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we happen to be receiving rings frm 1800-521-3236 for over a year & have let this co recognise that we do not recognise the individual these people are phoning for. the rings keep on & the reps are really obnoxious & even get nasty & insulting at times.
Reported by America on Sunday, 07.8.2007 @ 16:28pm. Report #7631091653
Company Calling: client services
person calling is fishing for details on somebody in our family. This individual has never ever lived with me, therefore We are not sure how this firm came up with our telephone no. we refused to give out details on this individual & the guy on the telephone stated she wouldnt be phoning us back.
Reported by Marilee on Monday, 07.9.2007 @ 22:36pm. Report #5086232712
Company Calling: Client Services
Type of call: Debt Collector
Client Services. These scumbags keep on to ring here looking for somebody who does not exist and leaving this no. to ring back.
Reported by Keri on Wednesday, 09.26.2007 @ 18:39pm. Report #5982808260
Company Calling: Client Services
we just had news that somebody rang with this no. asking for us. The only issue is. . . these people have yet to ring us. we do not recognise how these people get these no. earlier today was our 1st run in with them, & we get get anybody soon as we ring in. we will attempt attempt again, however soon after hearing the stories. . looks just like i am going to have a issue with them. anybody with any advice. . feel free. thank you therefore much
Reported by Versie on Wednesday, 10.3.2007 @ 20:43pm. Report #9660915879
Company Calling: Client Services
Nick Lee rings our mother's home everyday & bothers to leave a msg to ring them back about a vital business matter or when he answers she tells his we provided them the no. subsequently asks where we live, where we work, soon as he will see us again. . Next day rings & does the identical thing just like he was her friend. Did he inform us to ring them etc. she never ever has informed his she was a debt collector.
Reported by Chantay on Monday, 10.29.2007 @ 08:46am. Report #5353609351
Company Calling: Client Services
a girl rang here with this no. & requested for the neighbor to ring his back. . the neighbor has serious financial issues & was gone to foreclosure. . debt collectors always ring a guy's neighbors these people refer to as 'nearbys' to attempt & get a msg to the individual these people are very attempting to reach. . we had only one ring therefore far. . our partner used this technique soon as she worked in 'collections' & she states this worked well to get the individual she is asking for to return her ring. .
Reported by Jenifer on Wednesday, 11.21.2007 @ 15:14pm. Report #9773019671
Company Calling: ?
1800-521-3236 x4334I had a msg with this firm to ring them. these people will not say who these people are or exactly what these people want. Except these people want ur name and phone no. to see when these people have business with you. these people rang our business no. somebody should shut down their phone no.! these people have lot's of time on their hands & these people wasted mine.
Reported by Kelley on Sunday, 11.25.2007 @ 12:37pm. Report #2945092661
Company Calling: Client Services
our mother has been receiving rings with these folks, we have not lived ith his for many years. he provided 'em our no. & these people happen to be phoning us now. The individual phoning us was "Amy Lee". he doesnt pass on any info except that this was a "documented call" & this was *very important* that we ring his back. he didnt give any reference details about exactly what he was after. we rang 'em back & the ring went directly into voice mail, this didnt ask for a extension, even though he ended up leaving this on mine.
Reported by Ismael on Saturday, 12.1.2007 @ 15:48pm. Report #9148206330
Company Calling: unknown
i have got numerous rings with this no., & spoken to 'em two times therefore far. supposedly these people believe i am lying soon as we inform 'em this was not Fernando's #, & these people believe it is a good clue to keep on phoning.
Reported by Frankie on Monday, 12.3.2007 @ 17:21pm. Report #2098679426
Company Calling: Client Services
Doug Penny was phoning our mobile telephone no. leaving numorious voicemails. exactly what a loser get a life. when ppl do not wanna speak to you let this go or get a better job. Oh yea her extention was 193.
Reported by Marisha on Friday, 12.14.2007 @ 22:54pm. Report #3588845821
Company Calling: Client Services
Jim Stevens is the identity of the individual who rang & talked to our partner asking for us under the incorrect last name. we have not used our maiden name in years. . that just goes to show that some thing fishy have to be going on. these people clearly do not have their facts straight. these people somehow had ahold of our mobile telephone no. . our partner requested how she had this no. & "Jim" got no reply. she is obnoxious & irritating. we believe when this is vital enough & legitimate,they would atleast recognise our REAL name!!
Reported by Samual on Saturday, 12.29.2007 @ 02:57am. Report #7030759449
Company Calling: unknown
Have recived recurring "time sensitive" rings with this no. eventually rang subsequently back. Dan Steele (person who called) needed to confirm spelling of our name. subsequently stated she could not pull up our account. could she have our SS number. we informed them there is no way We are giving this to them & she stated he would ring back "when we can access ur information"Never headr with 'em again (YET)
Reported by Valery on Monday, 01.7.2008 @ 06:24am. Report #5893960106
Company Calling: Client Services
This was a bill collector.
Reported by Edmundo on Sunday, 01.20.2008 @ 15:25pm. Report #7416859980
these people ring constantly & ask for a individual not at the no. these people called. we do not reply rings that say unidentified or 800 number's. these people are irritating. we hope these people would quit phoning. All these people pass on was a no. to ring & put the phone down
Reported by Hannelore on Monday, 01.21.2008 @ 11:21am. Report #8357480420
Company Calling: Unknown
we notice that we get these rings soon after we apply for jobs. some of these job sites may be doing some thing "bad" with my info. BE CAREFUL OF WHATPHONE no.s YOU PUT ON WEBSITES.
Reported by Paris on Monday, 02.4.2008 @ 08:04am. Report #6619188390
Company Calling: Dont Know
A Karen Rose rang form this no. & is really impolite. he is asking for a individual that was not here, when he is nicer we might have helped his
Reported by Santo on Monday, 05.26.2008 @ 06:22am. Report #9225256050
really this does, you can request that a collections company stops phoning you & you can request all contact be in writing.
Reported by Fredia on Monday, 06.23.2008 @ 19:36pm. Report #4916705233
Client service 8005213236 ring us our family & attempting to speak our dead grandmother we do not recognise why these people keep on phoning & how these people had private details on our family these people are pushy telemarketers & collectors
Reported by Cory on Monday, 07.14.2008 @ 11:16am. Report #5008923654
The "don't ring list" was for telemarketers. These ppl are phoning on a legit business matter. these people aren't allowed to disclose the exact nature do to confidentiality. these people are only asking for a particular individual & dont care about ur info unless you can lead 'em to that person.
Reported by Emmett on Thursday, 09.18.2008 @ 05:36am. Report #9991803200
this has to be in writing / fdcpa.
Reported by Isidro on Sunday, 09.28.2008 @ 13:08pm. Report #5892314542
All these people need was some info to prove that ur grandmother has passed away.
Reported by Vernice on Friday, 10.3.2008 @ 22:48pm. Report #3892030046
The really best way to make 'em quit phoning was to complaint TO THEIR CLIENT. FOR EXAMPLE: CONTACT JP MORGAN-CHASE BANK directly!!!. particularly contact Chase Bank. . complaint to Chase Bank, loud, often, verbally & in writing!. Ruin their business with Chase Bank. .
Reported by Anibal on Tuesday, 02.10.2009 @ 07:54am. Report #4269178818
we got a man ring earlier today asking for our partner however we informed them that I been separated & she needed to recognise more info about them . . we informed them she have to be insane to believe atleast identity give them that kinda info. we informed them not to ring back & she had obnoxious with us & informed us hell ring everyday. thats soon as we burst out & yelled at them when you do you've a HUGE lawsuit on ur hands!!
Reported by Jeffery on Sunday, 03.1.2009 @ 03:49am. Report #7732126409
this was ppl just like you that give collectors bad names. How old are you? You lied & you're mad at him?. com'on
Reported by Arlen on Thursday, 03.5.2009 @ 06:45am. Report #7260023166
Well, no this very doesn't. it is ur ignorance that makes this so.
Reported by Amber on Monday, 03.9.2009 @ 17:15pm. Report #3010645276
Client Services has a gret report woth JP Morgan Chase. everybody wants to complaint about CSI phoning about somebody you recognise owes money. this was not CSIs fault that you've low life friend's that dont pay their bills. when you'd inform ur freinds & family that CSI rings for to be a big individual & return the rings there wouldnt be all of this blogging
Reported by Cleveland on Wednesday, 03.11.2009 @ 09:07am. Report #6811310105
ppl not being able to pay their bills during these difficult economic times does not make 'em a low life.
Reported by Carla on Friday, 04.3.2009 @ 04:22am. Report #5992898451
you're right. Just cos these people slap a huge amount of charges on a bill was the reason ppl can not pay 'em to begin with. That doesnt make 'em low lifes at all. Many of 'em are service men & women. Defiitely good people. these people are fighting for the right of Client Services to harrass the fire out of everybody else.
Reported by Deandre on Monday, 05.25.2009 @ 07:27am. Report #4886140922
Pay no attention to "Who Cares" for these people are even lower-life collector. .
Reported by Millard on Monday, 06.1.2009 @ 05:08am. Report #7592238784
dont ring lists do not apply soon as somebody opens a credit account, & lists you as a family or buddy on their application. This was why bank's ask for this information, therefore that changing ur no. does not simply mean these people cannot attempt to collect. . that is bad when somebody put ur details on a credit account without letting you recognise that.
Reported by Kaila on Friday, 06.5.2009 @ 07:31am. Report #5979431754
WHY ARE YOU STILL making use of our ID! This was not funny. we informed you in 2004 to quit now we see you're STILL making use of IT! STOP!!! MAKE ur OWN! Just cos I am connected does not mean I share a identity on the Internet. Do you undersatnd. when not do a search engine search on shewhodreamz. See the difference in exactly what you put out & exactly what was very with the SHEWHODREAMZ identity !! NOT KOOL AT ALL!!!!!. thanks . THE REAL SHEWHODREAMZ!
Reported by Shonda on Sunday, 07.5.2009 @ 11:10am. Report #6982756922
you have had to be joking. These ppl (CSI) are low lifes. we have no control over how our friend's and/or family choose to pay their debt & shouldn't be subjected to irritating telephone calls. we happen to be receiving telephone rings with these clowns for months, looking for our brother. we have informed 'em constantly that she doesnt live with me, has never ever lived with us & the no. these people are phoning was not his. i have requested 'em numerous times to quit phoning us however the rings keep on coming. Ridiculous!
Reported by Chris on Monday, 07.13.2009 @ 10:12am. Report #8770729993
Have Tom Dalton phoning. irritating whiney voice. we will record them next time.
Reported by Rickie on Sunday, 07.19.2009 @ 10:32am. Report #6143685742
Get ur details straight-they ring ppl with the identical last name simply cos they are ignorant enough to believe that just cos you've the identical last name you've to be related. Not the brightest bulbs in the box
Reported by Nickolas on Monday, 08.24.2009 @ 06:41am. Report #4925904629
Why would chase bank care exactly what a debtor has to say? That individual is not giving 'em business anyway, they are just stealing their money. Pay ur bills.
Reported by Estrella on Saturday, 09.12.2009 @ 14:26pm. Report #6850805942
you are a retard. Collection agencies do not must abide by the dont ring directory. Pay ur bills & inform ur family members to pay their bills & there will not be a problem. Deadbeats. . . . "don't ring list", ha. Why do not you just talk in great detail about some thing you recognise nothing about. Oh, too late.
Reported by Tawana on Wednesday, 09.23.2009 @ 15:44pm. Report #5886801607
this should be public record. you'd believe that such top-notch skip tracers would have no trouble locating this.
Reported by Joel on Monday, 02.22.2010 @ 01:04am. Report #5529155104
really well said. thanks cos we for one did not ask to be laid off & now make 1/4 of exactly what we did.
Reported by Beau on Sunday, 03.7.2010 @ 10:23am. Report #5425092753
Collector- why are you on this chat?
Reported by Leilani on Sunday, 04.11.2010 @ 22:23pm. Report #5936908881
Ok you claim that these ppl only ring "deadbeats" however these people have rang us for somebody NOT connected to us that we do not even know!!!!! EXPLAIN that when you can!
Reported by Chaya on Thursday, 04.15.2010 @ 18:56pm. Report #4642280893
You want to learn how to spell. ur firm rang me about somebody I have no relationship with & it is a stretch that we'd recognise where these people were & a even bigger stretch to believe I would inform you a single thing about 'em when I did.
Reported by Donald on Thursday, 08.19.2010 @ 11:27am. Report #9211915037
noone has ANY right to ring us or contact us asking for somebody we might recognise in order for us to give out info on their whereabouts. . Do these people have a warrant? Do these people have any kinda legal basis upon which to do this? number . "Who Cares", you & CSI are true slimeballs. we strongly suspect that you're really part of CSI. . Go get a honorable job, you loser! most likely not a high enough IQ for any other kinda work. .
Reported by Jarvis on Friday, 08.20.2010 @ 13:43pm. Report #9202090878
F U you arrogant douche. Things happen in life that are out of peoples control. How dare you ring somebody a deadbeat. . you've no clue exactly what the situation. . Nice use of the word "retard". Go lurch another site & pass on these ppl alone. We are sure ur a friggin do***e bag debt collector anyway.
Reported by Susana on Sunday, 10.31.2010 @ 02:40am. Report #2075736668
I am a web firm & these people have rang here looking to talk with a individual that was my customer. I dont offer or leave a directory of customers to anyone, therefore why are these people phoning here? we sure would just like to recognise where these people get this information. from.
Reported by Rodolfo on Thursday, 11.4.2010 @ 15:23pm. Report #6623871883
our neighbor just taped a note to our door stating to ring Terry Jacobs @1-800521-3236 ext 54295 SAT AM, exactly what low lifes!!!!!!!!!! we better not see him. didnt ring cannot wait to see exactly what these people will do next. we do not reply rings with ppl who we dont have in our phone. You can go to AT&T & block their numbers!!!
Reported by Grady on Friday, 01.7.2011 @ 13:05pm. Report #3186768089
i am a collector at csi. we enjoy our job simply cos We are courteous & helpful. we will help you work out low settlement or payment plan. We are regularly complimented on our professionalism & kindness. See, weren't all terrible :)
Reported by Michaela on Tuesday, 03.22.2011 @ 01:55am. Report #7973174396
dont ring directory doesnt APPLY TO COLLECTIONS
Reported by Salvatore on Monday, 03.28.2011 @ 21:29pm. Report #5374803267
This firm keeps on phoning our sibling in law & keeps on leaving msgs to have me ring 'em back. these people told our sibling in law that he is my emergency no. which is not true cos he lives out of town. our sibling was beginning to get annoyed & therefore are we. I have rang the co. & these people are really obnoxious & have constantly stated that these people have deleted the no. off their records, however these people keep on to ring.
Reported by Federico on Wednesday, 05.4.2011 @ 19:14pm. Report #2324354260
anybody recognise who these guys are. we did not see any mention of the entity name or location? thankyou.
Reported by Jovita on Sunday, 05.8.2011 @ 23:42pm. Report #7893650317
we love you Sean. thank you for all you have done for us. i would be nothing without you. Now, let us eat. again.
Reported by Valentine on Monday, 05.23.2011 @ 07:52am. Report #5187745191
8005213236 calls me and leaves no vm during the only time i get any sleep. love to get my hands n them.
Reported by pissed off on Wednesday, 04.17.2013 @ 11:45am. Report #7679835103

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