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Repeated calls. I called back from a blocked phone and get a recording that says, "Thank you for calling the fund raising center, we are unable to take your call at this time." I would gladly visit them if I knew where they were ;)
Reported by Nosmo King on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 09:02am reporting number 603-968-5444
Company Calling: Fund Raising Center
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by juan on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 08:38am reporting number 786-234-0783
This used to be NCO Financial. Now called Eastern Revenue. They are debt collectors. Caller Mark Styles (or Stiles?) called, requested call back to 877-429-0630. Called me @ work & left message for me via the phone # of a co-worker. They used to be big in defaulted student loan collections, but I think this guy is after me for $100 penalty when I switched to Viridian from my old electrical supplier before term was up, 2-3 yrs ago.
Reported by OfficeAdminGreaterBostonArea on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 08:07am reporting number 877-429-0630
Company Calling: Eastern Revenue, formerly NCO Financial
Type of call: Debt Collector
Got a call this morning 11/24/14 and no one was on the other end. Called the number back and it stated the call could not be completed as dialed.
Reported by Angela on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 08:05am reporting number 704-257-6620
Ground Control Tree Service
Coventry, RI, 02816
(401) 743-5274
Tree services at your services. More special: - Pruning; - Seeding; - Ornimentials; - Lawn construction; - Masonry work; For more - give us call!
Tree Service, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Pruning Services, Tree Care Service
Reported by Tony on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 07:10am reporting number 401-743-5274
416-925-8858 SCAMMER ALERT!! Sells Stolen iphone 6's & Stolen computers, ipad's and fake concert tickets, also has ties with house break- ins, and distribution of child porn & fake concert tickets, Knowed to Police..

Please avoid at all costs
Caller:m3 digitals inc
Call Type: Event Reminder
Reported by seymour on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 07:03am reporting number 416-925-8858
Company Calling: m3 digitals inc
Type of call: Event Reminder
Universal Electric LLC
Rio Rancho, NM, 87124
(505) 892-6070
Electricians at your services. We offer: - New installations; - Bathroom and kitchen rewiring; - Hot tubs; - Installing phone and cable jacks; - Repairs; - Emergency Services; For more electrical services visit our website or see the phone above and give us a call.
Electrician, Electrical Contractor, Electrical Work, Electrical Repair, Electric Contractor

Reported by Greg on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 06:53am reporting number 505-892-6070
Christy Hair Technique
204 Linda Dr, Vicksburg, MS, 39180
(601) 218-4760
We provide hair replacement service for the area of Vicksburg, MS since 2006.
Haircut, Hair Replacement Salon, Hair Salon, Hair, Hair Service
Reported by Mark on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 06:16am reporting number 601-218-4760
I keep recieving calls from 0111111111, I'm afarai of answering as I dont know if this is a normal number or not, please investigate this number
Reported by Sharon on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 01:36am reporting number 011-111-1111
called me about policy
Reported by suzan on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 01:19am reporting number 011-012-8100
Company Calling: auto and general
Type of call: Telemarketer
From this no many times one man called me and he told me he is aman but I'm not sure his name is aman or not his really cheap I never want to talk him
Reported by Raj on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 00:27am reporting number 658-888-8888
From this no many times one man called me and he told me he is aman but I'm not sure his name is aman or not his really cheap I never want to talk him
Reported by Raj on Monday, 11.24.2014 @ 00:25am reporting number 658-888-8888
I missed a call from this number too. and I don't know where s/he got my number.
Reported by Fushia on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 23:51pm reporting number 496-926-012260
No fee loans for unemployed carry suitable and affordable rate because may well designed for persons from every financial community. The pace of interest differs from one lender to another with price cuts. No hassle loans of complicated paperwork have been eliminated from these loans so that borrowers can easily get their desired finance in a short time period.

Reported by No fee loans for unemployed on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 23:24pm reporting number 084-551-90969
Company Calling:
Type of call: Debt Collector
Text loan uk are great option for the salaried people, who need to borrow the very small fund unless they get their access to the monthly salary. Textloans are the most sought-after financial plans designed to help many UK loan-seekers. To be applied for these loans, you will have to meet few formalities before you take these loans.
Reported by Text loan uk on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 23:20pm reporting number 084-551-90969
Company Calling:
Doorstep cash loans without going through any credit checks. Reimbursing the fund on the due date you c mend their poor credit scores. Quick text loans as the name implies, are the easiest way of securing bucks in less time with no hassle. With the help of these loans you can make yourself able to deal with urgent needs of cash.

Reported by Doorstep cash loans on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 23:01pm reporting number 084-551-90969
Company Calling:
They are spammers. Best approach is to save the number as SPAM, so on their next call just answer it then hang up. Waste their money :-)
Reported by Dave on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 19:07pm reporting number 087-228-5413
hi how are you and way you miss call me how give you my number
Reported by nisar on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 18:45pm reporting number 370-372-54261

Reported by nisar on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 18:44pm reporting number 370-372-54261
Caller called and it is a recorded call.about a program.......MY ph# is on a Do NOT Call list
Reported by Tammy Adams on Sunday, 11.23.2014 @ 17:52pm reporting number 515-679-1000
Type of call: Telemarketer
constantly abusive rings
Reported by Dirk on Tuesday, 10.21.2014 @ 21:53pm reporting number 078-330-88257
Company Calling: not known
harrasing rings
Reported by Dirk on Tuesday, 10.21.2014 @ 21:53pm reporting number 078-330-88257
hello our name was ??? We are gonna get you in ur sleep
Reported by Enoch on Thursday, 11.13.2014 @ 02:06am reporting number 078-182-55639
Who was this
Reported by Francina on Monday, 11.3.2014 @ 09:22am reporting number 078-606-48213
unwanted text SPAM advertising 'inside info' betting tips with somebody rang 'Paul'.
Reported by Willy on Saturday, 11.8.2014 @ 07:16am reporting number 078-600-27535
Type of call: SMS
who ring me?
Reported by Raleigh on Wednesday, 11.5.2014 @ 07:18am reporting number 078-600-1745
we wanna recognise who this was our buddy provided us the no. & this was a guy that was spe
Reported by Syble on Saturday, 10.18.2014 @ 23:59pm reporting number 077-977-331437
Who was this
Reported by Latonya on Sunday, 11.9.2014 @ 08:20am reporting number 077-964-56215
Type of call: SMS
To check who rang
Reported by Andrew on Sunday, 11.2.2014 @ 13:33pm reporting number 077-948-06753
Who called us (07815824263)?
Reported by Irvin on Tuesday, 10.28.2014 @ 18:45pm reporting number 078-158-24263
anybody recognise this no. & recognise who this was
Reported by Thomasena on Monday, 11.10.2014 @ 03:07am reporting number 078-145-04940
unidentified no. to us no reply soon as we ring back goes to VM
Reported by Hal on Monday, 11.3.2014 @ 08:20am reporting number 078-032-57711
he threatened. injured us
Reported by Giuseppina on Wednesday, 11.12.2014 @ 04:10am reporting number 078-657-5726
receiving sick with getting rings with this firm. we do not have any debt. Why cannot these people pass on us alone?????
Reported by Dante on Monday, 10.27.2014 @ 14:35pm reporting number 079-001-81206
Company Calling:
Type of call: Debt Collector
didnt no no. or msg these people ended up leaving
Reported by Madaline on Wednesday, 11.5.2014 @ 07:59am reporting number 078-940-48193
called us twice, really odd
Reported by Norman on Saturday, 11.8.2014 @ 02:04am reporting number 078-899-00241
who was this no. from.
Reported by Lauri on Monday, 11.3.2014 @ 08:08am reporting number 079-063-46385
Reported by Loida on Tuesday, 10.21.2014 @ 22:56pm reporting number 079-057-01173
had ring on FaceTime at 238 am
Reported by Caroyln on Thursday, 10.23.2014 @ 23:15pm reporting number 079-035-12874
who rang us
Reported by Angelique on Thursday, 10.30.2014 @ 11:28am reporting number 078-750-71725
thank you pal
Reported by Isela on Sunday, 10.26.2014 @ 17:44pm reporting number 078-679-2257
Not sure who has called our girlfriend however this was harassment , with a unexpected person calling .
Reported by Linsey on Thursday, 10.23.2014 @ 21:20pm reporting number 078-676-01161
why was this individual calling us
Reported by Jamila on Saturday, 11.8.2014 @ 13:33pm reporting number 078-896-07709
wanna recognise the identity of this person calling
Reported by Isabelle on Tuesday, 11.11.2014 @ 02:05am reporting number 078-896-07709
Could you let us recognise who you're by txt.
Reported by Hanh on Tuesday, 10.28.2014 @ 02:58am reporting number 078-877-62023
annoying loan merchants. SMSing us at ten pm on a sunday evening. BLOCKED them
Reported by Evalyn on Friday, 10.31.2014 @ 20:51pm reporting number 075-853-14287
Company Calling: tele loan co (didn't get name)
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by Valda on Saturday, 11.1.2014 @ 09:57am reporting number 075-776-23966
silent call, just heard click soon after a few seconds. we believe these people wish you'll call 'em back, beware this could be a con
Reported by Monty on Thursday, 11.13.2014 @ 09:21am reporting number 075-392-42877
msg proclaiming We are cheating.
Reported by Ileana on Monday, 11.3.2014 @ 08:18am reporting number 075-983-00223
Company Calling: N/A
Type of call: SMS
Who are you
Reported by Edmund on Thursday, 11.6.2014 @ 07:44am reporting number 075-860-38353