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When I answered, a recorded message said, "this is your credit card company,you can get lower rates of 6.9%, press one to speak to a representative". I hung up!
Reported by Mima on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 08:06am reporting number 917-673-6859
Company Calling: displayed phone number only
IRS Scam call 4/28/2015 to my phone in Ohio
Reported by not stupid on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 07:38am reporting number 703-459-9372
Type of call: Debt Collector
Showed SEH on caller ID and asked to speak with me by name. When I acknowledge I was that peraon, they just hang up. If you call back, you get no answer. Who are these people?
Reported by Ken on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 07:36am reporting number 251-725-1750
Company Calling: SEH
We are called today from this number. I tried to call back but was busy. And after reading all these messages I leave it for what it is.
Reported by Angret Bredewold on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 07:24am reporting number 004-420-30510988
Sierra Vista is who's number this is. A psychiatric facility
Reported by Tomas on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 07:20am reporting number 916-753-1145
Company Calling: Sierra Vista
Type of call: Fax Machine
T N T Excavating
Crawfordsville, IN, 47933
(765) 866-0706
Do you need a reliable excavating contractor? T N T Excavating is the excavating contractor that can help you for any type of excavating work at reasonable prices.
Excavating, excavating contractor, excavating service, excavating company, excavation contractor
Reported by Jeff White on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 07:15am reporting number 765-866-0706
Company Calling: T N T Excavating
Type of call: Telemarketer
A man with a strong Asian accent rang me from this number saying he was from TPS. Telephone Preferential Service. He said "It has been reported that you are receiving unsolicited calls, if you register with us we can stop them" Alarm bells immediately went off as I have been registered for 10 years with TPS. When I asked why he didn't know this he changed tack and said he would put "call barring" on my phone. Time for some fun I thought...I said "Oh no I don't want that, I like tracking down these numbers and finding out where they come from"
With that he rang off in a hurry. I will be reporting the number to Action Fraud which I think you should too Nga as there is a scam involving people being called from "Windows Support or Central" I also had these calls and dealt with them by keeping records of times, phone numbers and reporting all the info to authorities.
Reported by Anne on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 07:06am reporting number 016-036-16409
First Choice Carpet Cleaning
Colchester VT

Reported by Erick on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 05:29am reporting number 802-735-6958
Company Calling: First Choice Carpet Cleaning
Reported by jm mulat on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 04:50am reporting number 093-535-51227
who is the owner of this number'
Reported by jm mulat on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 04:48am reporting number 093-535-51227
Received a short call from "+506 5" to my mobile phone which I didn't get to answer (given what is reported here- just as well!) but which might have been BT (who have been a pain in the proverbial for the past nine years) calling against my express wishes.
Reported by Mrs M on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 03:50am reporting number 506-5-
Maple Grove Limousine & Car Services
Maple Grove MN

Reported by Lisa on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 03:07am reporting number 763-275-1285
Company Calling: Maple Grove Limousine & Car Services
Reported by 00971506662925 on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 03:06am reporting number 877-519-3681
Gabbert Excavating LLC
Grafton WV

Reported by Kevin on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 02:19am reporting number 304-365-4090
Company Calling: Gabbert Excavating LLC
C N N Lawn Service Property maintenance Inc
Homestead FL

Reported by Dorothy on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 02:13am reporting number 786-278-5218
Company Calling: C N N Lawn Service Property maintenance Inc
Raudales Home Improvement LLC
441 Smith Ave New Haven, CT 06513

Raudales Home Improvement LLC provide all kind of home improvement, room additions, roofing, siding, windows and doors change, tiles basically anything for construction, roof construction, also we are custom home building & remodeling contractor and construction company.

Custom Home Builder, Building & Remodeling contractor, Construction Company, Siding Contractor, Roof Construction

Reported by Lui on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 02:10am reporting number 203-507-4377
Flooring Solutions
1301 Justin Rd STE 200 B, Lewisville, TX, 75077
(469) 444-2965
Offering flooring solutions, hardwood froors, laminate, installation and refinishing services in Lewisville TX and all surrounding areas.
Flooring Service, Floor Refinishing Service, Floor Installation Service, Hardwood Flooring Service, Flooring Contractor
Reported by Mark on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 01:24am reporting number 469-444-2965
Mejia Stonewalls Inc.
Holtsville, NY, 11742
(631) 962-1179
We've been delivering nothing but the best landscaping service at a reasonable cost, for the past 15 years.
Landscaper, Irrigation Service, Lawn Care, Landscaping Contractor, Landscaping
Reported by Mark on Tuesday, 04.28.2015 @ 01:13am reporting number 631-962-1179
Contact us are on a constant lookout for possible business ventures every day. There are a lot of other organizations that are in need of cleaning services because most companies have only little at all to tidy up their work place. They also tend to tell their clients that their database contains leads that are fresh when in fact they are not.
Reported by Contact Us - on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 22:58pm reporting number 084-551-90969
Company Calling:
Type of call: Political Call
This is so ridiculous, they are so persistent, ignoring the calls doesn't discourage them as they just keep on calling! When I finally got to talk to a person, they were not helpful and they even hung up on me. This put me on a mission to find a way to stop these calls, well here it is; call 866-246-7196. All you have to do is give the caller's and receiving phone numbers. They'll verify it's a caller they provide the do not call request service to and with the 1-2 business days processing time, the calls finally stopped!
Reported by Cynthia on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 21:12pm reporting number 361-271-4848
Company Calling: 12939
i got a call from this nr. i don't know the origin.
Reported by elsa enderes on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 17:43pm reporting number 496-926-012260
I've received many calls from this number. I screen all of my calls, but they won't leave a message.
Reported by John Jones on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 17:38pm reporting number 805-328-3575
Be very careful of this number!!! Seems like they maybe some sort of thieves phishing for information. I have also been called by 267-606-1175 (Sperian Electric so they say) but now other people say sometimes they're told by this number that they are electric suppliers and some say they are offering extended warranties. That sounds very suspicious! Don't answer them and report every call to the Do not call website!!
Reported by Pissed on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 16:38pm reporting number 267-606-1174
Type of call: Telemarketer
Sadly I only got to reading this blog after CPS Card Processing Services 1-877-714-9640 scammed my company and lied to us from beginning to end. EVERYTHING THEY SAY IS A LIE. Nothing they promise will come true. Best not even to listen to anything they say and HANG UP AND RUN!!!!
Take it from me, you will end up paying so much more than before and you will be stuck in their stupid contracts. DO NOT USE CPS CARD PROCESSING SERVICES 1-877-714-9640.
Reported by michael Karaguizian scammer on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 16:20pm reporting number 877-714-9640
Company Calling: CPS scam
Got call from number at 4:01pm April 27th,2015, no message, called back got number incorrect message.
Reported by Kewlzter on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 16:05pm reporting number 909-511-7778
Keeps calling no message either. Highly annoying.
Reported by Adam on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 14:07pm reporting number 250-979-2630
Got a call from 707-555-0155 at 12:31 PM 4/27/2015. The woman sounded either oriental or mexican said that my computer is downloading some very harmful sites. I asked her how is that. She said they are receiving warning signals that my computer is downloading some very harmful sites. I asked her their telephone number and she hang up. I have a caller ID so I knew their phone number. What a dimwit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reported by Ma'am on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 13:57pm reporting number 707-555-0155
It doesn't matter if you owe money or not, if you are the right person or not, if you talk to them or not, if you try to resolve over and over again or not, if you are angry or not, if you are abusive or polite, it doesn't matter. They will call you forever - year after year, after year. It doesn't even end if you pay them. The creditor places the account with the next agency using the same collection software and the calls continue.
The "Do not call" list is powerless to stop it - they're exempt.
Bankruptcy doesn't stop it - the calls continue even after your Trustee serves them notice.
Your lawyer can't stop it - they'll ignore his or her letters.
Legislation won't stop it - they already randomly violate Regulation 103/06 of the Collection Agencies Act.
Hundreds of Complaints haven't stopped it - there's little effective enforcement.
This is an industry that only continues when they get some people to pay. - That's the money that sustains the calls. So, when you get the first call from any debt collection company - it's time to make up your mind to never pay ever - no matter what. Pass the word through all social media - tell everyone not to pay. When the money stops the whole industry will be gone. That's when the calls stop.
Refusal to let this industry exist starts with a few, becomes a movement, and will ultimately succeed. You have the power - Pass it on.
Reported by Bruce Jones on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 13:52pm reporting number 866-857-2811
Company Calling: Collection agency
Type of call: Debt Collector
Caller ID "HABFORHUMANITY". I didn't answer. They did not leave a voicemail message. This is NOT Habitat For Humanity. I blocked the number.
Thanks for everyone's helpful comments on other numbers!
Reported by Margo on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 13:14pm reporting number 912-480-9286
Caller left message county courts mediations saying I had three days days to contact otherwise complaint would be filed against my ss#. Called back got a forwarding message I stated that the person they left the message for didn't live here, he said ok and hung up. There was never any county court answering message, no attempt to clarify who I was or who they were calling. Pretty obvious it's not "county court mediation" Most likely a Debt Collector or scammer trying to scare people into paying debts they don't have.
Reported by Bart on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 12:16pm reporting number 800-587-1192
Company Calling: County Court Mediations
St Joes Hospital in Syracuse NY patient account services.
Reported by Nikki on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 12:06pm reporting number 855-840-1250
Company Calling: St Joes Hospital
Had I call off of this number and when o said hello no one was talking
Reported by Shaz on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 12:03pm reporting number 011-587-20264
Company Calling: Unknown
same as above. called banks, they said bs. not a very good scammer if you're just going to call people and leave a message, especially when it is so ambiguous that it makes you want to call your bank and find out right away that they are not kosher
Reported by millie on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 11:21am reporting number 919-364-0745
Company Calling: ?
some weird number
Reported by Theo on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 11:14am reporting number 015-155-91132
I have been harrassed by stalker at Mann Consulting, LLC Hi-Technology company who has no life but idiot playing recording message on the phone ha ha LOL. GO TO HELL HACKER STALKER.
Reported by TWF on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 11:02am reporting number 03A-HJ_-VusQbMVwrXMIMlN8THv
Company Calling: Unknown
I have been harrassed by stalker at Mann Consulting, LLC Hi-Technology company who has no life but idiot playing recording message on the phone ha ha LOL.
Reported by TWF on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 11:02am reporting number 03A-HJ_-Vusw87b98uafTWhmXCo
Company Calling: Unknown
Reported by CHRISTIE BASSALOFF on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 10:21am reporting number 855-258-3650
Company Calling: MGMT GROUP
This number rang my disabled special needs neighbour today asking for his debit card details, I took over the call and had a row of all rows, these people are scum, total scum, I contacted the trading standards who are aware of this scam and they told me to ring the action for fraud hot line which I did the number is 03454040506, stop these scammers FULL STOP
Reported by Toni on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 10:20am reporting number 084-524-11525
Company Calling: 08452411525
CDA Skip Trace

They have a block of numbers ending in 4000-4999. It is a skip trace company trying to find someone that owes money. Somehow though social media you have been connected with this person. Block the call. It will slow the computer down but will not go away. The U.S. law prohibiting this is not enforceable. The computer will have to
re-access and assign your number to another number In that block and the calls will begin again.

It's ploys are, free vacation, if you press 2, we will place you on a do not call list, they've got a million of em'. I notified them in writing with a certified, proof of delivery letter, yet, the calls keep coming. Each call is worth a thousand dollars. Keep the info on your phone.

When the limit is reached for a small claims court in your area, file a law suit. They will either have to come to your area and represent themselves or hire a local attorney to defend them. It has already been successfully done to the tune of ten grand for one instance alone.

Start record keeping again from that day on. File another law suit when the limit is again reached. Another ten grand is on the way.
Reported by halfcack on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 10:08am reporting number 855-769-4229
Company Calling: CDA
Called fishing for information. Said I had a refund due from Barclays 2006, 2004 and 2005. Told him never had a barclays account, also told him I am on the list of numbers that should not be called. He called five times until I lost my temper and swore and threatened him.
If he calls again I will tell him I am recording the call for police evidence.
Never give information to these scamming scum. They will reel off different names of banks etc until you say that one. Make them state exactly what the information is and to post it to you.
I have a password that the bank have to give me if they call before I will divulge my information. It only takes a few of these calls before they get your password by repeatedly phoning and asking for different letters from your password.
Don't fall for it, they are persistent and not very nice.
Reported by chas66 on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 10:01am reporting number 084-368-49987
it keeps calling about gov't grants
Reported by jim on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 09:47am reporting number 234-521-54
this is slanderous and false complaint from a person who cheated on me and abused me multiple times. i also know he takes secret pictures of womens behinds without their knowledge or consent and uses them to pleasure himself. people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.
Reported by black dahlia on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 09:45am reporting number 806-670-5981
Company Calling: "bryan"
Type of call: Prank Call
got call from an unknown unlisted telephone number threateing me if I didn't call back could result in being contacted at work or resident,or by the police department,could result in further actions
Reported by lois spikes on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 09:36am reporting number 336-714-0482
Company Calling: US LEC of N Carolina
I get a call every morning around 9:15. let it go to voicemail. they never leave a message.
Reported by mary on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 08:33am reporting number 618-207-2026
Best Twin Movers of Indianapolis
Indianapolis IN

Reported by Erick on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 08:21am reporting number 317-210-8825
Company Calling: Best Twin Movers of Indianapolis
person calling says there was a summons against me, however did not say exactly what the summons was for & msg states press 0 for plaintiff. I didn't respond.
Reported by lesa on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 08:14am reporting number 252-297-1695
Company Calling: idk
My business number received a call Sunday evening so I knew it was a spam and didn't answer. I hope these calls don't continue.
Reported by Joy on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 07:29am reporting number 702-456-6637
Buckeye Chem-Dry
Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 335-9569

We are Buckeye Chem-Dry Inc serving Powell OH. Since 2000 we offer professional carpet and upholstery cleaning , call us for more information !

Carpet Cleaner, Upholstery Cleaner, Carpet Cleaning Service, Commercial Cleaning Service, Rug Cleaner
Reported by Roxan on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 06:39am reporting number 614-335-9569
Person called my line saying they wanted to save me money on my insurance. It's a scam. Do not give them money. My number is on a do not call list and somehow they found a way to call me. Don't give your information to this number.
Reported by Anonymous on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 06:36am reporting number 615-696-6815
Company Calling: ???
Type of call: Telemarketer
L R Construction Greensboro
Greensboro, NC, 27405
(336) 258-4440
We provide roofing services for the area of Greensboro, NC. We have over 15 years of experience.
Roofing Contractor, Roof Construction, Roof Construction Repair, Rubber Roofing Contractor, Roof Replacement and Repair

Reported by Adam White on Monday, 04.27.2015 @ 06:30am reporting number 336-258-4440
Company Calling: L R Construction Greensboro
Type of call: Telemarketer