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Latest Numbers to be Reported:

Tiger Enterprises, Inc
Strasburg, PA, 17579
(717) 786-5441
From mold removal and environmental cleanup to vehicle detailing and mildew removal, our team of professionals can help you. We are a licensed and fully insured company serving the Strasburg, PA community.
Mold Remediation, Mold Removal, Environmental Clean up, Mold Inspection Service, Mold Cleaning Service
Mold Cleaning, Mold Inspection, Mildew Removal, Mold & Mildew Removal, Removal of mold, Mold Cleaning Company, Mold Cleaning Enterprises, Mold and Mildew Cleaning, Mold and Mildew Cleaning Service, Mold and Mildew Cleaning Company
Reported by Kelly Martins on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 04:54am reporting number 717-786-5441
Company Calling: Tiger Enterprises, Inc
Type of call: Telemarketer
Asian man called, said he was from my service provider and wanted to resolve an issue with my router. I just kept asking him which service provider he was calling from and eventually he said BT. When i said I'm not with BT he then said Talk Talk. He said wanted me to sign into my router to fix a problem and when I refused (several times), he put the phone down.
This is a scam to get you to give the caller access to your computer.. The number needs to be blocked as the call enters the UK - but who can do this?
Reported by John H on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 04:35am reporting number 020-704-05482

Imagination Entertainment Party and Rentals
Carol Stream, IL, 60188
(630) 383-7292
We are Imagination Entertainment Party and Rentals, we serve Carol Stream, IL. We have a company vehicle to transport equipment and materials to your party place. We can provide you chairs, tables for an indoor and outdoor events. Free delivery for within 13 miles for first time customers. And after all - when plenty your party comes easy! Call us now and we will take care of your event.
Party Rentals, Party Equipment, Candy Machine Rental, Catering Rental, Tables and Chairs Rental
Party Supplies, Party Service, Party Rentals, Party Supplies, Candy Catering, Candy Service, Party Catering
Reported by Lisa Stevenson on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 04:23am reporting number 630-383-7292
Company Calling: Imagination Entertainment Party and Rentals
Type of call: Telemarketer
Had a missed call message, but the phone never rang. I will not be calling them back, very suspicious.
Reported by Steve on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 04:02am reporting number 011-578-42090
Have been receiving calls into the office on a daily basis from this company requesting to speak to a specific person. Reception was getting annoyed with their persistence so call was put through. Have been given a website to view but will be stating I am not interested. Seems to think money will be saved instead of speaking to our Auditors of over 15 yeas.
I think they will be difficult to get rid of as they have been so persistent. Really don't need these types of unsolicited calls, if you require something you yourself will go looking.
Reported by LS on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 03:35am reporting number 020-780-34660
Company Calling: Indicator
Claiming that they "drew" my number from their Verimark Head Office, offering free accommodation. Despite informing the caller that I do not wish to be contacted with commercial interests, the caller becomes aggravated, insisting that I answer her questions and give her an opportunity to explain the apparent free offering. Caller failed to identity the source where she obtained my number, despite my insisting on same.
Reported by C on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 03:15am reporting number 084-428-3460

Gold Cab
Stockbridge, GA, 30281
(770) 308-1401
If you are looking for reliable taxi service company, airport transport or any kind of transportation, you need to call Gold Cab. Gold Cab is , Stockbridge GA’s premier cab company. We are known for our affordable prices, reliable service, and friendly drivers.
Taxi Service, Cab Service, local taxi, Yellow Cab, Express Airport Service
Courier Service, Airport Shuttle, Cheap Taxi, Discount Taxi, Airport Transportation, Airport Shuttle Transportation, Company Accounts Service, Transportation Services, Door To Door Transportation
Reported by Paul Leaker on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 03:06am reporting number 770-308-1401
Company Calling: Gold Cab
Type of call: Telemarketer

Vinyl Fence Direct Factory - Woodland Hills
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 233-8072
Vinyl Fence Direct Factory - Woodland Hills specializes in fence services for many years. We guarantee quality services for the people in Woodland Hills, CA, give us a call at (818) 233-8072.
Fence Contractor, Fencing, Fence Service, Fence Company, Custom Gates
Custom Fences, Fence Contracting, Decking, Railing, Gazebo, Patio Covers, Gates and Fences, Point Harbors, Fence Repair, Wooden Fences
Reported by Trish Candles on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 02:20am reporting number 818-233-8072
Company Calling: Vinyl Fence Direct Factory - Woodland Hills
Type of call: Telemarketer

Devito Roofing
429 Imla Street, Baltimore, MD, 21224
(410) 262-6097
We are offering roof repair, roofing installation, roofing replacement and others in Baltimore, MD. Just call us at 410-262-6097.
Roofing Contractor, Roofing Repair Service, Roofing Service, Roofing Installation, Roofing
Reported by Mark Troopson on Thursday, 05.26.2016 @ 02:08am reporting number 410-262-6097
Company Calling: Devito Roofing
Type of call: Telemarketer
3 rings then hung up ..I called the number ..Indian accent , says he's from something to do with NBN ..we do not have it yet in our area I said ..said he could fast track it and save me money ..I said SPAMMER ..he hung up . Another call from this number 45 mins later .
Reported by Margaret on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 23:43pm reporting number 038-370-7331
This was a call to notify me that my replacement tumble dryer was being delivered. My tumble dryer was one of the recalled Whirpool appliances. If you miss the call it leaves an automated message, if you pick up the call it is immediately ended. On the day of delivery you get a txt with a time slot. I hope this helps
Reported by S jenner on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 23:15pm reporting number 087-019-74354
Type of call: Event Reminder
This person has been calling me nonstop. I want this number to calling me. I know it is a collecting agency. It says if i want to top up my account and i should go to myaccount.
Reported by Olive Brown on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 18:22pm reporting number 866-958-5850
Company Calling: commerical credit adjusters ltd
Type of call: Debt Collector
Reported by Erica on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 17:56pm reporting number 020-842-83692
Company Calling:
Did not answer and no message was left
Reported by Helen on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 14:45pm reporting number 812-783-9037
Did not answer and no message was left
Reported by Helen on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 14:44pm reporting number 812-783-9037
I am Realtor in Las Vegas and just received a call from this number saying he was from the big island and wanted a home in a certain area and wanted me to send him homes. I asked where he got my info he said "Better Homes & Gardens". I don't advertise there.
Reported by BD on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 14:40pm reporting number 266-696-687
Have had 5 calls from this number over the past 3 - 4 weeks. The calls are always during normal office hours and are therefore particularly annoying. I always immediately delete them.
Reported by Robert Cooper on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 13:33pm reporting number 020-359-85128
Company Calling: ?
College number from city lit
Reported by Tom on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 12:03pm reporting number 020-740-48015
Company Calling: collge
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Same thing
Calls every month: no message
Thank you for this service
Will block caller
Reported by Al on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 10:56am reporting number 206-962-8354
Company Calling: ?
This number phoned me today and claimed to be phoning from the labour party
Reported by Michael Robinson on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 09:20am reporting number 019-126-03511
Type of call: Political Call
This is Independent Inspections Ltd - you insurance provider will of instructed them to process a recent claim for flooring or furniture which you have made. You probably need to ring them back...
Reported by Jay on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 08:58am reporting number 033-055-54044
Company Calling: Independent Inspections Ltd
i want to know this telephone 2116000878 belong.
Reported by gemma on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 05:26am reporting number 211-600-0878
Company Calling: unknown
Received a call from 01623 434800. Tried to call back - number not recognised.
Reported by Flexi on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 04:09am reporting number 016-234-34800
I have also had calls from this number claiming to be from British Gas. But not 100% sure. As the number does not come up on any other database.
Reported by Fred on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 03:19am reporting number 080-097-59423
Company Calling: British Gas ???
Had a call from a tech company saying that my computers had a virus and he could fix it. When I asked what he got out of helping me he said Nothing. I then asked him if he just sat on the phone all day helping people out of the goodness of his heart and he replied yes. When I stopped laughing I asked for his number and I would call him back. The number above is what he gave me. Its a scam to get into your computer, BE AWARE. Do not do anything they ask
Reported by Mackenzie on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 03:03am reporting number 080-003-14596
Company Calling: The Technical Company
Type of call: Telemarketer
Vauxhall calling after I applied for a van brochure.
Reported by William on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 02:28am reporting number 034-574-00800
Company Calling: Vauxhall commercial vehicles

Chris Harris Construction
Warner Robins, GA, 31088
(478) 952-5749
Chris Harris Construction is a full service General Contracting company with a full crew of skilled and efficient workers. I've been doing this work since I was a kid. My granddad built houses in Georgia. My dad built houses in Georgia. It makes me proud and happy to be carrying on this family tradition.
General Contractor, Construction Contractor, Custom Home Construction, Home Improvement Service, Home Addition
Deck Construction, Flooring Installation, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Living Rooms Repair, Dining Rooms Renovation, Home Remodeler, Home Renovation, Construction Service, General Contracting Company
Reported by Rick Thompson on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 02:25am reporting number 478-952-5749
Company Calling: Chris Harris Construction
Type of call: Telemarketer
had a call from the below mystical number
Reported by Luke Daniel on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 01:49am reporting number 030-6-
Company Calling: 0306

A To Z Pest Control
Panama City Beach, FL, 32407
(850) 257-6603
A To Z Pest Control of Panama City is a locally owned and operated company serving Panama City Beach since 1980. If you looking for reliable pest control service just give us a call today!
Termite inspector, Termite Control Service, Exterminating Service, Pest Control Company, Bed Bugs Exterminating Service
Pest Control, Pest Control Contractor, Termites Control, Exterminator, Bed Bugs Exterminating, Termite Control Company, Pest Exterminating Service, Bed Bugs Removal, Pest Care, Pest Removal Service
Reported by Tonny Richer on Wednesday, 05.25.2016 @ 01:47am reporting number 850-257-6603
Company Calling: A To Z Pest Control
Type of call: Telemarketer
Trashi gang bhutan
Reported by ugyen wangchuk on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 23:51pm reporting number 209-27-
who is it?
Reported by ghandi on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 23:33pm reporting number 028-959-551
Company Calling: dont know thats why im asking
Bank of Montreal, Calgary office
Reported by PJ on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 17:58pm reporting number 403-234-3928
Trade centre Wales car sales - Neath.
Reported by C.Worthy on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 17:33pm reporting number 084-371-30176
Company Calling: Trade centre wales
Got a text from this number looking for somebody to be a babysitter for his "adult baby" fetish. Won't leave a name.
Reported by Nia on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 13:48pm reporting number 079-357-17004
Type of call: SMS
My mobile won the no..i style
Reported by Jigme namgyel on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 11:03am reporting number 483-03-
Company Calling: Mr,samuel
Type of call: SMS
This is Jamie McCreadie from Past Due Credit Solutions trying to scam you. He resides at Greenhead Street, Glasgow G40 1HU. PDCS or Past Due Credit Solutions are scum.!
Reported by Gail on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 09:51am reporting number 014-144-70539
Type of call: Debt Collector
Called me three times today regarding an accident!!!! Put the phone down on first call and didn't answer the following two calls.
Reported by Canny on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 08:36am reporting number 017-677-63837
calls and asks odd questions, and if refused makes prank calls
Reported by joe on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 07:22am reporting number 016-546-23635
Company Calling: not known
This number calls almost every day and hangs up if I answer.

Reported by Jan. on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 07:06am reporting number 074-829-65651

Palmer Cleaning Services, LLC
Philapelphia, PA, 19138
Residential Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Over all cleaning
Cleaning Service, Commercial Cleaning Service, Residential Cleaning Service, Carpet Cleaning Service, Floor Stripping
Floor Waxing Service , Residential Carpet Cleaning , Commercial Carpet Cleaning , Local Cleaning Service , Professional Cleaning Service
Reported by Nelson Richer on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 06:21am reporting number 215-490-2119
Company Calling: Palmer Cleaning Services, LLC
Type of call: Telemarketer
They called, I answered within 2 rings and they hang up.

Reported by Ralph MacGregor on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 06:08am reporting number 015-706-35499
was called by this number and was just shouted at down the phone and hung up on
Reported by phil on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 05:24am reporting number 019-516-75139
Reported by AA on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 04:48am reporting number 912-262-196437
They called: when I picked up after 4-5 rings, the line went dead.
Reported by Rob on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 03:22am reporting number 020-859-12392
I got call from 043808764
Reported by Gireesh on Tuesday, 05.24.2016 @ 00:44am reporting number 043-808-764
Type of call: Debt Collector
Rec'd call that left no message. Called back # (with caller block prefix *67). Was answered by a recorded greeting:
"Hi, this is Julie. You recently visited one of our Reward Redeption sites and in appreciation for that... 1 if you wish to be connected... press 2 if you want to be put on our Do Not Call Back list..."
Reported by D. on Monday, 05.23.2016 @ 17:28pm reporting number 208-261-3060
Company Calling: Reward Redemption?
Scam fools gold huckster KEITH REED. Also uses tel. 714-887-7087. If he calls you, hang up immediately!
Reported by Robin Brissimintard on Monday, 05.23.2016 @ 16:09pm reporting number 714-610-0795
Type of call: Telemarketer
March'2016 call list chai
Reported by Noyonakter on Monday, 05.23.2016 @ 15:54pm reporting number 018-819-24914
Company Calling:
Type of call: Political Call
Lake Nona Boxing & Fitness
8243 Narcoossee Park Dr, Orlando, FL, 32822
Southeast Orlando Orlando, FL
(407) 730-8134

Mind body and soul Equipments and Facilities Available in Gym Absolutely for FREE

Personal Trainer, Professional Boxing Training, Boxing Fitness Classes, Boxing & Fitness Center, Kids Boxing Classes

Boot Camp Workout, Professional Personal Trainer, Personal Training Service, Boot Camp Fitness Instructors, Boxing Classes,
Reported by Eric on Monday, 05.23.2016 @ 14:49pm reporting number 407-730-8134
KDZ Demolition and Construction, LLC
Saint Louis, MO, 63115
(314) 317-0196

We offer General Construction work will consist of new work, additions, alterations or maintenance, repair and demo unsafe, water or fire damage structure.

Demolition Contractor, Demolition Company, Demolition Service, Demolition Work, Demolition & Construction

Excavation Service, Construction Work, Construction Service, Framing Floors, Flooring Contractor,

Reported by Lee on Monday, 05.23.2016 @ 14:34pm reporting number 314-317-0196