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Reported by jackie on Friday, 06.14.2019 @ 11:15am reporting number 903-354-4221
Company Calling: jackie
0177968328 RHB agency Newvest Recoveries orang, call tak ada bunyi 10 minutes. ini orang bodoh. dia call telephone fee charge dia, tak mau cakak ingin boleh kacau orang . Ha ha ha.....
Reported by Clark on Friday, 06.14.2019 @ 02:11am reporting number 017-796-8328
Company Calling: Newvest Recoveries
Type of call: Debt Collector
099654907 rings and whoever it is hang ups as soon as you answer.
Reported by Jenny on Friday, 06.14.2019 @ 00:49am reporting number 099-654-907
RHB agency Newest Recoveries phone number:
Reported by Anthony on Thursday, 06.13.2019 @ 00:33am reporting number 014-971-7121
Company Calling: Newvest Recoveries
Type of call: Debt Collector
Somebody called this number twice
Reported by Connie Loh on Wednesday, 06.12.2019 @ 06:57am reporting number 037-950-1062
pre-Recorded voice "[My Name]. Hello my name is Sarah Strader. This is our second attempt to reach you in regards to information obtained under your name and social security number. This message will serve as your formal notification. It is imperative that we speak with you to discuss this matter further. You may contact our office directly at 1-855-764-8926. That number again is 1-855-764-8926. Upon returning this call please refer to reference number [Exxxx]. Formal message documented.
Reported by Buster on Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 13:34pm reporting number 510-338-9406
Company Calling: scam
Vehicle registration scam. They didn't call me, but I found their number on my bank statement. They intercepted my vehicle registration transaction online (in Georgia) and charged me twice, once for $19.99 and another for $3.99.
Reported by Tegan on Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 13:17pm reporting number 866-493-7439
Company Calling: Vehicle registration scam
Reported by NOT GOING TO REVEAL on Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 04:26am reporting number 028-311-3995
It's the reception ladies from Huon Valley Health Centre
Reported by Amelia on Tuesday, 06.11.2019 @ 01:13am reporting number 042-864-7443
Company Calling: Huon Valley Health Centre
Type of call: Event Reminder
Reported by nintendo switch console on Monday, 06.10.2019 @ 06:49am reporting number 012-438-64669
Company Calling:
Type of call: Telemarketer
Suspected spammer,for global resettlement agency USA Florida
Reported by Dominic wambua on Thursday, 06.6.2019 @ 05:06am reporting number 177-221-04315
Company Calling: Unknown
Constantly rings but cuts off when answer
Reported by Unknown on Thursday, 06.6.2019 @ 03:03am reporting number 018-038-97347
Company Calling: ?
Chap said he was mark cunningham from hsbc fraud department told me someone had made a payment to Argos on my account and wanted to confirm it was me who had made it he quoted my account number which I had closed months ago .i then asked him to prove he was from hsbc by telling me what direct debits I held he then put the phone down . It was not hsbc
Reported by David on Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 11:47am reporting number 034-561-00135
Called today never never left message!
Reported by Franko on Wednesday, 06.5.2019 @ 03:13am reporting number 012-069-31984
Got a call claiming I need to call the clerks office. Then they named my address when I was a kid in a different state. It was weird and kinda scary. Also had a thick Mexican accent.
Reported by Mike Caffrey on Tuesday, 06.4.2019 @ 15:52pm reporting number 266-696-687
Fake student loan wants to go over payment options, very urgent as changes have taken place & then she mumbles some other stuff & call her back at 888-393-0194
Reported by h on Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 13:11pm reporting number 352-523-1654
no msg left
Reported by don on Monday, 06.3.2019 @ 12:47pm reporting number 443-418-9342
Company Calling: unknown
This number calls with a serious problem with my social security. Need to call back to verify my s.s. number immediately
Reported by Ralphie on Saturday, 06.1.2019 @ 11:50am reporting number 855-211-4683
This is harrassment, Amanda was my friend and she is no con artist, she makes an honest living as a Christian woman, and Vance aka Greggory died in 2017 it's online, May God have mercy on his soul and I hope that he repented, Amanda never asks for money and she is honest, don't believe this spam he made because she isn't like that.
Reported by Matthew Brett Patterson on Friday, 05.31.2019 @ 18:05pm reporting number 412-872-5120
Company Calling: Verizon
Type of call: SMS
Ladies....this man will try to get you into bed on the first date. Don't believe a thing he says. A con artist. He's a serial dater. He's been on OkCupid FOREVER. And his government name is not Corey. Ask for ID ladies.
Reported by Lisa on Friday, 05.31.2019 @ 10:43am reporting number 443-805-3730
A couple minutes ago, one guy called me, and try to know about my life, and how he said : "ipotetically, if you find a great oportunitty, would you invest 4000 dollars?", when I said no, he said, what about 2000? but, in te end, he said, I will get a mail, and then one of his colegues, will call me for more details. But after reading on severl pages, I think I will not answer.
Reported by Florin on Friday, 05.31.2019 @ 03:08am reporting number 001-201-3738356
I've been call twice from this 1400-000-0000 On 30th-31st may 2019..i dont wantto answer it..didnt know whre it come from n wht they want..
Reported by Rose on Thursday, 05.30.2019 @ 23:32pm reporting number 140-000-00000
Company Calling: Never know that number
Type of call: Telemarketer
Same Carl from "Indicator" asking for the manager
Reported by 02078034660 on Thursday, 05.30.2019 @ 07:46am reporting number 020-780-34660
Company Calling: Indicator
This guy goes by Chris Kelly, or CK, lives in Roseville, or claims to, and his phone number is associated with an address in Roseville on Falcon Way and another on Sierra College Boulevard. Selling fake shit outta his black van in SF, off market street.
Reported by Bummed Out Mark on Wednesday, 05.29.2019 @ 17:55pm reporting number 916-792-1555
Today call me ones
Reported by Andy on Wednesday, 05.29.2019 @ 05:12am reporting number 657-600-00
When I answered and confirmed my name they just hung up... when I called the number back it just rang without pick up. Most annoying people who do this
Reported by Mike on Wednesday, 05.29.2019 @ 01:26am reporting number 001-514-5878193
Company Calling: unknown
Reported by Secret on Tuesday, 05.28.2019 @ 03:54am reporting number 077-696-83723
Company Calling: Sportseen
Type of call: Telemarketer
Reported by Zoran on Monday, 05.27.2019 @ 14:52pm reporting number 452-334-
Company Calling: Mr. Andrew
Went on line the end of May to renew my registration two weeks later went into registry to see why I never recieved new registration they said it never went thru when on line it said it had instead I got charges on my statement for a map and was charged twice stay off the registry web site someone is scamming even though it said official site it wasn't
Reported by Debbie on Sunday, 05.26.2019 @ 05:51am reporting number 866-493-7439
Company Calling: Register my vehicle
Reported by yoga six reviews on Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 21:38pm reporting number 223-433-15
Company Calling:
Type of call: Event Reminder
"An era has begun" after calling from this number +1400440639 i don't know what is it....
Reported by durgesh pandey on Friday, 05.24.2019 @ 20:38pm reporting number 140-044-0639
Company Calling:
Have several calls from this number and my landline is ex-directory, so how did they get hold of it? And on mobile too. Frightened as 68 years old and disabled. Can't police do something?
Reported by Gerald Hawkins on Thursday, 05.23.2019 @ 11:04am reporting number 080-099-555544
Got this call 0149717121 today , pick up but keep quiet only. I guess it was from RHB agency Newest Recoveries.
Reported by Anthony on Wednesday, 05.22.2019 @ 19:58pm reporting number 014-971-7121
Company Calling: Newest Recoveries- RHB Agency
Type of call: Debt Collector
0035725030326 is located Cyprus and is for Lotto World group
Reported by JD on Wednesday, 05.22.2019 @ 16:23pm reporting number 003-572-5030326
Company Calling: Lotto World Group
Type of call: Telemarketer
It's a scam. They will eventually ask you for google play gift cards. Don't fall for it. They will only reply through text.
Reported by Lee on Wednesday, 05.22.2019 @ 11:35am reporting number 973-498-8307
Type of call: SMS
Scam about Ga Power being disconnected due to no payment, then when you correct them about a check being cashed, they need a deposit immediately because your meters are not compatible with the system and you've had 90 days to comply. SCAM! Do not entertain these con artists.
Reported by Joe on Wednesday, 05.22.2019 @ 10:48am reporting number 888-660-5891
Company Calling: Faked Ga Power
Type of call: Prank Call
Somebody that sadly got a wrong number, nothing to be worry about
Reported by Paco on Monday, 05.20.2019 @ 14:35pm reporting number 635-648-277
Yes, Indian recruitment agency in IT
Reported by Fredo12 on Monday, 05.20.2019 @ 07:04am reporting number 020-843-22848
Company Calling: Indian recruitment agency
It called me saying it was for a pharmacy and it had all my information
Reported by Lizbeth on Sunday, 05.19.2019 @ 05:38am reporting number 860-215-8184
This is a computer hacker's call back number for a fake window's key license.
Do not call this number back.
Caller called from 805-212-5016 (so my caller ID shows)
Reported by TS on Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:10pm reporting number 877-698-6789
Company Calling: computer hacker
Your windows license key has expired & is not working. This is very important to reactivate it. Call back at
Reported by TS on Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:10pm reporting number 805-212-5016
Company Calling: computer hacker
Reported by user on Thursday, 05.16.2019 @ 03:31am reporting number 452-334-
Type of call: SMS
Its 12 digit number.I get frequent missed call from this number, could you please who is the caller
Reported by Bibha on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 23:00pm reporting number 566-949-898297
Caller didn't leave message. It's probably 1 of the 2, scammer for a charity. Been getting too many calls for money for police or firemen. Or 2, health care is back at it again calling people (real or not real ones).
Reported by Hedi G. on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 12:49pm reporting number 937-850-1295
Scammer is back at it a yr later again.
Reported by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 12:43pm reporting number 937-490-8293
Company Calling: scammer
Said he was calling from Toyota about my MOT being due, but it doesn't expire until another 6 months, so slightly confused.
Reported by PJ on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 08:46am reporting number 020-886-01353
Company Calling: Toyota
Genuine number but, still, I had concerns about it because the lady was agressive when I asked questions and she couldn't even hear me properly. Indian accent indeed. Even though it was a genuine call (I have verified everything by calling my branch), I will not do this ever again. It's best to call your branch and input the required verification numbers on your keypad rather than tell them directly to someone else.

Still, if you are concerned about being scammed from this number, don't be. It is a genuine, internal phone number from HSBC Fraud department that most likely will verify some of your transactions. However, do your own checks and never give such personal info to anyone.
Reported by CV on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 07:46am reporting number 034-526-69337
Company Calling: HSBC Fraud Dept
These people called out of the blue . They had got my contact details from the BT share register. He offered, after a spiel about keeping my BT shares an investment in land in Putnam county, Florida, USA.
I was informed to invest and I would see my investment increase by 15-18% per year.

Reported by Andy on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 06:56am reporting number 020-329-07853
Company Calling: Didn't get the name.
Type of call: Telemarketer
Buddy Loans is a Loan company for Guarantor loans only.
Reported by Mr R Walker on Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 02:39am reporting number 016-185-04141
Company Calling: Buddy Loans
Slurred speech man talking on my answer machine
Reported by mad on Monday, 05.13.2019 @ 18:22pm reporting number 330-490-2145