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I got a call from agent Jonathan Black to get my side of the story from phone number 601-351-9598 a with a call back number of 678-456-3121
Reported by Frustrated on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 11:09am reporting number 678-456-3121
Company Calling: unknown
Countertop Service & Remodeling
Killeen, TX 76543
(254) 236-2045
Countertop Service & Remodeling offers quality countertops, we do laminate countertops, as well as, kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We are dedicated in providing high quality and inexpensive services. Call us for more details!
Kitchen Remodeler, Kitchen Renovation, Remodeling Service, Countertop Service, Bathroom Remodeling
Reported by Ron on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 10:56am reporting number 254-236-2045
I received a call from this number a guy saying he was a process server saying on 10/31 I will be served at my place of employment and for me to call 877 713-4257 called that number as to what company was this the guy got a attitude and hung up. First of all they will just show up at a place and won't call u and give u hours that they will be there and they would give u no option to rescheduled anything! They're true scammers don't feed into them.
Reported by Sue Morris on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 10:55am reporting number 877-713-4257
Reformed Exteriors
Greenville, SC, 29617
(864) 283-0258
"For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God." Hebrews 3:4
Roof repair service, Roof installation, Roofing Company, Roofing Service, Roofing Contractor
Reported by Mark on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 10:30am reporting number 864-283-0258
"Kaufman & Associates" left a message saying that a court summons for financial fraud was filed for a relative. I called and they didn't answer with company name, just a hello. Gave her the "case number". Transferred. After a Richard Lowry looked it up, I asked what county he worked for. He gave me the county and I asked for the local number to the courthouse so I could confirm the summons. After a long pause, he stumbled over saying that it was pending and hadn't been filed yet. He hung up on me. I called back and confirmed they were Kaufman & Associates by a woman and then asked for the address. Silence. And then she said "just a minute." She put me on hold and never answered again. I hung up and called again. Again, I asked for the address. Richard Lowry asked who I was and I stated if this is a legal corporation then can I have the address. He hung up. I called again. A Bill Randle answered & when I asked for an address, he gave me a PO Box in a city that doesn't exist. So, I called back and said the city doesn't exist. It was the woman again. She said she hadn't talked to me and didn't give me an address. I told her that Bill Randle, her associate, gave me a fake address. I then asked if they were lawyers. She said they had a paralegal. I asked for the name so I could confirm they existed. She hung up. I called again and asked for the correct address of their legal corporation. She started telling me I was harassing them and this was harassment. I responded that all I was asking for was their address. She then told me I could "go s*** a d***. Go suck a c***." And then hung up. Soooo, if they contact you, Call back and ask for all their information to confirm they are real. They were so lost on what to say. You'd think they would at least have a good cover story.

Reported by crg098 on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 10:24am reporting number 888-798-1729
Company Calling: Kaufman & ASsociates
Type of call: Debt Collector
The woman asked for Mrs. to which I responded died fifty years ago even though there are others in my family. I added not all women marry so the call is of little value and hung up. The id stated not available. More and more companies do not list anything on the id
Reported by Annoyed on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 10:09am reporting number 315-433-2341
Be careful. These people are not debt collectors. This is a gang of scammers. They try to collect all your personal information. They use different phones and different technics. They have already cheated lots of innocent people. They pose as an IRS Agent, Debt collector or Medical equipment seller or Credit card . Never pay on phone. Confirm with your IRS office or UTILITY or whatever Name they tell. These people will drain your money from your bank account. Do not be afraid. Hang the phone and call police.
Phone 716-332-6412, 703-763-0079, 209-782-8675, 407-000-0001, 866-625-5089, 515-353-6541, 202-241-6203, 866-467-4300 are scammers phones.
212-662-2315, 866-413-6900, 866-467-4300, 803-271-0235, 803-820-9462,
202-506-8701, 202-241-6203, 202-241-4952, 202-506-8701, 866-467-4300, 949-945-9464,
518-417-5291, 888-234-9939, 347-213-0595, 202-241-6203 & 866-467-4300 connected,
803-820-9462, 212-662-2315, 803-271-0235

Reported by GEORGE on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 10:04am reporting number 716-332-6412
Company Calling: IRS
didnt answer, didnt leave msg
Reported by alan on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 09:55am reporting number 847-462-7332
I'm getting calls everyday asking me about my computer different numbers each time them back and most of the time it says number is not in service
Reported by mary on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 09:10am reporting number 199-999-992114
no message left.
Reported by LB on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 08:32am reporting number 626-213-2648
Keep receiving calls from this company I have not been in touch with them I do not know how they have got hold of my details. I will not be returning the call back and if they constantly keep calling me I will carry out necessary action within the guidelines of compliance. Hope there data is squeeky clean which I personally do not think it is.
Reported by David Birds on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:59am reporting number 012-966-42108
Company Calling: CLD
call by this # said name was mandy smith w/indian accent told me to get a prepaided card w/255$on it an would receive a loan for 5000$ in 30/45 mns in my account when i goggled company name it came up scam dont get the card
Reported by lori on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:43am reporting number 803-369-3473
Company Calling: advance america loans
We con't understand this sms so
Reported by shivarathnamma on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:35am reporting number 276-141-79421
Company Calling: apple
Type of call: SMS
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Reported by shivarathnamma on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:31am reporting number 276-141-79421
Company Calling: apple
Type of call: SMS
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Reported by shivarathnamma on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:27am reporting number 276-141-79421
Company Calling: apple
Type of call: SMS
never had calls from italy before. however i spent a few days in a hotel in Tuscany this year, so disappointing if the hotel has passed on my details
Reported by Bill on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:23am reporting number 390-595-454
Company Calling: ?
This is the number to THE ORANGE COUNTY JAIL in the area they book people in. My cheating husband calls me from this number between booking people in and talking with the many female officers who are willing and proud to cheat with a married man. I hope you are not dating any of them if so get disease testing and if your not it could be a good person who needs to get in touch with you for important stuff since they are locked in for their during their shift and can't call you from outside.THIS LINE IS RECORDED SO WHATEVER YOU SAY IT AUTOMATIC SAVED REGARDLESS IF YOU AGREE OR NOT.
Reported by Officers Wife on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:11am reporting number 407-836-8680
I am on the Do Not Call Registry list for several years. This robocall is coming to me 5+ times a week. I have submitted numerous complaints with the FTC but have not had any response as of yet.
Reported by Amy LeClair on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 07:09am reporting number 407-362-6002
Company Calling: 7USA Finance
Type of call: Telemarketer

Calls, gets you to answer, then hangs up.
Reported by Charles on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 06:37am reporting number 513-898-9256
Company Calling: Synisys
Type of call: Debt Collector
I receive miss call this evening from that number too after filling up a survey site, about SODEXO, ROBINSON AND PUREGOLD gift certificate worth P20,000.00. I tried to answer the call but never speak to me and then drop call. I'm from Philippines, and I search for the country code, the call is from Germany.
Reported by Linalou Mariano on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 05:11am reporting number 496-926-012260
update - I also filed complaint with the Attorney General's Office. Now they said they did a same-day transfer yesterday to my account. The money is still not there. The complaint with BBB is still open. If you file enough complaints, maybe these people can be stopped or prosecuted.
Reported by sue on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 04:46am reporting number 877-284-9393
I had a few calls from this number and I didn't answer to avoid any possible fraud. No message was left only few calls
Reported by stipe on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 04:28am reporting number 390-595-454
Company Calling: -
Keeps on calling but i can contact the number if i attempt to call
Reported by Keanne on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 04:02am reporting number 094-811-00000
Just called me. I asked to be taken off their database, he said he could only do that once I had answered his questions. I asked for the name of his company so I could report it to OfCom as a nuisance caller he said "If you do not want these calls you should get lost" and then hung up.
Reported by dave on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 03:16am reporting number 004-110-289850
This number calls to chase payment of outstanding bills on behalf of Fuel Broadband use to be called Primus and part of Newcall Telecom. The company Primus has the worst customer services department and when you submit a query / request they will usually answer you few days later a generic e-mail and irrelevant answer and took me 4 months to get a response to my repeatedly submitted query and that is after I decided to stop paying them and get a new line installed at home with another service provider. As soon as they sent me an e-mail answering my query of 4 months later and after I went to another provider which I warned them about it if they do not respond to my request, then this number with automated prompts started ringing me the same day chasing for money.
Reported by Ralph on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 02:53am reporting number 080-003-66216
Company Calling: Fuel Broadband part of Newcall Telecom
Type of call: Debt Collector
they rang twice. Twice no message left
Reported by Philip on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 02:52am reporting number 016-187-02600
Anyone know of this number?
Reported by Marissa on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 01:51am reporting number 016-166-98405
Do you owe a Timeshare and are behind on Maintenance Fees? Macdonald Resorts us these people.

These numbers ringing you are 'Network Credit Services
0800.953.8100 their Freephone
Head Office 01698.30026 also 01698.30026.
You must owe someone money and they have actioned these people,
If you are with BT you can ask them to block calls from this number. Look into 'Choose to refuse' If it still persists send a solicitors letter.
Reported by Ruth on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 01:41am reporting number 084-514-00500
Company Calling: Network Credit Services
Type of call: Debt Collector
I was waiting for someone to phone me. This number phoned me and I answered. They said they were doing a survey from a Swiss company about skin care. Why phone me in Sweden when they could ask people in their own place of residence? Hmm, fraud? Whatever, not gain for whomever answering so hang up!
Reported by Görgen on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 01:39am reporting number 003-904-95589783
Company Calling: no idea
Type of call: Survey
I received a txt msg to my BSNL Prepaid Chennai cell from No.+0027813700510 as "$715000USD was credited in ABSA ATM CARD to U. Email"
Reported by Ravikumar on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 00:30am reporting number 002-322-22
Type of call: SMS
Reported by kkjj on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 22:21pm reporting number 040-700-0649
Type of call: Prank Call
Yeah, this # is for keisha, a nasty dirty prostitue
Reported by Katrina on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 20:57pm reporting number 360-380-3602
Company Calling: Keisha
calls my work all the time leaves nasty messages
Reported by kathy howard on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 20:55pm reporting number 951-666-4163
Company Calling: office of john edwards
Type of call: Debt Collector
I am akshay kumar
mobile number 8884035918
Reported by akshay on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 18:33pm reporting number 002-761-4261917
Company Calling: 8884035918
Type of call: SMS
Keep calling after I told them not to
Reported by Aarron Jones on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 18:12pm reporting number 630-967-5717
Company Calling: Colorado Tech Univ.
Missed the call, called back and it was a machine stating their business hours as 9am to 9pm.
Reported by Rachelle on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 18:05pm reporting number 718-885-4195
Company Calling: Time Warner Cable
No message but hang up. Returned call and voicemailv was full. No greeting on voicemail.
Reported by D on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 17:34pm reporting number 402-769-8064
Reported by AGNES on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 17:14pm reporting number 03A-HJ_-VuuvoKIgRL2NSvNfh4a
She stole my money and made me cheat on my wife! :(
Reported by Bobby on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 16:35pm reporting number 079-140-87473
Type of call: Debt Collector
David Baxter called with an approved loan. Indian accent, belligerent upon questionning. Associated with a series of numbers all seeking loan fees from an account or or debit cards. Nothing legitimate. seeking to scam. monitors internet, uses all the popular loan company names. Changes names from call to call. Definitely a scam. Bottom Feeding company.
Reported by Carrington Biddlewhite on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 16:31pm reporting number 206-414-4006
Company Calling: Lending Club Services
Type of call: Telemarketer
Budget Tree Service
Cape May, NJ 08204
(609) 232-8047
We provide additional lawn maintenance and tree services, that will keep your property safe and looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
Tree Removal, Tree Service, Junk Removal, Dumpster Rental, Tree Contractor
Reported by Mark on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 16:06pm reporting number 609-232-8047
same experience as the previous reporter. garbled, accented, message about how I was about to be arrested and that I had to contact this number immediately to resolve the situation. completely bogus. hands off this one.
Reported by Dave on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:59pm reporting number 202-241-2816
I Had an Indian sounding guy going on about an accident someone in my family has had...

Looked on-line and the number is attached to the following website
Reported by Lee on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:51pm reporting number 002-012-345678
Company Calling: Accident...
Payday Loan Collector whom does Auto Title Loan loans. They set desperate people whom are usually illiterate for failure. It is poverty prifiteers! They all should be shut down. They charge over 200% interest which is worse than the Mob Rate!
Reported by Jessie James on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:40pm reporting number 713-893-5071
Company Calling: Refused to ID
Type of call: Debt Collector
call me on 0407000649
Reported by anca on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:29pm reporting number 101-300-101
Reported by john on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:25pm reporting number 040-700-0649
Type of call: SMS
call my on 0407000649
Reported by anca on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:25pm reporting number 043-291-4884
Type of call: SMS
Reported by john on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:23pm reporting number 101-300-101
Type of call: SMS
obviously a call center. they left a 37 second voicemail, the first 15 seconds were background noise (adjacent agents calling and asking for the person in charge of marketing). Then a clear male voice saying "I was wrong and bad at that" and hung up. Strange.
Reported by Scally on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 15:19pm reporting number 818-287-0958
Company Calling: not identified
Type of call: Telemarketer
called and said they were a process server for a collection agnecy and that they will be by my job on friday 10/31/14 to serve me papers or to my home after that if i am not at work. he couldnt'edave me his personal cell number but he could leave me theirs. someone did that before and they never showed up or called again it was from a different phone number. who calls and announces that they are coming to serve you papers ahead of time. legitamite servers show up un announced as seen on t.v. this is diffently a scam. he said i could call and change the date to be served if i wanted .didn't say name of company he was calling for.

Reported by sharon on Wednesday, 10.29.2014 @ 13:47pm reporting number 877-713-4257