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spam fake robo call about SSN compromized and that all social benefits will be cancelled and to offer to connect to the SS office
Reported by Jethro on Wednesday, 09.18.2019 @ 14:49pm reporting number 800-201-3113
Reported by Vato Loco on Tuesday, 09.17.2019 @ 13:03pm reporting number 714-810-5566
This number 833 363 4283 was left as a call back number from an unknown number . When I called they call theme-selves the DRC . They claim to be a resolution center. However when I try to get info about my file. They put me on hold and never gave me any info . The girl claims I will be served tomorrow we will see
Reported by Mdoteoss on Monday, 09.16.2019 @ 16:59pm reporting number 833-363-4283
Company Calling: DRC
Hello. And Bye.
Reported by rardflavy on Saturday, 09.14.2019 @ 04:53am reporting number 209-265-8634
Company Calling:
Tells me they're going to serve me papers at my residence and work
Reported by Mesh on Thursday, 09.12.2019 @ 18:31pm reporting number 833-363-4283
Bill reminder
Reported by Jane on Thursday, 09.12.2019 @ 11:58am reporting number 800-050-001020
Company Calling: Verizon
Type of call: Event Reminder
Same as Alicia above. They even called my son to relay the same message that I'm being served -- implying that I'm being sued without them saying it straight. They gave me a "file number", not a case number (if it was indeed a lawsuit).

I got a similar call some time ago so I know it's some sort of scam.

They gave me a number to call -- 833-363-4283.. I just ignored it and ate ice cream.

Reported by Ohwell on Wednesday, 09.11.2019 @ 15:59pm reporting number 266-696-687
Caller phoned me but didn't answer as didn't recognise number.
Reported by Ste on Wednesday, 09.11.2019 @ 09:21am reporting number 019-252-35500
These people claim to be working for the Treasury Dept. I told them to send me a certified letter if they were. They have called again today from a different number. BEWARE SCAM!!!
Reported by Russ on Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 10:21am reporting number 404-975-0499
fraude marrige byuro
Reported by Satyajitsinh pardeshi on Tuesday, 09.10.2019 @ 08:40am reporting number 738-552-0072
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Keep getting multiple phone calls from this number
Was a scam wanted my bank details said I owed money ,

Reported by Jane benham on Sunday, 09.8.2019 @ 06:20am reporting number 084-528-69727
Type of call: Debt Collector
Heis bothering mr making a call i want to know who he is
Reported by Ernesto Patayan jr on Saturday, 09.7.2019 @ 03:55am reporting number 003-021-04071296
Company Calling:
This company calls without identifying themselves with a recorded message asking if I want to sell my house. I tried to call them back and tell them not to call again and all I get is recorded messages.
Reported by Lily on Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 06:33am reporting number 913-285-7210
Company Calling: unknown
I received a unknown number 10 times today since 1730 and when I pick up the call, the person does not reply back and I have to block the unknown number from Malaysia.
Reported by Tay on Wednesday, 09.4.2019 @ 03:54am reporting number 603-278-03953
Company Calling: Unknown
Reports to be Anglia water debt payments
Reported by Bill chaser on Monday, 09.2.2019 @ 07:59am reporting number 080-052-44762
Company Calling: Anglian water
Type of call: Debt Collector
plz info
Reported by ameer on Monday, 09.2.2019 @ 01:30am reporting number 341-070-2937
Company Calling: telenor
Sexual calls and messages from 5164931259
Reported by Melissa on Saturday, 08.31.2019 @ 10:33am reporting number 516-493-1259
Type of call: Prank Call
My report is nothing
Reported by Hritik raj on Friday, 08.30.2019 @ 02:27am reporting number 977-144-4703
Company Calling: Airtail
Type of call: Debt Collector
Reported by ANJANA on Thursday, 08.29.2019 @ 05:14am reporting number 065-164-111
Company Calling: SHARJAH TAXI
I think that this is an extension at the Gloucester and Cheltenham Hospital Trust - but it doesn't accept incoming calls.
Reported by Edward on Wednesday, 08.28.2019 @ 12:25pm reporting number 030-042-28251
Company Calling: Glos NHS Trust
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Call center for Alumni updates for High Schools & Colleges...this call for Riverside-Brookfield HS
Reported by Carol on Wednesday, 08.28.2019 @ 08:28am reporting number 877-464-0062
Company Calling: Alumni Updates
This number call me several times
Reported by Peter on Wednesday, 08.28.2019 @ 01:25am reporting number 022-606-831
Reported by Bilal on Tuesday, 08.27.2019 @ 23:35pm reporting number 042-381-00200
Company Calling: Ptcl
Prompt Services
Reported by Thomas Young on Tuesday, 08.27.2019 @ 07:16am reporting number 020-808-90896
Company Calling: Sky
Reported by Mrs C A Head on Tuesday, 08.27.2019 @ 07:16am reporting number 020-808-90896
Company Calling: Sky

Its strange number that call me but I didn't respond him..kindly provide the information...
Reported by SYED IMRAN HUSSAIN on Tuesday, 08.27.2019 @ 03:13am reporting number 004-420-37341025
Company Calling: unknown
called me this morn said penine acute rang back thinking about appointment hope it not cost a lot missed morning call
Reported by w hardy on Friday, 08.23.2019 @ 13:21pm reporting number 016-172-02000
Claimed to be calling from a 'cash' company, in regards to a customer who is not answering their calls, who supposedly gave my name as reference for borrowing money.
Reported by Anni on Friday, 08.23.2019 @ 11:20am reporting number 905-540-8550
Type of call: Debt Collector
This is a Pyschic line called Trusted Pyschic. They get you to purchase a pin number so you can get a reading. On line it shows readers available with fake comments. Don't purchase the Pin number as they never answer call. Complete FAKES!

Can't believe this is advertised live on line! Theft from poor people is the worst kind of crime in my BOOK!
Reported by Molly on Thursday, 08.22.2019 @ 10:06am reporting number 016-049-22761
Asian accent promising better rates on my electricity bills, demanding me to hand over information about my business. Got rude when I refused.
Reported by Ricky on Thursday, 08.22.2019 @ 07:15am reporting number 075-555-55555
Company Calling: Cold Call
Type of call: Telemarketer
its chilli a hen n stag do business
Reported by leanne shaw on Wednesday, 08.21.2019 @ 08:46am reporting number 020-729-91888
Company Calling: chilli sauce
Some Lady call me from this number and ask me about silk bank credit card
Reported by Asim on Tuesday, 08.20.2019 @ 23:06pm reporting number 021-386-96030
I got a phone call saying it was from a courier service in Janesville wis. 608 713 9754 , called back never could talk to anyone so I tried to leave a message asking them who they were , got 112 161 1611 back.
Reported by June Aspen on Monday, 08.19.2019 @ 10:21am reporting number 112-116-11611
Company Calling: Comapny Courier Janesville Wisconsin
Type of call: Telemarketer
keeps on calling me, even after i said its a wrong number. who is this lady?
Reported by j on Friday, 08.16.2019 @ 22:45pm reporting number 915-224-41
this number phones me almost everyday and no one speaks
Reported by Nicky on Friday, 08.16.2019 @ 03:14am reporting number 051-407-2730
Selling leads for roofing companies
Reported by Gary on Thursday, 08.15.2019 @ 07:17am reporting number 702-330-5677
Didn't pick up, but they left a message.
Reported by Hailey on Thursday, 08.15.2019 @ 04:46am reporting number 001-161-000000000
It came across as "Inmate Call "

Reported by toosweet on Wednesday, 08.14.2019 @ 10:55am reporting number 818-309-4282
This number IS A SCAM - nobody on the line but if you answer they charge your bill - racked up bills without me ever calling them. Phone companies don't care and don;t refund.
Reported by emz on Wednesday, 08.14.2019 @ 09:20am reporting number 084-448-10480
Company Calling: scam
Top tip - NEVER use your real phone number when searching for online car insurance quotes. Within minutes the nuisance calls begin.
Reported by Mr M on Wednesday, 08.14.2019 @ 08:06am reporting number 028-912-43945
Company Calling: Hughes Insurance (Northern Ireland)
Type of call: Telemarketer
Some recording about PPO plans. But what was strange to me was press 8 to speak to someone or 4 to get off calling list.
Who ever heard of press 8 or 4?
Not falling for this one.

Here's additional info found about this phone number, I always check other places for info.

Warning! The phone number 435-924-3913 is not assigned to any phone company. If you have received a phone call from this number then it is possibly a spam caller. Don't answer or return this call unless you know for sure who it is and check back regularly for any new comments posted below. If you do know who is calling from 435-924-3913 then please let the rest of the community know by posting a comment below or simply clicking on the "safe to answer" or "spam caller" buttons below.
Reported by mad on Tuesday, 08.13.2019 @ 07:53am reporting number 435-924-3913
Company Calling: scammer
This no. keep on calling me and didn't say anything.
Reported by Joy on Monday, 08.12.2019 @ 18:25pm reporting number 027-958-900
Keep getting messages from this number think it's linked to a scam. Don't reply or answer!
Reported by Michaela on Sunday, 08.11.2019 @ 01:50am reporting number 085-820-4508
Company Calling: 085 820 4508
The number ending 4376 is the Lloyds ppi bereavement team

The other number is the ppi customer service number

Reported by Anon on Saturday, 08.10.2019 @ 05:49am reporting number 080-015-10292
Company Calling: Lloyd’s bank
Call continuously, several times a day, never leave message.

Reported by gordon on Saturday, 08.10.2019 @ 03:45am reporting number 033-988-0033
This was Panda Power trying to get me to renew your contract. They won't leave a message.
Reported by Bobby on Friday, 08.9.2019 @ 03:00am reporting number 014-245-088
Company Calling: Panda Power
Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited Debt Collection
Reported by Sean on Friday, 08.9.2019 @ 02:51am reporting number 014-649-002
Company Calling: Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited
Type of call: Debt Collector
A Mark Lewis called and left voicemessage, advising he was a representative of Bryson Megley and Paine, and wanted to dsicuss how his firm could assist us in negoitating a settlement of a lawsuit purportedly filed against my business. We have no knowledge of such lawsuit.
Reported by cjig on Thursday, 08.8.2019 @ 12:31pm reporting number 800-683-7959
Caller ID comes up as Big Lots Fax.
Caller didn't leave message & I'm not expecting anything from a fax line from Big Lots. Besides, it wasn't a fax machine calling because there was non of them squeals you hear when one calls your phone.
This is either a number given out as new & they're using the past name to hide their true info with, or they've pirated the phone number for the callers scams. Either way, it's a scammer calling.
Reported by mad on Thursday, 08.8.2019 @ 12:17pm reporting number 937-484-1161
Company Calling: Fake Big Lots Fax
I have to pay 2499rs because i won a third prize
Reported by Merri on Thursday, 08.8.2019 @ 07:01am reporting number 973-239-8027
Company Calling: E commerce