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Reported by tora sudiro artis on Saturday, 01.20.2018 @ 16:02pm reporting number 075-856-14231
Company Calling:
Type of call: Event Reminder
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Reported by heart of vegas free slots on Saturday, 01.20.2018 @ 13:09pm reporting number 448-005-200895
Company Calling:
Type of call: Fax Machine
Just had a call from a company calling itself IT support London and it was an Indian woman with a very strong accent. I told her I didn't have a Microsoft computer, so how could she be calling me about it, at which point she cut off the call. Obviously complete scam and I would never give any information to scum like this. They should not be allowed to call anyone in the UK
Reported by Jane on Saturday, 01.20.2018 @ 05:54am reporting number 020-815-51095
Company Calling: IT support london
Reported by Sick & Tired on Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 21:14pm reporting number 780-267-1437
Company Calling: Tracy Wolen
Type of call: Prank Call
Reported by Kee on Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 15:10pm reporting number 184-486-23887
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Anyone developing or working with a mobile or web app who is seeing this number. Check that the number being stored (app or database) is no greater than 10 characters. So if you have someone using their phone number, with the US country code (1) it exceeds the range of a INT(11) field, and will save the value as the 429 number, as it is the max value that field can hold.

Reported by SK on Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 13:34pm reporting number 429-496-7295
Eric Fierry going by the online name: "Casey Neistat"
Reported by Sauren L on Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 11:47am reporting number 476-362-22
Hello and bye
Reported by WilliamUnozy on Friday, 01.19.2018 @ 10:15am reporting number 207-344-3178
Company Calling:
this number called me today but unfortunately i didn't able to answer the call because i am in work right now. may i know what company or who is calling me?
Reported by Henelyn Ersando on Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 19:53pm reporting number 043-724-8622
An unwanted call from this Oxnard VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. This is the calling card of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The caller has been unmasked as Penny Mac, a known predatory lender. I'm soooooo surprised!!!!!!!
Reported by Quick Brown Fox on Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 11:12am reporting number 805-330-4880
Company Calling: Penny Mac
Type of call: Telemarketer
Could be smth to do with arrears on my Debenhams credit card . Chasing a payment . But When I answered they hung up on me
Reported by Sandy on Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 06:58am reporting number 011-338-33077
i got call from this number 1400-000-0000
Reported by arpitha on Thursday, 01.18.2018 @ 03:57am reporting number 140-000-00000
caller indicated i had won cash prize, he wanted to get more information to claim the prize- i declined the offer....the callers tone changed and asked "why", told them to call the next one on the list and give it to them, he then asked "why" again and then made a rude sexual comment, i then said have a nice day and hung up

Reported by aw on Wednesday, 01.17.2018 @ 13:53pm reporting number 876-342-4479
the number 011 558 0000 calls me several times a day also. when i pick up, nothing happens until i or they eventually hang up. I'm sick of this.
Reported by Ayanda on Wednesday, 01.17.2018 @ 05:09am reporting number 011-558-0000
Company Calling: I don't know
Called and rung off. Algeria??
Reported by Chris on Wednesday, 01.17.2018 @ 05:00am reporting number 002-136-9780294
my cell has lost
Reported by saurav on Wednesday, 01.17.2018 @ 03:45am reporting number 016-794-83117
Company Calling: samsung
Is this a safe caller or not as we have been chatting since Monday?
Reported by Andrea on Wednesday, 01.17.2018 @ 01:57am reporting number 083-607-8942
Company Calling: Private
No surprise Richburns are now in the national media with their idiocy.

Reported by Ruprix on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 23:13pm reporting number 020-850-71051
Type of call: Debt Collector
Any idiot that calls you 3 times in a row at 3:11am has to be a con. I cut it off each time so don't know who it is. Just googled area code and find it may be someone trying to call India but not using the correct international code.
Reported by Mike on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 20:24pm reporting number 019-026-06245
Left message to call because I am committing a cyber crime. They identify himself as att cyber crime division.

Reported by Maggie on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 13:38pm reporting number 509-288-4977
Company Calling: Unknown
Type of call: Prank Call
Called asking for the wrong person (someone I get calls for a lot) he offered lower energy rates per kw hour. I googled his company name "Utility Gas & Power" based out of AL. The website and info on it checks out. I scrutinized him over the phone and he seemed legitimate, however english was not his first language. He did not try to solicit any money from me.
Reported by Tom on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 10:48am reporting number 888-811-0877
Company Calling: Utility Gas & Power
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by Watcher on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 09:48am reporting number 020-300-67255
Type of call: Telemarketer
This really is a NHS service, used to confirm hospital and healthcare appointments in the north east.
Reported by Dave on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 08:33am reporting number 019-138-10058
Company Calling: NHS
Type of call: Event Reminder
Good company, provided blocking device. took telephonic order.
Reported by James on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 07:27am reporting number 020-360-83122
Had three phone calls in an hour reporting to be a monitoring service for a monitor in my car that has been stolen, however I don't own a car don't even have my license !
Reported by Charlotte brand on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 04:24am reporting number 087-040-09900
Company Calling: Driving monitoring uk
Ask to speak to my sister given her full name about a resent order. My sister died of lung cancer August 2016 nearly two years ago.
Reported by KP on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 02:52am reporting number 023-805-23411
Company Calling: 02380523411
Auto Union Finance - Finance Broker (
Reported by Annom on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 02:30am reporting number 019-258-75390
Company Calling: Auto Union Finance
Trusted UniFi/Maxis Agent. Fast service.
Reported by Az on Tuesday, 01.16.2018 @ 01:24am reporting number 012-222-5677
GET Call from this number dont know y . after check . ths number from toyota capital COLLECTOR .. y call me ? i dont have debt with u
Reported by SHAH on Monday, 01.15.2018 @ 23:51pm reporting number 010-502-7516
Company Calling: toyota capital
Type of call: Debt Collector
Its mine number call +995 591 21 12 21 I won anything or what wrongs?
Reported by Levani on Monday, 01.15.2018 @ 12:34pm reporting number 591-211-221
Type of call: SMS
Someone called me from this number, 3 times in the row. Each time, when I ansered the phone, the person from the other side listened for a while and then hung up. After the third call, I called back. The guy answered and I told him that I had received the phone callls from that number. He told me that it's a private house and hung up.
Reported by Maria on Monday, 01.15.2018 @ 03:09am reporting number 971-722-37160
debt collector (also RHB debt collect agent) and telemarketing.
Reported by Andy on Monday, 01.15.2018 @ 01:05am reporting number 032-712-5037
If you call this number, then you have decided that you want to be sued in California.

47 USC section 227 warning.
Reported by Tony on Sunday, 01.14.2018 @ 13:33pm reporting number 619-719-9640
Type of call: Telemarketer
If you call this number, then you have decided that you want to be sued in California.

47 USC section 227 warning.
Reported by Tony on Sunday, 01.14.2018 @ 13:33pm reporting number 619-719-9640
If its not RIchburns its now Dial a Spaghetti trying to promote their new Sicilian lemon Spaghetti sauce range. Dial a Spaghetti want to compete with Dolmio in the Spaghetti sauce sector according to Pedro from Dial a Spaghetti.
Reported by Emily Talbot on Friday, 01.12.2018 @ 19:36pm reporting number 020-850-71051
Company Calling: Dial A Spaghetti
Type of call: Telemarketer
Gez from Dial a Spaghetti trying to promote his mobile Spaghetti van and new Lemon sauce range.
Reported by Rodney on Friday, 01.12.2018 @ 18:43pm reporting number 020-850-71051
Type of call: Telemarketer
6 Miss Call.
No Msg.
Reported by Nicole on Friday, 01.12.2018 @ 06:46am reporting number 400-932-4288
Company Calling: +4009324288
Having the same problem. Calls, then I get several beeps then the line goes dead. Tried calling back and every time they hang up straight away
Reported by Andy on Friday, 01.12.2018 @ 05:02am reporting number 029-202-99091
General number that shows for any calls from the Foothills Hospital Calgary, AB.
I was expecting a reminder call from them for an appointment tomorrow.
This is a good number.
Reported by Doreen on Thursday, 01.11.2018 @ 14:11pm reporting number 403-944-3260
Company Calling: Foothills Hospital
Type of call: Event Reminder
I do not give my cell phone number out to businesses.
I'm sick of this caller calling my cell phone number all the time.
Reported by haehr on Thursday, 01.11.2018 @ 09:27am reporting number 937-266-1218
After numerous calls from unrecognisable number this morning - answered - man asked for a person not my name - said he was from debt counselling company and had received an enquiry from this person on my tel number then tried to get my name. Told him not to interrupt my day again - he has got a wrong number!
Reported by Jeanette on Thursday, 01.11.2018 @ 05:03am reporting number 016-141-39569
One of my nightmares: My flash drive crashed and all files were corrupted. I had a lot of important school documents. I found 647 519-8080 on Yelp and he even accommodated a late evening appointment. In short, 647 519 8080 was able to locate all my files and transferred to a more secure flash drive. Price is reasonable. I've also backed up all my files in case I lose it again. Thanks
Reported by Jackie on Wednesday, 01.10.2018 @ 19:39pm reporting number 647-519-8080
Company Calling: Jackie
if you have any issue/problem with your computer that you can't solve by yourself, do yourself a favor and get in touch with 647 519-8080. Even if you have to travel a long distance, you'll see later that it was absolutely worth it. Not only is he totally knowledgeable about everything computer-related, but he's also patient, extremely generous with his time, and has great integrity. And on top of all this, reasonable charges, too. What more can you ask for!
Reported by Smith on Wednesday, 01.10.2018 @ 19:37pm reporting number 647-519-8080
Calls from +1(234)567-891 to my UK Cell phone and says Salem OH underneath number.
Reported by Tess on Wednesday, 01.10.2018 @ 08:14am reporting number 234-567-891
Reported by Ur Mom on Wednesday, 01.10.2018 @ 08:00am reporting number 860-667-9821
I am also receiving call from this number and no one speaks... as I call back, the call drops.
Reported by Jenox on Wednesday, 01.10.2018 @ 03:55am reporting number 044-083-898
Scammer, avoid. Do not share any personal information
Reported by azet on Wednesday, 01.10.2018 @ 02:26am reporting number 001-408-4546387
Company Calling: Smart Inc
Type of call: Prank Call
They gave me an activation code but I don't know what for. I tried calling back but my phone says it's not yet in service
Reported by Ren on Tuesday, 01.9.2018 @ 17:37pm reporting number 632-395-3440
I'm being charged on my Discovery Card ending in 3177. Have no idea what it's for, but I want it canceled IMMEDIATELY!!!
Reported by James Brummett on Tuesday, 01.9.2018 @ 13:38pm reporting number 888-426-0491
Who is caller
Reported by Riffat on Tuesday, 01.9.2018 @ 03:08am reporting number 051-520-5912