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got two rings at three a. m.
Reported by Gil on Tuesday, 10.26.2010 @ 19:09pm reporting number 109-300-5130
we dreamed of this no., that this is given to us by somebody i would met. .
Reported by Abbie on Friday, 11.13.2009 @ 13:13pm reporting number 109-333-1895
we got two rings with these people in less than 40 minutes. The no. looks suspicious & we do not even believe region code 109 exists, except perhaps related to a computer telephone rather than a geographical area.
Reported by Shawnee on Tuesday, 10.27.2009 @ 05:50am reporting number 109-636-6644
Company Calling: Out of Area
our sibling was receiving frequent no. of rings with the mentioned no. & with +401 & +4044. I wanna quit getting rings with the mentioned no.s. I stay in India & this individual states she stays in Dubai. she rings at any time of day or evening & when he doesnt get the call, she keeps on on phoning. Sometimes the no. of missed rings extent to more than 70 within a hour. please help me in this matter. we wish you'll see into the matter. thanks.
Reported by Ali on Wednesday, 06.10.2009 @ 19:54pm reporting number 109-211-6065

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