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Receive multiple calls from this number daily
Reported by Robby on Thursday, 04.19.2018 @ 14:17pm reporting number 317-982-6720
Receive daily recorded calls indicating they received a report to prosecute me on an important matter, press 1 to be connected to someone to get address and place of employment verified. No one ever answers.
Reported by Kansas on Thursday, 04.19.2018 @ 12:11pm reporting number 480-586-3664
Company Calling: Unknown
Looks like a scam: SMS pretending to be SSE and asking for payment of energy bill, but mis-spelled and I'm not an SSE customer.
Reported by Jack on Thursday, 04.19.2018 @ 08:57am reporting number 034-507-83219
Type of call: SMS
01133 346537 should be treated like a scam number. Calls from here proport to come from NewDay Ltd and NewDay UK Ltd and Ne3 (and many other companies with similar names that may well be genuine registered companies. This number often appears to cold call but MORE SERIOUS THAN THIS calls from this number often also fraudulently attempt to obtain money for non-existent depts. These people may have fake websites or use genuine ones. They may use phone calls, letters or emails working they say on behalf of companies like Amazon or House of Frazer or Debenhams and others. Remember because the company is genuine does not mean that the person you are talking to is. SCARILY they might even be calling from a genuine number and be making false claims about what you owe based purely on phishing. When in doubt RING UP THE COMPANY THEY SAY THEY REPRESENT (don’t use any number they give you) and find out FOR YOURSELF if there is a problem. DO NOT DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THESE PEOPLE
Reported by wd on Thursday, 04.19.2018 @ 08:11am reporting number 011-333-46537
Type of call: Debt Collector
Obviously this number is from the UK but no idea who or what...
Reported by Romeo Escuyos on Thursday, 04.19.2018 @ 00:14am reporting number 442-035-149608
Company Calling: n/a
Received a missed call from this number. No idea where this number is from.
Reported by Romeo K. Escuyos Jr. on Thursday, 04.19.2018 @ 00:12am reporting number 672-782-5
Company Calling: n/a
Reports they are the IRS and I owe them money.
Reported by Jay on Wednesday, 04.18.2018 @ 12:46pm reporting number 585-633-0125
Type of call: Prank Call
Same robo call.

Reported by CC on Wednesday, 04.18.2018 @ 11:12am reporting number 347-753-9328
Company Calling: S. Richmond D HL NY
Gotta missed call today must have only rang a quick one second and then i rang back but nothing. Goes to answer phone. Googled the number and it seems to be some bull about kiwisaver. If i get charged for ringing back ill be very fu(upset)
Reported by Peed off on Wednesday, 04.18.2018 @ 01:49am reporting number 096-005-192
Company Calling: ?
mechanical woman's voice says functions on my computer have
been suspended and I needed to call 1-833-226-0400 to
re-instate the functions. This is the same voice that has called
and said the IRS was gonna get me, and the same that threatened to send collections after me, etc.....
I am going to block them just like I do the rest of
Reported by Mike C. on Tuesday, 04.17.2018 @ 14:42pm reporting number 833-226-0400
Type of call: Prank Call
It said LT media business when i Call back and press 5 to get on do-not call list So i did
Reported by Laura on Tuesday, 04.17.2018 @ 13:06pm reporting number 301-690-1912
Company Calling: Dorseylaura27@gmail
I get a call from them everyday, and i do not answer. No voicemail. Who is it? I work cat eye, and they wake me up. I'm on the national do not call list. Help
Reported by Laura on Tuesday, 04.17.2018 @ 13:01pm reporting number 301-690-1912
Don't ever accept a call from this number. Sexual, repulsive, CREEPY
Reported by Olive on Tuesday, 04.17.2018 @ 12:35pm reporting number 906-235-9831
Got a call from this number at 18:06, which i Could not respond. But subsequent calls are giving message 'temporarily out of service'.
Reported by DK Sarkar on Tuesday, 04.17.2018 @ 05:53am reporting number 919-730-124130
Somebody called me for an interview tomorrow, I just want to know the exact address. It puzzled me because the area code is 043.
Reported by Al G unos on Tuesday, 04.17.2018 @ 00:18am reporting number 043-724-8622
Just for the hell of it, I picked up the phone, said nothing. A voice said "is John there?" I said "John who?" he said "oh well I guess I can talk to you", then started a spiel about donations for "the Troopers" so "they can enforce the laws better" WHAT? I said "if you're in law enforcement why don't you start by stopping these scams you're perpetrating, why is this call from an UNKNOWN # if you are saying you're legit, I told you there is no "John" here, except for the kind you flush **** down, go the H away, your # is now going to the FTC. He was yakking the whole time, so I know it was a scam.
My son is a cop, he says if the guy calls again just answer with a Security Co. name and tell him to "enter your code now", then say
"that code is incorrect. You have been reported. Have a nice day".
He does that regularly with obvious scammers and they don't call back. Worth a try, IF you get a live one on the line.
Reported by Catmom on Monday, 04.16.2018 @ 18:49pm reporting number 520-463-7423
Company Calling: some "trooper" outfit
Type of call: Prank Call
Its a scam survey for a gift card dont answer
Reported by Devon on Monday, 04.16.2018 @ 17:07pm reporting number 248-621-2961
Type of call: Survey
Got charged for a call to this number, I did not make the call!!
Reported by Steve on Monday, 04.16.2018 @ 12:01pm reporting number 055-114-30240
Repeated phone calls which I did not answer as it was not on my Caller ID list. I eventually lifted the phone and asked "what is the purpose of this call". the caller said "this is Virgin Media and are you Frederick Watkins?" I repeated my question, "what is the purpose of your call" to which he replied in a foreign voice, which was difficult to understand, about Virgin Media. so I rang off.
A couple of days passed and then I began to receive more continuous calls from him, all of which I ignore.

I'm not a robot reCAPTCHA

Reported by Frederick on Monday, 04.16.2018 @ 11:28am reporting number 080-018-36488
Company Calling: claiming to be Virgin Media
Scammer lowlife
Reported by E on Sunday, 04.15.2018 @ 18:47pm reporting number 403-604-3400
who r u n y r u bothering me???!!!
Reported by wtf on Saturday, 04.14.2018 @ 11:54am reporting number 508-202-5908
Company Calling: ???
looks like its Honda service center. anyone visit any honda store for service ? They are calling for your review. they left voice message.
Reported by Josh on Friday, 04.13.2018 @ 16:28pm reporting number 925-218-2203
The American Express New Accounts Team will dial out from a common phone number 1-866-379-3643 when something unusual about an application for a new card has been submitted. As an example, if fraud prevention and identification believes that someone is using another's identity to submit an application, the department may reach out to confirm, you are the person who has submitted the application. People are often surprised by the call, and may believe it to be phishing and not realize the reason they're receiving the call is because there was something suspicious about the application. See more about types of fraud at:
Reported by Jess on Friday, 04.13.2018 @ 14:48pm reporting number 866-379-3643
Company Calling: American Express
road traffic management have been in an accident...i dont own a car????
Reported by helen smith on Friday, 04.13.2018 @ 10:49am reporting number 079-004-62771
Company Calling: road traffic management
Called by Number - hung up straight away.

Rang back said you are being transferred.

Do not recognise.
Reported by Sophie on Friday, 04.13.2018 @ 06:46am reporting number 077-114-92699
Debt collector
Reported by Sue on Thursday, 04.12.2018 @ 18:04pm reporting number 405-493-8283
Type of call: Debt Collector
These are scammers with an India Accent, claiming to be calling from Microsoft and want you to get in front of your computer and give them access to fix a problem. I answered the call once and told them I had no problems with my computer, but they still call everyday. I am unable to block the number, because I have use the limit that the telephone company allows which is 100. The area code 198 is not valid in the US, These scam calls are totally ridiculous. These scammers paid someone to get this number, so that let me know that there are people working in the industry to help the criminal, so that makes them a bigger Criminal, but I am going to launch some research to find out who, what, why and how these scammers are able to continue to buy these fake numbers. This needs to stop IMMEDIATELY. They are not but a total pest, by disturbing people who are trying to lead a normal life and do the right thing.
Reported by D Lane on Thursday, 04.12.2018 @ 17:21pm reporting number 198-987-9006
Company Calling: Iyogi - Microsoft
This is a bill collector. I didn't answer after speaking with them the first time due to calling me at 7 am when I'm asleep due to working night so they spoofed the number and made it look like someone was calling from St. Augustine, Florida.

The time I spoke to the man, he stated he was an attorney and instructed to sue me in court by the company he represents. Turns out after doing my research that the man is not an attorney and works as a third party debt collector out of Dallas, Texas who's company purchased debt from companies who give up trying to collect on debt.
Reported by Jim on Thursday, 04.12.2018 @ 14:50pm reporting number 972-793-0439
Type of call: Debt Collector
I sent forms back to you in February,but have heard nothing back from u since,my claim reference number is 13785180/MSAL can you let me no what's happening please from susan lay telephone number 01787582587 mob 07462097369 or write to me.
Reported by Susan lay on Wednesday, 04.11.2018 @ 12:20pm reporting number 020-316-71196
Company Calling: Susan lay
Got a call I didn't pick the phone up. I'm on do not call list anyway. Caller didn't leave message, hung up after a few seconds, then I heard a dial tone for a about 3 seconds, then heard a busy signal & heard only 4 beeps. Next the caller disconnected the call. This is no doubt a scammer calling. I don't have any business dealings with any company in TN. Complaints on another site said caller sounded like an armature & others reported health insurance / telemarketing / you've won money / You just on $100

Reported by ue5u56u on Wednesday, 04.11.2018 @ 09:52am reporting number 865-217-1421
Blocked this phone number. Keeps calling and about 3 times in a row.
Reported by Michele on Wednesday, 04.11.2018 @ 08:34am reporting number 562-885-128
Hung up as soon as I answered.
Reported by Mrs Cross on Wednesday, 04.11.2018 @ 04:00am reporting number 077-676-566557
E.G (6501913601)
This number is listed on my fb account that has been hacked!
Reported by B campbell on Tuesday, 04.10.2018 @ 06:35am reporting number 650-191-3601
Company Calling: 6501913601)
Type of call: Event Reminder
Mobile no. 9771444703.l want who is owner of this mobile number
Reported by Rohit kumar on Tuesday, 04.10.2018 @ 05:29am reporting number 977-144-4703
No message, few rings.
Reported by Richard on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 15:55pm reporting number 877-932-6640
Voicemail transcript: Son of a [...]. He completed the sentence uncensored. Noisy in background like from a call center. Calls at least twice daily. I've already asked to be removed.
Reported by Robert on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 14:56pm reporting number 832-304-7053
Hidden real phone number from a fake company wanting your personal information.
I'm getting too many of these calls. Some caller ID doesn't list anything, such as this one, because it's not a legit phone number to begin with. Some will say local benefits. Some will say discount 4u. They're all scammers trying to seek your personal info to sell you fake insurance. None of them have been legit. Besides, you can't purchase any insurance right now, enrollment is closed & has been & will not be open again until late fall.
Reported by weqeqweqw on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 13:05pm reporting number 612-351-3357
Company Calling: scammer
Caller ID showed local benefits.
Area code 385 is not anywhere near local to me.
Enrollment for health insurance has been closed & NO ONE can get it right now.
BC/BS, we haven't done business with them in years.
According to the do not call laws, when you terminate a business relationship, that business can continue to call you for only up to 1 & 1/2 yrs, after that, it's illegal to contact you again unless you ask them to. We have not asked, we have been gone for at least 5 yrs.
This is an illegal phone call
Reported by dfyfty on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 10:04am reporting number 385-250-0622
Company Calling: so called local benefits
We have our phone on answerphone so these jokers never get through!
Reported by allen on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 09:52am reporting number 012-243-26413
Reported by NIEK KOEKEMOER on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 05:14am reporting number 011-040-3921
Company Calling: TRANSNET
Reported by NIEK KOEKEMOER on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 05:10am reporting number 011-051-8585
Company Calling: TRANSNET
i wanted to know who called me
Reported by VINCENT-JON on Monday, 04.9.2018 @ 03:58am reporting number 031-941-1472
Company Calling: 0319411472
Very irritating indeed. The calls comes in during work hours and repeats x 2 or x 3 times as if its routine task. When call back there is no answer.
No common sense by caller, calling in during work hours and no responsibility to answer when call is returned.

Is this really STANDARD CHARTERED phone number,funny why they calling when I don't owe them anything.
Reported by SHER on Sunday, 04.8.2018 @ 18:22pm reporting number 603-768-13000
David you crossed tge line my boy
Reported by Wtf on Sunday, 04.8.2018 @ 01:32am reporting number 080-095-55511
Company Calling:
David you crossed tge line my boy
Reported by Wtf on Sunday, 04.8.2018 @ 01:31am reporting number 080-095-55511
Company Calling:
Caller left a message. Knew my name. Said he got my name from a colleague that passed on my name. Said his name so fast I could not understand it after listening 5 times. Believe he may have said the company name but could not understand after listening 5 times. Think he said he was calling about "Page" or "Pay" or something similar, but again, could not understand him. Called the number and a computer said my call was being forwarded to some kind of voice mail system. Guess he is trying to sell stocks or oil wells, but don't know for sure.
Reported by August on Saturday, 04.7.2018 @ 15:59pm reporting number 212-376-9538
called my mobile Saturday afternoon when I was on road and woman spoke sounded like Indian sub continent accent. But her English was appalling so assumed to be scam and I said "I can not understand a word you are saying" and rung off. She did not attempt to ring back.
Reported by David on Saturday, 04.7.2018 @ 10:38am reporting number 080-095-55511
Company Calling: not known
Called after making a transaction thru online banking, when I accepted the call, a machine answered then started to countdown 10-1. It's pretty creepy I immediately cancelled the call.
Reported by Geli on Saturday, 04.7.2018 @ 05:57am reporting number 632-395-3440
Reported by Rian on Saturday, 04.7.2018 @ 03:01am reporting number 200-18-
Company Calling: RIAN.ADA.530
Type of call: Political Call
Say he the IRS and he going to issue a warrant for my arrest ‚ when I told him that's funny cause I work for the IRS he hung up and will not answer my number anymore ‚ SCAM!
Reported by Kay on Friday, 04.6.2018 @ 14:36pm reporting number 504-377-9031