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I was recently contacted by this number, got promised a job, a company car that all my outstanding accounts would be paid up to date and now he's left me in more trouble then I started when looking for a job! Said he works for Sahara and jet airways...and that he is one of the Guptas. I met up with him for an interview at Bedford centre at mugg and bean. Why would someone go around doing something like this. Me and my family are devastated.

Caller: +27836078942
Reported by tlg on Friday, 01.29.2016 @ 10:19am reporting number 083-607-8942
Company Calling: private
Who are you
Reported by Shante on Tuesday, 01.5.2016 @ 10:27am reporting number 083-509-3888
Company Calling: dont knw
Type of call: SMS
wanna figure out who sent us a message
Reported by Son on Sunday, 01.3.2016 @ 08:20am reporting number 083-577-3878
Company Calling: MTN
Type of call: SMS
Reported by Elidia on Saturday, 12.19.2015 @ 18:45pm reporting number 083-837-3932
Company Calling: Ireland
just wanna check
Reported by Elana on Thursday, 12.17.2015 @ 09:08am reporting number 083-085-27892

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