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Forwarded from TM-SDCCBK:
Your Account XXX397375 is credited by Rs. 32,316 Total Balance : Rs. 32,316.00 Clear Balance : Rs. 32,316.0020/07/2018:17:30
Reported by Ponvel on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 20:21pm reporting number 903-245-5002
Company Calling: 9032455002
Type of call: SMS
Text 0n phone from "chase online":
Id code 43976940 to enter online at prompt and log in within 30 min.

But, I don't bank on my phone...

So I replied "why?"

They replied way too fast, like it was a canned msg, " We are sorry we did not under your response." No punctuation,very questionable.

I replied, "oh?"

Immediate, questionable response from the creeps.

I replied, "Sure. No English?"

Immediate, same questionable response.

They stopped there.
Reported by Chris on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 13:43pm reporting number 242-733-
Engineer on behalf of Virgin Media.
Reported by Greg on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 07:12am reporting number 075-579-21004
Company Calling: Virgin Media
Reported by Yalou on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 06:56am reporting number 031-941-3214
Company Calling: OA
I also got the call from same number what to do about this..?
Reported by Arjun on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 05:20am reporting number 504-4-
Called today. It is a call centre asking how old your boiler is and about changing your boiler.
Reported by Colin on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 01:27am reporting number 016-396-17369
Asking for Miss E Holt saying they are from Vanquis Bank asking for my details, I don't have a Vanquis Bank Acct. The boy on the phone was very persistant.
Reported by K Jones on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 00:50am reporting number 011-345-4321
Type of call: Debt Collector

This is the old number for Dr Phillip McGeorge.
Murdoch Eye Centre and Perth Laser Vision.
The new number is 9218 7666.
My apologies for anyone who rang this number as it is now disconnected.

Reported by Katherine McGeorge on Friday, 07.20.2018 @ 00:30am reporting number 089-366-1744
8324995380 phone number who sent me nudy pick
Reported by Rick on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 20:53pm reporting number 832-499-5380
Company Calling: Cricket
Caller didn't leave message
No doubt a scammer calling those on the do not call list
Reported by Nick on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 10:57am reporting number 937-797-0857
Called the number back from a business line. The number rings to an old school answering machine with a recording stating they are the "Internal Revenue Service" asking you to leave a message with ALL of your information.
Reported by AK Law on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 10:44am reporting number 415-390-6158
Company Calling: Peter Andersen "IRS"
Caller didn't leave a message. Area code 465 is not a legit area code. Look it up on the computer. It's non assigned & is a spoofed number so the caller can't be tracked.
Reported by Billy J. on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 10:17am reporting number 465-491-5345
This belongs to cold calling Utility warehouse selling gas and electricity
Reported by Gee on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 09:48am reporting number 032-905-901
Company Calling: Utility warehouse
Type of call: Telemarketer
Received a text from this number telling me they want to buy my property and provided my address as well as used my first name. I'm guessing they used a county records for name, address, phone number. I did not respond.

"Hi (first name), apologies for the message out of the blue, but my name is Will and I would like to speak with you about purchasing (address). Do I have the right person?"
Reported by Niki on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 08:57am reporting number 720-605-4890

Reported by ZFZ on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 02:04am reporting number 032-726-3100
Company Calling: SSA
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Keep calling me. Not sure who is this.
Reported by Laura on Thursday, 07.19.2018 @ 01:17am reporting number 037-803-2712
This number has called me several times. When you answer, there is a strange beat playing
Reported by Isaac on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 12:24pm reporting number 011-430-72564
Company Calling: Random number
Type of call: Prank Call
received text. Said DHL Express from Shenzhen Sunwel.
Reported by Bob on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 11:19am reporting number 707-331-3321
Wednesday 18 July 2018 @ 16h52
On answering the phone, it went dead.
Reported by Tony on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 08:59am reporting number 011-734-41453
Called me Tuesday 18:30pm, said was I interested in purchasing an Audi RS3 and asked for my email address and mobile telephone number.
Reported by Mike on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 06:30am reporting number 023-920-09120
Company Calling: not known
Received a call from someone purporting to be from 'The B&B Directory' which is a REAL company based in Wells, Somerset.
The guy sends very plausible and conned us into giving him our card details on the basis that our advertisement on the B&B Directory website was due for renewal.
The number he called from was: 07849153883
On checking, we found that it WASN'T due for renewal for quite some while and rang them direct to check.
They said that lots of people were complaining about this scam and to call our bank.
The bank confirmed that an amount HAD been taken almost immediately and put a stop to our card.
BEWARE of anyone calling you and purporting to be from a company and giving them your card details over the phone.
Reported by Primrose Cottage B&B on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 05:57am reporting number 078-491-53883
Company Calling: The B&B Directory
Type of call: Prank Call
Are charging money from my credit card but I didn't by anything from ye. I want my money back.
Reported by Nabor Nunes on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 05:16am reporting number 877-460-2933
0035316991813 - called several times - I think it is a call center
Reported by swiss on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 04:18am reporting number 003-531-6991813
Company Calling: idt conect
its a scam...block the number
Reported by al on Wednesday, 07.18.2018 @ 03:37am reporting number 014-446-80074
Didnt answer. Afraid its some kind of hoax
Reported by Jim Rock on Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 22:41pm reporting number 037-490-0020
they call all hours day and night no message when you call back they don't say anything
Reported by anita on Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 11:47am reporting number 616-328-6414
They called me 17/07/2018 at 8.00pm I did not answer it, they did not leave a message
Reported by Glynis on Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 01:09am reporting number 068-256-427
call just ask my name and say from brim and cut the line..its scamer
Reported by sue on Tuesday, 07.17.2018 @ 00:18am reporting number 010-256-0260
He still harassing women. Wish there was something that could be done about this
Reported by Concern on Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 19:17pm reporting number 804-615-4644
Got a phone call from this number . Said I had three law suits against me . Tried calling back no answer. The co .name is black diamond WA . Fraud
Reported by Donna on Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 17:44pm reporting number 360-851-1662
Company Calling: Black diamond
Type of call: Debt Collector
They keep calling they are harassing me
Reported by Morris on Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 12:21pm reporting number 252-548-4435
(Asian) David calling from 'technical dept of world wide web' asked for me by name! Obviously a scam.
Reported by Guest on Monday, 07.16.2018 @ 02:30am reporting number 012-103-010001
Type of call: Prank Call
Called left no message
Reported by Any on Sunday, 07.15.2018 @ 16:32pm reporting number 038-765-0600
Received a call from this number, they didn't leave a message. Called two days in a row.
Reported by Rosa on Sunday, 07.15.2018 @ 04:34am reporting number 917-963-2144
i'm getting phone calls from this number 877 344 3341 almost every day.I tell them not to call me.
Reported by Judy on Saturday, 07.14.2018 @ 16:56pm reporting number 877-334-3341
Company Calling: my deck suport
danial called me from this number. he helped me to fix my outlook.and i dont think its a scam.
Reported by barbara meacham on Saturday, 07.14.2018 @ 14:16pm reporting number 347-305-4093
Company Calling: wincare
Type of call: Survey
I just called them back on my google # 5 time and turned on gay pron lol they listen for 4-5 min ea time

Reported by tbrid on Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 16:44pm reporting number 877-620-0824
Type of call: SMS
Caller didn't leave message.
Caller ID showed Reservation


Have no clue but I don't have any "reservations" made
Reported by George on Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 11:22am reporting number 937-641-0359
Reported by jordan on Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 03:24am reporting number 087-352-0663
Type of call: Telemarketer
Blocked... Time waster. So fed up with these cold calling, spamming fools!
Reported by Sully on Friday, 07.13.2018 @ 01:22am reporting number 017-852-37831
Type of call: Telemarketer
Scammer Call
Reported by Antonette on Thursday, 07.12.2018 @ 16:01pm reporting number 370-521-40016
Company Calling:
Type of call: Debt Collector
numerous calls and no one there when answering. Sounds like an automated call that does not start.
Reported by LORA on Thursday, 07.12.2018 @ 08:42am reporting number 859-757-0281
Type of call: Telemarketer
Have random calls and I want them to leave me alone or please report to the police this
Reported by Lar paw on Thursday, 07.12.2018 @ 06:27am reporting number 806-228-7984
I got a call from Richard Goldberg saying I owed $1800 for a bill that I paid months ago!!

He keeps calling and harassing my secretary and staff.

This scumbag has got to be stopped!!!
Reported by Tara on Wednesday, 07.11.2018 @ 14:56pm reporting number 561-266-9877
Company Calling: Martini Hughes and Grossman
Type of call: Debt Collector
GE Honeywel showed up on caller ID.
I see they have split & are no longer together.
This person was calling from a house, or someplace with a TV. It was so loud he didn't hear my answer machine pick up the call. Then he kept saying hello every few seconds. Then he hushed the people talking in the background & muted the TV & kept saying hello.
This is nothing but a scammer.
Reported by me on Wednesday, 07.11.2018 @ 09:10am reporting number 614-335-6219
Company Calling: fake home security
Same - Keeps calling but never leaves a message - Did anyone find out who this was?

Reported by Jim on Wednesday, 07.11.2018 @ 01:40am reporting number 077-696-83723
I answered the phone, and when I asked why they were calling, they called me very bad words. They threatened to send over a man named Vito who would try to put me into a small crate and send me overseas to a very bad place. I tried to tell them that I didn't know what was going on, they just laughed, and said I was a pawn in their global scheme to eliminate one quarter of the planets population. I am still scared, and this has fueled my drug habit very badly

Reported by alphonso on Tuesday, 07.10.2018 @ 17:46pm reporting number 800-375-5872
Company Calling: scary people
called - only let phone ring 2 times, left no message. Annoying.
Reported by min on Tuesday, 07.10.2018 @ 13:26pm reporting number 440-327-1780
Called my cell phone. I'm on do not call list. I don't give my # out to no one but family as my phone is for my emergency use only.
This is just a scam as no police would have a company break the law to ask for money for them by illegally calling cell phones on the do not call list & not having a business relationship established with me & my cell phone number.

This was an illegal phone call & will be reported.
Reported by Millie L. on Tuesday, 07.10.2018 @ 11:00am reporting number 740-204-9876
Company Calling: Charity Scammers
These guys call 2-3 times a day at the randomest times and harass you and threaten you... there a joke and should be shut down before they do anymore damage to people's days
Reported by Miraculous george on Tuesday, 07.10.2018 @ 08:34am reporting number 450-967-8666
Company Calling: Beachand girard & associates