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This is a fax call
Reported by Hal Herrn on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 16:19pm reporting number 651-784-3162
Company Calling: Wells Fargo Bank
Reported by dave on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 15:59pm reporting number 586-228-2334
called me 3 times yesterday 2 hour apart. No message. Call back, mo one answer. Reported to national do not call list.
Reported by do not call on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 15:40pm reporting number 415-796-5518
Yes it's the Freeman Hospital automated calling system.
Well it sounds like an electronic robotic voice but she assures me she is human!
Reported by Pedro on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 14:58pm reporting number 019-138-10059
Company Calling: Necastle Freeman Hospital
Type of call: Event Reminder
Very rude and arrogant tone. Will not offer callback but will call several times a day
Reported by ANDREW on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 13:56pm reporting number 905-203-3583
Type of call: Debt Collector
Reported by TOM FOSTER on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 13:45pm reporting number 818-790-7709
It's illegal in my state for a company to make soliciting phone calls to a cell phone without written permission from the cell phone holder. No business has been given that from me.
Reported by xxx on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 12:53pm reporting number 321-250-3469
Nuisance caller - calls several times a day but never leaves any message
Reported by Harry Adams on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 12:52pm reporting number 012-682-97644
Company Calling: unknown
They claim to be Amex. They say you owe a balance on a past bill and they'd like you to pay the minimum. They asked for some info and I gave it to them. Still no record of my payment. By now I've logged into my bank account and can see the bill was paid and cleared. The transferred me to another person who asked me to verify my account but they asked for a DIFFERENT piece of information. I refused to give it to them so they hung up. When I google the number, this page came up. Canceling my card now.

Ignore calls from:

Reported by No Thanks on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 12:41pm reporting number 800-592-1160
Company Calling: Amex
Type of call: Telemarketer
Insurance scam. I answered the first time he called, told him he had the wrong number, hung up, and he proceeded to call five more times within the next 12 minutes. He may have even tried more than that but iIblocked the number.
Reported by brandi on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 12:09pm reporting number 859-868-3019
Type of call: Telemarketer
a scam caller
Reported by JM on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 12:08pm reporting number 619-511-5654
Type of call: Telemarketer
I have received several calls from this number to my home phone over the last several weeks. When the answering machine picks up, they hang up. They have never left a message. Caller id gives the name as "Fusion Tel."
Reported by Neal on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 11:55am reporting number 917-522-6658
Company Calling: Fusion Tel
Randomly called number of former employee (now my number) claiming some kind of business research attempt, but actually a sales call. Requested email address, but I declined. Never heard of them nor did any research with their service.
Reported by DALA/Sussex on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 10:07am reporting number 408-340-2385
Company Calling: Unknown
I often get calls from this number at work. I have no idea who this is.
Reported by Richard Lewis on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 09:28am reporting number 910-816-1571
Just got called on this number. Picked up call but no one on other end sounded like it was trying to dial a call with the same tone as if you were dialing a number.
Reported by Nick on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 09:14am reporting number 080-029-43697
This text message said that they have not heard from me in awhile and hope I'm okay. Don't recognize the number and it is unknown.
Reported by m/a on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 08:49am reporting number 469-544-3882
same here reported them to nuisance calls, new law out can get fined upto £10,000

Bunch of wankers
Reported by Robbie Reid on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 07:36am reporting number 020-360-80111
e' un call center in outsourcing per conto di SKY!!!
Reported by Giovanni on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 06:53am reporting number 390-245-449990
Company Calling: SKY
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is the contact number for TeamViewer - a reputable piece of computer sofware. Did Vanna get the number wrong, or did the person who called spoof the Caller ID? I called them earlier to check on pricing, and then couldn't remember what the number was on my Mobile; that is why I finished up here (and then remembered)
Reported by Simon on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 05:15am reporting number 020-809-97265
Vietnamese number
Reported by n on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 05:00am reporting number 008-458-638310
1000 text loans are very much convenient mode for the salaried people, who are able to get the fund through sending a quick message to the loan provider only. So, go for it if there is the cell phone availability.
Reported by 1000 text loans on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 04:35am reporting number 084-551-90969
Company Calling:
Type of call: SMS
пррдлоомьитбтмбибитмжпьторои ошортдбиь м тлптьллталтт
ртопрьит бьтрти ооти тнг2522530рпмлро трмд
Reported by шьщдрп on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 02:28am reporting number 500-000-0000
Company Calling: 100000.5000000
Type of call: Debt Collector
Reported by ANUP S KOLGE on Monday, 03.30.2015 @ 01:12am reporting number 919-112-07940101
Company Calling: NA
Type of call: Prank Call
I received a miss call from 37390002290,
when i replied my money was deducted
Reported by zaidi on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 21:52pm reporting number 373-900-02290
Totally unsafe. Scammer
Reported by Jeremy on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 20:22pm reporting number 415-878-5117
Call constantly but never leave a message. I am tired of this.
Reported by Joe Lotterhos on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 16:05pm reporting number 817-268-9422
scam claiming to be directv offering a boxing match for only $1
Reported by Cindy on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 13:00pm reporting number 662-851-9937
404-767-4801 Myrick, Charles is what comes up for caller ID. I keep getting phone calls at 11:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and through out the morning and afternoon. When I pick up it's a fax machine. It is quite disturbing to receive phone calls at 11:00 pm and 2:00 pm because I think that something bad has happened to someone in my family (like they need to go to the hospital or a near fatal car accident. This caller has been harassing me for the last 6 months. When I block this number another number calls at the same time.

Reported by Massachusetts on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 10:52am reporting number 404-767-4801
Company Calling: Bell South
Type of call: Fax Machine
Keep getting calls from this number twice a day during the week,don't answer it now but when I did the phone at the other end was replaced with no one speaking. Who are they and can't they be stopped?
Reported by Somebody on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 10:27am reporting number 000-800-9961966
Have been getting calls from these pests all hours of the day and night for months. Have never owed anyone a nickel.
Reported by Davie on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 10:09am reporting number 844-801-3102
Type of call: Debt Collector
647-793-1508 This guy stole my 6 year olds ipad 2 when he came to my home, I called the police and they said there is nothing they could do because I invited this person into my home .The officers also said that undercover officers are buying software and computer services from him and is collaborating with the R.C.M.P and will soon make a sweeping arrest !!
Reported by michelle on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 08:04am reporting number 647-793-1508
Company Calling:
Type of call: Event Reminder
Lists rental homes on Trulia at well below market rate. Explains by email that he is out of state and cannot show you the home. Asks for deposit and says he will send keys. I have located numerous reports of this phone number used for this scam, so I did not call the number.
Reported by Howard on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 06:58am reporting number 209-980-7013
3/28/2015 received call from this number. Caller id says it is 800 Services. The woman on the other end was asking for my husband. I told her he was unavailable that this was his wife and what could i help her with. She said that it was a personal matter that she had to speak with him. I told her that he was unable to talk over a phone that I handle all phone conversations so what could I help her with. i also asked her name, who she was with and nature of call. She never would give me any of this information but did say that (whatever she had was just put on her desk) she didn't even know what state she was calling would I please tell her what state she was call and also wanted me to verify my husband last 4 ss numbers. This is where I told her that since she had our phone number that it is very easy to look up the state for herself and she could also get the address too if she wanted to. I hung up at this point
Reported by jackson on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 06:49am reporting number 855-974-6085
Company Calling: 800 Services
received an sms from this number +212692298609 asking me to pls call back.
Reported by Lucky on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 05:59am reporting number 212-692-298609
Type of call: SMS
Reported by Igor Golota on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 01:59am reporting number 375-333-121680
Company Calling: +375333121680
Type of call: Телефонный Розыгрыш
Reported by Igor Golota on Sunday, 03.29.2015 @ 01:58am reporting number 375-333-121680
got a miss call from +22478400707
Reported by georgi on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 23:41pm reporting number 224-784-00707
Its a scam
Reported by Bob on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 22:55pm reporting number 303-922-5515
Company Calling: High School Posters
Type of call: Telemarketer
High school posters is a scam never got what I paid for its a scam telmarking calling business asking if you want to advertise your business card on there high school sports schedule
Reported by mary on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 22:53pm reporting number 303-922-5515
Company Calling: High School Posters
Type of call: Telemarketer
i got a misscall from this number.i don't know who called me. please help me to know the identity of this number.
Reported by achuthan v r on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 22:51pm reporting number 224-784-00707
I was called from no. 509-207-4098 that they are the IRS and filing a law suit. Call was from Spokane Wash.
Reported by jim on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 18:35pm reporting number 509-207-4098
Company Calling: unknown
647-793-1508,SAM K SCAM ALERT ! ( has been reported to the BSA& R.C.M.P. This Guy distributing fake SOLIDWORKS,AUTOCAD,OFFICE, which are all 30 day trials, with watermarks

This person is


This MUSLIM AND TERRORIST is known to police has been charged in the past with distribution of crack cocaine,fake sports jersey's, fake metro pass, fake concert tickets, fake baby formula to fake Viagra.

He has a soft transgender-ed voice but don't let that fool you, call POLICE

donates stolen computers to children charities and sells pirated software, will be getting a surprise 1st knock on his house door by the R.C.M.P. which will conduct early morning raids this month.This rip-off artist will be the first to go Jail, because the Police knows where he lives. Prison is where society sends their failures.

CHANGED HIS NUMBERS 3 TIMES 647-793-5622, 647-793-6500, 647-793-5236
Reported by wendy on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 18:29pm reporting number 647-793-1508
Company Calling:
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Received a letter on what looks like official Citi paper that stated there was a delinquency and the account was being closed due to revised credit rating: this number is not recognised as a Citi number by me.

Looks like a fishing exercise - taking it up with the authorities.
Reported by Tom on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 15:21pm reporting number 866-533-5595
Company Calling: Phishing
Called 3 times, no msg. 3rd time i answered aked if i was taking any meds.???
Reported by irrtated on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 14:14pm reporting number 248-197-9291
Company Calling: global pharmacy
Type of call: Telemarketer
This person just KEEPS CALLING and breathing heavily into the phone. He called all night, and all morning, and doesn't seem to care that I have his phone number.
Reported by Maria on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 13:44pm reporting number 310-600-7780
ID says voxbone SA no message
Reported by d d on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 13:32pm reporting number 408-457-9586
1 ring then hang up at 10:28 AM PST
Reported by Ryan on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 10:34am reporting number 302-231-6021
Thank you for the above post. I recently opened a CareCredit account. I received a call from this number. The message left was garbled in the beginning and I could not identify the company name. I googled the number, finding the report above. I otherwise thought it was a scam and would have blocked it.

Reported by Kim on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 08:30am reporting number 866-376-0276
This num call acting like he works for the IRS saying I own taxes from 2005-2013 I was a teenager I told he I pay taxes that he sounds dumb my aunt called him told him he a scam artist he started talking in a different language and hung up in her
Reported by cece on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 08:13am reporting number 202-657-6210
Company Calling: irs
i go scamed by Jeff Miller.........DONT DO IT!
Reported by gi on Saturday, 03.28.2015 @ 07:52am reporting number 585-653-8490
Company Calling: 5856538490