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Regarding the number07903553650. Over the past four months or so as many as 200 to 300 texts have appeared on my Plusnet Itemised Usage. Plusnet advised me to put sim into different handset which I did. No more texts. Plusnet advised me that, therefore, my handset had been hacked into.
At no point in my dealings with PlusNet regarding this matter did they tell me that it was a common problem.
Reported by Terry Davis on Tuesday, 10.16.2018 @ 06:59am reporting number 004-479-03553650
Reported by Dan Lok on Tuesday, 10.16.2018 @ 05:02am reporting number 020-313-76249
Company Calling: NASMA
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Car insurance scammer Bilal Saeed traps young drivers that cant find cheap insurance, this guy needs to be stopped.
Reported by Jehu on Monday, 10.15.2018 @ 04:39am reporting number 075-371-83009
Type of call: SMS
800-922-2004 is not Verizon. It is a fraud caller who will try getting you to give out your verizon account password & pin. Be careful.
Reported by Unknown on Sunday, 10.14.2018 @ 12:33pm reporting number 800-922-2004
Company Calling: Fraud Caller
it like harassment call
Reported by michael on Friday, 10.12.2018 @ 02:36am reporting number 028-753-480
Company Calling: 028753480
Type of call: Telemarketer
Received a call from this number today, we have bt call blocker so they hung up, A bit concerned as to how they got the home number as we don't give it out to just anyone
Reported by Andrea on Thursday, 10.11.2018 @ 10:19am reporting number 020-707-20375
Call from bed delivery driver. This number doesn't seem to accept return calls (but could be disabled while he's driving?
Reported by Martin on Thursday, 10.11.2018 @ 00:56am reporting number 077-366-18487
Company Calling: Dreams Beds
I got a call from this number too - no message left.

Anyone know who called?
Reported by John on Wednesday, 10.10.2018 @ 11:32am reporting number 011-332-30133
I got a call from this number - no message.

Kinda spooky that the old reports are from 2016
Reported by John on Wednesday, 10.10.2018 @ 11:30am reporting number 020-820-39872
threatening and murderous intentions
Reported by john on Wednesday, 10.10.2018 @ 11:19am reporting number 004-420-84336065
Tried selling medicare insurance. Caller said she was calling from Medicare.Fished around for my information. Had a very strong accent, sounded middle eastern. Why can't these people be stopped?
Reported by Rod on Wednesday, 10.10.2018 @ 09:48am reporting number 516-453-6889
Company Calling: Medicare
A chap called Jason said he was from the car phone warehouse, followed up with a discount for being a loyal 02 customer. Sent an email appears to be genuine, took no action yet
Reported by Paul Bale on Tuesday, 10.9.2018 @ 09:55am reporting number 078-843-43938
Company Calling:
Type of call: Telemarketer
apparently it's Ariana grande
Reported by - on Tuesday, 10.9.2018 @ 09:28am reporting number 589-663-9087
Company Calling: -
Keeps trying to call our company and get through to VPs. Refuses to leave a call back number because he said there isn't one. Refuses to say why he's calling. Thick accent. There's no way he's getting through.
Reported by EJ on Tuesday, 10.9.2018 @ 07:32am reporting number 424-372-0209
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number called. Left a voicemail. I listened to the voice mail. No body speaking. For about three seconds then they hung up.
Reported by Dario on Tuesday, 10.9.2018 @ 02:26am reporting number 020-720-69907
This number just texted me about my daughter, and they knew her first name! very creepy
Reported by Nevy on Monday, 10.8.2018 @ 17:55pm reporting number 831-204-6033
Type of call: SMS
On a dating site and was messaged to call this number. Guessing it's scam.
Reported by Paul on Monday, 10.8.2018 @ 12:27pm reporting number 004-917-85476842
Type of call: Prank Call
Received a call from this number... Didn't leave a message.
Reported by Tricia on Monday, 10.8.2018 @ 10:07am reporting number 860-756-5605
Microsoft will never request for you to contact them, this is a Scam Call Center in India, they convince you to give them remote access to PC and steal your info. Just hung up on these people.
Reported by Nick on Monday, 10.8.2018 @ 09:17am reporting number 877-768-9613
Company Calling: Fake Microsoft Scam
Keeps calling me a few times daily.
I don't answer.There are so many scams.Aarp released a study that on average 50% of calls are scams,even if they are similar to one's own number.
The Aarp expert said,if you don't know who it is,do not pick up.
Reported by Cherylynn on Monday, 10.8.2018 @ 08:53am reporting number 330-247-0040
Company Calling: ???330-247-0040
recorded message asking for numbers to be pressed re my router being switched off or press another number for replacement--did nothing except put phone down
Reported by Pauline on Monday, 10.8.2018 @ 06:53am reporting number 127-584-8303
Every day from these numbers 5330012345,55694371112 I got miss call I want to know who are the behind this
Reported by Aurangzeb on Monday, 10.8.2018 @ 04:40am reporting number 533-001-2345
Guy called and tried to convince me that he was from PayPal and that I needed to make a manual payment into my working capital account.

I hung up the phone, blocked the number and emailed PayPay.

I don't owe PayPal any money.

It's s scum bag scammer!
Reported by William on Friday, 10.5.2018 @ 12:49pm reporting number 080-036-87102
Company Calling: 08003687102
Type of call: Debt Collector
Claims to be car insurance broker by the name Bilal Saeed, gives you a cheap quote tells you to transfer payment and you dont hear from them again. Talks by whatsapp only avoid by all cost.
Reported by Sajjad Shah on Friday, 10.5.2018 @ 07:21am reporting number 075-371-83009
herd few people talking at the background that all and then they hung up.
Reported by nik on Friday, 10.5.2018 @ 05:25am reporting number 020-753-66984
Dont answer this number. Scam
Reported by Ahmad on Friday, 10.5.2018 @ 01:11am reporting number 032-780-5217
Just received a call. N ignore it. TQ to this site.
Reported by Ras on Thursday, 10.4.2018 @ 21:01pm reporting number 685-471-00
Type of call: Telemarketer
this # keeps calling me,my name is not nelly. scam people don't pick up, if you know you owe no money, they say I owe $750, i owe no money that amount. don't pick up scam people and scam companies, # should be reported to police asap.
Reported by nancy on Thursday, 10.4.2018 @ 06:41am reporting number 877-811-0473
Company Calling: partners in credit
Type of call: Debt Collector
I got a text after midnight from +447786200639 number " Sorry, we can't find your details. Please call us on 08000321427. We're here 24/7."
Reported by Katerina on Wednesday, 10.3.2018 @ 23:05pm reporting number 080-003-21427
Phoned me today and when answered no one would talk. Alot of different numbers ringing for surveys.
Reported by Brian on Wednesday, 10.3.2018 @ 08:00am reporting number 085-808-5902
they just called, i didnt pick up. i have never booked through booking com any hotel in Spain. never.

Reported by hana on Wednesday, 10.3.2018 @ 05:31am reporting number 349-354-79692
"Ooh hello, I don't know who I'm supposed to be talking to. Can I speak to the person who manages the 02 account on this number?"

definitely a scammer. I don't even have an 02 account.
Reported by London geizer on Wednesday, 10.3.2018 @ 05:00am reporting number 020-339-36668
as soon as I answered they hung up. I presume that I was expected to hit the button to dial their number, no doubt a premium rate one and rack up huge bills while they kept me on the line.
Reported by Colm O'leary on Wednesday, 10.3.2018 @ 02:04am reporting number 014-866-517
Company Calling: unknown
It's a fraudulent charge - credit card scam. They must have farmed my credit card number from someone else I purchased from on-line.. Cancel your credit card immediately - contact the Fraud Department of your credit card company.
Reported by Tom on Tuesday, 10.2.2018 @ 13:10pm reporting number 866-790-6550
Got a voice message on my cell to call back Canada Revenue Agency (french agent) at 1-800-959-2270 and to have my SIN ready when I call back. Don't do it, It's a SCAM.. I call the real Canada Revenue Agency (french agent) at 1-800-959-7383 and asked them to check my record, record was clean and I was told that nobody from their office had phone me,
Reported by Pete on Tuesday, 10.2.2018 @ 12:35pm reporting number 800-959-2270
Some calling saying they are from 11 alive news to feature my business on their page
Reported by Krissy on Tuesday, 10.2.2018 @ 08:20am reporting number 866-416-2035
I got 2 times call from +911409130175 and 1409130135.. i attempted once .. but no one reply.. what is the meaning of this cal amd who is this
Reported by Navin on Sunday, 09.30.2018 @ 03:45am reporting number 911-408-943200
Sent text  'Hello' two times.
Reported by Denise on Saturday, 09.29.2018 @ 20:47pm reporting number 707-579-0902
Update , just called anz and it was them
Reported by Nr on Saturday, 09.29.2018 @ 04:06am reporting number 092-960-650
Company Calling: Anz
Reported by RIZAL on Saturday, 09.29.2018 @ 03:57am reporting number 032-719-1786
Company Calling: PRUDENTIAL
Type of call: Telemarketer
Had a call from this number tonight, asain women said she was from ANZ, they was unusual activity in my anz account and a $0 dollar amount transaction in Japan apparently, and if it was not ne then they would cancel my card for, I agreed and she said my new card would be there in 3 days etc. Sounded fishy do tried calling back no such number.......dodgy!!
Reported by Nr on Saturday, 09.29.2018 @ 03:44am reporting number 092-960-650
Company Calling: Anz
This phone number was trying to rent out a house in Hawaii. He is a scammer, DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY INFORMATION
Reported by Britney on Friday, 09.28.2018 @ 13:54pm reporting number 316-361-6335
(Re)search and Destroy. BET
Reported by Hope Urred on Friday, 09.28.2018 @ 10:27am reporting number 501-209-1100
Type of call: Event Reminder
Scam hustles used clothing. Oh it's so annoying the little package. Last laugh.
Reported by Sheila Newonford on Friday, 09.28.2018 @ 10:21am reporting number 501-209-1100
I have spoken to the DWP and there free number is 0800 731 0469 if you get a call, phone this number to check if genuine SIMPLES!
Reported by steve on Friday, 09.28.2018 @ 02:26am reporting number 080-002-32076
Phone rings never a message have it blocked now, but still calls ring in
Reported by Karen on Thursday, 09.27.2018 @ 18:18pm reporting number 541-391-8317
They call 5 or more times a day everyday and were told they had the wrong number but still call
Reported by Not it on Thursday, 09.27.2018 @ 12:33pm reporting number 855-646-0535
Company Calling: Auto Capital
Type of call: Debt Collector
Trying to work out what number 08455 191523 is
Reported by Lyndsey oxborough on Thursday, 09.27.2018 @ 12:06pm reporting number 084-551-91523
It's University College London calling about a Parkinson's research project. Following up on folks who may have dropped out or forgotten about it.
Reported by Mags on Thursday, 09.27.2018 @ 03:49am reporting number 020-767-94466
Steve Richardson which I'm sure is not his name called representing Advance America when he ask certain questions about my checking account I knew it was a scam I wanted to see how far he would go I got to call him out on it I don't think I'll hear from him again he called from the 85061 9 2948 number
Reported by Nancy McCarthy on Wednesday, 09.26.2018 @ 16:04pm reporting number 850-615-2948
Company Calling: Advance America
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization