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it is Cingular phoning about a late payment. stated we want to pay our bill (i'm a little late) or our service will be cut off. got to give 'em our cc information. Once these people start phoning these people ring non-stop. The earlier you reply the faster these people quit :)
Reported by Reginald on Friday, 03.9.2007 @ 08:43am. Report #6224136721
Company Calling: Cingular
we answered however there is no answer, subsequently these people put the phone down.
Reported by Lael on Friday, 06.15.2007 @ 04:58am. Report #5188454569
Company Calling: Unknown
we had a ring with that too however we did not answer
Reported by Duane on Friday, 10.26.2007 @ 09:03am. Report #3656596265
Company Calling: 8009475096
we had a ring with this no. time time, we have a deaf however cannot talk & attempt att relay ring this no. two times time. we will be payment to December 14, 2007.
Reported by Makeda on Saturday, 11.17.2007 @ 04:26am. Report #2947366102
Company Calling: 1-800-947-5096
we had a ring with this no. twice, however missed this both times. . LOSERS!!
Reported by Tawanna on Sunday, 11.25.2007 @ 09:51am. Report #8298520314
we get rings with 'em too . this was the new AT&T . we used to have Cingular however now these people are AT&T. we wanted to pay our bill. . this starts with a automated greetingwhich was probbaly why was puts the phone down . . probably , you want to pay ur mobile telephone bill !
Reported by Wilbur on Saturday, 12.15.2007 @ 01:12am. Report #7341576568
Company Calling: AT&T
rang the no. back & got 'em delete my numebr with their database. The woman we spoke with is really nice & seemd to be honestly sincere in his wanting to help out, & submitted the neccessary info to get the rings stopped.
Reported by Tesha on Saturday, 01.19.2008 @ 09:20am. Report #8006575937
BAD ADVICE!!! dont HEED!!!. this was a con. dont give 'em ur personal information, particularly a credit card. Make 'em send you a bill or inform 'em you will pay at the office.
Reported by Micki on Tuesday, 01.22.2008 @ 17:07pm. Report #2812926182
Why are ppl therefore fricken paranoid??? This was NOT a scam, not attempting to offer you a single thing & a valid firm (New ATT). We are late with our bill payment & had a ring to remind us. whats is therefore SCAMMY about that? Come on ppl. . complaint about some thing REAL.
Reported by Jacinto on Sunday, 03.2.2008 @ 13:36pm. Report #3354959230
Company Calling: New ATT
AT&T. we wanted to pay stated bill.
Reported by Maximina on Friday, 03.14.2008 @ 18:55pm. Report #9426621127
Company Calling: AT&T
i have been receiving three rings a week with AT&T Wireless about our account. issue is, we do not have a account with them. i have requested constantly to put us on the donotcall list; supposedly no success. Off to court to collect our fines!
Reported by Brady on Tuesday, 03.18.2008 @ 12:29pm. Report #3000333068
Company Calling: AT&T Wireless
really not "unfortunately. . " you do have a balance or did soon as the bactch is set up. this was nice that these people ring *before* these people disconnect you to give you a chance to catch up rather than suspending you & billing you $36. 00 / line to restore.
Reported by Wilfredo on Thursday, 03.20.2008 @ 03:08am. Report #7445882832
Company Calling: AT&T
this sounds that this was a ATT/Cingular recorded person calling. this rings ur telephone soon as a payment was over due. The issue was half the time the pre-recorded msg cuts out before you even have a chance to get this, therefore the ring goes blank. somebody needs to update their system! Unfortunately though guys, when you get a ring with this no., you most likely forgot to pay ur bill. .
Reported by Percy on Thursday, 03.20.2008 @ 16:30pm. Report #9712848129
Company Calling: ATT/Cingular Wireless
we manage a corporate account & these people are phoning individuals on our account. our account was paid up to date. therefore why me?
Reported by Lyndon on Monday, 03.24.2008 @ 23:04pm. Report #2946502547
Yes this was a con. we have got SPRINT for the last three years & began receiving rings with this no. in the last few months. Why would this be legit when i have never ever got Cingular?. Does anybody recognise how to get 'em to quit calling?
Reported by Elliot on Wednesday, 03.26.2008 @ 12:18pm. Report #2368714767
it is not a con. this was ATT cos we have got this ring before & you dont must give 'em any details when you've previously paid ur mobile telephone bill this way.
Reported by Karon on Friday, 04.4.2008 @ 23:09pm. Report #7033823575
This was not a con. we have got Cingular/AT & T for years. . ever since Cingular is Cellular One in our area. we have forgotten to pay our bill a couple of times over the years, & is really happy these people rang us. we paid this over the phone with our cc & got no problems.
Reported by Twanda on Monday, 04.21.2008 @ 22:54pm. Report #3842852051
We are a huge skeptic, therefore we got trouble believing this, however this was NOT a fraud. it is very AT&T. we just rang 'em back & talked to a representative (who never ever requested for any cc info). we informed his that they would rang us & we did not recognise why. he informed us that our account got a over due balance (in which we subsequently checked the site, & this was overdue). ring for yourself when you are unsure (check the site 1st to confirm exactly what these people inform you).
Reported by Tracey on Tuesday, 04.22.2008 @ 09:43am. Report #6724540058
we rang at&t & this was their collections department I have no past due bill & the CSR he stated that since this was recorded sometimes this gets the incorrect no. & took our no. off the directory. it is not a con just a incorrect no.
Reported by Odell on Tuesday, 05.6.2008 @ 17:07pm. Report #4788832726
Company Calling: at&t
This does not make sense to us. Why would these people be phoning me?I dont & never ever have used AT&T. when they are phoning us attempting to pay a bill subsequently it is by unlawful ways since we do not have a account with them. Hopefully it is just 'em phoning the incorrect no.
Reported by Efren on Monday, 05.26.2008 @ 17:16pm. Report #8931135990
Ha! we do not subscribe to Cingular wireless & these people keep on on phoning us proclaiming to be AT&T wireless however we do not subscribe to AT&T either. we once requested that the put us on their dont ring directory. That worked for about a week now these people are back at this.
Reported by Keenan on Friday, 05.30.2008 @ 01:19am. Report #6994051067
This was cingular ringing, we have got services with 'em since 96 & these people only ring soon as you're late. the bill comes once a month. you recognise soon as ur bill was due. this was due the identical time every month. when you ring & schedule a payment you'll not must pay that 36 dollar reconnection fee. & when you schedule a date you have to keep on that payment date. when not you'll not get a chance for another three to six weeks to schedule with them. . pay the bill or schedule.
Reported by Antoine on Tuesday, 06.10.2008 @ 12:55pm. Report #6467236480
we had this ring too. we rang custemer service & requested about our acount. We are informed this is ok & our bill is payed. We are informed to ignour the ring.
Reported by Sergio on Tuesday, 06.10.2008 @ 21:15pm. Report #3545896145
we just missed a telephone ring with this no. these people did not pass on a msg & as We are reading on this page we continued seeing about ppl being late on their payment. So, we double checked our account & i am not late at all. So, was this a scam?! Who was this calling?! we have no idea, just informing you our experience.
Reported by Benjamin on Tuesday, 07.1.2008 @ 23:51pm. Report #4767130174
AT & T Wireless for past due bills.
Reported by Arlena on Tuesday, 07.8.2008 @ 05:09am. Report #6854471831
Company Calling: AT and T Wireless
rang our mobile subsequently home telephone subsequently put the phone down soon as we picked up
Reported by Jaye on Monday, 07.21.2008 @ 06:10am. Report #4491445280
Company Calling: at&t
Fools, this was ATT formerly cingular informing you to pay ur bill, i am late every week & every week these people call! this was NOT a scam, therefore ppl please quit stating this was & quit being therefore damn paranoid, OR just pay ur bills on time!
Reported by Darryl on Friday, 08.15.2008 @ 16:27pm. Report #6072080457
"over the telephone with a credit card". Wow, seems therefore convenient. . NOT!. Nice attempt anyway. .
Reported by Danilo on Saturday, 08.23.2008 @ 19:23pm. Report #6341874480
Damn, these people will not say a single thing when you're not the account holder. we keep on looking 'em exactly what dept are these people phoning from. these people picked up that We are not able to inform any info about this account. We are just like exactly what the hell. you're bothering us. every day.
Reported by Wilton on Sunday, 11.2.2008 @ 04:43am. Report #4160667843
omg i have ben a customer for years since at&t took over exactly what a pack of pain in the a**es when ur a few weeks late these people ring fifty times daily we recognise dude I am late take a chill pill
Reported by Noriko on Friday, 11.14.2008 @ 01:17am. Report #8438117214
AMEN! therefore true!
Reported by Maryalice on Sunday, 11.23.2008 @ 08:33am. Report #9380382059
reply the phone, ring 'em back & explain you do not use their service. somebody most likely put ur no. on their account as their contact no. . ppl do lie. . DUH
Reported by Gregorio on Monday, 11.24.2008 @ 09:23am. Report #7336757806
we agree with how silly the ppl who ring sound. The automated msgs with this no. are completely unprofessional. we do use AT&T, however We are a pre-paid customer. we do not have a bill to pay. we cannot think that there are still ppl silly enough to give out their cc no.s to ppl who ring them.
Reported by Marcel on Friday, 11.28.2008 @ 16:32pm. Report #6324959267
OK 'fool', how about, "maybe a scam?" we dont have ATT wireless yet these people ring us about every 4 weeks on our Verizon line, which was autopay & was never ever late!
Reported by Chung on Saturday, 11.29.2008 @ 02:27am. Report #4602791588
these people do the identical thing to us on our verison. it is therefore irritating. collections just do not get this threw there heads We are not the individual these people are asking for. ugh
Reported by Kelle on Tuesday, 12.2.2008 @ 02:20am. Report #2358915378
we just began receiving msgs. we rang cos our telephone was prepaid trac phone. these people really requested for our social security no. these people stated to check for fraud. we didnt give this to 'em however we stupidly provided 'em our name. exactly what do you suggest that we do? who should we report this to?
Reported by Rogelio on Thursday, 12.4.2008 @ 17:10pm. Report #3441225222
Duh we had this ring & have never ever got Cingular or AT&T. therefore how's this not a con. . fool
Reported by Trinidad on Sunday, 12.14.2008 @ 01:21am. Report #3176033727
Just had a ring with this no. this was AT&T & our mobile bill was $500+ over due. these people ended up leaving a automated msg informing us to pay our bill.
Reported by Nanette on Sunday, 01.4.2009 @ 15:54pm. Report #5140934424
it is not a con cos these people ring the no. ppl directory on their accounts as their house line soon as these people sign up. . A lot of customers & AT&T sales reps just put in any random no. as a house contact no. to either dodge these irritating telephone calls, or speed up the credit application soon as these people activate lines
Reported by Alfred on Sunday, 01.4.2009 @ 22:33pm. Report #8913493000
this was not a scam, this was AT&T. when you reply this will inform you youe are late, give you a balance, subsequently connect you to coustomer service.
Reported by Tatiana on Thursday, 01.22.2009 @ 16:16pm. Report #5890234609
this was not a scam, this was AT&T wireless informing you you're late on ur bill. when you've at&t in any way, just go online & pay ur bill, the rings will quit
Reported by Beatris on Saturday, 01.31.2009 @ 08:12am. Report #6026622024
this was not a con. we ahve at&t & we forgot to pay our bill. we never ever picked up however looked here & was aware of this is our telephone firm. we paid the bill online & the rings stopped.
Reported by Kevin on Friday, 02.6.2009 @ 21:05pm. Report #9413730114
this was con & therefore are the posts stating it is legitimate. we have Att & am often current! never ever happen to be late! these people state in the user agreement that these people wont contact you & ask for private information. Fits the profile of a obvious con.
Reported by Rob on Sunday, 02.15.2009 @ 12:46pm. Report #9562084490
Why are there all these phoney testimonials? . Why would you want to look up this no. since you admit to knowing exactly who these people are? . exactly what would be the purpose? . you're fraudster shills doing some thing incorrect or there would be no reason to be here.
Reported by Felisa on Friday, 02.27.2009 @ 18:19pm. Report #8661503362
For those who wonder why are I here when I recognise who this was & presume that so I have to be part of the scam, the reason was simple. these people only ring at the end of the week soon as ur bill was due & therefore by next week I will have forgotten the no. again. subsequently I will search engine this, I will come here & realize "Oh hey, we want to pay our mobile telephone bill. ". Seriously, quit freaking out. it is AT&T.
Reported by Michel on Saturday, 03.7.2009 @ 20:40pm. Report #6180774494
This was not a sam this was AT&T . ur telephone no. may have belonged to AT&T & the previous owner of the number transfered this to Sprint get with Sprint to fix this would be our Recommendation. Good luck
Reported by Norbert on Saturday, 03.14.2009 @ 18:12pm. Report #8471342795
Do you've AT&T for anything? cell, house, long distance or internet?
Reported by Neomi on Wednesday, 04.1.2009 @ 15:50pm. Report #2242879912
next time these people ring us soon as We are gonna have a bill that was a little late and We are gonna get no. blocked with our reject directory that was built right in to our telephone & all other phone's
Reported by Parker on Saturday, 05.9.2009 @ 17:10pm. Report #2964249708
we just added the no. to our reject directory
Reported by Refugio on Monday, 05.11.2009 @ 05:25am. Report #6939521683
you're the fool. Pay ur bill on time
Reported by Lupe on Sunday, 05.31.2009 @ 02:21am. Report #3628709972
Yep. . it is surely ATT. these people have to very be hard up. just like everybody else in the country. . cos these people began blowing up our telephone to let us recognise We are due on the really day the bill came due. .
Reported by Russ on Wednesday, 06.17.2009 @ 11:52am. Report #9216634062
we have AT&T & have auto pay on our account, yet this no. just rang our sons telephone & subsequently us. we didnt answer. this was a con.
Reported by Tynisha on Friday, 07.17.2009 @ 02:51am. Report #9562330495
Yeah & you'll be the 1st ppl phoning in & screaming at a AT&T rep about how these people interrupted ur service without contacting you first.
Reported by Daron on Sunday, 07.19.2009 @ 15:15pm. Report #8612321104
we have a auto payment on our account. Why are these people phoning us then?
Reported by Graham on Tuesday, 07.21.2009 @ 14:59pm. Report #8377001120
Most new mobile phone's no longer have this feature or have this blocked out therefore me costumers cant use this. Lovely huh?
Reported by Jimmie on Thursday, 09.3.2009 @ 23:37pm. Report #8914532193
To reply ur question. we have got ATT for years, never ever got SPRINT, however we happen to be receiving rings with SPRINT looking us to pay our bill. exactly what you want to do was ring 'em & ask for the scam department. exactly what happens was somebody makes up a no. for there contact no. & this happens to be yours. SPRINT has checked for us the 1st time this happened, & got our no. as contact for five differant folks, none of whom we know. One individual provided our no. as there work no. attempt phoning 'em this works
Reported by Norine on Wednesday, 09.9.2009 @ 11:40am. Report #5191132678
we can not say much as this was a ongoing investigation, however dont GIVE ANY private info OVER THE PHONE, period. . when you responded to this use Equifax & Transunion to put a watch on ur credit. You get a free credit report every year therefore we would take advantage of that. . Regards,
Reported by Hilario on Friday, 10.2.2009 @ 20:46pm. Report #9533038031
. . Here was a guy that in less than a paragraph goes with "i'm often late" to "Just pay ur bill on time".
Reported by Lester on Saturday, 10.3.2009 @ 12:56pm. Report #4249603797
identical purpose you have. .
Reported by Foster on Friday, 10.23.2009 @ 09:04am. Report #8146212845
lol THANK YOU. when you're not elidgible for a payment arrangement. . or do not make this clear that you want a payment arrangement. . subsequently you'll still get calls. . & when you are still receiving calls. . ur acct can still be suspended! might be you should listen to exactly what the rep tells you. . just a thought.
Reported by Jerome on Monday, 02.8.2010 @ 02:20am. Report #2742625153
My husband and I got a telephone call coming from this exact number earlier on this morning and thought to report this here
Reported by Hugo on Tuesday, 02.16.2010 @ 18:05pm. Report #8582336197
cos this was therefore rang CURTISY ring. with AT and T. REGARDLESS OF HOW ANY BILL was PAYED it is COMPUTER SYSTEM THAT DOES THIS AUTO ring OR SMSing TO ur PHONE. it is HANDY FOR one's WHO want to JUMP ON this & PAY. these people DO SHUT YA OFF & GIVE OUT NICE FEE TO RECONNECT. however YEAH it is SENT OUT TO CUSTOMERS REGARDLESS OF PAY METHOD. stupid when ur AUTO PAY.
Reported by Robert on Monday, 03.1.2010 @ 04:44am. Report #7659616194
this was AT and T NO THE no. was NOT A con ---- ur BILL was LATE! do not IGNORE 'em these people ARE TURDS & WILL CUT ur telephone OFF, THIS we recognise cos MINE is LATE & THAT was THE NUMBER1-800-947-5096. NOT TO MENTION THE sms YOU GET with THEM.
Reported by Wendi on Saturday, 03.6.2010 @ 20:18pm. Report #3110849287
AT&T will often pass on a VM about the bill. when there's no voice mail, it is a con.
Reported by Milton on Friday, 03.12.2010 @ 15:19pm. Report #6515100384
ur answer cracked us up. we agree. this was not a con. We are currently about five weeks late on our bill & these people just rang us.
Reported by Layla on Sunday, 03.14.2010 @ 03:03am. Report #9088614420
You most likely provided 'em ur verizon no. as some kind of back up no. soon as you signed up. Now pay ur bill on time & you will not get the calls.
Reported by Joleen on Friday, 03.19.2010 @ 23:05pm. Report #6209561333
LMAO. we can not think somebody really stated "give 'em yoyur cc no." lol. exactly what a con! can you give us ur cc no. too? lol!
Reported by Ola on Saturday, 03.27.2010 @ 06:59am. Report #4153436348
Reported by Benton on Sunday, 04.4.2010 @ 21:26pm. Report #7171347637
we rang the AT&T customer support telephone no. listed on their website, 800-331-0500, & the rep informed us this telephone no. was a AT&T collections company telephone no. when you are receiving rings with this no. & you're paid up, you might wanna ring the official AT&T customer support no. & figure out why AT&T was sending ur info to their collection agency.
Reported by Magen on Friday, 04.9.2010 @ 06:43am. Report #7872409555
this was AT&T, we looked up this no. soon as this rang & saw the mixed comments therefore we picked up the ring. reply the ring. even though We are paying our bills on time we got a unidentified activation fee that never ever had transferred soon as we changed no.s shortly soon after having our phone. Still good advice to ask for bill instead of giving cc information. Besides speaking to them, these people were able to give all the info we want to confirm that this is not a con & these people were indeed AT&T.
Reported by Chance on Wednesday, 04.14.2010 @ 13:29pm. Report #5463987638
this was not a con. somebody most likely put down ur no. as a alternate. Calmly explain the situation & these people will quit phoning.
Reported by Corrinne on Thursday, 04.15.2010 @ 11:43am. Report #6689739324
Give 'em the no. to ur local atty & inform to watch for this number; for these people will get a call, the next time these people ring ur no.
Reported by Tran on Saturday, 04.17.2010 @ 10:04am. Report #5672094995
it is not a con. it is AT&T.
Reported by Carman on Sunday, 04.18.2010 @ 03:50am. Report #5829249054
these people often ring us during school therefore We are curious
Reported by Hellen on Sunday, 04.18.2010 @ 21:26pm. Report #3987761189
thanks for the advice to ring AT&T customer service. The individual we spoke to stated that the other no. didnt belong to AT&T. we told his that we got never ever ever got a AT&T wireless account. he put our name into the system & is not able to pull up any records. i am gonna ignore this no. with now on.
Reported by Ola on Thursday, 04.22.2010 @ 11:48am. Report #5619616705
we had a ring with this no. & these people requested for private info therefore we put the phone down. we checked our ATT account, We are fully paid up & on time & have been. we have got this no. for years therefore these people aren't phoning about a former owner of this no. therefore exactly what gives?
Reported by Floria on Thursday, 04.22.2010 @ 15:10pm. Report #8704630902
pay ur bill
Reported by Yoshiko on Tuesday, 04.27.2010 @ 01:23am. Report #8219056263
we totally agree with you. this is not a con. Oh wait I have to be involved. . . idiots!
Reported by Noble on Friday, 04.30.2010 @ 01:01am. Report #3649113671
really we just picked up this & am on the phone line with 'em right now, these people are pulling up our ATT account & we will inform 'em We are paying this in a store. Just put the phone down with them, these people updated our file (with out looking us for any private info). No big deal. .
Reported by Del on Thursday, 05.20.2010 @ 11:44am. Report #4465970587
Okay, we have a Net ten Minute phone, & we have got this no. for two-three YEARS!, & this was the 1st time there phoning me! & soon as we reply the phone, these people HANG UP! somebody please explains this !
Reported by Imelda on Thursday, 05.20.2010 @ 14:42pm. Report #8036866363
never ever give out ur cc or other info to unwanted calls. report it to ur states consumer protection company to help quit this con.
Reported by Vito on Saturday, 05.29.2010 @ 15:48pm. Report #2841270146
Just therefore you all recognise this was a central firm that makes rings for all of them. this was not a scam, all these people want was for you to pay ur mobile telephone bill. Nothing bad for all you negtive nellies out there.
Reported by Maragret on Monday, 06.28.2010 @ 10:41am. Report #9155352013
subsequently why out of three rings did these people ONLY pass on ONE VOICEMAIL???? thats whats is stumping us & we believed these people switched our mom to the primary line? I am still receiving pestered
Reported by Phillip on Thursday, 07.1.2010 @ 19:10pm. Report #7908203461
this was a con cos these people have never ever done this for us. we have got the identical no. for 15 years & we happen to be late before by 2 weeks & never ever got any rings or SMS stating We are late & We are not late on our payment, we have not even got our bill for the latest billing period. . never ever GIVE anybody details OVER THE PHONE, particularly cc information.
Reported by Luther on Monday, 07.12.2010 @ 06:33am. Report #8116446489
these people ring on their wireless accounts, that are late
Reported by Dick on Monday, 07.19.2010 @ 02:40am. Report #6965502253
we have AT&T, & our bill was due, we normally get a text, & subsequently s telephone ring the next day. Not a con! That was a central firm. these people ask for ur ss no. therefore no one will ring & get into ur account. Pay ur bill or these people shut this off the next day
Reported by Coy on Monday, 07.19.2010 @ 04:11am. Report #4231979034
My family and I got a call from this particular number earlier on this afternoon and thought to post this at this website
Reported by Keeley on Wednesday, 07.28.2010 @ 09:07am. Report #5764753434
these people have ur mobile no. to contact you, therefore when these people are phoning you & you've never ever got ATT/Cingulair turn 'em in to the solicitor general for harrassment. dont give ur private details over these people telephone inform 'em you'll pay on line. . No matter who this is. . or ask 'em for a no. you can ring back & confirm subsequently search engine this to make sure this was valid
Reported by Luella on Wednesday, 08.4.2010 @ 12:18pm. Report #6167901760
number . it is not it is AT&T reminding you to pay ur bill. . . & these people take info over the telephone & you can see these people payment on ur statment.
Reported by Zena on Monday, 08.16.2010 @ 11:55am. Report #7576598892
identical here--I just had a ring with them, & (1) our telephone bill was on autopay, & (2) it is not even due for another two weeks! Good grief. .
Reported by Heriberto on Sunday, 08.22.2010 @ 09:53am. Report #7052780965
Come on! Use ur head! ur Logic was invalid!! these people ring you cos you may not have anymore money in ur account or ur account no. has been changed (forgot to updated).
Reported by Amal on Tuesday, 08.24.2010 @ 04:42am. Report #3664509138
it is just AT&T phoning cos you are late. we worked there three years. The con was the outrageously high charges these people get for their services. sms msgs only cost 'em a fraction of a penny each, you pay through the nose. however it is often a good clue to ring 'em with ur mobile at 611. subsequently you who was at the other end. however do this before these people cut you off: that $36 reconnect fee was another con. this takes less than 2 minutes to turn you back on.
Reported by Scott on Sunday, 08.29.2010 @ 17:24pm. Report #4735924312
Wow Pamela you have to work for them. . dumb a**
Reported by Royal on Monday, 08.30.2010 @ 21:50pm. Report #4725210390
we work for ATT & this was their no. therefore the only silly ppl on here are the idiotic one's informing you it is a con. we get rings with 'em when our payment was late too. when you believe it is silly just do not ever reply & subsequently have ur line shut off for late payment. it is only a $36 reconnect fee.
Reported by Edison on Wednesday, 09.1.2010 @ 04:52am. Report #9892321832
NEVER, EVER give ur private info of cc details to somebody who rings YOU. . this was possible to be ripped of even when you believe you recognise the no. . The crooks ring the firm & get inside the telephone system (the bigger the firm telephone system the better, subsequently these people get a outside line where these people ring you. This was a known con that has happened before to our firm. . You should ring THEM. .
Reported by Wilton on Sunday, 09.5.2010 @ 06:10am. Report #5013915192
we dont believe it is a con. That no. was for AT&T you're correct. we dont have a AT&T telephone as well, however we do have DSL web with AT&T, & that no. show up on our sprint telephone soon as we forgot to pay us bill.
Reported by Rocio on Saturday, 09.25.2010 @ 13:09pm. Report #8275123613
ring ur telephone firm & block their no.
Reported by Simon on Sunday, 10.3.2010 @ 08:03am. Report #5960675123
ur card most likely did not work. (ie. expired, temporary stop, etc)
Reported by Loris on Monday, 10.11.2010 @ 02:08am. Report #6949267991
Oh wow. "Duh"?! Did you very just use that? & as a insult? i am speechless. . Are you some ten year old kid stuck in the 90's? this amazes us how pathetic ppl are.
Reported by Shondra on Tuesday, 10.12.2010 @ 05:11am. Report #3106992749
You sure are judgmental for somebody who signs anonymous.
Reported by Julio on Saturday, 10.30.2010 @ 11:56am. Report #6000873771
I just received a telephone call from this exact number earlier on this morning and decided to report it all right here
Reported by Camelia on Tuesday, 11.9.2010 @ 19:26pm. Report #5059192904
Yep,,, this was AT and T we just had a ring. these people ended up leaving a msg & we rang back. these people just set up our payment on the telephone.
Reported by Kitty on Tuesday, 11.9.2010 @ 22:32pm. Report #9087939023
Pamela, have you ever believed that perhaps the manner in which AT&T operates their business may have changed since you last worked there? we mean we doubt that these people would ring you to ask ur opinion on a new customer support protocol before implementing the change.
Reported by Freddie on Friday, 11.12.2010 @ 23:30pm. Report #8599440237
ok good cuz We are receiving freaked out
Reported by Robert on Sunday, 11.14.2010 @ 09:16am. Report #5971081018
this was not a con. when you do not wanna pay them, subsequently dial *pay on ur mobile when you've ATT & pay that way.
Reported by Forrest on Sunday, 11.21.2010 @ 10:24am. Report #7190484473
this was NOT a con & these people dont ask for any payment details over the telephone. this was a recorded phoning system that simply reminds you that ur bill was past due. when you're not paying ur mobile telephone bills on time, you'll get this ring two times before these people shut ur service off, & you'll get a $30 fee tacked onto ur bill.
Reported by Golda on Monday, 11.22.2010 @ 19:27pm. Report #7171728197
therefore you believe ppl working with these "scammers" are receiving on here to inform ppl the no. was legit? Read the posts!!! Do you believe ur no. is never ever used before you had it?! AT&T said these people will not contact you, these people never ever stated a debt collector wouldn't. Correct? delete ur head with ur a** please.
Reported by Herb on Monday, 12.6.2010 @ 11:37am. Report #2801369280
this was surely AT&T phoning to remind you of a late payment.
Reported by Kermit on Tuesday, 12.7.2010 @ 23:35pm. Report #2010593454
LOL it is not a con. when you read the posts you might realize this. probably you are no. is somebody elses before you had this, & could happen to be through another provider, such as AT&T. Either that or somebody put a random no. as their contact & this just therefore happened to be yours. i am sure when We are a rep & somebody informed us these people were law enforcement investigating for a con we would just laugh & switch you over to a supervisor lol. you are not the brightest crayon in the box.
Reported by Bruce on Wednesday, 12.8.2010 @ 06:52am. Report #6638221879
yup this was true. not a con at all.
Reported by Terica on Friday, 12.10.2010 @ 12:20pm. Report #5554693618
Um it is rang double checking. AKA making sure the ppl phoning you're who these people say these people are. .
Reported by Selina on Sunday, 12.12.2010 @ 09:46am. Report #9927904776
this was not a con. Some really underpaid & undertrained AT&T slaves are there to badly assist you & badly attempt to collect the bill with you. therefore when you're worried about ur credit or having ur service disconnected by them, attempt speaking to them. when you're not worried about either, ignore them!
Reported by Tera on Friday, 12.24.2010 @ 11:45am. Report #3802215628
yes , u are correct
Reported by Stanford on Thursday, 01.6.2011 @ 03:21am. Report #2972500064
it is not a con. it is AT&T asking for payment of a mobile telephone Bill. when you're receiving these rings & do not owe 'em any money you want to ring 'em & inform 'em to quit phoning you & these people will.
Reported by Rueben on Monday, 01.10.2011 @ 04:12am. Report #8705147444
it is not a scam; these people ring us every week cos we never ever pay our bill on time. it is AT&T :)
Reported by Jeromy on Sunday, 01.16.2011 @ 06:44am. Report #8836468371
you're correct. . it is AT&T. "formerly Cingular, is AT&T, subsequently Cingular the new AT&T, now back to AT&T. cannot these mega corporations find out what/who these people are?? these people spend therefore much time & $$ buying each other out & switching, however when you're late paying, these people send you a msg that it is time to pay ur bill. . .
Reported by Iraida on Monday, 01.17.2011 @ 20:07pm. Report #3488888443
we just had the ring this afternoon . . . with ATT Wireless . . . i am really late on our account.
Reported by Toby on Sunday, 02.13.2011 @ 06:01am. Report #2592994446
telesales firm for Satelite TV
Reported by Dwana on Thursday, 02.17.2011 @ 22:57pm. Report #7222113881
At&t rang asking for some money. this is a complete con
Reported by Milan on Friday, 02.18.2011 @ 13:13pm. Report #8872120871
This was a AT&T no. with the collections dept.
Reported by Arnold on Tuesday, 02.22.2011 @ 04:28am. Report #4395078729
these people were looking private questions
Reported by Abdul on Saturday, 02.26.2011 @ 12:50pm. Report #7402613238
when this was Cingular & not a scam, how was this that these people are phoning us & We are not & never ever happen to be a Cingular customer? we would say this was a con. assuming this was Cingular. as We are not a customer & would have no reason for Cingular to have our private, non-published, non-listed, non-Cingular mobile telephone no.
Reported by Maryanne on Sunday, 02.27.2011 @ 03:57am. Report #4483428273
attempting to locate a James for bill collecting not us.
Reported by Alice on Monday, 02.28.2011 @ 08:28am. Report #2711968952
Total con hijacking AT&T's 800 no.
Reported by Ruthann on Wednesday, 03.2.2011 @ 17:28pm. Report #6448563557
these people rang 3 times, each time these people ended up leaving a message about AT&T; these people rang last week, identical thing.
Reported by Janean on Tuesday, 04.26.2011 @ 13:02pm. Report #5323818048
Just had this ring looking for the password on the account. we did not give this. rang AT&T & these people stated this was NOT with them!
Reported by Vashti on Friday, 04.29.2011 @ 13:07pm. Report #4570570846
it is a con the no. rings states it is customer support looking you for ur name & identity cos you just bought or updated ur service these people wanna do a survey. it is A con once you give 'em the details within days ur bill triples cause these people added a line or these people ordered a telephone be careful att will never ever ring & ask you for ur identity
Reported by Sung on Sunday, 05.1.2011 @ 09:10am. Report #5069269434
AT&T keeps harassing me using number 1=-800-947-5096
Reported by Danny on Friday, 01.6.2012 @ 07:34am. Report #7749053310
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