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It called me saying it was for a pharmacy and it had all my information
Reported by Lizbeth on Sunday, 05.19.2019 @ 05:38am reporting number 860-215-8184
This is a computer hacker's call back number for a fake window's key license.
Do not call this number back.
Caller called from 805-212-5016 (so my caller ID shows)
Reported by TS on Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:10pm reporting number 877-698-6789
Company Calling: computer hacker
Your windows license key has expired & is not working. This is very important to reactivate it. Call back at
Reported by TS on Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 12:10pm reporting number 805-212-5016
Company Calling: computer hacker
J’aimerais bloqué se numéro, il n’arrête pas de téléphoner et je ne répond pas, parce que je sais que c’est, sois pour la vente, je ne connais pas se numéro ....Je ne répond jamais quand je connais pas se numéro, merci à l’avance.....
Reported by Danielle Belleau on Friday, 05.17.2019 @ 10:51am reporting number 186-681-46540
Company Calling: Cunéiforme idee
Type of call: Inconnu
Reported by user on Thursday, 05.16.2019 @ 03:31am reporting number 452-334-
Type of call: SMS
Its 12 digit number.I get frequent missed call from this number, could you please who is the caller
Reported by Bibha on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 23:00pm reporting number 566-949-898297
Caller didn't leave message. It's probably 1 of the 2, scammer for a charity. Been getting too many calls for money for police or firemen. Or 2, health care is back at it again calling people (real or not real ones).
Reported by Hedi G. on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 12:49pm reporting number 937-850-1295
Scammer is back at it a yr later again.
Reported by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 12:43pm reporting number 937-490-8293
Company Calling: scammer
Said he was calling from Toyota about my MOT being due, but it doesn't expire until another 6 months, so slightly confused.
Reported by PJ on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 08:46am reporting number 020-886-01353
Company Calling: Toyota
Genuine number but, still, I had concerns about it because the lady was agressive when I asked questions and she couldn't even hear me properly. Indian accent indeed. Even though it was a genuine call (I have verified everything by calling my branch), I will not do this ever again. It's best to call your branch and input the required verification numbers on your keypad rather than tell them directly to someone else.

Still, if you are concerned about being scammed from this number, don't be. It is a genuine, internal phone number from HSBC Fraud department that most likely will verify some of your transactions. However, do your own checks and never give such personal info to anyone.
Reported by CV on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 07:46am reporting number 034-526-69337
Company Calling: HSBC Fraud Dept
These people called out of the blue . They had got my contact details from the BT share register. He offered, after a spiel about keeping my BT shares an investment in land in Putnam county, Florida, USA.
I was informed to invest and I would see my investment increase by 15-18% per year.

Reported by Andy on Wednesday, 05.15.2019 @ 06:56am reporting number 020-329-07853
Company Calling: Didn't get the name.
Type of call: Telemarketer
Buddy Loans is a Loan company for Guarantor loans only.
Reported by Mr R Walker on Tuesday, 05.14.2019 @ 02:39am reporting number 016-185-04141
Company Calling: Buddy Loans
Slurred speech man talking on my answer machine
Reported by mad on Monday, 05.13.2019 @ 18:22pm reporting number 330-490-2145
I got hit with a $2.99 phone bill for that number 508-555-1212 and I did not call anyone.. People should Report the # and file complaints with the Mass AG.
Reported by Ticked OFF on Sunday, 05.12.2019 @ 19:03pm reporting number 508-555-1212
scam. foreign phone number. they call and ring once. they want you to call back. if you do, you are charged a huge fee on your phone bill.
Reported by tony on Sunday, 05.12.2019 @ 09:40am reporting number 229-982-14804
Company Calling: unknown
scam. foreign number. they call and ring once hoping you will call back. if you return the call you are cgarged a huge phone call fee.
Reported by tony on Sunday, 05.12.2019 @ 09:37am reporting number 229-982-14814
Company Calling: unknown
I am not really sure what this number is. They call my phone and leave no voice message. They called my job, which is a bit weird. Until they leave a message I will not answer.
Reported by Carol on Friday, 05.10.2019 @ 07:09am reporting number 313-334-6350
Recording about reservation number at Hilton hotels. This is a scam. I never had such a reservation. Beware.
Reported by tony on Thursday, 05.9.2019 @ 16:01pm reporting number 214-268-2074
Company Calling: unknown
Please be aware that, and fraudulent scam emails and orders are circulating again, 5-9-19.They are using our names, Matt Flamand and Gene Flamand. They also use 208-534-6636, Fax 208-766-3338 fraudulent phone numbers. Do not sell to this scam company as it is not Thank you
Reported by Gene Flamand on Thursday, 05.9.2019 @ 11:36am reporting number 208-629-8247
Company Calling:
so called health market place is starting back up with health insurance you can afford like Cigna, aetna, bc & many more.................
Reported by martin on Wednesday, 05.8.2019 @ 12:57pm reporting number 937-851-3134
This number rang me several times and as soon I answer the caller puts the phone down without saying anything.
Reported by Sheba on Tuesday, 05.7.2019 @ 02:16am reporting number 016-120-32930
This number rang me several times and as soon I answer the caller puts the phone down without saying anything.
Reported by Sheba on Tuesday, 05.7.2019 @ 02:16am reporting number 016-120-32930
Lady said that they have my email misspelled and asked me to tell them my email. I refused, she said thank you and bye.
I suspect its a spoofed phone number and it was vishing attempt.
Reported by Kris on Friday, 05.3.2019 @ 05:48am reporting number 013-444-08410
Company Calling: can't remeber
Called me, I answered - then it hung up. I thought it might have been a customer so I called back. A chap answered and said 'is that adam', i replied no its not, who is this, I have a missed call from you, and they hung up. Messers.
Reported by gareth on Friday, 05.3.2019 @ 03:39am reporting number 012-744-49985
This is from Accendo Markets - stockbroker
Reported by daniel chandler on Thursday, 05.2.2019 @ 04:51am reporting number 020-303-04544
Company Calling: Accendo Markets
just received called from this phone number. I didn't pick up.
Don't called from who
Reported by June on Wednesday, 05.1.2019 @ 20:33pm reporting number 035-039-6781
Company Calling: unknow
5-18 selling fraudulent stereo equipment out of his car in SF.
Reported by Robert on Wednesday, 05.1.2019 @ 17:34pm reporting number 916-792-1555
recording about credit. they will try to get your credit information.
Reported by tony on Wednesday, 05.1.2019 @ 09:21am reporting number 214-263-5096
Company Calling: unknown
recording about credit cards. this is a scam to get your credit information.

Reported by tony on Wednesday, 05.1.2019 @ 09:19am reporting number 214-343-6750
Company Calling: unknown
page shows up on computer saying google chrome has been infected and you are asked to call above number (supposedly microsoft). this is a scam.
Reported by tony on Wednesday, 05.1.2019 @ 08:58am reporting number 888-218-5993
Company Calling: unknown
Keep getting calls from this number haven't picked up tho I think it's a scam
Reported by Alisha on Tuesday, 04.30.2019 @ 23:05pm reporting number 657-600-00
They claim I owe money to come off their calling list. I have 18 holiday weeks on their system. Rang several times saying I want to come off their calling lists.
Reported by Mr T Kennedy on Tuesday, 04.30.2019 @ 07:20am reporting number 003-496-5888250
Company Calling: Unknown
Type of call: Telemarketer
Had a call from this number 01622358500 no clue to who or what it's about man whith posh spoken voice asking for my daughters name can't ring it back
Reported by Billie on Saturday, 04.27.2019 @ 14:14pm reporting number 016-223-58500
I have recv'd this call several times never answer but voice mail is about IP being compromised. Have blocked number now
Reported by Helen on Friday, 04.26.2019 @ 13:48pm reporting number 614-524-7553
This is a number you cannot call back. It is the Huntersville Police Department, in NC.
Reported by Jay on Friday, 04.26.2019 @ 09:44am reporting number 704-111-1875
Got call from 032728731 today but i did not answered. I think its a debit collector
Reported by Rosa on Wednesday, 04.24.2019 @ 18:48pm reporting number 032-728-731
Type of call: Debt Collector
recording. this is a credit scam.
Reported by tony on Wednesday, 04.24.2019 @ 14:57pm reporting number 800-627-8372
Company Calling: unknown
Sir please check this number detail
Reported by Sheeraz on Tuesday, 04.23.2019 @ 02:08am reporting number 030-124-83347
Company Calling: 03033737093
Recording saying social security number compromised. they also want you to start your pc to "check" for malware etc.

Reported by tony on Monday, 04.22.2019 @ 09:09am reporting number 602-483-1919
Company Calling: Microcare
So this number keeps calling me telling me that they Are from the county I live in and they are attempting to deliver court documents to me. They keep saying that they are going to come to my home or place of employment to serve me and I need to have my id and someone there to sign saying that they served me. Not sure what this about since I just moved to this county and have nothing here. It's freaking me out because I don't know what this is about and can't call them back like they say to do because all the numbers they leave me are missing the last number .
Reported by Alicia on Thursday, 04.18.2019 @ 13:01pm reporting number 266-696-687
Recording supposedly from Visa regarding credit.
Reported by tony on Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 10:05am reporting number 214-287-8450
Company Calling: Visa (supposedly_)
Very Rude person by the name Jordan, claiming to be from NASMA but through the call ascertained he was a marketing company - Very rude and tried to be intimidating - Didnt Work
Reported by Andy on Wednesday, 04.17.2019 @ 07:21am reporting number 020-313-76249
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
no peolple speak
Reported by franiek on Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 12:15pm reporting number 760-284-4669
Type of call: Prank Call
The recording stated it was for a Visa upgrade crap. Asked to take number off calling list, they replied with "I'll take you off this planet and wanna take you out mother F%&^*"
Reported by ANONYMOUS on Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 11:48am reporting number 352-514-8792
I'm always suspicious when I see number in my area code I don't recognize. No message was left so I called the number back using #67 to hide my number and some guy named Chris answered saying "This is Chris and this call is being recorded" I said No it's not and I hung up. There was a lot of background chatting so it must be some kind of call center.
Reported by John Q on Tuesday, 04.16.2019 @ 11:28am reporting number 954-699-0642
Company Calling: Unavailable
Airline bookings! Canadian Affair travel.
Reported by Grahame Hewitt on Monday, 04.15.2019 @ 07:51am reporting number 020-761-69900
Company Calling: Canadain Affair agents
If you knows his whereabouts please post ASAP .
Would love to give him one
Reported by Hunter on Sunday, 04.14.2019 @ 07:50am reporting number 075-371-83009
Company Calling: Insurance
Reported by Denii on Saturday, 04.13.2019 @ 10:20am reporting number 452-334-
Type of call: SMS
I came across this number, while trying to contact my local Royal Mail Sorting Office to solve a Re-Delivery/Customs-Fee problem. _

I got the info from the website, "My Local Services", here: While it all looks to be genuine & respectable info; I now cannot believe it is not part of a scam.

Just like another post[above] (Miss R Lynch, Monday, 11-12-2018, Report #2205369196) I called this nnumber believing it to be the Royal Mail. In the call, I was waiting to be connected to an operator, all the while, I was being told that they were very busy and to try the website, at almost exactly 25 minutes, I was cut-off. Later I foundd that I had used up nearly all my credit (which I know was >£16.50).
Reported by Russ "Smudge" Smith on Friday, 04.12.2019 @ 02:17am reporting number 084-447-40395
Company Calling: Royal Mail
This number is a call from Forex site. I received this call since I registered in FOREX site.
wish luck
Reported by Javad on Thursday, 04.11.2019 @ 04:30am reporting number 004-420-37341025
Company Calling: Forex
Type of call: Telemarketer