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Latest Numbers to be Reported:

This number belongs to Taylor Leigh Charnquist. She is an identity thief.
Reported by Cherylp on Friday, 05.25.2018 @ 16:34pm reporting number 512-585-2404
Another unwanted call from this Alhambra VOIP number arrived today, just 5½ months since the last unwanted call on Dec. 7, 2017. Once again, when the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence -- a strong sign of robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who shamelessly prey on the public.

The perpetrator has been unmasked as a scam solar energy contractor:
Elite Home Energy
10661 Ellis Ave., Suite J
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
License # 635973
REAL NUMBER (714) 968 5304
Reported by Quick Brown Fox on Friday, 05.25.2018 @ 14:38pm reporting number 626-888-5279
Company Calling: Elite Home Energy
Type of call: Telemarketer
Tia young has HIV
Reported by Fred on Friday, 05.25.2018 @ 13:00pm reporting number 813-580-3416
Company Calling: Fred
Very rude and demanding. Wanted me to give her my address because she said I was being sued. Called over and over countless times until I finally blocked her. Then somehow she got my daughter's number and did the same thing. She wouldn't give us a name or company name or any information other then "someone" is suing us!
Reported by Sally Charles on Friday, 05.25.2018 @ 10:16am reporting number 361-208-2629
Staffline recruitment agency
Reported by Max on Friday, 05.25.2018 @ 06:03am reporting number 015-148-65756
2 calls today.they asked for me by name .i told the indian caller 'I am not here' ha who are these people?
Reported by patrick mccann on Friday, 05.25.2018 @ 05:29am reporting number 011-243-11041
Same.... Got a miss call and number is temporarily out of service...
Reported by Rasika on Friday, 05.25.2018 @ 04:41am reporting number 919-730-124130
Company Calling:
calling people up with arrest threats in 24 hrs if you don't call them back because of either taxes or allegations against. May complaints on other complaint sites say same thing.
Reported by w.c. on Thursday, 05.24.2018 @ 19:37pm reporting number 917-460-4125
Company Calling: scammer
** UPDATE **
ALL apparent related numbers (including more discovered ones and 646-921-4757 in one list for convenience):

323-593-4993 CA
334-564-9552 AL
408-906-0801 CA
415-872-1814 CA
424-206-6130 CA
424-313-1245 CA
424-317-6212 CA
480-210-9088 AZ
480-795-5980 AZ
503-374-0650 OR
503-446-5936 OR
510-369-5952 CA
510-369-5997 CA
561-332-1843 FL
614-639-6372 OH
646-542-1746 NY
646-921-4757 NY
646-921-4762 NY
720-619-5252 CO
786-971-6285 FL

^ I have made individual reports on some of these numbers. You may check for them.

Additional calls just from 646-921-4757:
# / DATE
8 / 5/21/2018
1 / 5/22/2018
5 / 5/23/2018
17 / 5/24/2018

Reported by Roger on Thursday, 05.24.2018 @ 18:59pm reporting number 646-921-4757
Reported by Jessica on Thursday, 05.24.2018 @ 17:08pm reporting number 408-215-1702
Type of call: Prank Call
Probation officer called with this number. Missouri State
Hence the mo st
Reported by Busted on Thursday, 05.24.2018 @ 14:33pm reporting number 314-244-8099
Company Calling: Mo. Probation and Parole
Malicious spam
Reported by J on Thursday, 05.24.2018 @ 09:52am reporting number 714-769-9377
Such a nonsense human being! Simply calling for no reason.
Reported by Madan on Thursday, 05.24.2018 @ 08:14am reporting number 914-066-115601
called claiming to be part of the "Car Phone Warehouse Group"
Reported by bruno on Thursday, 05.24.2018 @ 06:52am reporting number 078-843-43938
Called my cell ph & land line wanting to talk to me about activites on my ANZ bank account
Reported by Jennifer on Wednesday, 05.23.2018 @ 22:13pm reporting number 092-960-650
Company Calling: 092960650
Keep texting, however, they don't say what it's about and they've got my name incorrect.
Reported by Not saying on Wednesday, 05.23.2018 @ 11:44am reporting number 080-004-65910
Company Calling: I'm servicing
Company from India keep calling wanting information about our works Electric meter as they are having trouble billing our works.

I do everything on line and there is no issues with Bills

I have spoken to Scottish power and they have told me it has nothing to do with them.

They are very persistent and call 4-6 times a day.

We are just ignoring the call now. We didn't give them any details.
Reported by Clare on Wednesday, 05.23.2018 @ 02:22am reporting number 011-125-56526
It's a market research company based in Cambuslang. Don't give them any information if you answer.
Reported by Teddy on Wednesday, 05.23.2018 @ 01:56am reporting number 014-164-80606
Company Calling: Research Resource
I am a man
Reported by mdsorif on Tuesday, 05.22.2018 @ 23:12pm reporting number 018-627-66389
Company Calling: 01827982376
Type of call: Prank Call
Constant calls no messages left. If I do answer they hang up
Reported by Lyn on Tuesday, 05.22.2018 @ 18:01pm reporting number 028-524-5954
I did not answer and they did not leave a voice-mail
Reported by Barbara on Tuesday, 05.22.2018 @ 09:14am reporting number 073-914-15059
This number called.
Reported by None on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 13:57pm reporting number 888-321-7557
Have now rung twice. No message left.
Reported by Jude on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 10:48am reporting number 012-738-05569
Someone calling herself Deborah and claiming to be from my mortgage lender.

But wants me to ring them back with my account details.

1. If it was my mortgage lender calling, it isn't like they don't have my landline number and this caller left a voice mail on my mobile.

2. Had same series of calls last year from same company - it is NOT my mortgage lender, it's Northern Rock trying to flog repayment vehicle packages to people with interest only mortgages like mine. Go away. It's in hand and I am not ging to buy products or return calls.

3. If it WAS my mortgage lender, they would obviously have my account details. Duh.

Reported by Jane on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 10:36am reporting number 033-015-94436
Company Calling: Northern Rock. RAM
Type of call: Telemarketer
It is the company Headmasters - Hair Salon - They sent me a text message asking me if i wished to carry on receiving promotional information from them
Reported by Rhi on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 09:14am reporting number 020-313-76929
Company Calling: Headmasters Salon
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
claim they are from attorney's Office calling in connection to one of my accounts which i do not have. and first thing they asked for after "hello is this...."was "can we have your date of birth". and when i asked what it was about they got irritated and kept asking for my date of birth...then hung up. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
Reported by Mis p on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 06:52am reporting number 051-492-1768
Company Calling: What what attorneys
Complaints I found say card holder services
Reported by x on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 06:36am reporting number 775-372-9275
Received an SMS text to my home phone purporting to come from BT, regretting I'd decided to leave them and quoting a charge for doing so. Invited me to call them to discuss.
Rang BT, who confirmed it was noting to do with them, and a scam.
Dangerous therefore.
Reported by Bob on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 06:04am reporting number 080-078-34787
Company Calling: Unknown scammer
Type of call: SMS
Got a call, faint music in background - no-one spoke, then phone went off. Happens quite a lot from 0333 numbers
Reported by Elly on Monday, 05.21.2018 @ 03:09am reporting number 033-321-28476
received a call from a lady telecaller from phone number 987-357-3177. The True caller id shows as Montee driver.
This lady calls and tells me that I have an SBI credit card and she is calling to activate a 20% discount feature on it so that whatever transactions I do in any outlet, I get 20% discount on it.
I have recently applied for an SBI credit card and cancelled it in the last minute in the verification call. thats when I got a spam call.
I re applied for an SBI credit card, this time I didn't cancel it. 1 day after I get this scam call again. it looks like these scammers have some kind of a connectivity with SBI Credit card section that once the verification from SBI is done, the next day these scammers call to get the information on it.

I asked her what information on the card does she want- she said the numbers on the card.
I asked her how she came to know that I have an sbi card- she said, madarchod saley phone rakh and she cut the call.. ( she figured it out that I recognized her as a scammer)

Beware of these scammers, be careful.

Reported by Ravi on Sunday, 05.20.2018 @ 23:16pm reporting number 987-357-3177
Company Calling: Scam -SBI
Type of call: Telemarketer
Setting up wifi at my new place!!
Reported by Rosie on Sunday, 05.20.2018 @ 18:26pm reporting number 092-807-141
Company Calling: Slingshot
Me mandaron mensaje diciendo que le pague
Reported by Veronica on Sunday, 05.20.2018 @ 16:33pm reporting number 669-222-4275
Type of call: Desconocido
Me mandaron un mensaje de este número disiento que le pague
Reported by Veronica on Sunday, 05.20.2018 @ 16:31pm reporting number 669-222-4275
Type of call: Desconocido
Happening Again these people never give up

cold calling repeat No
Reported by Alun on Sunday, 05.20.2018 @ 16:04pm reporting number 025-260-962271
Company Calling: No Company
Want yo know about yhe number?
Reported by 051 2069017 on Sunday, 05.20.2018 @ 03:38am reporting number 051-206-9017
tang karta ha

Reported by sumair kayani on Saturday, 05.19.2018 @ 17:38pm reporting number 923-481-054737
Company Calling: telenor
tang karta ha

Reported by sumair on Saturday, 05.19.2018 @ 17:37pm reporting number 923-481-054737
Company Calling: telenor
Type of call: Fax Machine
This number called my 87 year old neighbour swearing at him then hung up
Reported by Muss Jean richards on Saturday, 05.19.2018 @ 06:37am reporting number 002-032-895157
I got two missed calls from +4049 who cud it be. .... gk
Reported by G.k on Saturday, 05.19.2018 @ 00:36am reporting number 404-9-
Reported by MADHUSUDANA on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 22:09pm reporting number 888-456-6483
Company Calling: ARETEL
Type of call: SMS
Didnt bother to answer as I dont know the number....usually its an Indian sounding male voice on similar glad the DNC thing works SOOO great....NOT
Reported by Ken on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 17:44pm reporting number 708-406-5265
# belongs to a dating site scammer, if you google it will come up on many sites
Reported by Scamdetective on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 13:50pm reporting number 347-467-4492
# belongs to a dating site scammer, if you google it it will come up on many sites
Reported by Scamdetective on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 13:49pm reporting number 518-601-1482
The phone number belongs to an african dating site scammer. if you google the # it will come up on many sites
Reported by Scamdetective on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 13:48pm reporting number 201-765-8829
They spam you with calls with discount energy offers.
Despite calling on your mobile they know you name and the post code.
They are actively trying to find out your address saying that knowing NMI they can come up with the best discount offer.
BE CAREFUL, don't give them any details.
They call from different phone numbers and come up with the same "offers". All callers speak with Asian or Phillipino accent.
Another number to block: 0385796769
Reported by Bob on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 11:41am reporting number 028-418-2820
Company Calling: ? Energy Offers
Type of call: Telemarketer
Spammers with energy discount offers. Don't take No for an answer.
Keep calling from different numbers.
Reported by Bob on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 11:32am reporting number 038-579-6769
Company Calling: ? Energy Offers
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by Philip on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 09:52am reporting number 408-215-1702
This is a scammer using phone numbers from your personal phone to replace their caller ID number with so you'll answer the phone (or others to do so).

I received a call from this number, but it was acting like it was coming from my son's phone number. No one left a message & my son did not try calling me.

Here's a news article about this warning posted from an Indiana news station on May 15, 2018
Reported by gfdgfd on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 08:27am reporting number 937-660-5495
Company Calling: scammer
many calls a day.
Just calls and hangs up.
Reported by John on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 07:40am reporting number 020-782-45301
This scammer wanted me to text this number 919-670-2835 to claim my prize. This is definitely a scammer!
Reported by Kathy on Friday, 05.18.2018 @ 06:42am reporting number 919-670-2835