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Called my cell many times, a female,last time male selling car warranty but gave it over to other guy with 201 948 1178 number He knew my personal info car info both did . I had recent in mail extension of warrantee offers that were legit from Lincoln ,so I thought this was legit but my phone flashed that second number is possibly a scam and phone disconnected .He got my credit card number . The 201 number is listed as scam .
Reported by Judy on Tuesday, 11.21.2017 @ 14:19pm reporting number 240-369-0394
Company Calling: Ford warrantee dept
Type of call: Telemarketer
This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They fail to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, further violating the TCPA, and then play a recording without an operator on the line, still further violating the TCPA. When you do get to an operator, they again violate the TCPA by hanging up instead of providing an address and phone number when asked. Their recording states that this is the victim's last opportunity to get extremely discounted rates on credit card debt, and that the scammer has been reviewing the victim's accounts. This is clearly not the case as the operator needs to ask about account balances. This is clearly a scam. Do no provide this scammer with any personal or financial information.
Reported by weif on Tuesday, 11.21.2017 @ 11:00am reporting number 903-584-4573
Company Calling: Credit Card Scam
Type of call: Telemarketer
From 905-413-8538 on 21Nov 2017 to Toronto numbers, no answer.
Looks that it is some disturb person. Get yourself call blocker.
Reported by Kris on Tuesday, 11.21.2017 @ 10:16am reporting number 905-413-8538
This is a genuine number for Barclays, they contacted me re a large transfer for which they needed to double check details & authorisation.

I was unable to complete Type of Call details below because the options did not include This is a genuine number
Reported by Linda Cleary on Tuesday, 11.21.2017 @ 09:27am reporting number 084-560-16047
Company Calling: Barclays Wealth
Many of times call me
Reported by Saddam on Tuesday, 11.21.2017 @ 03:59am reporting number 252-841-03886
repeated calls on my mobile
Reported by cathy on Tuesday, 11.21.2017 @ 03:20am reporting number 016-181-45637
they asked only for my mother's maiden name.....did not like the
possibilities here so i would not comply. it occurred to me that
this might be their only piece of missing information and the number
they had me call was on their letter to me which made no sense.
the letter had no legit looking letter head but looked like it came
right off a copy machine.
Reported by barbara maranto on Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 23:30pm reporting number 800-278-8830
Company Calling: Chase letter.
Type of call: SMS
Calls, says "This is Grace Morgan. How are you?" No response when asked what the call is about. Line goes dead. Caller ID says Warsaw, KY.
Reported by Josh on Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 18:27pm reporting number 859-203-0824
This is a SCAM FRAUD company claiming to send you trial with a $100 gas card or shopping card for marketing advertising. They never send you a packet with any $100 gift card. If you call them back to the number they originally called you from, it's a computer that has a brief message, then hangs up. After 30 days, they will start to call you asking if you want to stop your auto-renewal and tell you that by not canceling the trial, you've subscribed to 5 years of a monthly magazine charging you $49 - $79 a month for 5 years or some variation. It seems that they tell different people different scams.
This number is their corporate customer service number (888) 299-8476. They call from lots of different google numbers. They also ask for your SSN and Birthdate so they can verify it is you, but using it for other illegal things. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY DIRECT SERVICES NORTH AMERICA or NORTH AMERICA DIRECT SERVICES. Turning over to FBI and BBB.
Reported by CyndiS on Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 15:03pm reporting number 888-299-8476
Type of call: Telemarketer
RAC are still calling from 0800 533 5055. They call me a few times a day and won't stop even though you tell them you're not interested. Really annoying.
Reported by Anon on Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 14:00pm reporting number 080-053-35055
Company Calling: RAC
Type of call: Telemarketer
its nissan. trying to see if u r interested in buying a car.
Reported by navin on Monday, 11.20.2017 @ 08:11am reporting number 020-820-38899
Company Calling: 02082038899
my 88 year old mum keeps getting calls from 02083007402,no one speaks then they click off,only to repeat a few minutes later. it frightens her and its disgusting
Reported by d etheridge on Sunday, 11.19.2017 @ 05:02am reporting number 020-830-07402
I have had a phone bill for this number and don't recall ringing it so beware
Reported by redhunter on Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 08:38am reporting number 033-303-08232
Texted to this number with a guy from Tinder who turned out to be lying about everything, assuming it's a scammer
Reported by Henrietta Pussycat on Saturday, 11.18.2017 @ 05:23am reporting number 813-815-0902
Type of call: Telemarketer
I am in sri lanka I also received a call from this number in this morning. I did not answer
Reported by Sisira on Thursday, 11.16.2017 @ 22:49pm reporting number 861-017-908000
i got a miscall from thi number 8993899 today 11-17-2017 at 12:58pm
Reported by Jovielyn Uriarte on Thursday, 11.16.2017 @ 22:26pm reporting number 899-389-9
Aggressive and bullying male wants donations to some kind of policeman's fund. Won't stop calling even though I have asked to take my name off call list. Makes snide and rude remarks on voice mail. He calls me by my 1st name and calls all hours - sometimes late evenings. This has been going on every few months for years. I have never donated to this person and have no idea how he got my number. His number changes from month to month, with the same area code. Harassing.
Reported by Cindy on Thursday, 11.16.2017 @ 19:12pm reporting number 270-971-4111
Company Calling: do not know - some kind of policeman's fund
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Calling to inform of frozen food delivery
Reported by HT on Thursday, 11.16.2017 @ 17:12pm reporting number 888-242-4112
Company Calling: Nutrisystem
Type of call: Event Reminder
I keep getting this call from a guy from Brooks Converis at 214.245.4435 asking for someone who doesn't work here then gets rude when I can't help him. 10 days ago he called said something nasty then hung up and today calls back and denied speaking to me. His final remark before hanging up this time was "well some of us have to work for a living."
Reported by Claudia F on Thursday, 11.16.2017 @ 11:37am reporting number 972-793-0439
Last 10 November 2017 I got a miscall from 12345 (Philippines) at around 15:14 twice and the call is outside Philippines.
Reported by BECCA on Thursday, 11.16.2017 @ 00:38am reporting number 123-45-
This lady answered and I was looking for someone else.
Reported by Greg on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 21:52pm reporting number 916-770-5639
Company Calling: n/a
Social Security 312 575 6999 are SCAM AND FAKE!! Hey Phone Company should block that number 213 575 6999!
Reported by stacy on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 15:19pm reporting number 312-575-6999
Type of call: Prank Call
8664563744 they answered when i called back but wanted the number im calling from i said you cunt you called me you know my number so eat a dick sansmich ! lmao dial *60 add to do not call list you can add 25 numbers and it really works
Reported by bullitt on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 14:19pm reporting number 866-456-3744
Candice Berger. 442081234567 calls me early in the a.m. at 5:30 or 5:45. How does one stop these calls from coming through?
Reported by Candice Berger on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 13:05pm reporting number 442-081-234567
Claims to be WhatsApp, message saying: Your subscription has expired. To verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just 0.99 GBP simply tap on this link http: (link removed). This is not WhatsApp but a scam.
Reported by Tony on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 11:58am reporting number 942-872-77
This is NHS appointments.
They call you to see if you would accept an appointment at a different hospital/ clinic. You can't call back to this service. By the time you call back they will have most likely already given the appt. to the next patient on their list. So the moral of the story is always answer your phone
Reported by David on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 08:26am reporting number 191-638-4195
Company Calling: NHS cancelled appointment
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
I had calls yesterday and today from this number. I don't say anything if I don't recognise the number that comes up and from the background noise yesterday, it seemed obvious it was from a call centre, and the call cut off as someone started to speak. I thought about ringing them back but decided to wait and see whether they rang again, which they just did. Again, I didn't speak and the line very soon went dead again. I've added them to my blocked list now and I'll be interested to see whether it has any effect.
Reported by Nitwit on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 06:46am reporting number 011-427-37373
Company Calling: Not known
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by Faiz on Wednesday, 11.15.2017 @ 02:30am reporting number 051-206-9017
Call by Jaime Turner representing Windows Programs. 855 845 8275 - all so the call came in on my phone as 650-704-4355. He stated I have generated a warning on my computer that is not protected with my security system an he can help me clear my computer.
Reported by Tom on Tuesday, 11.14.2017 @ 14:16pm reporting number 855-845-8275
Company Calling: Window Program
Sorry - my bad. It IS LEGIT and is for a delivery. I just received a bouquet of flowers for my birthday from a delivery guy.
Reported by Customer on Tuesday, 11.14.2017 @ 12:15pm reporting number 650-542-7339

Reported by DAVID on Tuesday, 11.14.2017 @ 11:55am reporting number 888-719-5071
BS. This is NOT legit. This was SPAM.
Reported by Customer on Tuesday, 11.14.2017 @ 09:43am reporting number 650-542-7339
Test message sent that one of my named friends made a comment on a post on Facebook. link supplied. Facebook notified me that a login to my account was made from an unrecognized browser, requested password change.
Reported by Roy on Monday, 11.13.2017 @ 13:58pm reporting number 326-651-44
Verified this is a Halifax card fraud number by calling the standard number first and checking.
Reported by Jon on Monday, 11.13.2017 @ 08:47am reporting number 034-560-27695
12345 just called me ans just like some unknown numbers like that i never answer because I dont want to pay for anything nor subscrib to any apps or what. Hope this will stop
Reported by Julie on Monday, 11.13.2017 @ 02:05am reporting number 123-45-
the caller said it's from CRA then asked me to call back to their extension. nobody picks up the phone and the voice message is full. this is fraud and they should be arrest
Reported by veryannoyed on Friday, 11.10.2017 @ 14:09pm reporting number 647-427-4905
They rang number of time at different times of day, got so fed up told them to F** k off they have not rung back.
Reported by Taz on Friday, 11.10.2017 @ 12:47pm reporting number 705-872-1041
Scam finance company, that promise you finance for business. They dont mention it on the website, or in the sales pitch, but there is a fee to pay for their services that they hit you with before they can give you the money. However, they now have all of your information that you have given them. I would avoid using them!
Reported by Tony on Friday, 11.10.2017 @ 10:29am reporting number 012-342-40155
Company Calling: Nationwide Corporate Finance
Type of call: Telemarketer
I wrote right above this suppose to say doesn't say what firm or anything.
Reported by Heather on Friday, 11.10.2017 @ 09:50am reporting number 309-277-8703
Calls me all the time. Even calls my job even when I told him not to. This guys name is Jack Stone but this is the number he calls from is 309-277-8703. Does say what firm or anything just says I need to call him back. He says he a debt collector.
Reported by Heather on Friday, 11.10.2017 @ 09:49am reporting number 309-277-8703
Job recruiter
Reported by Joe Beazley on Friday, 11.10.2017 @ 08:32am reporting number 020-380-01103
Company Calling: Edison Hill Limited
Who???Who???Who??? debt collector?
Reported by Who??? on Friday, 11.10.2017 @ 01:00am reporting number 667-185-83
Kutip pinjaman
Reported by P on Thursday, 11.9.2017 @ 18:39pm reporting number 034-047-6200
Company Calling: PTPK
Type of call: Debt Collector
I received a message from 330-840-2639 that told me to call 866-231-0659. Out of curiosity I called the number back and was connected to an automated survey service asking for feedback on a recent visit to the Verizon store. I did not complete the survey.
Reported by Spanky on Thursday, 11.9.2017 @ 09:05am reporting number 866-231-0659
Company Calling: Verizon Wireless
Type of call: Survey
Debt collection scam run by Commercial Credit Adjusters (CCA) Limited based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that have telemarketing/scam centres in various Canadian provinces. They are either trying to collect ficticous debts or the debts of a third party that have nothing to do with you. CCA leaves vague messages to get you to call them back at their real phone numbers of 1-866-958-5850, 1-888-480-4920, or 1-204-958-5850, but they call from a variety of different phone numbers to hide their identity -- possibly using caller ID spoofing.

According to the CRTC: Telemarketers who make calls to Canadians are required to accurately identify themselves and their client. Telemarketers who use technology to spoof their Caller ID information with inaccurate, false or misleading information violate this requirement. Each violation of the Unsolicited Telemarketing Rules can lead to fines up to $1,500 per violation for an individual and $15,000 per violation for a corporation.

If you suspect fraud, you can report it to your local police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (1-888-495-8501), a national service jointly operated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Competition Bureau.
Reported by Annonymous on Thursday, 11.9.2017 @ 08:14am reporting number 888-480-4920
Company Calling: Commercial Credit Adjusters
Type of call: Debt Collector
Phone didn't even ring just a message to call the 0800 number. Tempted to ring it from home and leave off the hook all day. At 50p/minute they'll soon stop
Reported by Jim on Thursday, 11.9.2017 @ 04:14am reporting number 080-028-88650
Company Calling: Vanquis?
Type of call: Debt Collector
It's any company from Heathrow mine was about extra hours at work.
Reported by Katy on Thursday, 11.9.2017 @ 04:13am reporting number 084-480-08790
Company Calling: 0844 800 8790
They call me and sing the song.Many person singing together the malay song. I ask who,but they ignore me
Reported by NOOR ASHIKIN on Thursday, 11.9.2017 @ 00:04am reporting number 034-143-1146
Company Calling: Not mention
Type of call: Prank Call
This scammer calls mobile phone numbers without a preexisting relationship with the victim and express permission from the victim to call the cell number, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They fail to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, further violating the TCPA, and they play a recorded message without an operator on the line still further violating the TCPA. When you do get to an operator, the operator hangs up rather than provide company name, phone number, and physical address, still further violating the TCPA. Their recording states that the victim's extended auto warranty has just run out, and that the victim needs to renew this warranty immediately. This is clearly a scam, as this victim has never had an extended auto warranty. Do not provide this scammer with any personal information.
Reported by weif on Wednesday, 11.8.2017 @ 16:29pm reporting number 406-583-3360
Company Calling: Extended Auto Warranty Scam
Type of call: Telemarketer
They took money out of my account by saying they were a car warranty company...when we called back they were unprofessional and kept hanging up Jason Smith and some other women the BBB said they are not a company and is been doing this for years posing a different companies...Don't TRUST them
Reported by Donald on Wednesday, 11.8.2017 @ 13:53pm reporting number 347-342-0307
Company Calling: Auto Protection