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Hi, here on the forum guys advised a cool Dating site, be sure to register - you will not REGRET it <a href=></a>
Reported by Jamescet on Monday, 10.26.2020 @ 10:23am reporting number 972-437-2392
Company Calling:
Scam. Sent an email to my corporate email account pretending to be my boss who was in a meeting asking for my cell number. Once I sent, they used SMS and tried to get me to purchase $500 in Google Play Cards for an account he wanted to send a gift to. Being a but savey, I asked certain questions that I knew my boss would know and determined it was a scam.

Reported by DVL on Friday, 10.23.2020 @ 09:52am reporting number 303-536-8162
Type of call: SMS
As soon as you pick their call they'll hangup again then there will be otp coming into ur phone, so this seems not safe, please help if you can
Reported by Rangkhil marak on Wednesday, 10.21.2020 @ 21:30pm reporting number 142-531-26786
I was called by 1409766016 this number regarding SBI credit card ,he asked my pan number to check cibil score and said you will get sms from sbi with your application ID in while but still i didnt receive any such.
Is it a kind of scam?
Reported by Prince Kumar on Tuesday, 10.20.2020 @ 00:18am reporting number 347-857-7058


Reported by Marcia A Hancock on Monday, 10.19.2020 @ 14:45pm reporting number 141-010-0038
Company Calling: HUNTINGTON
Type of call: SMS
received a call from 0208 6643200. They stated that they wrote my will some years ago and needed to talk about legal changes. When I asked for details of my will they said they could not give out that info and for me to ring 0208664300, option 4, quoting ref: 110978 and speak to their Customer Services.
Reported by Terence on Monday, 10.19.2020 @ 12:04pm reporting number 020-866-43200
Company Calling: Will Makers
Another call from this number
Reported by Zazava on Friday, 10.16.2020 @ 22:05pm reporting number 614-660-12123
Company Calling: zazava
Who are you?
Reported by Joe on Thursday, 10.15.2020 @ 23:24pm reporting number 004-420-37341025
Company Calling: 00442037341025
I got a letter in the mail from graves Humphries saying I have outstanding ticket in town of valley brook a small town in OKC where I live. There was no website info just a phone number 8774391900 and looked up the number before calling and saw this so thank you all for posting would send a pic but not sure how to upload it
Reported by Melissa alfred on Thursday, 10.15.2020 @ 17:59pm reporting number 877-439-1900
Company Calling: Graves Humphries Stahl,Ltd
Type of call: Debt Collector
scam, calling to confirm an order. NO ORDER WAS MADE. calling this in to police
Reported by Business cell phone on Thursday, 10.15.2020 @ 12:48pm reporting number 587-805-0493
Company Calling: irisdel
Type of call: SMS
Started calling the evening I gave new number to a new doctor. The doctors in this area are selling their customers numbers. I have tested this several times and like clockwork it happens. They call early and begin again around 6:15 in the evening. They will call and call again immediately. Then they repeat and get very close to 9 as possible before they quit.
Reported by Paulette on Wednesday, 10.14.2020 @ 16:49pm reporting number 866-905-3595
This number keeps calling my home phone 2 -4 times per day. I do not answer it as I know it is a telemarketer, survey or SPAM caller. This is absurd to say the least and is now classified by myself as harassment! There needs to be a law in place for telephone number identification that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR! So you may lodge your complaints and get restitution from these annoying, harassing phone calls!
Reported by Sandy on Wednesday, 10.14.2020 @ 09:30am reporting number 805-328-3575
Company Calling: Unknow
Debt collector.
Reported by Bobby on Monday, 10.12.2020 @ 07:02am reporting number 610-440-3078
Company Calling: Portfolio Recovery
Type of call: Debt Collector
Amazon scam. Claims you have a 400 plus charge press one to dispute it.
Reported by ks on Wednesday, 10.7.2020 @ 15:50pm reporting number 417-886-5950
paragon bank sollihull
Reported by Paul Smith on Friday, 10.2.2020 @ 09:13am reporting number 033-099-57922
Company Calling:
This number keeps calling several times. I don't answer it, they do not leave a message.

Reported by Kay on Thursday, 10.1.2020 @ 15:26pm reporting number 805-328-3575
Company Calling: Unknow
Another call from this number ... have no idea who it is !!
Reported by Zazava on Thursday, 10.1.2020 @ 04:18am reporting number 614-660-12123
Scam call (9/30, 2:15) looking for Social Security Information. DO NOT GIVE ANY SOCIAL SECURITY INFORMATION!!!!
Reported by tony on Wednesday, 09.30.2020 @ 13:24pm reporting number 304-433-8939
Company Calling: Social Security (FAKE)
Scam call (9/30, 12:57PM) looking for Social Security Info. DO NOT GIVE ANY SS INFORMATION!
Reported by tony on Wednesday, 09.30.2020 @ 13:22pm reporting number 360-526-0478
Company Calling: Social Security (FAKE)
Scam call (9/30, 3:11 PM) supposedly from Social Security looking for information on SS account. DO NOT GIVE ANY INFO!!!!!.

Reported by tony on Wednesday, 09.30.2020 @ 13:19pm reporting number 214-287-5643
Company Calling: Social Security (fake)
This number is mobile direct offering upgrade
Reported by Mike on Wednesday, 09.30.2020 @ 07:12am reporting number 013-124-10302
Company Calling: Mobile direct
866.201.3229 cited as an Amazon number for disputing a purchase. This is paired wit 206.491.0298 to confirm an expensive purchase made on Amazon. Actually, this is a part of a fraud to get you to wire certain funds to a foreign recipient. Don't acknowledge any contact. Keep a close eye on your various checking/credit card accounts.
Reported by Ron on Tuesday, 09.29.2020 @ 08:43am reporting number 866-201-3329
Company Calling: Alexa for Amazon
0391089803 calling n send me msj about bill from umobile telco that i dont know about..
Reported by Man up on Sunday, 09.27.2020 @ 22:05pm reporting number 039-108-9803
Robo call talking before my answer machine could pick up. My machine recorded:
"been $70. We can offer you promotional rates for your service. To avail this offer, please press 1, and if you want your number in do not call list, please press 2."
Reported by TS on Friday, 09.25.2020 @ 12:01pm reporting number 937-699-3103
hung up when I answered
Reported by Sandra Breyer on Friday, 09.25.2020 @ 08:38am reporting number 513-296-6850
Company Calling:
Said call back. Clearly a scsm
Reported by Andy on Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 11:15am reporting number 347-620-7224
these folks got into my computer pretending to be microsoft. they shut down my computer and when i called them i realized it was a scam. i waited until he opened my computer back up and hung up on him before giving him any additional information. BEWARE folks!
Reported by mary winn on Monday, 09.21.2020 @ 08:56am reporting number 888-240-1864
I've been researching 614-407 for over 3 years and have no problem calling this Scam; I can't verify it Today. CID is "Home Care Services", but are known by many other names, all Health Related!! These are not people you want to deal with; Use Extreme Caution when dealing with this Caller!!! They usually do not call with the same number more than once, but if you're getting repeated calls from this number then BLOCK IT!!! I have ones source reporting this as a "Debt Collector" that should tell you something; these people are NOT Legitimate!!!
Reported by Financially Handicapped on Saturday, 09.19.2020 @ 19:30pm reporting number 614-407-5658
Company Calling: Home Care Services
Type of call: Telemarketer
Want to determine if this call is legitimate.
Reported by Ruth Moxom on Friday, 09.18.2020 @ 09:31am reporting number 860-111-1110
Company Calling: apple
Rings & hangs up!!! A**holes
Reported by Remaining Anonymous on Thursday, 09.17.2020 @ 10:03am reporting number 059-075-765
Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
PS: How are you? I am from France :)
Reported by MixTyday on Wednesday, 09.16.2020 @ 18:14pm reporting number 209-265-8634
Company Calling:
This is a phone number that was given to me by someone on Hangouts that was on Instagram posing as Keanu Reeves. These people contact you hoping you ACTUALLY believe that they are whatever celebrity you like. Knowing it was a scam, and working with a police program, I accepted the request to talk. Eventually, they try to convince you that they love you and will ask for gift cards, money, etc. They have many phone numbers from all over America but are NOT in this country. They come from everywhere but MOST are from Nigeria (where they do get arrested and jailed for doing these crimes ). THIS IS DEFINITELY A SCAM NUMBER! It has been reported to the American police agency working on social media frauds.
Reported by Wish to remain private on Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 14:00pm reporting number 078-143-73150
Type of call: Prank Call
sent an email and tried to socially engineer me from this number for google play cards.
Reported by matt on Monday, 09.14.2020 @ 11:32am reporting number 303-536-8162
Belongs To Common Collection Agency, a legitimate and highly reputable collection agency. THEY DO NOT PURCHASE DEBTS. Offices are localed in Toronto, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. Employed by major Canadian banks to collect past due credit card bills and loans. The people claiming that they are spam callers are probably debtors themselves and will blame everyone and anyone rather than assume responsibility.
Reported by Sherlock on Monday, 09.7.2020 @ 20:02pm reporting number 888-886-1924
Company Calling: Common collection
Unknown left message no sound for 3 mins
Reported by Unknown on Saturday, 09.5.2020 @ 18:06pm reporting number 650-385-3170
Type of call: Prank Call
hi yeah this is Sherry and I'm a senior executive in our automotive department _____ can you hear me okay
Reported by Harvey L. on Friday, 09.4.2020 @ 12:53pm reporting number 937-735-0826
Company Calling: fake warracty
+911409922023 whose this number?
Reported by JIMMY on Friday, 09.4.2020 @ 05:43am reporting number 911-409-922023
I Believe You That This is San Francisco Chronicle, They Are a "ROBO" Caller! What I Don't Understand is Why They Are Calling Anyone in Ohio???
Reported by Financially Handicapped on Thursday, 09.3.2020 @ 10:58am reporting number 800-345-6623
Company Calling: San Francisco Chronicle
Type of call: Telemarketer
Kata pemilik No ini saya memenangkan uang atau hp android..
Reported by Natanael Sitorus pnae on Wednesday, 09.2.2020 @ 07:46am reporting number 085-211-077811
Company Calling:
Type of call: SMS
According to her office's website, Karen is "a highly trained and experienced healthcare practitioner or healthcare provider. A seven should make you're breathless, but able in short sentences.
Reported by can sky block gambling sites on Tuesday, 09.1.2020 @ 01:41am reporting number 678-333-0006
Company Calling:
Type of call: Political Call
Got a call from this number saying it was an important message for someone that isn't me. She asked me to call back at 303-317-8449. Found it odd that the numbers didn't match. Not sure if this is a scam?
Reported by person on Wednesday, 08.26.2020 @ 15:50pm reporting number 303-317-8522
tell me information

Reported by doger on Wednesday, 08.26.2020 @ 07:48am reporting number 030-359-08836
Company Calling: jazz
They claim to be from Social Security; and that my benefits (that I don't receive) will be canceled.
Reported by Denise on Monday, 08.24.2020 @ 14:13pm reporting number 215-770-8789
I received 5 missed calls from this number and not aware whose number this.

Reported by Venkat on Sunday, 08.23.2020 @ 22:09pm reporting number 353-911-80030009009
Recording was talking before my machine started recording. What was recorded on my machine was:

"promotion running in which we are to help your customers dropping down their monthly bills. So, if you are not happy with bills & want to lower your bills, press 1. If you want to be taken off the list, press 2. If you want to speak to one of our promotional specialists, please press zero."

Scam outfit calling because:
1) I am not a company, I don't have customers
2) it says "& want to lower your bills"

Contradiction in the call being for a business then switching as if it was contacting a consumer customer instead.

Scam, beware.
Reported by mad on Thursday, 08.20.2020 @ 11:03am reporting number 937-431-0310
Company Calling: scammer
Spam - robo caller for trucking
Reported by edd on Monday, 08.17.2020 @ 04:41am reporting number 800-309-7899
Type of call: Telemarketer
You need to learn from reading various books and articles how you can identify those marks.
Speaking to friends often helps a lot while buying; especially chatting with the ones who have obtained a
trailer before.
Reported by lucky palace casino download ios on Monday, 08.17.2020 @ 03:25am reporting number 238-008-88
Company Calling:
Type of call: SMS
Have been receiving calls from this number. Have blocked it but some how they can get through.
Reported by Vimala on Friday, 08.14.2020 @ 21:23pm reporting number 037-950-1062
Not a familiar number - no message - forget it !!
Reported by Zazava on Friday, 08.14.2020 @ 20:10pm reporting number 614-660-12123
This is a scam! Do not believe them. Do not give them any information!
Reported by Anonymous on Friday, 08.14.2020 @ 15:35pm reporting number 800-793-8861
Company Calling: Scam