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Residential Craftsman
Searsport, ME, 04974
(207) 323-5063
We are Howard Wells Residential serving Searsport ME area over 12 years. Call us for high quality home improvement service.
General Contractor, Construction Company, Home Builder, Home Improvement, Painter

Reported by Linda on Thursday, 07.31.2014 @ 00:19am reporting number 207-323-5063
He call me as a fake bank clerk
Reported by raju on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 22:08pm reporting number 911-132-559623
This fake man, who says his name is Steve Wilson, 718-584-9970, for 3 or more years has called other people's family, and made believe he works for UPS, and EBAY.


I called EBAY, but they did not seem allegedly concerned, though I called call center, am looking for main number.

Do not give any information, connect to Police/YOUR FAMILY ON TWO WAY CALL if he calls you.
Reported by BLOOD OF JESUS, PSALM 91 ISAIAH 54.17 NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL PROSPER IN JESUS NAME on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 21:33pm reporting number 718-584-9970
Company Calling: Steve Wilson, UPS/ AND EBAY
I have received 44 (!!) calls from this number since lunchtime yesterday.
Reported by Trudi on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 21:21pm reporting number 073-018-7514
I have had a couple of missed calls from this number too 0011976000 does anyone have any ideas
Reported by cath lever on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 19:56pm reporting number 001-197-6000
Called asked for me by name hen nothing!
Reported by Linda Weber on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 19:49pm reporting number 480-351-3139
they are call all the time
Reported by Judith Beck on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 18:55pm reporting number 888-772-0122
Received this call, the caller asked " Hello, Misses XXX?", I confirmed with her yes, and said who is speaking, then she hanged up! Did she just want to verify who own this phone number?
Reported by Ally on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 18:54pm reporting number 909-255-9304
Company Calling: unknown
This number 602-573-9011 calls me EVERY day from 8am-9pm CA time and leaves this message: "this is American Express calling. This is not a telemarketing call. This is regarding an important matter. You NEED to cal us back." Sounds very serious, ominous and it's highly aggressive. I feel very sorry for all the elderly or naive people who will fall prey to this. It's really disgusting that more can't be done to stop this type of predatory calling.
Reported by Leigha on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 18:53pm reporting number 602-537-9011
Company Calling: AMEX
Type of call: Prank Call
This caller is using a SPOOFED NUMBER. That's a great reason not to pick up. Different posts on different websites state that this is a political survey, a debt collector and a rep with some kind of sales pitch. Who knows. Don't believe anything you see in the caller ID anymore. We never pick up anymore. If the phone call "looks" legitimate, we will not pick up, but call the "person" back.....using the REAL NUMBER we have on file for our docs office, bank, etc.
Reported by anonymous on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 17:54pm reporting number 407-801-1580
Company Calling: unavailable
Type of call: Prank Call
i went into my account and changed my phone number to that of the local massage parlour
Reported by jeff travis on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 17:44pm reporting number 012-143-95279
Company Calling: vanquis
Type of call: Debt Collector
I have been getting these calls for weeks now. The guy keeps saying that he is from Microsoft (obviously not). He got angry with me the first time that he called because I told him that I didn't have a computer, mine is currently broken. Well apparently he did not like that response too much and retorted with "are you joking with me" to which I replied "No a**hole I really don't have a computer!" and hung up. A few days later he began calling me from his PERSONAL NUMBER to "get to know me better because my voice sounded nice" Needless to say I blocked that number and am officially freaked out! Unfortunately he still calls from his "work number" and I can't block it. It's just so frustrating because no matter what is said or how many times I hang up in his face the phone never stops ringing!! X(
Reported by Stephanie on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 17:16pm reporting number 236-526-522
Type of call: Prank Call
Received a call , caller I'D said private, caller hung up without leaving a message.
Reported by Cat on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 16:27pm reporting number 248-605-8861
Company Calling: Private
These guys represent themselves as "Merchant Services" and have called / spoken with my secretary three times already, within a two week span of time.
Every time I called back, a recording comes on, "this number is no longer in service."
Today 7-30-14, I answered the phone, and abruptly asked, is this Merchant Services?
The caller replied, I have the wrong number and hung up.
There's no way of calling them back, since the same number they call you on, gets blocked for incoming calls.
Reported by Anonymous on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 16:27pm reporting number 909-475-3054
Company Calling: Merchant Services
Type of call: Telemarketer
Received several calls but did not answer. Caller ID shows "Well Sense". They finally got me today. Gentleman on the phone said he was doing a survey of shopping trends and would like to include my family. I explained "I don't shop. But thank you very much." and hung up.
Reported by Judy on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 15:50pm reporting number 503-575-7971
Company Calling: Well Sense
Type of call: Survey
Creative Heating and Cooling Inc
5029 Rosso Ct Salida CA

Reported by John on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 15:20pm reporting number 209-566-3169
Company Calling: Creative Heating and Cooling Inc
Yes, I just received a call from 1-866-257-8067 from a person stating that they were from the NY Lottery Claims Office. I believe that this is a scam.
Reported by Lisa on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 15:17pm reporting number 866-257-8067
Loyalty Chimney Sweep and Dryer Vent Cleaning
51 George's Ct Waterbury CT

Reported by Samuel on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 15:09pm reporting number 203-596-7935
Company Calling: Loyalty Chimney Sweep and Dryer Vent Cleaning
Received a call on my cel from this number, phoone rang once and stopped.
Reported by Mimi on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 14:58pm reporting number 617-612-5620
Company Calling: unknown
Reported by Terrence Dorsey on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 14:57pm reporting number 186-677-75419
Company Calling: Don't know
314-739-1111 called me and left no message.
Reported by Carol on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 14:50pm reporting number 314-739-1111
This caller has been calling my phone for quite some time now, and never leaves a message. So I called them back yesterday. The dude said he was from CTM and named Marco. I told him to quit calling this number, then he laughed and hung up. So I dialed the number again, told him that if they continued to call me that I would turn them in, he laughed and hung up again. A** Holes
Reported by Phill on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 13:10pm reporting number 480-385-4211
Company Calling: CTM
Type of call: Telemarketer
I get calle from this number every day, 2-3 times a day. Keep calling butt head. I will never answer! You have something to say, you are vital, leave a message. And you still would never get me to answer or call you back. Keep wasting your time but you'll never waste mine.
Reported by Jess on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 12:35pm reporting number 646-663-1980
Company Calling: Non-Factor.
Crestview Fence and Deck LLC
1301 Innsbrook Ln, Holt, Fl, 32564
(850) 398-0563

Ready to get started with quality Raleigh Fence Company to build your Fence, Deck or Sunroom? Our goal is to offer our customers our experience, knowledge and or commitment to customer satisfaction. All of our fence projects will have a superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Crestview Fence and Deck LLC offers quick and affordable installation, with very reasonable prices.
Reported by krontonmeills on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 12:31pm reporting number 850-398-0563
Some one keeps calling from 651-212-2234 and does not leave a message.
Reported by Robert Groetsch on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 12:27pm reporting number 651-212-2234
Student loan collection
Reported by Anne on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 12:26pm reporting number 913-215-9301
Company Calling: Wyndham Associates
Type of call: Debt Collector
they told me they were with the IRS also.
Is it really the IRS?
Reported by r cavalli on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 12:10pm reporting number 716-242-8250
The person who called was very Un-professional. I was asked "does you deal in debit and credit out there?" When I asked if she was wanting to know if our company took credit cards, she made some strange noises and hung up on me.
Reported by Renee' on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 12:04pm reporting number 971-255-0692
Type of call: Prank Call
this person called my cell phone saying he was a officer with the IRS and if i do not call them back or have my attorney call then good luck because he wont be able to help
Reported by lisa vigil on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 12:01pm reporting number 716-242-8250
Expresso Courier and Mailing Service
Carson, CA, 90746
(310) 504-3249

For high quality courier service give us a call! Our purpose is your satisfaction!
Reported by Homer on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 11:58am reporting number 310-504-3249
Scam - They start off this is not a sales call, and say you signed up to receive a vacation package, then they go over everything you get for going through a presentation with them..then they ask for a credit card. I responded so you say that I have this now you need my credit card, and she said yes, cause the offer expired...I said no...and she hung up on me. Scam! Scam! Oh and they said they were a non-profit organization...that just slipped in the conversation.
Reported by Paula Stoltz on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 10:25am reporting number 954-323-6204
Company Calling: Global Fullfillment Center
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
I got a call from this number and answered, the guy said hello and I say hello back then he hung up.Odd

Reported by E on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 10:21am reporting number 717-208-834
Company Calling: unknown
Number called my cell phone. No voicemail left.
Reported by Steve on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 10:03am reporting number 615-455-0251
Missed call
Reported by Chris on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:59am reporting number 954-903-3689
This company is iggy loans out of kansas city, they call in response to inquiries. A payday loan co.
They seemed nice and will remove upon request, their loan producta are expensive but legal.
Reported by mmhh on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:52am reporting number 855-545-4449
Company Calling: iggy loans kansas
Type of call: Telemarketer
I just reported 208.821.3445 to the FCC. Sick of them constantly calling here, and when I answer I get dead air, or a fast dial tone, or some other nonsense.
Reported by Lynda Rogers on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:26am reporting number 208-821-3445
I don't want to hear from them again
Reported by bev on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:20am reporting number 804-234-3464
Company Calling: unknown
didn't answer
Reported by bev on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:18am reporting number 804-234-3464
Company Calling: unknown
Received hang up call from this number. When I looked it up, said it was a telemarketer
Reported by Tina on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:17am reporting number 214-699-6133
This number bothering me again recently. I don't answer. They don't leave a message.
Reported by Barry R on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:11am reporting number 080-007-24699
This guy is a scam and stealing money and stealing database of our citizen..!!
Reported by John Lauritzen on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:07am reporting number 202-241-0633
Company Calling: US Capital Loan
I keep getting calls from this number over and over again. The voicemail left is from a lady stating I have until 3p business day today to call her back. Then I get a call from a male stating that he will serve me papers today at my work unless I call and tell them to "stop the process". I am debt free. I have had some issues with my SSN, and someone trying to use it to get loans. I did call back the number and got just a general voicemail which is fishy to me. I left a detailed message that i would like something mailed to my home address (obviously they have it if they are claiming to try and serve me there) with the name and website and phone number of their company along with information of the company i supposedly owe a debt to so I can contact them myself. I then get a phone call back stating "you need to call me back by 3p today". OK NO, I am not going to fall for this. If I do owe a true debt to someone I want written proof and to be able to call the initial company on my own. I am not blindly paying some company that doesn't even have actual voicemails or a website over the phone. I am fairly certain I have no outstanding debts, but you never know. And with all the issues I have been having with stuff popping up on my SSN it makes me nervous. I have a friend who is an attorney looking into this further for me, but so far they have been calling for 3 weeks and I have yet to be served! If they can't follow simple instructions to send me documentation by mail then I think it is all a scam.
Was advised by my local courthouse to contact the local police. I made a police report this afternoon. They told me to keep ignoring them or hanging up on them and of course never confirm or give them my SSN or checking account numbers.
They also were concerned that the scammers cloned the court houses number! Beware!!!
We shall see what happens tomorrow! I reconfirmed with my local courthouse that I DO NOT have a court date tomorrow at 9a!!
7/28/14 Re: to another poster on scam
Thanks for the info! Whole new level happened today I got a call with the number on the display showing my county courts number. The voicemail stated that it was David Carraff was calling from legal advocate and I have a court date tomorrow at 9a and If I have questions to call (855) 587-4856 to speak to attorney Ann M Esquire.
I called my local court house back and they said they have no record of me having a court date tomorrow and of course they send something to you by mail weeks before, not call you the day of! She is concerned that they used their phone number, the voicemail sounded very clicky and cell phoney. And she also told me no male works in their office and no one named David Carraff works at the local court house.
I will be making a police report today.

Just an update, now I am getting calls from 00000000 Come on now, who answers that!?
So I didn't go to my "Fake court date" yesterday at 9a. And I did contact the local court house again today to verify I wasn't supposed to be there. And amazing, nope still no court date missed or scheduled. So yesterday afternoon since I didn't call back Ann Marie Stuart Esquire at 855-587-4856 to discuss my court case I got a message from "Marshall" who has a sealed legal document that he will deliver to my home/place of business in the next 48 hours unless I call 855-425-6343 to put a
"stop process" on document #196909. Well got the same call again today, saying will serve me in 48 hours, so they bumped up the original 48 hours again?
These people are relentless! I am not going to call and give you any information. If you do have something I owe money on (which I am fairly certain I don't since I pulled my credit report) Then they can follow debt collection guidelines and send me something in the mail as I have requested over and over again.
Just want to keep everyone updated so if someone is looking up these numbers they don't fall for the scam!

Reported by Sarah on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 09:03am reporting number 855-587-4856
Company Calling: Executive Aquisition Group
Type of call: Debt Collector
got a call from this number left no message
Reported by Mary on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 08:03am reporting number 855-854-6153
calls repeatedly in same day and never leaves a msg
Reported by mb on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 07:40am reporting number 857-254-8171
They about two free tickets for me and my husband from southwest airlines and a frre gift card for dinner if ee can out today for a 90 min session to give feedback on their new company
Reported by sheena on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 07:38am reporting number 800-511-9823
Company Calling: VP travel
Caller Called and hung up. Several reports via white pages from same number, same report, called and hung up before answered.
Reported by Jenny John on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 07:30am reporting number 203-418-7661
We get these calls several times a day, if we don't get to them on time or do not answer it they do not leave a messege. If we do answer it, most of the time there is a recorded messege saying to please stay on the line for an important call. Other times when answered I can hear typing.... And i say Hello repeatedly, but noone says anything, so I hang up. If it were not for the fact, that I live with someone that is hearing sensitive I would use a whistle when they call in.

I wish they would stop.
Reported by UpsetHouseWife on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 07:25am reporting number 904-508-0026
Company Calling: UNKNOWN
ACME Industrial Electronics
Marine City, MI, 48039
(810) 434-2906
industrial electronic field service24hour
Industrial Electrical Repair, Electronic Repair, Electronics, Electronic Repair Service, Electrical Engineer
Reported by Ben on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 06:35am reporting number 810-434-2906
I had same call on today and then closing remark was "take care". SMH.
Reported by Vicky on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 06:21am reporting number 202-506-8308
Firm is Pure Eco ( sounds like cherico when first listen to their recorded message) A start up firm in 2013 with no value suspect they buy list of numbers of other call centres and really do not care if you are ex directory, or otherwise
Reported by Dave on Wednesday, 07.30.2014 @ 05:36am reporting number 017-529-43007
Company Calling: Pure eco
Type of call: Telemarketer