
Reported by Shauna on Wednesday, 12.6.2017 @ 02:07am reporting number 020-784-30500
Company Calling: ??
Glad I looked up this number on the internet before I could call back. I checked my phone's Recent History with this # and found out the ff:

Today: 4 Missed Calls
9:00 - 9:30 AM

Nov 18: 4 Missed Calls
10 AM, 1:50 - 2:30 PM

Nov 3: 1 Missed Call and an (Answered) Call
10 AM and 1 PM

Oct 3: Answered Call at 3 PM

I suppose it is from PLDT. I remember them calling re bill when I was at the hospital attending to a family member.
Reported by CC on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 20:10pm reporting number 672-728-6
Was on what appeared to be a legit Microsoft site after having a problem on computer. Used number on screen to talk with tech Dept. An Indian man led me through the process to purchase a Microsoft Webb Protection plan, lifetime was $700. I was told a certain number to call if I had any further problems. Now weeks later I believe I have been scammed!
Reported by David Williams on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 14:50pm reporting number 844-840-3085
Company Calling:
I dont know he called me, never answered so he left a voicemail he said something about a bank i dont know.
Reported by Krystian on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 12:56pm reporting number 004-413-15364566
Type of call: Debt Collector
Here is some of the actual Contact Information direct from the TD Website.
option 2
TTY (Text Telephone)

Personal Bank Accounts:

Mutual Funds:
Cantonese (except Quebec)
option 1
Mandarin (except Quebec)
option 2
TTY (Text Telephone)

I could go on but none of these are from the (866-255-3409) and never will be. If TD wants to contact you, Go to the TD site and look there for their Contact info or contact a local branch. Do Not Call Back these Numbers.
Reported by K.Pope on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 11:42am reporting number 866-255-3409
Company Calling: Unknown
Type of call: Prank Call
national careers service not spam most likely you were referred to them by Job Centre if you were unemployed
Reported by Mike on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 10:44am reporting number 016-139-36411
Company Calling: national careers service
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
This is procurator fiscal office. When I called back, recorded message saying number has changed and to call 0300 020 3000, which I did. Legitimate number for court and witnesses.
Reported by DM on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 06:02am reporting number 084-456-13000
Company Calling: Procurator Fiscal offices
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Just letting us know our parcel may be late x
Reported by taggart on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 03:47am reporting number 011-593-38000
Got a text from 35384440440 with a link to a picture. I didn't click link as it is more than likely a scam or even a link to malicious software.
Reported by Tom on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 02:50am reporting number 002-524-0212259
Type of call: SMS
Got a call but it didn't ring out from 0025285172232, it is obviously a scam of some sort. I didn't ring back.
Reported by Tom on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 02:46am reporting number 002-524-0212259
Dubai UAE

I have received an annoyingly long call from this number. They will waste your time.
Reported by Sophie on Tuesday, 12.5.2017 @ 02:39am reporting number 653-157-7306
Company Calling: Affiliated with Council of Tall Buildings
pre-recorded message saying it was from Sheffield United
Reported by Tony on Monday, 12.4.2017 @ 09:02am reporting number 011-444-70236
To get began buying and selling you first need a broker account.
Reported by binary options trading Signals on Monday, 12.4.2017 @ 08:32am reporting number 011-590-05000
Company Calling:
Type of call: Prank Call
abuse spam call 0114479340- annoying repetitive calling from this number
Reported by Carlo Roman on Monday, 12.4.2017 @ 02:12am reporting number 011-447-9340
Thanks TS. I got a call from them. A genuine call for a change. Message was left on my voicemail. Thanks to Telford homes.
Reported by cs on Sunday, 12.3.2017 @ 08:34am reporting number 020-853-49883
Company Calling: Telford homes
From simply where did the Mayan Civilization emerge?
Reported by mayan secrets diet review on Friday, 12.1.2017 @ 11:31am reporting number 011-583-08972
Company Calling:
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
This number always call us
Reported by Disha Sarkar on Friday, 12.1.2017 @ 04:33am reporting number 993-202-5961
Company Calling: Airtel
(305) 507-5554 is my personal cell phone number.
Reported by James Damian Hakert on Thursday, 11.30.2017 @ 16:27pm reporting number 305-507-5554
What type of information are you looking for?
Reported by James Damian Hakert on Thursday, 11.30.2017 @ 16:25pm reporting number 305-507-5554
I mean expensive phone....
Reported by Lane Kim on Thursday, 11.30.2017 @ 13:43pm reporting number 919-345-7586
ID says Government Can, no message left. Received similar calls with numbers like 416-954-**** a few times. Some were known scammer numbers asking to verify info according to sites like this. Terrible what people will do to cheat people.
Reported by wc on Thursday, 11.30.2017 @ 12:56pm reporting number 416-954-4651
It sounded like part of the call was cut off, because she did not say who she was or who she represented. She just said, "Please contact us now, so that we may remove this number from the file." I'm not calling unless I know who I'm calling and why ... and maybe not even then.
Reported by Gwen on Thursday, 11.30.2017 @ 12:34pm reporting number 844-580-7841
This number sent me a bogus text saying someone I know invited me to use an app called LOOK.... it included a url in the message as well. I asked the person it said it was from and they were sleeping at the time it was sent and knew nothing of such an app.

I advise against clicking any links for things like this. And especially do not download anything from this number. It's clearly a scam to put a virus on your phone/computer.

I also called this number (with my number blocked using *67 and it was a recorded message that was very robotic sounding and had weird message content at that. It said "thanks for the call, configure your numbers url voice to change this message, let us know if we can help at anytime during your development"
Reported by Angel on Thursday, 11.30.2017 @ 00:26am reporting number 415-200-0358
I get missed call from 00254791642795 number Which country code is it?
Reported by tuj on Wednesday, 11.29.2017 @ 17:38pm reporting number 002-524-0212259
Calling from BBB ?
Reported by Veronica on Wednesday, 11.29.2017 @ 13:19pm reporting number 713-341-6171
Recd automated call saying it was Xcel and to call them regarding my account. Instead I called the main number for Xcel and then checked my balance. My balance was -0- and no payment was due yet for the next month.

So, I called the number back. I got the jingle for Xcel, then a LONG pause and a recorded message about it being the credit department. I pressed the number to speak to a representative.
The recordings while on hold were awful and barely discernible.

Crystal answered and insisted she was an employee of Xcel and when I told her my balance was -0- and nothing due she said her information was different. I told her I would make my payment in accordance with what I had verified with Xcel immediately before calling her. She said that was okay and said she would make a note on my account.
Reported by Elizabeth on Wednesday, 11.29.2017 @ 12:52pm reporting number 888-335-7976
Company Calling: Xcel