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this number disturbs me
Reported by maria on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 05:18am reporting number 698-107-8539
Type of call: Political Call
received a call today at 12-42, but i did not answer
Reported by val on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 04:46am reporting number 013-323-87201
RS - Bell Gardends Attorney
Bell Gardens CA

Reported by John on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 04:25am reporting number 562-391-1661
Company Calling: RS - Bell Gardends Attorney
Melissa Home Cleaning Services
Brooklyn, NY, 11225
(718) 709-9896

"Cleaning With Smile" . House Cleaning Service with Guaranteed Satisfaction and Affordable Prices

Janitorial Cleaning Service , Maid Cleaning Service , Home Cleaner , Cleaning Service , Maid Service
Crown Heights
Reported by Rick on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 03:11am reporting number 718-709-9896
Brother's Remodeling and Construction
Oak Park, MI, 48237
Absolutely Licensed and Insured Remodeler with Competitive & Affordable Pricing. -Remodeling -Home Remodeling -Construction
Remodeler, Construction Service, Siding Installation, Deck Building, Remodeling Contractor
Remodeling Service , Home Remodeler , Remodeling Company , Kitchen Remodeling , Bathroom Remodeling
We serve in Huntington Woods
Reported by Audrey R. Barrows on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 02:32am reporting number 248-558-3669
Light & Heavy Moving CO
Columbus, IN 47201
(812) 514-9169

No too light or too heavy moving for Light & Heavy Moving CO! We move all kinds of luggage. Call us now!
Reported by Lenny on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 02:22am reporting number 812-514-9169
Global Movers CO
Anderson, IN 46016
You need some long distance moving? Your search is over! For Global Movers CO there is no too long distance! We will ship your luggage fast and safe! Call us now!
Moving, Moving & Storage Service, Moving Company, Storage Service, Moving Service

Reported by Shannon B. Bernardo on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 02:20am reporting number 765-226-5417
Magnum Moving Services
Petersburg, VA 23803
(804) 518-3296

Need to move your home or office? Magnum Moving Services is the moving company for you. We will move your belongings fast and safe! Don't hesitate to call us today!
Reported by Fillis on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 02:08am reporting number 804-518-3296
King Size Movers LLC
Winchester, VA, 22601
We offer commercial and residenial, local and long distance moving. We will satisfy your moving requirements! Don't wait, call us now!
Mover, Moving, Moving Company, Moving Service, Local Mover
Reported by on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 02:05am reporting number 540-751-7178
Exotic Auto Detail LLC
Washington, DC, 20037
(202) 498-7728

Fully Licensed and Insured One Stop Shop for Auto Detailing Services with 16 years of Experience
Auto Tune Up , Complete Auto Detailing Service , Auto Steam Cleaning , Car Wash & Waxing , Auto Tire Repair , Auto Detailing , Auto Scratch Removal, Car Wash Service , Car Window Cleaning , Auto Painting Service

Car Detailing Service, Auto Detail, Auto Waxing, Car Waxing Service , Interior Detailing Service
Reported by Tobias on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 01:57am reporting number 202-498-7728
THALMAX Cleaning Services
St. Albans, NY, 11412
(888) 467-7999
Slogan : "Need help cleaning,let the right person do it for you!"
Office Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Cleaning Company, Cleaning Services, House Cleaning Company
Neighbourhood: Queens, Cambria Heights
Home Cleaning, Residential Cleaning Service, Maid Services, House Cleaning Service, Janitorial Company
Reported by Will on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 01:38am reporting number 888-467-7999
D and D Fence
737 Harry McCarty Road, Bethlehem, GA, 30620
(770) 415-1996
Our job has always been simple, give the customer a professionally installed fence, use the best materials available and stand by your work. We build each fence here for each individual job. A fence should compliment your property and that is what we strive for.
Fence service Company, Fencing, Iron Fencing, Iron Fences, Fence Installation, Wood Fence , Wood Fence Repair , Fence Installation Service, Aluminum Fence, Chain Link Fence
Fence Contractor, Home Fence, Fence Service, Fence Repair, Fence Company
Reported by Viola on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 01:22am reporting number 770-415-1996
Muscle Moving CO
Bloomington, IN 47401
(812) 514-9136
Best Twins Movers Bloomington is a synonym to a reliable and quality moving service. Give us a call!
Mover, Moving Service, Residential Mover, Moving Company, Local Mover
Reported by Sarah on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 01:07am reporting number 812-514-9136
Highway Moving Service
Middletown, MD 21769
(301) 298-1595
No matter far or close your moving is going to be, Highway Moving Service will provide the best quality moving service! Our shipping is reliable and safe! Call us today!
Moving Company, Local Mover, Moving Service, Moving & Storage Service, Moving and Storage
Reported by Sandra on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 00:56am reporting number 301-298-1595
I can:t rasived won this money
Reported by Munawar ali on Friday, 07.3.2015 @ 00:40am reporting number 030-070-32983
Company Calling: Crown textail zia mor karachi pakistan
Type of call: SMS
i got a call from this no saying his name komal from indian health organsation regarding a health card then i said im not intersted she said why sir then im started shouting then she disconnected so be brave from such froud peoples.

Reported by praveen on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 23:37pm reporting number 911-166-549900
Company Calling: indian health organisation
Type of call: Telemarketer
Just got a call now from +17184753192
Reported by anony on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 23:18pm reporting number 001-71-
received a call from +496926012260, where/what is this?
Reported by edd on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 21:03pm reporting number 496-926-012260
I got a call from a number 606-7 ... No one on the other end
Reported by Frustrated on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 18:26pm reporting number 606-7-
Calls me every five mins and at first I was getting mad telling them to stop calling but now it's just crazy I joke with them and they sit there laughing 😕 but never wants anything for real
Reported by Mrs.LC Calderon on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 17:09pm reporting number 345-994-270
This company is running an online scam advertising supplement pills for $5.00 trial. The following month My credit card was charged twice for $84.95 and they refused to remove the charges. The public should not continue to be taken advantage of. I would appreciate your assistance with this matter.

Reported by William Roe on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 16:55pm reporting number 888-511-5983
Type of call: Telemarketer
Got a call from 575-554-845. Answered. Nothing from the other line. Then they disconnect after 7 seconds.
Reported by Eddie on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 15:44pm reporting number 575-554-845
it's a call center located in makati city, philippines...
Reported by anonymous on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 15:23pm reporting number 024-799-000
Company Calling: teleperformance
This is a HIGH LEVEL SCAM! It is FRAUD...please read!!! American Express is confused, and doesn't know how to handle this fraudulent set up. I've spoken the Amex cust. service 5 times (the # on the back of the card) about this issue. Amex will tell you that 800-592-1160 is a real Amex #, part of their Credit Services Dept. What Amex doesn't understand, and they can't seem to confirm, is that 800-592-1160 has been stolen from them. Scammers are using it for caller ID, and are calling people using the number. When you call 800-592-1160 back, it sounds just like the real Amex, but it isn't. They are just trying to get your cc or ssn # and personal info. I spoke with Amex Credit Services Dept. and confirmed my account is in good standing. Credit Services has no record of ever calling me, and did not even have my phone # on record. However I have rec'd 17 calls from 800-592-1160, all saying they are Amex. They have asked for relatives who have died, and ones that don't live with me, etc. I've reported the problem to Amex upper mgmt, but they seem unwilling to no follow-up or repsonse from Amex. We are on our own to deal with these scammers. Whenever 800-592-1160 calls me now, I use an air horn on them...and hopefully it is destroying their ear drums.
Reported by John Boy in Illinois on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 15:17pm reporting number 800-592-1160
Company Calling: Scammers claiming to be Amex
This number (235)128-88 calls me SEVERAL times each day. It's annoying and want them to stop.
Reported by Susan on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 14:20pm reporting number 235-128-88
Unknown calls from unknown persons ..bad calls ..
Reported by asif on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 11:12am reporting number 054-321-68992754
Company Calling: tataindicom
It's definitely a soliciting company. Something about solar panels, I think.

Just call the number back, and press 1 to be removed from their list.
Reported by Danny on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 10:41am reporting number 714-769-6524
Company Calling: Solar Panel Soliciting
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is EQOD LLC, a telemarketing company; 34522 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona 85266 - see: and and

Reported by Doug on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 10:00am reporting number 480-588-1335
Company Calling: EQOD LLC
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is EQOD LLC, a telemarketing company; 34522 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona 85266 - see: and and

Reported by Doug on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 09:54am reporting number 480-588-1335
Company Calling: EQOD LLC
Type of call: Telemarketer
Wanting me to hit control r on my computer to help check out security issues. Could hardly understand the person. Told him I would check him out on first to make sure he was legit. Said he would call me back. Right.
Reported by mikefenway on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 08:17am reporting number 210-737-8097
Call my cell saying I owe money from a bank.
Reported by comegys on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 08:13am reporting number 844-358-7355
Company Calling: forgot
Logistic & Moving Services
South Bend, IN 46616
(574) 355-8001
You need to ship your house belongings or office. Don't worry, Logistic & Moving Services is an expert in the logistic industry! Free month of storage military and service. Call us now!
Moving, Residential Mover, Local Mover, Moving Service, Moving Company
Reported by Darlene on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 06:58am reporting number 574-355-8001
A3 Renovations, LLC
Green Bay, WI, 54304
(863) 455-9085
Reported by Abna on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 05:26am reporting number 863-455-9085
M&M Drywall and Construction
Enid, OK, 73703
(580) 478-2732
Reported by Tonya on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 05:11am reporting number 580-478-2732
Manns Demolition Contractor
SW Atlanta, GA 30310
With more than 40 years of experience, we have done everything that one can imagine, from building retaining walls to dangerous tree work! We have done it all and we are the best!
Demolition Contractor, Demolition Company, House Demolition Service, Construction Demolition, Residential Demolition Contractors
Reported by Dorothy J. Babineaux on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 05:03am reporting number 404-836-8096
Must be a scam. They insisted we had computer problems and they were Microsoft calling to help us resolve them. My partner was in the mood to tease them and kept them talking to waste their time. After a while they insisted they were the government but didn't seem to know of which country. When pressed on what department of the Government the reply was the Microsoft department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reported by Joy on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 05:02am reporting number 001-212-121212
Company Calling: Claim to be Microsoft/the Governement
Called me at 4:33 this day,why calling thanks.
Reported by Joseph morada on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 02:45am reporting number 496-926-012260
Allways There Heating and Cooling
131 Gray Inn Ct, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
(410) 352-7323
Commercial AC Repair; AC Replacement; Air Conditioning Service; Commercial HVAC; AC Repair, Air Conditioning Repair Service, Air Conditioning Contractor, Heating and Cooling, Commercial Heating Repair, Residential HVAC Service
HVAC Contractor, Air Conditioning Repair, AC Contractor, Residential AC Repair, AC Installation
Reported by Marcus on Thursday, 07.2.2015 @ 02:29am reporting number 410-352-7323
3 Friends Roofing
Waltham, MA, 02453
(781) 354-0104

Our company provides roofing and siding services since 2003. We also do painting. Licensed contractor. Competitive prices and 5 % discount for Seniors. Emergency service available. For professional roofing service - call us today and make an appointment!
Roof Maintenance; Roof Refinishing Company; Roof Replacement Company; Residential Roofing; Roof Repair Contractor

Roofing Contractor, Roof Repair Service, Residential Roofing Contractor, Roof Inspection, Roof Installation
Reported by Timy on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 23:25pm reporting number 781-354-0104
ABC Transport & Towing Inc.
6059 Olson Rd, Brooklyn, MD, 21225
(410) 352-7317

ABC Transport & Towing has been in bisuness for over 13 years now. We provide towing services in Millersville, MD and the surrounding areas.
Transport; Tow truck service; Auto Wrecker; Towing Company; Car Towing; Towing Truck; 24 Hours Towing; Transport & Towing company; Transport company; Car Towing company;

Towing Service, Transport & Towing, Transport Services, Tow Truck, Towing
Reported by Alen on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 23:19pm reporting number 410-352-7317
Its a fake call claiming to be from ICICI Bank. They ask for sensitive banking information. Beware folks
Reported by Billy on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 22:48pm reporting number 022-619-17600
Type of call: Prank Call
This is HMRC legit, probably chasing money.
Reported by Kerpow on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 22:20pm reporting number 012-134-59949
Company Calling: HMRC Inand Revenue
Type of call: Debt Collector
i opened my phone and see a missed call from this number today..i just cant point who this is..
Reported by Jazzie on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 20:58pm reporting number 496-926-012260
Here to pass on some good news I came across on another blog on how to stop these annoying calls. It's quite simple and easy to do; call 866-246-7196 and give the caller's and receiving phone numbers. They'll verify if this caller is on their list and add the receiving phone number to the do not call request list. Then allow 48 business hours to process and the calls will stop!
Reported by Sharon on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 20:29pm reporting number 217-210-0347
Stop these constant pesky calls; call 866-246-7196 and give the caller's and receiving phone numbers. It'll take them 48 business hours to process but it works to stop the calls.
Reported by Ivan on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 19:46pm reporting number 254-433-4952
Harnessing calls
Reported by Robitaille on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 14:00pm reporting number 404-382-7363
Company Calling: gottwoodjamesrobitaille
Type of call: Prank Call
Same as above
Reported by Susan on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 11:30am reporting number 699-86-
They keep call and I keep telling them they have wrong number
Reported by Carol on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 10:14am reporting number 918-579-9262
Zombie Debt Scammer. Many complaints for unlawful conduct. Do Not call them Back!
Left message on answering machine claiming to be Fresh View Solutions [ was Square Two Financial & Collect America] who specializes in old “zombie” debt.
They call using various numbers which are probably all fake. So you can not block their illegal phone calls. Legitimate debt collection companies contact you in writing since that’s the law.
Reported by R2D2 on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 10:02am reporting number 844-746-0437
Company Calling: Fresh View Solutions
Type of call: Debt Collector
Number come up out of area Telling me a name of someone that does not leave here. Dumb me told him this was a time warner phone that did not belong to that person ....Not thinking I said my address, Geez stupid I now know.
Reported by Rebecca Lewis on Wednesday, 07.1.2015 @ 09:47am reporting number 032-781-1313