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Latest Numbers to be Reported:

Information fishing calls. Pretends to be calling for nationwide insurance but that company advised it is a scam
Reported by Betzy on Sunday, 06.24.2018 @ 00:16am reporting number 916-273-8916
I received an email claiming to be from TSB with this phone number on it. It has to be a scam because they put the wrong bank account number in the first paragraph.
Reported by harry on Saturday, 06.23.2018 @ 06:33am reporting number 013-122-54555
Company Calling: Scammer claiming to be TSB
9:17am on 6/23/18 I received a call from 415-762-1160. I answered and said hello but response and they hung up. I called the number myself and the same they answered and hung up.
Reported by Belinda on Saturday, 06.23.2018 @ 06:20am reporting number 415-762-1160
Calling me several times.. but i havnt answered it even once. Its quite irritating.. makes me feel upset leaving me wondering whos on it.
Reported by Vee on Saturday, 06.23.2018 @ 03:38am reporting number 016-502-851001
Reported by JAYY on Friday, 06.22.2018 @ 13:25pm reporting number 614-729-5603
Company Calling: OH
People keep calling out home phone and not saying anything and it’s pissing us off
Reported by Anna on Friday, 06.22.2018 @ 11:07am reporting number 018-553-33009
Dead air when my answer machine picked call up.
Just another scammer.
Why can't the do not call place do something about these calls
Reported by Poor George on Friday, 06.22.2018 @ 09:59am reporting number 937-847-6098
This number belongs to Allstate and is used for voicemail purposes.
Reported by John on Friday, 06.22.2018 @ 09:36am reporting number 800-470-7396
Another new number calling for so called health insurance.
Same recording as all the others that call.........prices you can afford..... pre approvals in your area (starts naming a few insurance companies), be healthy & blessed.

No one is pre approved for insurance.
Reported by Poor George on Friday, 06.22.2018 @ 08:02am reporting number 504-272-2795
Yes they are Care Source. Didn't need my insurance card when I spoke to them. They just want to make sure you know their services they offer, like if you need someone to take you to the Dr office they can do that, stuff like that. No personal info was asked for.
Reported by Holly M. on Thursday, 06.21.2018 @ 14:28pm reporting number 844-438-9498
Company Calling: Care Source
Left message stating they're care source & asked for ______ to call them back M-F 8 AM to 5 PM & have insurance card ready.

We didn't call care source for anything
Reported by sounds fishy to me caller on Thursday, 06.21.2018 @ 13:44pm reporting number 844-438-9498
This number called my SWEDISH cell phone! Definitely spam.
Reported by Kim on Thursday, 06.21.2018 @ 11:29am reporting number 919-504-5104
This number keeps calling me. I answered once and it was an automated voice concerning an accident I didnt have. I blocked the number but yet it seems to find a way to unblock itself and ring me? Can anyone suggest steps to take to rid myself of this caller.
Reported by Deen on Thursday, 06.21.2018 @ 09:38am reporting number 034-447-29334
Fake phone number so the real number isn't displayed.
I'm on the do not call list & I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer. Has to be a scammer, caller didn't leave a message either.
Reported by b.b. on Thursday, 06.21.2018 @ 08:38am reporting number 937-963-0269
Company Calling: scammer
Lansing Radiology Associates
Caller: Lansing Radiology Associates
Call type: Valid
Reported by Mark on Thursday, 06.21.2018 @ 08:14am reporting number 517-827-9886
Company Calling: Lansing Radiology Associates
New Cross Hospital - perfectly legitimate phone number
Reported by Theresa on Wednesday, 06.20.2018 @ 10:45am reporting number 019-026-94000
Fake number to hide who really is calling.
I found complaints where people tired calling it back but got a recording # is disconnected.
Caller trying to sell free trips.
Reported by Milo on Wednesday, 06.20.2018 @ 10:31am reporting number 937-634-9542
Company Calling: fake free trips
got 2 miscalls from this number same day, no voicemail
Reported by ttt on Wednesday, 06.20.2018 @ 08:27am reporting number 034-826-0202
This number has called and then does not speak. Then text ask who this is
Reported by Jamie on Wednesday, 06.20.2018 @ 07:25am reporting number 863-440-4365
Type of call: Telemarketer
i had a few calls too, turned out it was a mortgage broker based in Manchester. I had enquired about a remortgage a few days earlier, thought it was PPi so i didnt answer
Reported by James on Tuesday, 06.19.2018 @ 11:39am reporting number 016-177-54145
I am talking to an Indian guy who is offering me a job. Very sketchy
Reported by Comment on Tuesday, 06.19.2018 @ 08:58am reporting number 646-349-6697
This number I have BLOCKED.
Called 4 times over 3 days. Left no voicemail message at all.
I rang back.
“The Number Has Not Been Recognised
So it's now BLOCKED

Reported by Campbell on Tuesday, 06.19.2018 @ 07:16am reporting number 020-848-86650
100% scam. They claim to want to protect you against investment and trading scammers. They will not give a website when asked, they hung up on me when I asked too many questions.
When I phoned back the first time someone answered "Healthcare and Spa". The second time they said the initial company name, IPP or ITP or something and then started going into the spiel about protecting me against trading scammers and how they could give me 5 or 6 companies to invest with that are safe.
Would not give company website, said they were based in Europe, were oblivious to Australian laws regarding cold calling and financial services.
Reported by Troy on Tuesday, 06.19.2018 @ 00:32am reporting number 039-108-1187
Company Calling: IPP or ITP
Already the so called health insurance sellers are calling.........all from TX this week.
Verified this is a fake phone number to hide the real number caller is calling from too.
Reported by Jeff on Monday, 06.18.2018 @ 07:46am reporting number 862-719-8606
Already the so called health insurance sellers are calling.........all from TX this week.
Verified this is a fake phone number to hide the real number caller is calling from too.
Reported by Jeff on Monday, 06.18.2018 @ 07:45am reporting number 860-356-0528
Company Calling: scammer
Caller wants to sell health insurance. Real or not, who knows, too many scammers now days.
Reported by Jackson P. on Monday, 06.18.2018 @ 07:24am reporting number 903-303-6701
I answered a call from this number. They said they were from Javis and Javis calling about a magazine coupon that had been filled out. I never fill out these kind of things and, as a pensioner, living alone, I felt threatened. How had they had got my details? they were trying to sell me electric central heating. They did send me a copy of the coupon and the writing was nothing like my own. I have been charged £1.55 for this call!
Reported by Susan on Sunday, 06.17.2018 @ 23:30pm reporting number 084-484-82024
Company Calling: Jarvis and Jarvis
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number texted me and it is a scam
Do not reply

They give a name - Peter and say they are progressing a report

Reported by P on Sunday, 06.17.2018 @ 21:58pm reporting number 041-932-8751
Company Calling: Unknown
Male calling. Calling isc response to Auto Trader ad. I told him car has been sold.
Reported by Carter on Sunday, 06.17.2018 @ 14:55pm reporting number 559-856-2001
Company Calling: Killingsworth Gear
Type of call: Event Reminder
my phone had been stollen.
Reported by Abdullah on Sunday, 06.17.2018 @ 10:51am reporting number 031-365-49230
Shoplifter in London Ontario
Reported by Ahmed Soliman on Sunday, 06.17.2018 @ 08:31am reporting number 519-933-9939
Called and left no message
Reported by Sophie on Saturday, 06.16.2018 @ 23:34pm reporting number 099-529-030
Offers money lol good luck
Reported by Bonita on Saturday, 06.16.2018 @ 20:59pm reporting number 226-455-3307
Leaves sexually suggestive messages asking for pictures of me naked etc.
Total creep.
Keeps prank calling late at night.
He has a Asian voice not Chinese but more Philippino.
Reported by Anna on Saturday, 06.16.2018 @ 19:55pm reporting number 048-112-5364
They say they are doing an opinion poll about politics and the president. Say they are from National Opinion Research. Don't know.
Reported by Beka on Saturday, 06.16.2018 @ 13:48pm reporting number 463-203-0175
I got a missed call from this number+601141374908 and i wonder who did it because it came from out of the country.
Reported by Jean on Friday, 06.15.2018 @ 15:58pm reporting number 601-112-752027
This is NHS Lothian number
Reported by Catriona Shaw on Friday, 06.15.2018 @ 12:24pm reporting number 013-153-79596
Company Calling: NHS Lothian
Another new Bethesda area, MD phone number selling fake health insurance.
Recording like all the others, prices you can afford like & starts naming some. Be healthy & blessed.
Yesterday & today it's nothing but scammers from the state of MD calling.

Also called from 240-204-8264 as a new MD # they're calling from
Reported by jimmy on Friday, 06.15.2018 @ 11:12am reporting number 240-204-8269
0% credit card interest scam
Reported by jimmy on Friday, 06.15.2018 @ 09:17am reporting number 740-520-3148
Company Calling: credit card scam
Another new number calling people selling fake health insurance.
Caller ID shows We Care Health. Recording about prices I can afford & pre approved in my area & named a few, be happy & blessed.
No one is pre approved for insurance because they don't know who you are or anything about you. They are just scammers looking to profit their own pocket.
Reported by jimmy on Friday, 06.15.2018 @ 07:05am reporting number 240-204-8264
Company Calling: fake health insurance
Purported tobe from BT, that internet connection is about to be terminated.Press 1 to speak to BT.
Reported by A J Hunt on Friday, 06.15.2018 @ 02:18am reporting number 024-536-87913
Cell phone caller from Lancaster, PA. Caller ID info blocked........means scammer.
Complaints I found in 2017 said caller has Indian accent & your computer has a problem.
Then later on, the Indian person wants to talk about your PGE bill. (what is a PGE bill?)
Then this month June 2018 someone said a woman called wanting to talk to the person who handles the elec. bill

Just scammers
Reported by jimmy on Thursday, 06.14.2018 @ 13:44pm reporting number 717-715-0863
Debt collector
Reported by 9055322492 on Thursday, 06.14.2018 @ 13:34pm reporting number 905-532-2492
Company Calling: will not say
Type of call: Debt Collector
Its private number and is belong to k
Reported by Kami on Thursday, 06.14.2018 @ 10:35am reporting number 074-503-29329
called and did not leave a name or number.
Reported by JD on Thursday, 06.14.2018 @ 10:07am reporting number 817-522-0029
Company Calling: RMI
They keep calling about braces. They call over 20 times a day. We keep telling them we don't need them and put us on do not call. But yet the still call. They even call on Sundays.
Reported by Becky on Thursday, 06.14.2018 @ 09:58am reporting number 578-932-0571
Type of call: Telemarketer
Picked up thinking it was for me. Robot talking about accident. Hung up and blocked straight away
Reported by Rob on Thursday, 06.14.2018 @ 04:45am reporting number 075-902-58907
Company Calling: Apex
Received a phonecall with this phone number. But i didn't answer.
Reported by TAURUS520 on Wednesday, 06.13.2018 @ 20:06pm reporting number 018-946-2881
They keep calling and calling, then hang up, rude
Reported by Eileen on Wednesday, 06.13.2018 @ 17:52pm reporting number 816-759-8691
Scam free grant
Reported by D on Wednesday, 06.13.2018 @ 15:49pm reporting number 223-344-55