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These guys call using different numbers. This time I asked how he was doing today and told me ok. I told him I didn't think he loved me any more because they didn't call for a few days and all the numbers he call from were non existent. He hung up so fast I didn't get to tell him more. They call me and I am tired of it, I tried to be nice and tell them no but they won't stop calling.
Reported by Steve on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:46pm reporting number 786-614-0068
Company Calling: Computer repair
scam dont give information
Reported by salmer gupta on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:28pm reporting number 801-759-1268
never stops calling, so annoying!
Reported by John Matheson on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:26pm reporting number 650-545-5566
Type of call: Telemarketer
Called me at 11pm asked for Maria. Couldn't hear the rest. I'd love to kick his ass. And to the guy who fell for his scam... You are a tard
Reported by pfft on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:23pm reporting number 006-612-62601
Type of call: Prank Call
No msg left. Called the phone #. It rang and rang. Never an answer. Who is this?
Reported by susan on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 16:17pm reporting number 800-596-4696

Been around for quite a long time, hardly a scam. 425-457-3369 is registered with the WA Insurance commissioner's office and has been licensed for almost 10 years with 0 complaints registered.

This person is now a health insurance broker.
Reported by Anon on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 15:32pm reporting number 425-457-3369
Company Calling: Healthcare Solutions
Type of call: Telemarketer
Here's the transcription of the voice message from an automated call: Calling in reference to your current credit card account. There's no problems currently with your account. It is urgent, however, that you contact us concerning your eligibility for lowering your interest rates to as little as 6.9% your eligibility expires shortly, so please consider this your final notice. Please Press 1 now on your phone to speak with a live operator and lower your interest rates, or press 2, to discontinue further notices. Thank you and have a great day.
Reported by P Lee on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 15:19pm reporting number 617-367-3422
Company Calling: Unknown
Type of call: Telemarketer
Calls many times a day. No message, no caller, just dead air. Total pain.
Reported by mgm on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 15:17pm reporting number 818-493-1711
Loan Scammer companythey stole $1390.00 from me
Reported by Dave B on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 14:32pm reporting number 786-342-0540
Type of call: Prank Call
Reported by IRENE on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 14:20pm reporting number 855-610-6131
had a faint message may have been other then English, at the end in loud voice, "if you do not wish to receive further updates press 1"
Reported by rich on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 13:44pm reporting number 602-639-5624

Sending an unknown country code in the number (pretending to be international - which in itself should on paper be illegal in the UK) .

Probably PPI rubbish.
Reported by q on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 12:15pm reporting number 119-574-8396
Type of call: Telemarketer
I need to know who owns this number.
Reported by Muhozya on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 12:15pm reporting number 022-216-4900
Number calls repeatedly; when call is answered, there is no one on the line and then the call disconnects. If you attempt to call the number back, the phone rings briefly and then an automated voice says, "Goodbye," and the call disconnects. Caller ID lists the call as coming from Prosper, TX with no name or company listed.
Reported by L.M. on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 12:14pm reporting number 972-347-8065
Company Calling: Unknown
My cell called. Asian female voice, could here "callers" in background. Said my name & number was "drawn"', I'm to receive $$$? ( couldn't understand) if I call 206-866-5706 & answer their questions. Wanted to know how I wanted to receive the $$. Card, draft, or direct deposit. Asked for my zip. When I said, "if you have my name $ number, you should have my zip"' she became "short". Kept saying government & D.C. 10/24/14 13:30hrs
Reported by Butch on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:48am reporting number 202-684-6771
Company Calling: Self
Calls all of the time.
I do not answer.
weird number.
no caller id for city.
Reported by Boon on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:33am reporting number 698-902-24
Was called by this number but, as it came up "International" on my BT phone, didn't bother answering it and let it go through to my answering service. As is typical for these sort of calls, no message was left.

A number beginning 001 should be from North America but the format is too short. So, if the caller has a fake number ID, what else about the caller is going to be fake?

Reported by Andy on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:22am reporting number 001-002-981
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is an Insurance Company, if you have recently applied for Life Insurance or anything like that, this is probably why they are calling you.
Reported by Steven on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 11:15am reporting number 800-435-0626
Company Calling: Insurance Central
Victor Painting Service
Haverhill, MA 01835
(978) 521-0006

For us at Victor Painting is very essential the customer's opinion. We do the painting as you want us to be made!
Reported by Micke on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:56am reporting number 978-521-0006
They are calling I don't know who they ar32
Reported by Nancy Sprouse on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:54am reporting number 855-411-0663
Company Calling: unknown
They are calling I don't know who they ar32
Reported by Nancy Sprouse on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:53am reporting number 855-411-0663
Company Calling: unknown
3rd day in a row, no message left
Reported by Reen on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:52am reporting number 403-775-1277
Company Calling: ?
Octavio Plumbing
5126 N Greer Ave , Covina, CA, 91724
(323) 243-4921

Offering a wide range of plumbing services, boiler repairs, water heater repairs, drain cleaning, pipe replacements and more. Serving Covina CA and all surrounding areas.
Reported by Rod on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:44am reporting number 323-243-4921
It's NCO a collection agency
Reported by S on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 10:24am reporting number 918-779-0207
Company Calling: NCO
Type of call: Debt Collector
well who are you to call me at number 870-653-33369 from number 571-408-7115 need to stop calling are leave message please thank you .
Reported by Michael a Green on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 09:45am reporting number 571-408-7115
Company Calling: unknown
This man named Charles Sanders just called me and said he was taking me to court if I didn't pay them the money I supposed to have borrowed two yeara ago.
Reported by Jamie on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:51am reporting number 855-584-6181
Company Calling: lyman & turner
Called me said his name is Sam White he sounded nervous and said he needed to speak to my Husband its personal I told him let me see if he is available. The person hung up.
Reported by carol on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:45am reporting number 718-480-0698
Did not recognize the number, did not answer. No voice message left.
Reported by KF on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:45am reporting number 810-867-0216
Company Calling: Unknown
Telemaker said I was registered to win a jackpot. Not even a sliver of accuracy. Asked her not to call again
Reported by Jay on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:37am reporting number 202-888-9279
Company Calling: Unknown
Type of call: Telemarketer
Called my home number in New Orleans. Caller gave her name and left a message for [my first name], and said it was in regard to a local Country club with which I have no affiliation. I'm sure it was a spammer or phisher of some sort trying to get personal information.
Reported by Nola on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:12am reporting number 561-600-4871
Company Calling: Unassigned Unassigned
Name-Balmukund maury
Father'&Name-Awadhesh maury
vill-pachista molanapur post-sachui Dist mau up india 276129

Reported by Balmukund maury on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:11am reporting number 002-761-4300994
Company Calling: 0027817102380
Type of call: SMS
Name-Balmukund maury
Father'&Name-Awadhesh maury
vill-pachista molanapur post-sachui Dist mau up india 276129

Reported by Balmukund maury on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:08am reporting number 002-761-4300994
Company Calling: 0027817102380
Type of call: SMS
Name-Balmukund maury
Father'&Name-Awadhesh maury
vill-pachista molanapur post-sachui Dist mau up india 276129

Reported by Balmukund maury on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:07am reporting number 002-761-4300994
Company Calling: 0027817102380
Type of call: SMS
Name-Balmukund maury
Father'&Name-Awadhesh maury
vill-pachista molanapur post-sachui Dist mau up india 276129

Reported by Balmukund maury on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 08:05am reporting number 002-761-4300994
Company Calling: 0027817102380
Type of call: SMS
I got a message from them saying my blue cross blue shield rebate cheque was ready and they need an address. I have never used blue cross blue shield so this may be a scam number
Reported by Mark on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 07:54am reporting number 803-264-0000
Type of call: Telemarketer
calling me for disturbance
Reported by ahmad on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 07:22am reporting number 034-694-24773
Missed the call, no message left, ignored and added to blocked contacts
Reported by Lee on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 07:21am reporting number 012-734-68962
Its Harrassment and misuse of telecommunications.
Fed up with it.
This number string and others like it should be blocked by provider.
Who gave my number away.?.

Reported by Danny Dingo on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 06:49am reporting number 001-195-748396
Company Calling: unknown.
I am getting phone calls from this number EVERY SINGLE DAY around 9am. It's a T-Mobile number when I call back but it links it to an automated system. When I spoke with a T-Mobile rep, they had no idea what I was talking about. The kicker? I don't have, nor have I ever had, T-Mobile service. I want this number to stop calling.
Reported by R on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 06:16am reporting number 716-844-6908
Company Calling: T-Mobile
i have benefited $456.000.00USD in the 2014 GLOTHRI PROGRAM REF#47506 contact mr david wagner for detail email
Reported by bede stewarti on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 05:40am reporting number 475-06-
This number called. I tried to get the full number from my phone and accidently rang it. An automated reply stated that I had dialled incorrectly!!!
Reported by John on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 05:39am reporting number 957-483-96
Just took a call from this number from a lady saying she was from Italy and wanted to know if I liked Italian food. I told her my number is listed with the Telephone Preference Service ("TPS") (which it is). She asked again if I liked Italian food, and I repeated that my number is listed with the TPS. She hung up.
Reported by Carly on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 05:02am reporting number 003-904-95586063
Type of call: Telemarketer
I've just got a call today from this number??? I didn't answer it as I thought it may be from someone who tried to scam a tablet off me which was for sale on Gumtree. They sent me a false PayPal Email claiming payment had been received but was being frozen until I sent them the postal tracking number for the item. On calling PayPal they advised me that they hadn't received any money and the Email was fraudulent.
Reported by Tim on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 04:42am reporting number 957-483-96
I am from the Netherlands, i ws also called by 0016077331419
I did not pick up phone. Ennoying.

Reported by William on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 04:25am reporting number 001-607-7331419
Reported by Jacil on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 04:10am reporting number 252-991-30399
Reported by Jacil on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 04:09am reporting number 252-991-30399
Debt collector pests. Have no debts so have asked them to stop calling on various occasions.
Reported by Terry on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 03:59am reporting number 084-454-39141
Company Calling: LCS
Type of call: Debt Collector
Did not recognise number, took it to be an international so did not answer
Reported by Shug on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 03:31am reporting number 957-483-96
Company Calling: Unknown
I also had a missed call today from +11-957483-96. Assumed it was a code so added the number as spam.
Reported by S Moore on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 03:19am reporting number 957-483-96
Fuddu mna reha ne sab nu
Reported by parminder on Friday, 10.24.2014 @ 02:08am reporting number 987-203-8644
Company Calling: nokia
Type of call: SMS