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Got a misscall #25299130399
Reported by Teresa on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 16:01pm reporting number 252-991-30399
This Geraldine M Levy lady called me 17 times so far and I am expecting more calls. The other day I got 15 calls from this lady. Does she know she is being used by some scammer.
9:18 9:38 9:55 10:14 10:31 11:01 11:24 11:49 12:08 12:26 12:44 1:33 1:46 1:59 2:12 2:25 2:37

Reported by Joshua on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 15:53pm reporting number 408-264-2636
Getting calls from this number constantly.
Reported by JH on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 15:42pm reporting number 408-264-2636
It shows up as Geraldine Levy. Does this lady know her number is being hacked?
Reported by Mo on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 15:35pm reporting number 408-264-2636
it is for a bigger scam watch it they ask you to make money with then and they just rape you off...

I got the the call from then and they still call me they bullshit talkers.
Reported by Don't trust then... on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 14:42pm reporting number 448-455-280531
Company Calling: telemarketer
Type of call: Telemarketer
Calls every 15 minutes during the weekdays and Sundays. When answered there is silence. When called back it tells me the number is disconnected. The number looks terminated and seems to be faked or hacked. Took actions on Do Not Call List. If they don't stop then legal action awaits.
Reported by Elza on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 14:40pm reporting number 408-264-2636
I get calls every 15 minutes during the weekdays and specifically Sundays. When answered there is silence. When called back it tells me the number is disconnected. Checked the internet, the number is terminated and seems to be faked or hacked. Took action with FCC. If this does not stop then taking further legal action to trace the caller.
Reported by Geo on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 14:07pm reporting number 408-264-2636
5 to 15 calls daily and on the weekends. Calls every 15 minutes at most. Number is disconnected and is faked.
Reported by Ron on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 13:25pm reporting number 408-264-2636
They have been calling for the past few weeks. 5 to 15 calls daily and even on the weekends. Number is disconnected and is faked. Someone is trying to phish you for further hacking. BEWARE.
Reported by Leo on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 12:53pm reporting number 408-264-2636
tres veces seguidas llamaron hoy, ni atendí, debe ser algun callcenter para tratar de encajarte algo
Reported by cosme fulanito on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 12:51pm reporting number 035-152-66005
Reported by SPAMH8TR on Sunday, 12.21.2014 @ 09:54am reporting number 613-366-1808
Company Calling: NAME MASKED
Type of call: Prank Call
i got a call from +5065,,,,,i want to know who is that
Reported by sunny on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 22:58pm reporting number 506-5-
This telephone number is linked to The Coloured Diamond Exchange:
Reported by Con on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 19:45pm reporting number 416-953-8653
Company Calling: The Coloured Diamond Exchange
Type of call: Telemarketer
John Brown and his partner Bryan from mega millions with the phone number 8764400215 and said they I have to pay 1300 for the golden stamp in South Dakota and then other 1000 or more. They owe me 3000 dollars. I have been threating and demanding the left and right and doing whatever it takes to get my money back.
Reported by Lisa on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 16:27pm reporting number 876-440-0125
Company Calling: 8764400215
Type of call: Prank Call
Home energy soulutions

wanting to put on solar panels your home
Reported by Patron on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 12:56pm reporting number 909-632-4309
Company Calling: Home Energy soulutions
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is most likely a scam to either infect or hold hostage people's computers.

I had 2 missed calls from this number within the last few days and they hadn't left a voicemail.
I got a call again today and I answered and it was a man with an accent that said he was calling for customer support for problems with my computer, how are you?, I answered, "good, but I don't have a computer." and they hung up abruptly.
Reported by Nathan on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 11:38am reporting number 236-526-552
Company Calling: 236-526-552
"Missed call from 4083380099"
Multiple calls in the last month to my work phone. I called back and was connected to a message instructing me I was third caller in line and the wait would be four minutes. It proceeded to count me down to next in line and then connected me to a voice mail system instructing me to leave a message. No identifiers. I explained on the message that I was with the local Sheriff's department and the number they were repeatedly calling was a department work number (it truly is) and to take this number off their list. I also instructed them that failure to do so would lead me to assign this to our internal investigators. Despite this they called again twice today and left no message. Needless to say my next contacts will be the investigators and the Attorney General of California and Minnesota.
Reported by jj on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 10:30am reporting number 408-338-0099
Company Calling: unknown
I get several calls a day from this number. No messages are left. I don't answer any numbers I don't recognize especially ones that does not have enough numbers.
Reported by Melanie on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 09:45am reporting number 678-909-876
called didnt leave a message
Reported by loretta on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 09:09am reporting number 620-577-4178
Company Calling: unknown
Indian sounding male claimed to be from British Telecomm and there is a bug in my PC. Rubbish. If i did not let him have access to my PC he was going to terminate my account. Lies. Do not let these scammers in to your PC, you will be sorry. Told him he was a liar, a thief, a scammer and get lost. He got excited and abusive...I do not mind wasting 30 minutes of their time. And I work for British telecomm for 41 years, I know what I am talking about.
Reported by J in yorkshire on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 07:49am reporting number 008-526-4521596
Company Calling: say they are british Telecomm
Type of call: Telemarketer
Indian/Pakistani accented male called to say I had a problem with my computer. We're x-directory so I questionned where he'd had my number from, he said a neighbour, Mr Allan ( no such neighbour). I hung up.
Reported by Bev on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 06:51am reporting number 001-630-9249152
Company Calling: 'Windows'
they call everyday. cant this be stopped?
Reported by me on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 06:14am reporting number 914-873-4928
I am from Andhra Pradesh, India.
I got missed calls from 5432169761373, (3 times).
My mobile network is Tata Docomo.
Reported by Bharghav on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 06:08am reporting number 543-216-9761373
Just had a call from this number , silent at first then hung up when my son spoke.
Reported by teresa on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 05:39am reporting number 005-432-12346
This number keep calling (678)909-876. They do not answer and moreover this is a nine digit number so I stop answering.
Reported by horricka on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 05:13am reporting number 678-909-876
This is Virgin Wines's number. I doubt there is anything to worry about, They usually call me to tell me I have a balance on my account and ask if I would like any wine. Can't be that bad, surely!
Reported by Roger Wilsher on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 04:47am reporting number 016-038-86436
Company Calling: Virgin Wine
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by ABDUL HAMEED on Saturday, 12.20.2014 @ 01:23am reporting number 914-040-306704
i got also a sms from uk-apple inc.saying i won 1.5 million pounds end of year promo.ref number this true?the number was +447438950959 just now i received this sms thanks regards
Reported by melanie lazaro on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 23:00pm reporting number 447-440-071281
Company Calling: +447438950959
Type of call: SMS
I need to know who is this person and I need to know where is she calling from
Reported by Michelle Cabrera on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 22:59pm reporting number 011-639-152383367
Company Calling: Globe telecom in the Philippines
These jerks called my aunt repeatedly on her cell phone and at work, scaring the crap out of her, threatening to have her sued and even arrested. Said they represent the Dept. of Financial Fraud Investigation, which does not exist. Said she owed them over $900 but would settle for $300 if she sent them the money via GreenDotMoneyPack before 3pm. Said they work for Cash Advance America. Looked up their info online, but of course, could find none because they aren't a legit business or government entity. So I started doing some harassing of my own. I called the number private (*67) and a jerk answered by saying, "Hello." Not, "Hello, thank you for calling XYZ company. This is jerk speaking. How can I help you?" Just, "Hello." I told them I wanted to send them a payment. Said I needed their address. Said I also wanted their business license #. Of course, they would provide neither. Told them I was reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission. Guy told me I had no proof they were scammers. Told him I'd been recording the phone call from the beginning. He hung up. I continued to call back repeatedly from the blocked number. Couldn't get anyone on the phone after that. Cash Advance America website warns against this exact thing. Wants consumers to report this crap using the following phone number 888-310-4238 and by calling local law enforcement as well. Consumer beware!
Reported by Vee on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 22:16pm reporting number 347-627-1160
Company Calling: Dept. of Financial Fraud Investigation
Type of call: Debt Collector
We also have had this done 2 months in a row and just found it today. I have read all of the past post here and noticed that everyone that tells about their financial institutions, says it is a Credit Union, as is ours. I wonder if that has anything to do with how they got all of our account information? It might be something for the authorities to check on, even though I know we don't all use the same C U, there may still be a connection. We will be calling our CU , and NRG on Monday for sure, and I will try to warn my friends and family about it!!!
Reported by Gloria D. on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 21:42pm reporting number 877-284-9393
Company Calling: NRG
Do you or anyone in your home play online poker by any chance? The one time i answered that is what was told to me. It was Americas' Cardroom supposedly.
Reported by Anonymous on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 19:46pm reporting number 213-271-2576
Company Calling: Americas' Cardroom
It was to retrieve an message using an access code. I called because it asked me by name. The caller ID shows, 202-307-1261. When I called back and entered my access code, the message said, recall test, control officer test. Years ago, I worked at the federal prison. They say the message is from BOP. I was a nurse, not an officer. So I have NO idea what it means...
Reported by Rachel in Texas on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 16:55pm reporting number 202-307-0555
Company Calling: BOP
This # called 12/19/14 as well as the day before, and did not leave a message.
Reported by tired of spam on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 16:10pm reporting number 646-490-2938
Multiple frequent calls, over several days. No one there. Finally got an answer to 'hello?'... "Anthony, from" some energy company or another. Told him politely but in no uncertain terms to NEVER CALL ME BACK. Joining the do not call list now!
Reported by Steve C on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:59pm reporting number 408-264-2636
Type of call: Telemarketer
if you have been car shopping in CA
Reported by bob on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:38pm reporting number 949-467-9582
Company Calling: GTS
Type of call: Survey
Scam artist attempting check fraud via Craigslist regarding "DJ gig"
Reported by beenscammed on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:37pm reporting number 940-202-9144
Type of call: SMS
Call but do not leave a message. Called back and a recorded call says, "thanks for calling the corporate office, leave a message". If they are debt collectors, they are violating the law as they do not indicate they are attempting to collect a debt.
Reported by Spam Killer on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:32pm reporting number 667-308-8069
Company Calling: Corporate Office
Type of call: Debt Collector
This is a medical debt collection company that violates fair debt collection and Dodd Frank laws. They call relatives, co-workers, and any number they can to hassle people for their share of medical charges after insurance has already paid them enough. They call even after the patient has died.
Reported by Spam Killer on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:30pm reporting number 800-650-2951
Company Calling: Medical debt collection
Type of call: Debt Collector
Call frequently, but leave no message. Another Board said they represent Hilton Grand Vacations and are trying to sell timeshares. However, I do not answer unknown callers.
Reported by Spam Killer on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:27pm reporting number 210-343-5280
Company Calling: Hilton Grand Vacations
Type of call: Telemarketer
This # calls, and other numbers call from this company, everyday. When i call the # back it says its "career specialists".
Reported by Britt Kay on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:17pm reporting number 919-714-4420
Company Calling: career specialists
Type of call: Telemarketer
On my way to the bank now to put a stop payment on the $39.95 that is scheduled to hit my account. I just happened to check my account on-line and found the pending charge. I will definitely be filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office.
Reported by Tara on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 15:12pm reporting number 877-284-9393
Called to sell extended waranty which Ialready have
Reported by Bo on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 14:46pm reporting number 518-595-8688
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number called me today. I didnt recognize, so I didnt answer. They did not leave a message.
Reported by Gene on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 14:37pm reporting number 210-343-5280
2 misso calls in nyt
Reported by pankaj on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 13:40pm reporting number 406-5-
Claimed they were the IRS and filling a law suite and to call 202-559-3669
Reported by Sue on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 13:32pm reporting number 274-309-5330
Company Calling: out of area
This number calls me and doesn't leave a message. I ignore it, but they call everyday!
Reported by redrebel on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 13:31pm reporting number 701-557-9417
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number came from no where telling me lets fuck a stalker is what u call it over the top
Reported by john doe on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 13:25pm reporting number 786-356-2548
Company Calling: 7863562548
Listed something on Craigslist and got a text from this # saying the price was ok and a check would be sent. Once it cleared, a mover would be sent to pick the item up. I replied back that it would be fine as long as the check was for the EXACT amount of the item. Didn't hear back again. Pretty sure it's a scam.
Reported by sarah on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 13:04pm reporting number 443-779-8613
scam telemarketer
Reported by Big Louie on Friday, 12.19.2014 @ 12:53pm reporting number 718-559-0195
Company Calling: Degree advisor
Type of call: Telemarketer