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Called me @ 7:20 p.m. Friday, at the start of a long week-end. I said hello 3 times, heard only breathing, then the caller simply hung up. What a nuisance.
Reported by Joan on Friday, 02.16.2018 @ 18:31pm reporting number 306-966-2015
Company Calling: U of S
I just received one yesterday and I don't understand why something hasn't been done over the last several years they have been doing this. Why haven't they stopped these people!!
Reported by OMG! This is still happening!! on Friday, 02.16.2018 @ 14:16pm reporting number 626-478-0462
This is a MANPOWER phone number.
Reported by BD on Friday, 02.16.2018 @ 12:39pm reporting number 780-412-2277
Company Calling: Manpower
I received calls as well from the same number +4938180700 claiming that are from SIXT team trying to do fraud with me and asking me to pay for their damage which is not done by me.

Reported by Schon on Friday, 02.16.2018 @ 07:42am reporting number 493-818-0700
Type of call: Debt Collector
Calls from this number are connected to South East water company i can confirm this
Reported by Anon on Friday, 02.16.2018 @ 04:24am reporting number 033-300-01100
Company Calling: South East water
Type of call: Event Reminder
Had 2 missed calls so rang them, it is EE promotions so no problem
Reported by Anne on Thursday, 02.15.2018 @ 12:40pm reporting number 084-439-8609
Company Calling: EE
If you get a letter stating to call 800-4800186 because they want to verify the information because you applied for credit with Wallmart/Synchrony Bank, etc., please take it seriously. This is a legitimate letter. Someone applied on line or at the store for the credit card with your name, address, and SocSec#, they have it! Usually they apply to get immediate credit approval and charge up the card untill you figure it out. If you got a letter, that means they did not get instant approval for some reason and now Walmart/Bank is asking for additional info. If you are in doubt, search Walmart Credit card number and call them (it is 1866 6111148, or 877 294-7880). When I called they told me I applied for a card, verified all info (last 4 digits of social), etc. They closed the file and submitted fraud report to Trans Union. What you need to do is put a fraud alert on with TransUnion ( on your credit and they forward this to all 3 companies. This is only for 3months. If you want longer, you need to file a police report and they will do it for 7 years. The creditor will have to call you before issuing a credit so you will know if someone is still applying for credit under your name. YOu can also obtain credit reports from 3 bureaus using and look at the bottom who did hard inquiries. I found Wallmart inquiry on mine and one more on the same day. Make sure to take it seriously, someone has your info. Also, you can put Freeze on your account, your account will be totally not visible from any creditors.
Reported by Researched on Wednesday, 02.14.2018 @ 22:19pm reporting number 800-480-0186
Company Calling: Walmart/Synchrony Bank
Yesterday, February 14, I missed 2 calls from this number but it called back & I answered it. The agent name is Tom. He mentioned about my PLDT internet connection renewal, but he hears static when he called my cellphone so he did call back to my PLDT landline.
The next day, I went to PLDT main office & asked about this number. They confirmed that it is a LEGITIMATE call from PLDT Manila (02-875-3480)
Reported by Rogelio Nuesca on Wednesday, 02.14.2018 @ 21:45pm reporting number 028-753-480
Company Calling: PLDT
Type of call: Telemarketer
Im financial consultant from cimb wealth advisors. Actually the sun life insurance all is existed. But if you guys got this type of call just ignore them. As financial consultant, this is not the right way of getting our clients unless the clients provide us their name, phone num or email to us, then we will contact u guys. Thank you.
Reported by Danial on Wednesday, 02.14.2018 @ 21:05pm reporting number 032-386-1000
Company Calling: Fake cimb
Type of call: Telemarketer
Horrible bailiff cow
Reported by Chris on Wednesday, 02.14.2018 @ 09:21am reporting number 075-150-50574
Company Calling: Chris
Type of call: Debt Collector
I'm on do not call list & this is an illegal phone call calling those on that list. Tired of caller calling multiple times a day. Complaints on another site, no one knows who caller is or what caller wants. I did find out this number is registered to one address, so it has nothing to do with the govt health care people who call to help you with insurance.
Reported by j on Wednesday, 02.14.2018 @ 09:12am reporting number 614-372-6429
Same as other as other posts. Very suspicious as regards person calling. Asked for name of my business. He said they were up dating Google Maps. Load of rubbish. This number was linked to a company in India who were named in the Panama Papers for fraud & money laundering offshore activities. Then another call from this number stating they are working for the IRS in USA. !! Wanted my National Insurance Number. Totally blocked.
Reported by Dave on Wednesday, 02.14.2018 @ 04:17am reporting number 001-650-2532000
An unwanted call from this Irvine VOIP number arrived today. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a sure sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

This predator is alleged to be a scam home improvement contractor (probably unlicensed) -- another reason to LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS!
Reported by Quick Brown Fox on Tuesday, 02.13.2018 @ 15:45pm reporting number 949-346-5370
Type of call: Telemarketer
SCAM, beware, they pretend to be US Carrier Services and have a package for you to deliver, they want your information and your money, do not fall for it, bunch of ruthless thieves.
Reported by William on Tuesday, 02.13.2018 @ 14:32pm reporting number 805-366-4658
Company Calling: unknown
This company withdrew $39.95 from my account and I have never heard of them or requested any membership or service from them. This is a scam company. Got in touch with them and they said they would refund my money. after two weeks no refund!
Reported by Steve on Tuesday, 02.13.2018 @ 11:59am reporting number 877-284-9393
Didn't answer.Left no voicemail.
Reported by Joe Shmoe on Tuesday, 02.13.2018 @ 11:05am reporting number 818-462-5684

Reported by nasirali on Tuesday, 02.13.2018 @ 10:15am reporting number 031-124-18448
Company Calling: 03413586303
Type of call: SMS
Keep calling me but I reject calls. I have not asked for debt enquiry's so don't know where they get my number I
Then get a text with this ...

I have tried contacting you with regard to your debt help enquiry. Please call me back on 0161 233 6916 to see how we can help you.

Kind Regards
Jacob Carmichael
Reported by PRO on Tuesday, 02.13.2018 @ 03:48am reporting number 016-123-79063
Company Calling: Fsc
Type of call: Debt Collector
Was in service for over 60 Years at 11682 Brookshire Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92840
Reported by Schneider on Monday, 02.12.2018 @ 16:06pm reporting number 714-534-3762
Another dimwit, nitwit, moron, stupid, nincompoop robo caller with 888 #. We have a voice mail and do not answer Out of Area, Unknown Caller, Private Caller and 800/888 #s. We are paying the stupid phone co $180 each month and have to screen our incoming calls while the greedy, narcissist phone companies continue to aid and abet these spammers by allowing them to open stupid accts. Panasonic Call Block on full alert so the dipsticks can keep calling, calling and have their calls disconnected after the 1st ring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reported by P. Schwinn on Monday, 02.12.2018 @ 09:58am reporting number 888-666-7564
Company Calling: Toll Free Call
Type of call: Telemarketer
Had me to call this number and tried to get me to install a program. Maybe trying to take over my computer
Reported by Suan on Saturday, 02.10.2018 @ 17:08pm reporting number 866-383-8192
Company Calling: did not say
number to Police
Reported by control on Saturday, 02.10.2018 @ 02:46am reporting number 020-829-31212
Company Calling: police
No one spoke and just hung up.
Reported by Mike on Friday, 02.9.2018 @ 15:25pm reporting number 630-332-8199
Company Calling: Unknown
Reported by OVER IT on Friday, 02.9.2018 @ 14:10pm reporting number 480-707-4517
Got a phone call tonight, but allowed it to ring out. Was not expecting a phone call from Brazil
Reported by Kevin on Friday, 02.9.2018 @ 12:30pm reporting number 001-416-589037
Rang and hung up
Reported by Thomas on Friday, 02.9.2018 @ 03:54am reporting number 091-484-600
Stole my debit card # and purchased pizza through Dominos Pizza store #3751 and 3771
Reported by Robert on Thursday, 02.8.2018 @ 06:41am reporting number 781-378-1704
They have rang me non-stop for the last half hour it is doing my head in
Reported by Dee on Thursday, 02.8.2018 @ 05:08am reporting number 020-313-76299
Company Calling: 02031376299
If anyone knows who is it??? Please reply.
Reported by Akash on Thursday, 02.8.2018 @ 04:10am reporting number 911-409-030291
Received a call a while ago from this number...this time, they left a message and their number, but no name - I have call display and the number comes up like this: "Unknown Name" 1 1-866-297-9221...message included a postal address for Ottawa...the call actually came from Toronto. MBNA does NOT make phone calls...if there's a problem with your card, they'll notify you by snail - mail...SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!! DO NOT REPLY!!
Reported by Tammy on Wednesday, 02.7.2018 @ 10:00am reporting number 866-297-9221
Company Calling: MBNA (supposedly)
Type of call: Debt Collector
got 2 missed calls from this number (026727825) just today (4:34pm and 4:35pm)..sino daw to?
Reported by Queen B on Wednesday, 02.7.2018 @ 01:46am reporting number 672-728-6
Red Rover
Reported by Carole Boese on Tuesday, 02.6.2018 @ 14:33pm reporting number 467-86-
Type of call: Prank Call
"deez nuts" is all they said
Reported by africa on Tuesday, 02.6.2018 @ 09:49am reporting number 000-000-000000
Company Calling: america
Type of call: Political Call
deez nuts
Reported by africa on Tuesday, 02.6.2018 @ 09:48am reporting number 000-000-000000
Company Calling: deez nuts
deez nuts

Reported by ollie on Tuesday, 02.6.2018 @ 09:39am reporting number 000-000-00000000
Company Calling: deez nuts
Had a call from someone purporting to be from Mayford Capital Partners mergers & Acquisition Dept, regarding hostile takeover of BAE Systems and asking for my share details, which I have.
Told my holding had been verified but that I actually held 3 times the shares due to "stock split", then legal department would be confirming holding.
Next week got call which basically was getting me to post 5% of the offer price to an Insurance Company bond, which was fully refundable once acquisition went through - yeah right!
Told them i would not be going through with selling shares as obviously a scam.
Reported by alex on Tuesday, 02.6.2018 @ 01:35am reporting number 001-777-8861665
Type of call: Prank Call
FEB 5, 2018

I am on the 'National Do Not Call List'

RE: 604-704-0300 ROMA HEATING / 778-832-1322 HEATING

I get calls from 604-704-0300 at least twice per day. I googled the number and it is listed as Roma Heating. I answered once - and they tried to sell me some sort of hot water or heating services. I told them to stop calling me - by these calls keep coming.

Then today, after they had just called me from 604-704-0300 I get another call from a different number - call display said HEATING 778-832-1322.
Reported by Heather on Monday, 02.5.2018 @ 20:18pm reporting number 604-704-0300
Company Calling: Roma Heating
Type of call: Telemarketer
Not Bank of America. Claim I have an account past due. I don't bank with them. They said they needed my social sec. # to verify and I gave them a made up number and they then asked for my address. I wouldn't give them address and I told them it was a scam and they hung up. My friend said same number called and used a nickname not listed on any paperwork. They kept asking him for his soc sec number. They claimed they were Amex financial services but he works for Amex, when he told them that they hung up and never called back. Don't listen to the scammers claiming to be a company. Look up # on at least 2 sites and you'll see. Also website numbers and back of card numbers never match.
Reported by R. Reynolds on Monday, 02.5.2018 @ 13:46pm reporting number 800-592-1160
Company Calling: Scammers as B of A and Amex
Type of call: Prank Call
Don't share your personal information. CalledAnex number from back of card. It is NOT them. Look at the grammar and names that claim these are real calls. Amex asked me to report as scam. They said they are frustrated with these imposters. Told me it's phone spoofing, look that up if you don't know.
Reported by Sandy on Monday, 02.5.2018 @ 13:35pm reporting number 800-592-1160
Company Calling: Scammers as Amex
Type of call: Prank Call
This is total scam. Called Amex off of card and confirmed THIS IS SCAM! I was told that since people are winding up, scammers are coming on sites no stating that it's a legit number. Never had an account w them or even a credit card w anyone else. They asked for social security number and then asked for my bank and account number there. I asked why and they said because they want to help me. I said "yeah steal my money, you're thieves!" The guy stated, " so what? It works most of the time!" and laughed. DON'T give any info.
Reported by Beware!!! on Monday, 02.5.2018 @ 13:31pm reporting number 800-592-1160
Company Calling: Scammers as Amex, Discover, IP Voice, Financial loan association
Type of call: Prank Call
Got a call from this number and they said my name with my middle initial (which is scary)but the last 4 numbers of the account they said they were calling about didn't match any phone number I have had.

I won't be calling them and please warn any sprint members you know.
Reported by No Name on Monday, 02.5.2018 @ 10:17am reporting number 888-211-9960
Had phone call and letter claiming debt collectors for NPower. NPower never heard of them.
Reported by Ian on Monday, 02.5.2018 @ 08:52am reporting number 017-097-58494
Company Calling: Debt Managers (Services) Ltd
Type of call: Debt Collector
Reported by Bharat on Monday, 02.5.2018 @ 02:18am reporting number 992-957-5966
Type of call: SMS
Voicemail from lady robot saying "4 9 happy snappy"
Reported by nobody on Sunday, 02.4.2018 @ 21:50pm reporting number 786-408-8353
It is number of company, named Springshield, made by Homer Simpson from Springfield :D
Reported by Dmitry on Sunday, 02.4.2018 @ 14:51pm reporting number 636-555-3472
Company Calling: Springshield
Reported by md faruk on Sunday, 02.4.2018 @ 03:52am reporting number 019-983-38250
Company Calling: banglalink
Type of call: Telemarketer
i need the name and location of this number
Reported by ali on Saturday, 02.3.2018 @ 09:01am reporting number 032-041-31831
Got a phone call after 8pm, did not leave a message. Called back this morning, it was for a survey.
Reported by julieann on Saturday, 02.3.2018 @ 06:31am reporting number 423-254-5388
Type of call: Survey
Rang this number answered it then said goodbye 3 mins later
Reported by Dia on Friday, 02.2.2018 @ 08:08am reporting number 084-390-27075
Company Calling: DWP
Reported by Leonardo on Friday, 02.2.2018 @ 00:12am reporting number 032-610-4880
Company Calling: Pihak kastam