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I m also receiving calls from tis numbr 04924 bt no one there plz check this nmbr.i got today last time
Reported by H shazima on Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 10:17am reporting number 049-24-
Company Calling: Mobilik
Yes I am getting calls from 04924. It is disturbing me and have called me many times but I didn't received any as I m afraid the sucuirity condition of our country is not so good . so beware and contact 111 if you are getting calls on Mobilink number. Don't attend the calls for security reasons. Last missed call to me on 04-02-2016 at 05:42pm
Reported by From Jhang on Thursday, 02.4.2016 @ 09:02am reporting number 049-24-
we wanna recognise
Reported by Cristopher on Thursday, 12.31.2015 @ 11:34am reporting number 049-725-8781
May we recognise country was that no.? 0493043665
Reported by Jessika on Monday, 12.21.2015 @ 07:11am reporting number 049-304-3665
Company Calling: 0493043665
whome this number 04924 is?????????
Reported by Mafoqulhassan on Monday, 12.14.2015 @ 06:39am reporting number 049-24-

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