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Latest Numbers to be Reported:

SCV Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Canyon
19854 Pandy Ct, Santa Clarita, CA, 91351
(661) 235-0606
For all of your carpet cleaning needs, the experts at our company want to make an impact on how you view your carpet and the cleaning of it. We are proud to help you with carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning and grout cleaning!
Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Cleaning Company, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile Cleaning

Reported by Brianna on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 04:41am reporting number 661-235-0606
Salon Sublime
913 Main St, Stone Mountain, GA, 30083
(770) 233-7905
We at Salon Sublime offer professional hair service. Here, the individual style is welcome. The hairdressers at our studio provide quality service in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. We specialize in haircuts for women and men, hair styling and cutting. Call us for an appointment!
Hair Care, Hair Coloring, Hair Cutting Salon, Hair Service, Hair Stylist
Reported by jesse on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 04:32am reporting number 770-233-7905
I was sent a text that my sister had been killed in a car wreck at 1:38am this morning. I called every police department around and they could not locate anyone. I also called and text the number back which left a busy dial. This was beyond traumatic and unbelievably cruel
Reported by Christen on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 04:26am reporting number 385-200-3363
Type of call: SMS
rang & ended up leaving no voice msg.
Reported by paul on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 03:31am reporting number 020-351-92590
Carpet and Floor Care
1949 Blacksmith Rd, Cedarburg, WI, 53012
(414) 807-9351
We are fully licensed, fully insured, and fully committed to your complete satisfaction. If you're not happy, we're not happy - it's as simple as that. So whether your carpet problem is big or small, an odor or a stain, we can help. When you need a carpet cleaner you can count on, turn to Carpet and Floor Care.
Carpet Cleaning Service, Carpet Cleaner, Steam Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Care, Carpet Cleaning Company
Reported by Gia on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 01:48am reporting number 414-807-9351
Commercial Building Maintenance Services Inc
7 Hampshire Rd, Methuen, MA, 01844
(978) 681-1123
We can take care of all your Commercial Building Maintenance needs!
Property Management, Demolition, Building Maintenance , Property Maintenance , Demolition Contractor
Reported by Nia on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 01:28am reporting number 978-681-1123
Advanced Energy Solutions
Portsmouth, VA, 23703
(757) 484-9000
If I can't fix it, don't pay me!
Solar Energy Equipment Supplier, Solar Energy Heater Service, Heating Energy, Energy Solutions, Solar Heating Installation
Reported by Rita on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 01:05am reporting number 757-484-9000
Mr Rooter
1681 Purvis To Baxterville Rd, Purvis, MS, 39475
(601) 794-3301
You can check out our discounts at our website.
Plumber, Plumbing , Plumbing Repair, Plumbing Service, Plumbing Contractor
Reported by Andy on Tuesday, 09.23.2014 @ 01:01am reporting number 601-794-3301
My gut feeling this is a text cover up app that diguises the original cell phone it comes from. I've been in an arguement/breakup with girlfriend, so I get this weird text saying we should be together and all this/that. are there apps that can do this? i'm still searching. She has an iphone 5s.
Reported by TripZip on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 23:40pm reporting number 385-200-3363
Type of call: SMS
Dodgy. They call but hang up when you answer.
Reported by Bev on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 20:30pm reporting number 089-468-7341
Phishing Fraud / Pay Pal Scam - wanted to buy vehicle through Pay Pal
Reported by C on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 20:14pm reporting number 702-718-6201
Reported by MARCELA LOBO on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 19:59pm reporting number 855-226-0430
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by MARCELA LOBO on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 19:59pm reporting number 855-226-0430
Type of call: Telemarketer
Called my cell at 8:51pm I rejected the call.
Reported by Donna on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 18:55pm reporting number 000-844-2503112
Reported by John on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 16:56pm reporting number 978-331-1986
This is a Political Robo Call with recorded message. Survey of Issues Facing Florida in the November Election.
Reported by anonymous on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 16:20pm reporting number 850-688-9006
Company Calling: Political Robo Call
Type of call: Political Call
Displayed number with no one on the other end!
Reported by Fedup on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 15:54pm reporting number 209-214-6483
Type of call: Telemarketer
Call came in on our landline at 5:20 p.m. on 9/22/2014. Have no idea what language this person was speaking initially, it sounded like a recorded call. After about 15 seconds the call either got disconnected or simply hung up. No I.D. on the caller I.D., so no name of company nor person. There is a message by Velda, posted earlier this year, who apparently is Indian, however we are not Indian, and now at least I know what language this man was speaking. First time for a caller coming in on our phone in another language.
Reported by IowaAnnie on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 15:38pm reporting number 857-232-0595
Company Calling: unknown
Missed call. Called me twice in one day. A few hours apart. When I called back, there was a disc message.
Reported by Kristy on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 15:26pm reporting number 557-319-5483
This number calls my cell number (which I have had for 16 years) looking for someone I do not know. It is very frustrating since I answer I do not know the person so they hang up on me and then call again the next day! So damn frustrating! Going to block them through my carrier since they call blocker on the cell phone doesn't stop them using multiple numbers multiple times a day!
Reported by Clor on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 14:30pm reporting number 813-438-4274
Company Calling: Who Knows - Debt Collector with NO NAME
Type of call: Debt Collector
I got call 4x in row and I didn't answer. They never left voicemail either. I don't answer if it looks suspicious. I have been scammed before by foreigner taking my phone and charging me!!!
Reported by tammy on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 14:13pm reporting number 006-612-62601
This is a scam!!!!! they say they are from united states finacial resources goverment grants... Me and alot of other have reported them to the federal trade commision. here is the link to the FTC about the scam. they also used the numbers 817-374-5808 and 713-8735108
Reported by Elena on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 14:09pm reporting number 855-206-1600
Someone cleared their throat and did a fake sort of cough. They were obviously surprised to get an answer and hung up immediately. My guess is a lazy person working the auto dialer at a collection agency.
Reported by Frank on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 13:55pm reporting number 484-891-5666
keep getting calls to call 866-609-8298 about my CITI card. They call 6-10 times a day 7 days a week and I'm tired of it. What do I do?????
Reported by Sandra Taylor on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 13:38pm reporting number 866-609-8298
Company Calling: citi
called me on my cell while i was at work. when i called them back on my break it was out of service.
Reported by alia on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 13:30pm reporting number 702-847-7220
Company Calling: unknown
Got a "wrong number" call from this number and now getting texts asking if I"m married etc. Weirdo. Blocked it.
Reported by Amy on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 13:25pm reporting number 757-235-9129
Type of call: Debt Collector
this number keeps calling and doesn't leave a message.
Reported by chris on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 13:06pm reporting number 330-947-6199
Company Calling: n/'a
Tony Montana called from PCH to let me know I has won 782,000.00 and a 2014 mercedes with leather interior. I was 2nd place winner and I need to give him $255.00 so they can deliver my check and car.The geneal manager was Divid Johnson. I had 30 mins to borrow the money if i didn't have it on hand. He was very rude and loud on the phone.
Reported by MeMe on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 12:58pm reporting number 876-321-7627
Company Calling: Publisher Clearing House
Type of call: Prank Call
Called in regards to a payday loan I do not have. Do not pay these people any money for a payday loan or give them any of your financial information. They are looking for easy money and will get it by telling you they are offering a loan or trying to make you send them a payment for one you don't have or have already paid. DON'T LISTEN TO THREATS IF YOU KNOW THERE IS NO LOAN WITH THIS COMPANY OR ON ONE YOU HAVE ALREADY PAID OFF!! Do not pay money to them for a possible loan! Only pay the lender directly if you have a payday loan.
Reported by M&M on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 12:50pm reporting number 408-681-8488
This phone number called me.
Reported by Jack on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 12:50pm reporting number 907-240-6830
212-133-8326 is the number that shows on the caller ID. The read out says New York Call. This is a fraudulent call. These cybercriminals are trying to scam money out of you. When answered the party tried to convince me that my computer needs help. They think I'm stupid enough to believe that Microsoft is monitoring my computer and that it is sending them error messages that they need access to my computer to fix.

First time I got this call I played along like I was stupid and when they were trying to explain I ended up asking them how could this be happening when I don't have a Microsoft computer? They hung up but I wasted a lot of their time.

Now when the call number comes up I just answer... Microsoft System Repairs, How may I help you?...It shocks them and then they immediately hang up. lol
Reported by Willow on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 12:30pm reporting number 212-133-8326
Company Calling: Cybercriminal fraud of Microsoft
Type of call: Telemarketer
Called at 7pm - I let my answerphone get it and they hung up.
Reported by JF on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 12:02pm reporting number 001-130-73167472
Fax spammers suck! Ron Richards @ CF capitol finance Business Financing Experts, you fax spamming S O B, get an honest job for Christ's sake. Funding Specialist my aching ass. oh wait,,, can you lend me 20 bucks? OH MY GOD
Reported by Doug - for The Third Time! on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 11:48am reporting number 803-223-7889
Company Calling: CF capitol finance Business Financing Experts
Type of call: Fax Machine
It's a scam
Reported by Elton on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 11:34am reporting number 010-003-3836
This is a money scam You end up sending money with a promise to receive money. He takes your money but never gives money back. He has an accent and lies throughout the phone call
He calls himself DWAYNE. Has been reported to the authorities.
Reported by Leslie Turner on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 10:53am reporting number 323-285-0632
Company Calling: Bell, Cash Advance, etc
Type of call: Telemarketer
uomo italiano con relazione sia in italia ke barcellona,,,,,un cretis
Reported by graciela on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 10:30am reporting number 346-883-84174
Caller said he was from Microsoft Windows and they [whoever they are] were receiving a lot of error messages from my computer. I told him (1) I don’t use Microsoft Windows and (2) to he was a scammer. Don’t call back scammer. CLICK.
Reported by Emma on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 10:18am reporting number 458-201-2357
Company Calling: Microsoft?
This number called and after exchanging greetings were were disconnected. When I called back I could not make out name or company name.
Reported by Rhonda on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 10:04am reporting number 876-458-5019
Company Calling: Kingston
Type of call: Prank Call
Looking for a Clifton Scott
Reported by Brian Fontenot on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 09:41am reporting number 281-573-0546
Company Calling: ?!?!
American Handyman Service
Marion, NY, 14505
(585) 301-0039

American Handyman is a owner operated company with no sub contractors. I charge $50.00 per hour with a $10.00 gas fee applied to the first hour. This discount is also offered to seniors and members of the military. My small way of saying THANK YOU!! Give me a call!
Reported by Rod on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 09:16am reporting number 585-301-0039
202 239 0065 called me and stated I needed to pay 4986 dollars by today or I will get arrested for tax miscalculation 2008 and 2013.
Reported by julie on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 09:07am reporting number 202-239-0065
Company Calling: IRS???
James Worker ID # 1003 called frantically saying my network was compromise on my new Dell computer. When I asked if he was from Dell Tech support he said no he was from windows, the operating system. He wanted me to give him permission to access my computer online so that he could fix the problem. I said I would call him back and he gave me this # and worker ID. It seemed fishy to me. I did not give him access to my new computer.
Reported by Alice on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 09:02am reporting number 855-674-1190
Company Calling: Windows
Computer voice asks me (my answering machine) to Please hold for next available representative immediately followed by a person asking for me. When there is no response, they hang up without leaving a message.
Reported by Scott on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 08:45am reporting number 800-749-7710
Company Calling: Unknown
calls all the time , do not know who it is and doesn't leave a message
Reported by liz on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 08:43am reporting number 386-518-3043
Another cold caller enquiring about PPI claims etc.
Reported by Faraz Malik on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 08:08am reporting number 011-632-61004
Company Calling: PBC / BPC
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number called claiming that I had won a (brand new 2013 although the 2014 is availalbe soon) Mercedes and a "publishers clearing house" prize package. She gave me a name of Magaret Jones and a package number to verify. She professed her "faith" in the Lord to convince me it was an answer to my prayers, etc. She then explained that they had already paid 99% of my taxes for this amazing prize, and all I had to do was pay a $99 delivery fee for UPS to tow the car and the cashiers checks to me. I live in a very rural area, there is NO WAY that UPS could deliver a car to me for $99. I told her I was suspicious, she started to say something, then paused, said "f*** you" and hung up. Apparently she didn't like me very much :)
Reported by Lacey on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 07:57am reporting number 876-596-3476
Company Calling: claimed they were pch
Type of call: Prank Call
This number keeps on calling my home number but rings off after just two rings. I recommend reporting this to the Police as a harassment nuisance.
Reported by Alanhampstead on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 07:39am reporting number 020-742-43132
keep getting calls from 267 443 1064 from pa. USA
Reported by dolores kennedy on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 07:21am reporting number 267-443-1064
Company Calling: don't know company
keep getting calls from this number below 267 443 1064 no one on other end.

Reported by dolores kennedy on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 07:19am reporting number 267-443-1064
Company Calling: don't know.
Reported by JJJJ on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 07:03am reporting number 020-739-21560

Limo Connection
San Mateo, CA, 94403
(650) 678-3919

We provide limousine service for the area of San Mateo, CA for over 20 years. We provide
Limousine Service, Limousine Company, Limousine Rental, Limousine Rental Agency, Executive Limousine Service
Reported by Robert Hourani on Monday, 09.22.2014 @ 06:00am reporting number 650-678-3919