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City: Phoenix        State: Arizona        Country: United States

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I received a call today from 602-883-4000 and the gentleman was extremely rude.

Said he was with Capital Credit and wanted to speak with the company's owner. I asked what is this in regards to, he stated he was ________ from Captial Credit and he was calling the owner back. Like always I have to pull information out of these people, I asked what was this in regards to? He stated it was about getting running capital for the company and he needs to speak to the owner. I told him thank you but we are not interested at this time. Once I told him no he decided to let me know exactly what he thought I was and what I should do about it. I explained to him that he was speaking to the owners wife and I would really appreciate it if he stop using the foul language which set him off some more. Ended up having to hang up.

I HIGHLY suggest you not answer the phone if you see this number.

I have tried to call back several times but it goes to a fax line. The only thing I could find on this phone number is that the phone number links to an elementary school in AZ. I did call the school and inform them that the number links to their school.
Reported by Unbelievable!! on Monday, 02.8.2016 @ 13:26pm reporting number 602-883-4000
Company Calling: Captial Credit
who was this
Reported by Eric on Thursday, 01.14.2016 @ 22:57pm reporting number 602-513-4697
this number called and left a voice mail unknowingly as he spoke to what sounded like a room full of other people. The message lasted as long as my voice mail would allow about 5 mins.
Reported by donna on Monday, 01.11.2016 @ 19:28pm reporting number 602-429-9383
we have to have recived fifteen telemarketer rings today. This was receiving ridiculous! No msg ended up leaving & now we had to block another no. GRRRRR
Reported by Morris on Saturday, 01.9.2016 @ 05:13am reporting number 602-674-1019
these people ring at all time, dont talk & when you miss the call, there was no vm either, soon as you ring back these people put the phone down
Reported by Isidro on Friday, 01.8.2016 @ 01:02am reporting number 602-734-0310

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