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received call statingi I was notifed thati was being
served papers
Reported by Laura Dangerfueld on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 11:58am reporting number 251-288-5223
This is a company called Yodle, I set up an appointment with them, they missed by an hour. They called an hour late and now continue to call.
Reported by John on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 11:57am reporting number 412-567-3398
Company Calling: Yodle
Type of call: Telemarketer
this number rings me on a regular basis.i have caller id so don't pick up,but will do so next time in the hope I can identify the caller.
Reported by betty on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 11:56am reporting number 003-491-8384444
I got a call from the number 717208834 I answered and he asked for my mom, I told him she wasn't here (she was), he asked "where is she?" so I said "not here" and so he asked again but a bit more hostile "where is she?" so I said again "not here" and asked who he was, he then proceeded to say he was my mom's boyfriend (she's married) and so I said "no you're not" to which he replied "maybe I have the wrong number" and then he hung up.
Reported by Sydney on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 11:53am reporting number 717-208-834
"It is William John from Windows" about my computer! The call disconnected very quickly when I told him we don't own one! Trying to get control of my pc to steal info--I think not!!!
Reported by Christi on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 11:39am reporting number 909-898-3788
Shambaugh's Window Cleaning
Carlisle, PA, 17013
(717) 448-7785
At Shambaugh's Window Cleaning, we offer crystal clean windows. Give us a call to receive the service you need.
Window Cleaning Company, Power Washing Service, Pressure Washing Service, Window Cleaning, Window Cleaning Service
Reported by Nicki on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 11:31am reporting number 717-448-7785

Ozzcorp Builders Inc.
633 California 78, Ramona, CA, 92065
(760) 975-6612

Ozzcorp Builders Inc. is a respected remodeling contractor in Ramona, CA. Call us now and trust our highly trained specialists in the field of home renovation.
Remodeling Contractor, Bathroom Remodeler, Kitchen Remodeler, Home Remodeler, Home Renovation
Reported by Joseph Osborne on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 11:30am reporting number 760-975-6612
called my number at work, did not leave a message.
Reported by mary on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 10:42am reporting number 800-831-5160
Air Unlimited Svc
Saraland, AL, 36571
(251) 229-1073
We provide hvac services for the area of Saraland, FL since 1969.
Air conditioning and Heating, AC Repair, HVAC , Air conditioning repair, Air conditioning repair service
Reported by Andy on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 10:41am reporting number 251-229-1073
Hangs up when answered
Reported by Mr Taylor on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 09:59am reporting number 011-323-88871
Company Calling: Unknown
Got a call from this number today about funding for windows and doors, could barely get a word in and the second I told them it was a council property they hung up... you cant call them back either but you can remove your number from their call lists on an automated service.
Reported by Elina on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 09:58am reporting number 014-153-05470
Type of call: Telemarketer
I received an extremely abusive phone call from this number this afternoon person even called me a "mother Fxxxxx" Charming. Why can't we get hold of these idiots and meet them them face to face?

Reported by Keith willard on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 09:46am reporting number 002-099-65764355010
Company Calling: Unknown
The company is Wavecrest UK Ltd,1st Floor Bishopsgate Court
4-12 Norton Folgate
United Kingdom
E1 6DB K Ltd and the director is Mr Christopher John Adams. The company telephone number is 020 7097 4000.
Ring him up and tell him what a twat he is, I am sure he will appreciate calls.
The company trades under many different names and guises and are spammers who have no concern or membership of TPS.
Reported by Stuart on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 09:33am reporting number 012-131-87136
Company Calling: Wavecrest UK Ltd
Read THE TRUTH! about
562-388-2202 *Unlisted or Unregistered number* RoboCall Scammers.
Caller ID reported ''Vailab U'' Location: Long Beach, CA
Mobile Provider: T-MOBILE USA Switch Office: TRNECAGB5MD

Gypsy contractor SCAM artists call themselves ''Long Beach Home Center''
FRAUD DataMine Phishing for ANY personal information!
They know all about you and that you're on the
National Do-Not-Call List because it was the SOURCE of their call list!
Protect yourself! SAY NOTHING! 2 second silence is recorded to gather intel on you, then all data is saved in their database and used to pry more from you the next time they call. And they WILL call again. Answer no questions. Don't even verify your name! Tell them NOTHING, record the call and only ask questions like the street address and name of their company. Say only ''Do not call. We are registered on the national do not call list. Each violation will be prosecuted at $500 penalty. DO NOT CALL!'' then disconnect and
dial *57 to send a call trace to law enforcement.
Remember to follow-up and file a formal police report.

Callers claim to be Long Beach Home Center, but won't provide an address or a valid contractor number ( Check a Contractor License or Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) Registration against the California Department of Consumer Affairs - Contractors State License Board.)

Voice Mail Full:

Outgoing message when returning the call -
''You have reached the message center for Home Improvement.
If you'd like to get a free estimate please leave your number.
If you'd like to be added to our Do Not Call list please leave your name and telephone number.
Thank You. (daughter then says Press)''
''Sorry, that mailbox is full. Please call again later. Thank you for calling. Good bye.'' error.

Call type: Scammers/Fraudsters
Reported by Buster Phishingscam on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 09:20am reporting number 562-388-2202
Company Calling: Vailab U
Type of call: Telemarketer
Total SCAM. DO NOT return this call.Just trying to get recent info on you and to get money you either don't owe anymore or never owed in the first place.
Reported by Sparkey's on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 09:07am reporting number 251-288-5223
Company Calling: No Name Given
I received 10 calls from this number on the first of September, I never answered because it looked like the number equivalent of spam, and they never left a message. After I googled the number, and found the post from Tesa, I blocked the number
Reported by Brett on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 09:06am reporting number 650-496-940059
New K&K Towing
22-01 37th Ave, Long Island City, NY, 11101
(718) 767-8959
K&K Towing offers complete towing services throughout Long Island City, NY for affordable prices. We consist of highly qualified tow truck operators who can effectively carry out the towing services and roadside assistance you need! Call Us (718) 767-8959
Towing, Parking Lot Towing, Towing Service, Towing Truck, Wrecker

Reported by Linda on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 08:50am reporting number 718-767-8959
I got am email from a Frank Barton but gave the same emails as the rest
Reported by Bevelyn on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 08:37am reporting number 407-796-3304
Company Calling: Flordia attorney officers
Type of call: Debt Collector

Midwest Roofing
4057 N Narragansett Ave Chicago, IL 60634 ‎
(773) 657-3036

Midwest Roofing was established in 1996. We are a family owned, fully insured, licensed and bonded company that is dedicated to providing high quality services at affordable prices for all our clients in the Chicagoland area. We use the latest technology and materials so ensure that you get the best product and services for your home.
Roofing Contractor, Roofing Service, Roof Repair, Gutter Cleaning Service, Roofing Repair Service
Reported by Rafal Luberda on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 08:32am reporting number 773-657-3036
Picked up number as missed call on house phone. Rang back - went to overseas calling tone. Disconnected call quickly
Reported by DGS on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 08:12am reporting number 012-146-80020
Had many many calls from this number and they never leave a message on answer machine, called back to find out who they are and never get an answer only silence. Apparently its idebtplan but they use a totally different number so im still none the wiser.
Reported by Mr B on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 07:47am reporting number 016-197-23747
1-866-454-4339, followed up on this number by calling my visa number on back of card and it is from CIBC fraud. When a business is compromised by theft or fraud from their cc terminal, all clients that used that terminal are notified to prevent fraud. When I spoke with the lady at CIBC she said they cannot tell you which business you shop at was at fault. They cancelled my cc# and sent me out a new card with new number
Reported by Paul on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 07:32am reporting number 866-454-4339
Company Calling: CIBC
How can you get this number to stop calling, i have sent to them to STOP CALLING MY NUMBER everytime they call me. It gets annoying and then being unable to stop the calls.
Reported by Tina on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 07:18am reporting number 615-789-8236
Company Calling: ?
They purposely make their name sound like they are saying "Dell" said they were calling about the "server environment" asked for it manager and when asked if he was expecting their call, they lie and say "yes"

They got put on hold until they hung up- they gave up pretty quick and only held fr about 45 seconds
Reported by GateKeeper on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 07:01am reporting number 703-230-4821
Company Calling: sounds like "Dell" but I guess its Dahl
silent call
Reported by Sam on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 06:08am reporting number 016-181-64000
I dont know but i am receiving call from this no i want to of which area and city the no is
Reported by Neha Kakkad on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 05:33am reporting number 012-039-34900
Carpet Essentials Inc.
13033 Frankstown Rd # A2B Penn Hills PA
\\\\\\\\\\\\"IF YOU’RE NOT GETTING THE BEST EQUIPMENT,\\\\\\\\\\\\"\\\\\\\\\\\\"YOU’RE NOT GETTING THE BEST CLEANING!\\\\\\\\\\\\"

Reported by Johny on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 04:41am reporting number 412-798-3770
Company Calling: Carpet Essentials Inc.
Wolf Remodeling Service
Lakeland MN

Reported by Fernando on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 04:28am reporting number 651-337-8040
Company Calling: Wolf Remodeling Service
(Mark) Called me claiming to be from First Energy, calling about the Governments green energy scheme
Admised I'm not interested and to remove me from list - lets see if this happens
Reported by Barry on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 04:23am reporting number 079-698-62949
Company Calling: First Energy
Type of call: Telemarketer
Yes it is ETX Capital - an online share trading company
Reported by Barry on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 04:08am reporting number 020-301-71566
Company Calling: ETX Capital
Type of call: Telemarketer
A lady called me today, she said it was about a survey I did requesting information about investments in my bank. I said I hadn't done a survey, she said thank you and hung up.
Reported by old codger on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 04:01am reporting number 013-243-00046
Company Calling: not known
Type of call: Survey
I like to recognise who attempted phoning me.
Reported by Alfred on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 03:54am reporting number 011-710-3500
Company Calling: miss call 0117103500
Sending me obscene sms from 0127905060
Reported by Sarah on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 03:41am reporting number 012-790-5060
Type of call: SMS
This number calls me everyday,I want it to STOP!
Reported by Catherina Murray on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 03:39am reporting number 018-008-06807
Company Calling: 01800806807
Missed two calls from this number but no message left. Very suspect
Reported by Linda Barry on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 03:07am reporting number 001-937-7212978
Want to know whether he's lying or not
Reported by lucy kim on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 03:02am reporting number 447-936-308316
Type of call: SMS
scammer phone ...asking to open my web security ..they say they are from windows ...only problem is i have a mac .. lol they started yelling at me ..hehe
Reported by scammer on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 01:53am reporting number 029-881-5601
Company Calling: ? windows operating system
your number has been selected €720.000 euro in the turkish national mobile promo for CLAIMS EMAIL(NAME AND MOBILE NUMBER)TO:TRPROCLAIMS@OUTLOO.COM
Reported by CINGIZ on Tuesday, 09.2.2014 @ 01:49am reporting number 050-321-3322
Company Calling:
Type of call: SMS
this man calls after 11PM and only counts then hangs up
Reported by Dar on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 22:09pm reporting number 312-698-3122
Type of call: Prank Call
They ask me for my user names and passwords to all the computers i owned said they were getting a report that i was sending a virus to the server they have called three times since with no one answering the call.
Reported by Beth on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 19:39pm reporting number 989-728-0130
Several calls from this number. They never leave a msg. This number shows up daily on my caller id
Reported by Patricia on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 19:21pm reporting number 757-324-3000
647-741-2646 scam alert & 416-551-6500 & 647-381-5236

This scammer has moved to another government housing Complex apartment with more bed bugs and cockroaches for his 9 cats to eat and get worms. This closet fagit and his ugly always sick fat wife frauds the system getting disability cheques to buy and sell stolen computers, illegal pirated software. They use the software money sales to buy Cocaine to convert it into crack He also buys charms, scratch tickets, counterfeit money, fake concert tickets in order to go back and visit the Duck Dynasty family and slums of Cape Breton..


416-551-6500 & 647-381-5236 416-551-6500 & 647-741-2646
Reported by dell on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 18:57pm reporting number 647-741-2646
Type of call: Event Reminder
Rang - did not pick up. Left no message. This is not the first time I have gotten junk calls from 786-284-4358
. We are on Do Not call list
Reported by mw on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 15:56pm reporting number 786-284-4358
443-344-0434 *Unlisted or Unregistered number* RoboCall.
Caller ID reported ''Unknown'' Location: Severna Park, MD
Landline/Mobile Provider: Coretel Communications inc - MD
Switch Office: BLTMMD91DS0

Callers claim to be Radio on Go, or

When called back, this menu is played:
"…listening to Jamaican Radio
You have hot Jamaican station.
Listen to Power106 Æ’M press 1 and the number sign
To listen to Tambourine Radio press 2 and the number sign
To listen to Jamaican Radio press 3 and the number sign
To listen to News96 press 4 and the number sign
anytime you want to change the station press the star key.
we have 20 stations, so explore away."

Menu repeats until selection is made or timeout to selection 1, Power106FM
programming heard on selection 1:
Both Sides of the Story, Kingston Jamaica

Call type: Robocall - Telemarketer
Reported by Buster Phishingscam on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 14:47pm reporting number 443-344-0434
Company Calling: Jamaican Radio
Type of call: Telemarketer
Please don't fall prey to these people. We tried to take a loan out from and received a call from
213-785-8821 stating we were approved. Considering we have bad credit the loan terms were amazing. Too good to be true in fact. The first amount they asked for was 149.00 for processing fees. Once that was done we were to call 404-382-0014 to finish the lending process. Karen supposedly worked with Net Bank and needed an additional $320.00 for state to state bank fees. All transactions were done on green dot money pak vouchers.

Once we realized that we had had been scammed and our money was gone forever (money pak cards are untraceable). We called back the numbers. Between my husband and I we got the names Jack Brown, Karen, Linda, Jordan Vincent, Matharrta. They threatened my husband and financially and physically. Stating that they will spread his name and information to other scam artist. I have a recording of a phone call I made where they admit that we were taking advantage of and that we were the fools that sent them the money. Interestingly enough he told me of the other scams that this group of people run. It includes an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) scam, a winning lottery scam and an employment scam.

Do not be played for a fool. I don't know what to do with this recording but it admits that this entire company is fake and only goal is to get you to send them money. They wanted another $500 dollars for more processing fees which we did not send. Since we threatened them with legal repercussions they said that they will attach our bank account, which has been closed in case they try. They prey on people that our down on their luck and will suck every last penny out of you.
Reported by Played a Fool on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 14:40pm reporting number 213-785-8821
I've been getting calls from this number for 2-3 weeks & they keep asking for my B-Day & other info & when I told them to stop calling the keep on calling & then when I don't give my personal info they get very angry plz help!
Reported by Tisa on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 14:32pm reporting number 650-496-940059
I keep getting calls from this number 855-847-1972.i don't answer numbers I don't know.theres been a collected calling my work when I'm not there and is mean to the employees and telling them there going to take me to idea.
Reported by pam on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 13:26pm reporting number 855-847-1972
Company Calling: unknown
Recently signed up with I have now received one call every two or three hours until 6pm tonight for the last couple of nights.

I have now asked Shop Direct (Very, Littlewoods etc) to close my account and remove all of my details from their database.

If you sign up with these online companies, set up a junk email address and use an old phone number, or you will be spammed to oblivion.
Reported by Miketiger on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 13:23pm reporting number 080-001-51940
Company Calling: Shop Direct (
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by ciril on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 12:55pm reporting number 004-928-22538622
Company Calling: mozaik zobec
Type of call: Fax Machine
Same as everyone else. Annoying.
Reported by T Sturgeon on Monday, 09.1.2014 @ 12:26pm reporting number 084-365-46731
Company Calling: Useless