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Optimisa market research.
Google them if you want to know more.

Another nuisance caller.
Reported by Pootle flump on Thursday, 08.25.2016 @ 08:40am reporting number 020-365-11262
Company Calling: Optimisa research
Type of call: Survey
Dyson engineer,scousers who come and fit second rate parts in your Dyson and charge a fortune
Reported by Paulie on Thursday, 08.25.2016 @ 08:31am reporting number 015-152-5477
Company Calling: Dyson
Type of call: Telemarketer
Sales rep called touting for business recycling IT Equipment.

CTR Europe ( )

CTR Group
30 Marchington Industrial Estate,
Stubby Lane,
ST14 8LP

CTR Europe is a corporate waste partner who can facilitate the disposal of a broad variety of products in line with legislation but also in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Reported by Manager on Thursday, 08.25.2016 @ 07:14am reporting number 012-838-29010
Company Calling: CTR Europe
Type of call: Telemarketer
The # 301-242-9594 calls multiple times a day and never leaves a message. I have no clue who this is or why they keep calling.
Reported by Donna on Thursday, 08.25.2016 @ 07:10am reporting number 301-242-9594
Called no answer a ping noise then goodbye.
Reported by june on Thursday, 08.25.2016 @ 02:23am reporting number 084-586-20059
I don't know this person
Reported by Paige on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 16:34pm reporting number 412-339-1935
They call me 3 or 4 times a day. Do not leave mssg.
Reported by Laura on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 15:36pm reporting number 248-283-3605
Company Calling: Ssi
Type of call: Survey
Yeah they want you to give hem money. So they can send you more money. Do give them any personal information... Not only when i started asking questions did he get rude with me. I am confused on howhe got my phone number to begin with..
Reported by Ange DeSpain on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 13:54pm reporting number 800-312-1140
Company Calling:
Answered call and heard male's voice say, "well that just ruins my day", then they hung up! Tried calling back multiple times, but got message about Google caller not being available.
Reported by DJ on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 12:11pm reporting number 443-201-1780
Type of call: Prank Call
Phoned looking for my son claiming to be from the Bank of Scotland and could he phone them as they need to discuss a query on his account. Hasn't had an account with them for years
Reported by Nancy on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 10:22am reporting number 080-814-50362
I had received a call from this number saying that they are from Citibank Singapore to my mother in law's house asking for me whilst I was away. I got the message and called Citibank and they confirmed that no one called from the bank and it is a fraud call. Luckily my mother in law did not give any details but asked them to call me on my mobile.

I have now lodged an official complaint with Citibank Singapore.

Reported by Mrs S on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 09:01am reporting number 659-790-00
Company Calling: Citibank Singapore
i have received a text massage whit my name + surname following by " please call me"

i have not returned call but this is 4-5 massage like that from the same number from LIBERIA
Reported by Deyancho on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 08:36am reporting number 002-313-30551541
Company Calling:
Type of call: SMS
This number called me stating that they were doing work on a neighbours house ( no work being done as I can see!) If I took advantage, it would cost less... I advised caller that the phone was TPS registered - he said that did not apply to them as they had a list to work to.... I told him to delete the number, which he said it was not up to him.... Put phone down
Reported by Angry Pensioner on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 04:35am reporting number 017-824-97563
Company Calling: UK Homes ??
Type of call: Telemarketer
They keep ringing and no one there

Reported by Len on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 03:50am reporting number 084-428-80730
Company Calling: Unknown
I received calls from this number three times today. I need to check who's number is this.
Reported by Nishta on Wednesday, 08.24.2016 @ 00:00am reporting number 032-604-5800
Message purposely started in the middle with the word "lawsuit" to get my attention. Said there was a lawsuit against me.
Reported by Francis on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 13:15pm reporting number 206-238-0129
Reported by AJOHNSON on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 12:09pm reporting number 323-215-8297
Company Calling: UNKN
Type of call: Debt Collector
Person called me and pretended like I owed them something but was only asking me to verify my personal information and would not answer any questions on why they were calling me.
Reported by Barb on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 10:50am reporting number 800-281-2498
Type of call: Debt Collector
Spam. Don't answer.
Reported by AAAA on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 10:39am reporting number 902-481-8431
Company Calling: Global Purification Systems
Type of call: Telemarketer
Amazing xxx tite pussy
Reported by DARRYL BOWMAN on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 08:55am reporting number 077-486-49501
Company Calling: Sex222
Calls constantly
Reported by Rick on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 08:25am reporting number 703-309-7453
Company Calling: STRANGE MAN
Type of call: Prank Call
Call regularly to say there is an issue with my Windows with regular error reports. My response a scam, he then syas have I asked for your credit card. When I put the phone down he has the cheek to call me back and ask me why i cut him off. I get thie call at least three or four times a week.
Reported by Kevan on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 07:04am reporting number 015-175-550142
Company Calling: Windows Help Desk
Some one call me from this number
Reported by wajid satti on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 06:05am reporting number 065-912-500
Answered this call. No obvious connection or background noises for a short while then female voice says hi and ends the call.
Reported by mel on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 05:51am reporting number 014-227-18311
Call came into my mobile while at work - remained un-answered but checked on internet who it refers to. Rather surprised to see that when the calls have been answered previously by other people the caller has claimed to be ringing from Eon !! I actually work at Eon and will be forwarding the findings as this number DOES NOT relate to Eon.
Reported by Michelle on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 05:08am reporting number 011-596-97273
Had email contact from the following company:
Mr. Kenny Wilson
Office No. 429 Emarat Atrium Bldg.
Sheikh Zayed Road
20730, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971529267871
Company Reg: 442148789
VAT No: 0141214

Approach very similar to that listed on this website for tel 971556869540.
Contact asked for quotation, accepted price very quickly without further tech questions etc & requested proforma invoice & bank details. Expect scam would be an over payment requesting refund before funds had cleared.
Reported by J on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 05:01am reporting number 971-529-267871
I think it might be ADI global delivery service... their system is known to make random calls to strangers! I'm still not sure though. Will find out and post here later.
Reported by Babi on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 04:26am reporting number 015-154-19277
I have no contacts on this number. It is probably a new nuisance caller as of Aug 2016.
Reported by Monty on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 02:35am reporting number 020-363-00813
Silent call. Nothing to be heard when you pick up. Reported to Ofcom and police.
Reported by John on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 01:43am reporting number 011-444-02725
I've received a message on my phone saying that I've won 450,000.00 us dallor from SMLOTTO..ref# 48303 please is this true or fake
Reported by Saparov Dovletgeldi on Tuesday, 08.23.2016 @ 00:07am reporting number 483-03-
Company Calling: +99366229190
This scammer still continues to call numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further violate it by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to answer questions. They fail to provide a physical address or a phone number when asked, since they have no operator on the line at any time. Their recorded message talks about how you will make thousands of dollars every week using their system where illegal marketing calls are placed on your behalf, but do not even mention what the supposed product that is being sold is, just that there are experts that will help you get your call system set up. This is clearly a pyramid scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
Reported by weif on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 23:59pm reporting number 702-359-5643
Company Calling: Pyramid Scheme
Type of call: Telemarketer
muhe call aaya ki meri tata safari luck drow me mili hai... ANS pls sir mera mob no 9759639285
Reported by Naved Alam on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 23:41pm reporting number 009-230-14516662
Type of call: SMS
So did you call the number back and see who it was??
Reported by Mark on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 23:14pm reporting number 041-261-0144
Company Calling: Carpet Cleaning
She know my name after she know it was me and then hang up the call. Who is she?
Reported by Iffaa on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 22:12pm reporting number 032-856-6000
Type of call: Political Call
Ask to pay $1500 as my case will submit to Court.Request for full detail cant give as to pay first.
Reported by Rizadd on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 21:04pm reporting number 037-628-8040
Company Calling: Bahagian Perundangan
Type of call: Debt Collector
Received a call from 6478311121 didn't leave a message 8:10 pm
Reported by Harold on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 17:21pm reporting number 647-831-1121
This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered. In addition, they play a recorded message without an operator on the line to answer questions, further violating the TCPA. Since you cannot get to an operator, they also violate the TCPA by failing to provide a physical address and phone number when asked. Their recording states that the victim has been qualified for a loan of up to $250,000, even though they provide no evidence that they know who they have contacted. No legitimate financial institution contacts loan clients in this manner. This is clearly a scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
Reported by weif on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 12:48pm reporting number 628-333-6475
Company Calling: Business Loan Scam
Type of call: Telemarketer
Monday @ 18:43 & 19:45 scam call
Reported by Constable on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 11:59am reporting number 016-182-69384
Company Calling: 9413
This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further violate the TCPA by playing a recorded message without an operator on the line to answer questions. They fail to provide a phone number or physical address when asked, even further violating the TCPA. Their recording states that the victim's car warranty is about to expire and that the scammer has attempted repeatedly to contact the victim about this to get the warranty renewed. As this victim's newest car was manufactured in 1976, I am well aware that it's warranty expired decades ago. This is clearly a scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
Reported by weif on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 10:26am reporting number 628-333-6458
Company Calling: Car Warranty Scam
Type of call: Telemarketer
Caution: Scammer man. Stolen cars and parts dealer.
Any body who know this man should contact the Police.
Reported by Richard on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 07:47am reporting number 077-247-02500
Company Calling: 07724702500
Got a call from this number. Just put the phone down as soon as answered. Another nuisance call.
Reported by Johnem on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 04:25am reporting number 012-833-24557
I answered Hello, the person laughed down the call and said 'that was quick' in a overly friendly manner. I asked who was calling and he repeated my question twice...i hung up...... so f-ing annoying!
Reported by Nix on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 03:54am reporting number 020-338-43100
Type of call: Prank Call
Jays phone must already know he's a f*@k boy
Reported by Mrs johnson on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 03:19am reporting number 510-241-9364
My BD Jays phone, any issue leave comment
Reported by Carly johnson on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 03:17am reporting number 707-400-4776
Whoever these rapscallions are they were persistent. Called my mobile phone three times in quick succession this morning. I didn't answer on any occasion. The fact that they have rung at least one other person who has reported the fact on this website indicates, to me, that they are not a long lost relative of mine urgently trying to get in touch.
Reported by Jeremy Corbyn on Monday, 08.22.2016 @ 02:49am reporting number 020-751-52337
Said they were a nurse from the ambulance service just checking on a family member who had a fall
Reported by Gillian on Sunday, 08.21.2016 @ 23:48pm reporting number 016-122-70484
Reported by Svnn on Sunday, 08.21.2016 @ 23:43pm reporting number 763-438-0758
Sends text messages from web Seems like a fishing scam.
Reported by Becky on Sunday, 08.21.2016 @ 16:56pm reporting number 661-493-8455
LEGIT! 800-466-7295 is Canada Trust Loss Prevention aka TD Bank if you are from the USA. They are calling because they have detected suspicious transactions on your credit card. I returned their call by phoning the number on the back of the credit card (yes, I am paranoid just like you, in case the phone number 800-466-7295, was not legit, but it is.)

It turns there were several declined transcations for amounts from $0.76 to $800 USD, which is a bazillion CAD$. (Gee, thanks, OPEC, for the cheap oil :( )

I'm glad TD detected the activity, and contacted me. They will cancel the current card and issue a new one.

In conclusion, 800-466-7295 is a legit phone number, which you can confirm by checking TD Canada Trust's website.

p.s. Onboard chip is standard on credit cards now but many places in USA do not implement the PIN.
Reported by joe canaoe on Sunday, 08.21.2016 @ 16:43pm reporting number 800-466-7295
Company Calling: TD Canada Trust Loss Prevention Centre
Today I received a call from no 923039047345 he said that u win 25 lac rupees lottery when I refused to take this he said wrong words to me. Plz tell who is this and why he makes such type of call
Reported by Preeti on Sunday, 08.21.2016 @ 11:53am reporting number 923-0-
Company Calling: Vodafone
Type of call: Prank Call