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Calling saying i left perverted Voice mails, telling me to shut up. When he's talking to me, being belligerent.
Reported by Thomsin on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 18:10pm reporting number 864-965-0676
Got a call from this number, I didn't answer, they didn't left a message... :-\
Reported by Paul on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 14:13pm reporting number 778-731-0116
832-604-5532 is the number that called me. The so called help used my first and last name saying "i have paper work with some of your info" i asked her what is it about she said "i can't descuse that cause I don't know what it is about" she then transford me to Johnathan Friedman. some how these people have the email address i don't use any more and the last four digits of my social. claiming i got a loan over $2,000 with them using my email address.i have never gotten a loan in my life and don't plan on it.saying i am supposed to pay by 4/21/15. how did they get my information is beyond me. but i plan on getting the law involed.
Reported by Bari on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 13:31pm reporting number 832-604-5532

Claiming to be from Google (Plus) offering services.

Checked with Google - nothing they know about this.
Reported by Someone on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 12:40pm reporting number 916-970-7110
Company Calling: Scammer
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number called my work, looking for my sister...I don't give my work number to anyone other than my husband, children and my children's schools. Don't know how or why they called, I didn't answer or get message other than they were looking for my sister.
Reported by Julia on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 11:37am reporting number 877-403-4345
I keep getting calls from this number
but there isn't anyone in the line
Reported by Tina on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 11:35am reporting number 180-043-65657
This is a scam, DO NOT call him back
Reported by jeff on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 11:35am reporting number 818-436-6561
He wanted money he told me he was in Puerto Rico and needed me to send him money to pay off is translator or attorney that help him out of trouble
Reported by Peter Goehres on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 10:34am reporting number 924-665-06
Type of call: SMS
I received calls this morning from this number on both my home and mobile phone. They left messages saying they were with Bank of America and that I should call back a different number, which was 866-877-8991. When I called the 866 number I got a message that the number was no longer in service, which is a red flag. So, then I called this number which was on my caller ID, and the automated message said "you have reached card services, please hold for a representative", so I hung up. If this were really Bank of America the greeting would say the company name - a generic "Card Services" greeting tells me it's either a scam or a 3rd-party, and definitely NOT BofA.
Reported by Dean on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 10:18am reporting number 800-247-7975
Company Calling: Card Services, claiming to be Bank of America
These people called me at work and all my colleagues extensions. When I returned the call, the guy said that he knows the president of my organization and that he was going to get me fired for $760.00. I asked them not to call me at work and they virtually ignored my request.
Reported by Michael on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 09:52am reporting number 855-619-0709
Type of call: Debt Collector
No message left
Reported by Mary on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 09:42am reporting number 970-415-8207
Rude dishonest harrass and illegal tactics. Bull Rogers is abully and a little prick.
Reported by meliss on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 08:19am reporting number 844-226-6113
Type of call: Debt Collector
This number is from Star Recovery, They keep changing their phone numbers around.


Reported by JOHN on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 08:13am reporting number 443-955-6906
Company Calling: Star Recovery
Type of call: Debt Collector
Petersburg Best Twin Movers
Petersburg, VA, 23803
(804) 518-3294
Our company, Best Twins Movers, provides professional moving service, including long distance moving, storage and more. Just give us a call!
Moving Company, House Moving, Commercial Mover, Moving Service, Local Mover

Reported by Adam White on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 07:10am reporting number 804-518-3294
Company Calling: Petersburg Best Twin Movers
Type of call: Telemarketer
getting missed calles from 913366321500 no
Reported by ved prakash soni on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 06:48am reporting number 913-366-321500
I was passed on a message to call this number, caller refused to give a name. When I rang back it was 1 dial then loss connection. 5 seconds later they ring me back asking if had called them and who i was. I told them i received a message to ring this number, no name or or details in regaurds to what this is about. So before i give you details could you please identify yourself and your business? Their reply was i have made heaps of calls today, I cannot tell you who i am until you give me your name so i can bring up your file. I said what kind of files do you deal with? She said i cannot tell you untill i get a name. I said well obviously you are looking for me so if you want me to trust you to give you my name tell me who you work for cos right now your sounding dodgy. She wouldnt tell me and was saying if i have received a call from them then it was in regaurds to a very important matter. I just hung up on her. If she wouldnt identify herself or what she deals with then shes dodgy
Reported by kerry on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 06:18am reporting number 028-199-2080
PJ Selby Construction Co
45222 Nats Creek Road, Hollywood, MD, 20636
(240) 298-1685
PJ Selby Construction is a small locally owned company that is dedicated to serving the needs of Southern Maryland. With over 28 years of construction experience PJ Selby Construction offers the highest quality residential and commercial services. As the owner I am personally involved with every project, so that every detail from start to finish is of the best quality and is something I can take pride in.
Construction Company, Construction, Kitchens & Baths, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling

Reported by Greg Bishop on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 06:10am reporting number 240-298-1685
Company Calling: PJ Selby Construction Co
Type of call: Telemarketer
ABC Chimney Repair & Masonry
St Albans City, VT, 05478
(802) 497-5033
ABC Chimney Repair & Masonry specialized in all kind of chimney services. We have more than 13 years experience in the area!
Chimney Sweep, masonry contractor, chimney repair, masonry repair, chimney builder

Reported by Judy Brown on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 05:55am reporting number 802-497-5033
Company Calling: ABC Chimney Repair & Masonry
Type of call: Telemarketer
voilà, cela m'arrive aussi maintenant régulièrement dans le hainaut
Reported by agnès on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 05:26am reporting number 003-351-6440000
Best Twins Movers of South Bend
South Bend, IN, 46601
Best Twins Movers of South Bend - free month of storage military and service. Call us now!
Moving, Residential Mover, Local Mover, Moving Service, Moving Company
Reported by Karen Bishop on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 03:21am reporting number 574-889-7926
Company Calling: Best Twins Movers of South Bend
Type of call: Telemarketer
MNM Photography, LLC
8446 169th Ln SW, Rochester, WA, 98579
(360) 688-4257
MNM Photography, LLC will do it for you. Newborn or baby photos, wedding or other kinds of events photography, and senior portraits, you can count on us!
Photography, wedding photography, wedding photographer, wedding photography service, wedding photo service

Reported by Barbara White on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 01:40am reporting number 360-688-4257
Company Calling: MNM Photography, LLC
Type of call: Telemarketer
Cobbs Painting of Charleston
491 Meeting Street Charleston SC

Reported by Kevin on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 00:28am reporting number 843-486-8170
Company Calling: Cobbs Painting of Charleston
Zachary's Carpentry & Woodworking
Boca Raton FL

Reported by Dorothy on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 00:22am reporting number 561-210-4753
Company Calling: Zachary's Carpentry & Woodworking
Princess Bridal & Quinceñeras
3018 E McKinley Ave, Fresno, CA, 93703
(559) 994-2319

Princess Bridal & Quinceñeras offer dresses and tuxedos for all your special occasions, including weddings, quinceaneras, parties, and many more. Bridal Dresses & Tuxedos

Bridal Shop, Wedding Dresses, Party Dress Shop, Dress Shop, Quinceanera Dress Shop

Reported by Jeremy on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 00:21am reporting number 559-994-2319
Middletown Best Twin Moving Service
Middletown MD

Reported by Dorothy on Friday, 04.17.2015 @ 00:11am reporting number 301-804-3600
Company Calling: Middletown Best Twin Moving Service
Contact-us are suitable for both who have bad credit and who have no credit issues. These can be utilized to clear financial dues as well as to meet other needs. There are many financial advances in the market of these you can opt for one which you think is the best to solve your financial issues.
Reported by Contact-us- on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 23:41pm reporting number 084-551-90969
Company Calling:
Pro Heating and Cooling
Arvada, CO, 80005
(303) 481-7009
Our company provides residential HVAC services since 2005. Locally owned and operated business. Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured contractor. We can offer you a quality service and competitive prices. After hours service is available. Call us today!
HVAC Contractor, Heating Repair, Cooling Repair, Heating and Cooling Repair, Heating And Air Conditioning

Reported by Bryan Davidson on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 23:16pm reporting number 303-481-7009
Company Calling: Pro Heating and Cooling
Type of call: Telemarketer
8174093528 call political scam asking for money
Reported by Frost on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 19:13pm reporting number 817-409-3528
Type of call: Political Call
Telemarketer for various colleges. They get your information from on line job boards.
Reported by PWS on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 17:27pm reporting number 910-478-4380
Company Calling: Telemarketing Call Center
Type of call: Telemarketer
This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to stop or pause the recording. Once you get to an operator, they continue to violate the TCPA by refusing to provide a phone number or address when asked. Their recording states that you have been qualified for a $250,000 loan and you need to talk to an operator if you are interested so they can finalize some information to get you your money. This is clearly a scam since you will not be called in regard to a legitimate loan unless you have applied for a loan. Do not provide these scammers any personal or financial information.
Reported by weif on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 16:15pm reporting number 408-618-5114
Company Calling: Business Loan Center
Type of call: Telemarketer
Claims is IRS and is final notice that they will file suit.
Reported by Cindy on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 14:54pm reporting number 509-428-2489
Asian lady said she was from U.S. Grant Service. I called her a liar and she hung up.
Reported by Capnemo on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 14:28pm reporting number 425-206-2909
Received the call stating my "pain management" FDA approved topical prescription has been approved. Gave me the option t hit "2" to opt out. Hopefully it works, they are calling a company cell phone.
Reported by Rebecca on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 14:25pm reporting number 541-623-2007
Company Calling: Unknown
Type of call: Telemarketer
They call my cell once a week and when I answer there is no one there. It has been going on for 4 weeks.
Reported by Shirley on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 12:44pm reporting number 405-415-1629
I got the same message: Hi, this is Random Clark with Regal, I would appreciate call back at 732-223-2022 ext 207.
Reported by Michael on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 12:28pm reporting number 732-223-2489
Company Calling: Regal
These guys call me about 4x per day, even after I have told the person calling not to call any more! I just block their number or put in on a no ring ring tone and NO MORE! HA!
Reported by Morris Johnson on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 12:20pm reporting number 215-684-7230
Company Calling: Phila Art Museum
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Reported by sony on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 12:04pm reporting number 002-245-5200900
Company Calling: hi
Type of call: Survey
Reported by sony on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 12:02pm reporting number 002-245-5200900
Trade magazine subscription processor.
Reported by Ronnie Cantu on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 11:41am reporting number 646-844-9090
Company Calling: ?
getting several call from this number

Reported by mary sneed on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 10:39am reporting number 642-311-5411
Phone number belongs to notorious wife "Nancy" of criminal vw flipper "Rich Moniez". These people run "West Coast Samba" the most decietful, dishonest and detested VW bus resale con artistic business in operation. They swindle unsuspecting people out of rust free low mile classic volkswagens with hard luck stories then resell on thesamba vw scammer website for top dollar. Beware they are liars and criminals who will do anything illegal to get what they want or revenge if you do not cater to them.

Worst people in the world to sell your vintage VW camper to. Look out!
Reported by Justin S. on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 10:38am reporting number 971-295-9541
Company Calling: West Coast Samba Scammers
They left 5 times a message on my answering machine. It's the Wood Forest Bank. Never heard of. When you call back and you finely can press the button for customer service they hang up. This time I pressed the button for stolen credit cards and finely got a real live person on the line. When I asked why they keep calling me 3 times a week while I do not even know this bank they were friendly enough to tell me that they would take my phone number from the list. Still weird that they asked for my phone number while they gave me 5 times a reference number.
Reported by James on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 10:04am reporting number 877-364-6193
Company Calling: Wood Forest Bank
Type of call: Telemarketer
this is redbridge houseing benefit
Reported by stella on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 09:52am reporting number 020-847-81550
Company Calling: redbridge houseing benefit

Assalam o Alaikum ... Brothers & Sisters ...!
I m online Quran teacher ... I am teaching the Noorani Qaida , Nazra with Tajweed , Hifz , Basic Tajweed , 6 Kalimas , Namaz (salat) , Masnoon Duas , Proper ways of Wuzu , Islamic masail , and other Islamic studies ...
I m an experience of teaching of Quan with tajweed... If u are interested in teaching Quran to your children..... Any one who wants to learn through skype...
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Reported by Online Quran Academy on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 09:21am reporting number 416-787-5751
Company Calling:
Rang and left no message.
Reported by Mike on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 09:11am reporting number 281-753-3916
today i get a missed call from +923022773003
@ 07:07pm
so i know that +92 from pakistan so i ignore that call
Reported by veeru singh on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 09:01am reporting number 923-0-
Company Calling: airtel
Got miscall from this number +912405432169999773
What is it?
Reported by Tejashree Potdar on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 08:30am reporting number 912-405-432169999773
Sy terima call dr no ptg td. Dia kata dr syarikat guaman. Dia akan dakwah sy jika sy x bt byaran penuh pd eon credit. Klu x pun saya akan dihadirkan dimahkamah atas sebab hutang yg tak terbayar. Masalahnya hutang sy br rm5 ribu. Dibanding org lain yg hutang beribu2 tu, x pula kena apa2 tindakan. Saya tak faham.
Reported by zah on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 08:07am reporting number 034-142-2900
Company Calling: 0341422900
I received this call on 4/14/15 on my cell which is registered on the DNC list. I pressed "0" instead of the other choices and was connected to the telephone tree for the company. Although I was never able to talk to a human, I did get the company's name and then looked them up on the Web.

Horizon Debt Group
906 Pine Tree Dr.
Indian Harbour Beach, FL
Toll free 866-452-9770
Local 321-252-4403
Fax 321-360-7942

I'm going to wait for now and if I receive a call from them again, will start calling them on their toll free number - free for me, but they pay for every call!
Reported by TJ in Vacaville on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 07:44am reporting number 585-469-4459
Company Calling: Horizon Debt Group
Type of call: Telemarketer
Holliway Commercial Janitorial Services
2614 carpenter ave, Dallas, tx, 75215
(972) 370-3879
Offering janitorial services in Dallas TX and all surrounding areas.
Janitorial Service, Commercial Janitorial Company, Commercial Janitorial Service, Commercial Janitorial Contractor, Commercial Janitorial

Reported by Bryan Siracusa on Thursday, 04.16.2015 @ 07:28am reporting number 972-370-3879
Company Calling: Holliway Commercial Janitorial Services
Type of call: Telemarketer