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Latest Numbers to be Reported:

Calling to say my internet will be cut off as there is a problem with my router, absolute rubbish.
Reported by LYNN on Monday, 02.22.2021 @ 02:10am reporting number 011-596-76781
Recording talking before answer machine came on, but it's about telling me I'm paying more than I'm consuming on gas & elec & they'll save me money & something about $50 back. Doesn't ID who they are, so it's just a scam
Reported by TS on Saturday, 02.20.2021 @ 13:15pm reporting number 937-459-3890
Company Calling: Fake Gas & Elec won't ID who they are
Reported by Willy on Wednesday, 02.17.2021 @ 00:11am reporting number 270-325-2501
Recording calling, long "V" number shows up as well as a phone number that's probably fake.
Claims they put restrictions on my Amazon account until the problem is fixed. Recording was speaking before my machine started recording. Nice try thieves.
Reported by TS on Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 09:13am reporting number 937-847-8181
Company Calling: Fake Amazon
Got a fraud call asking my neighbor's number for a parcel and not picking up the call even from police station number
Reported by Omkar on Tuesday, 02.16.2021 @ 06:00am reporting number 022-667-19764
(Free AT&T Txt Msg)
Error 102-The Registered addr.....

Did not open. Assume scam.
Reported by tejano on Thursday, 02.11.2021 @ 19:14pm reporting number 288-987-88
I got a call from 866-239-2620 claiming it was Deborah Holland from Publishers Clearing House. I won a million dollars! How dumb do these scammers think I am? This is a scam if I ever saw one! It is probably just a trick to get money or personal information from you. Please do not fall for it.
Reported by anonymous on Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 14:39pm reporting number 866-239-2620
Company Calling: unknown
Type of call: Prank Call
These calls from Enderlin- which I doubt is true, started spam calling again. Considering the town is less than 500 residents- I know no one there and the calls starting again. Spam, crap,
Reported by Jonny on Tuesday, 02.9.2021 @ 09:43am reporting number 701-437-8555
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number called me and had my first and last name and asked me if they were speaking with me. This number oddly has 16 digits but I'm from the US and we only have 10
Reported by Brandon on Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 21:09pm reporting number 011-447-451248740
Lady asked for my wife by name. Seemed Irish or Scottish accent. Wife not home, so I asked who was calling. Caller refused to say who she was, or what it concerned. Just said, 'it's a courtesy call and I cannot tell you anything, I'll call back' then hung up. If official business, very rude. Asking a callers name is perfectly reasonable.
Reported by Bob on Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 07:55am reporting number 028-663-99000
Company Calling: Wouldn't say, but seemed business
These two number +917047783962 and +918145946571 are from Bengal, India and not safe. Spammer.
Reported by Vibhuti Kaur on Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 04:14am reporting number 814-594-6571
Company Calling: Spammer
Type of call: SMS
These two number +917047783962 and +918145946571 are from Bengal, India and not safe. Spammer.
Reported by Shrutika Chaudhary on Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 03:50am reporting number 704-778-3962
Company Calling: Spammer
Type of call: SMS
These two number +917047783962 and +918145946571 are from Bengal, India and not safe. Spammer.
Reported by Anaga Tyagi on Monday, 02.8.2021 @ 03:47am reporting number 704-778-3962
Company Calling: Spam
Type of call: Prank Call
yesterday. Some woman with an Indian or Pakistani or something like that asked to confirm certain details. I'm not sure if it was a legit call or not. I feel some uncertainty about it. Would recommend to others not to answer,just in case and block the number. I have now automatically blocked the number.
Reported by Uber on Thursday, 02.4.2021 @ 05:35am reporting number 006-129-5666000
I received message from this number (015547894) saying that have missed a call but I didn't see any missed calls from the number or any messages.
Reported by Zara on Monday, 02.1.2021 @ 07:45am reporting number 015-547-894
Called twice this evening. Once at 7:34pm and again at 8:02pm. Spam risk!
Reported by Millly on Sunday, 01.31.2021 @ 18:33pm reporting number 518-300-3302
This number phoned when i answered immediately hung up
Reported by Janelle benn on Thursday, 01.28.2021 @ 19:07pm reporting number 800-899-1250
this mobile number gained $450.000.00usd, SMLPRO/REF48308, for mor details contact MR.CHAKRA with your email ad.
on how to claim the fund.
is this real
Reported by Arsi on Thursday, 01.28.2021 @ 10:26am reporting number 483-03-
Company Calling: +99365338668
Type of call: SMS
Robo call
This is AT&T & Dish newtwork we have a promotion running where we can save YOUR customers blah blah blah. So if you're not happy with bills & want to lower YOUR bills, press ____ to speak to one of our specialists or press _____ to be placed on our do not call list.
Reported by TS on Tuesday, 01.26.2021 @ 14:32pm reporting number 937-676-5343
Company Calling: AT&T AND Dishnetwork
Called me at 08:30. I answered, but silent at the other end. Hung up. Nightshift as well, buggers.
Reported by Robert on Wednesday, 01.20.2021 @ 01:46am reporting number 015-098-61548
Company Calling: ?
Dish network with their stupid recording that talks every which way.
Talks about helping YOUR customers to save money & then goes on to say so if YOU hate bills & want to lower YOUR bills........

This recording calls from multiple numbers
Reported by TS on Monday, 01.18.2021 @ 10:02am reporting number 937-349-8782
Company Calling: scam
Reported by R on Saturday, 01.16.2021 @ 04:51am reporting number 140-038-0028
woman called from umatilla electric asking if my power was out.
Reported by ron on Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 10:48am reporting number 507-437-2572
Company Calling: umatilla electric
woman called from umatilla electric asking if my power was out.
Reported by ron on Friday, 01.15.2021 @ 10:44am reporting number 507-437-2572
Company Calling: umatilla electric
this number appeared on my phone bill with charge of £5+. How did this happen as we are very careful about this sort of scam?
Reported by Tessa on Friday, 01.8.2021 @ 05:29am reporting number 091-150-18501
tell me that they Will arrest me if i dont call Back seriously u can Suck my cant till i shirt muthafuk
Reported by garz on Wednesday, 01.6.2021 @ 13:43pm reporting number 123-462-2298
Company Calling: ?
001207 5619360 failed to get thru our call blocker.
Other websites report this is a "Microsoft" scam to con you into accessing your computer.
Reported by Ian on Tuesday, 01.5.2021 @ 03:47am reporting number 001-207-
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Reported by lpe88 download pc on Monday, 01.4.2021 @ 18:48pm reporting number 998-835-88
Company Calling:
Type of call: SMS
This no called me on a sunday 8 November 2020 and when I returned the call it said the no does not exist
Reported by John on Monday, 01.4.2021 @ 04:58am reporting number 051-533-0000
+919660952368 and +917501554112
Both the above numbers are fraudsters.
They leave unsolicited messages. Block these two numbers.
They are spam,filthy and are stalkers
Reported by Arvind Verma on Tuesday, 12.29.2020 @ 02:56am reporting number 966-095-2368
Company Calling: Red
Type of call: SMS
+919660952368 and +917501554112
Both the above numbers are fraudsters.
They leave an unsolicited messages. Block these two numbers.
They are spam and filthy
Reported by Namrata Devendra on Tuesday, 12.29.2020 @ 02:53am reporting number 966-095-2368
Company Calling: Gen
Type of call: SMS
Actually when someone doesn't know after that its up
to other users that they will assist, so here it happens.
Reported by s on Tuesday, 12.29.2020 @ 01:01am reporting number 012-438-64669
Company Calling:
Type of call: Non-Profit Organization
Call was received at 11:16 this morning and was intercepted by my phone's call blocker, they did not announce themselves so that's all I know. No record of receiving calls from this number previously

Reported by Peter on Monday, 12.28.2020 @ 04:54am reporting number 020-700-12080
Boots Hearing to rearrange a hearing test appointment
Reported by Peewee on Monday, 12.21.2020 @ 10:14am reporting number 014-928-75676
Company Calling: Boots
Type of call: Event Reminder
Find 'best of' articles, giving readers an idea of how to proceed and
which place to go on their trip. Pam shows us a
neat little craft help to make with our toddlers.
Teach them something to be of them.
Reported by lpe88 download android on Saturday, 12.19.2020 @ 23:07pm reporting number 941-767-88
Company Calling:
Type of call: Fax Machine
It's very unfortunate that this is a missed chance as particularly compete in races or challenges.
The game could often be a lot of fun and might
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Reported by boeing 777 skycargo on Saturday, 12.19.2020 @ 01:53am reporting number 043-952-9069
Company Calling:
Type of call: Debt Collector
These jobs range from stealing cars to killing celebrities to delivering pizza for a
few extra dollars. The initial mission has pilots protecting an on-ground Ghost Recon unit so familiarity
is high.
Reported by sky city casino jobs on Saturday, 12.19.2020 @ 01:33am reporting number 453-525-
Company Calling:
Type of call: Political Call
Car service across costa rica
Reported by Jonathan Novan on Wednesday, 12.16.2020 @ 15:42pm reporting number 869-293-8722
Type of call: Telemarketer

Reported by US CAR SERVICE HELPLINE on Wednesday, 12.16.2020 @ 15:37pm reporting number 869-293-8722
Company Calling: CAR SERVICE
Type of call: Telemarketer
get sm that my mailbox is full
Reported by Marla Pistole on Wednesday, 12.16.2020 @ 10:28am reporting number 600-500-0015
Type of call: SMS
You probably should not let because you havent won yet steer you away from continuing
perform. The Jets would be typically the AFC East basement, not really for
a winless Dolphins team.
Reported by live casino hotel jobs on Monday, 12.14.2020 @ 16:21pm reporting number 779-333-45
Company Calling:
Type of call: Telemarketer
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understand it, Thanks a lot.
Reported by ocean king apk on Saturday, 12.12.2020 @ 00:17am reporting number 714-340-7219
Company Calling:
Type of call: Event Reminder
Keep getting calls and they keep hanging up,something very odd
Reported by Mike Whitty on Thursday, 12.10.2020 @ 10:39am reporting number 037-49-
Company Calling:
Who is looking for information?
Reported by Fiona Glenshannon on Wednesday, 12.9.2020 @ 13:27pm reporting number 713-853-6267
Type of call: Prank Call
I'm NOT convinced this is a Legit Caller!!! CID: One Main, however it is a confirmed/verified "ROBO" Caller!!! I received 11 hits off this number; I never get that many hits against legit callers!!! On top of that multiple sources consider this a "ROBO/SCAM/FRAUD" Caller; it is "ROBO", For Sure! BEWARE and Use Extreme Caution if and when dealing with this Caller!!! And NEVER Give Personal Information Over The Phone! If it's a Legit Caller They Will Know Your Personal Info and Ask You To Verify It, but gotta be careful with that too! Make Sure You Know Who You're Speaking With!!!
Reported by Financially Handicapped on Thursday, 12.3.2020 @ 15:05pm reporting number 800-599-2335
Company Calling: One Main So They Said
Type of call: Debt Collector
It's coopers catologe
Reported by Simon Merrick on Wednesday, 11.25.2020 @ 03:31am reporting number 084-482-4400
Company Calling: Coopers
Type of call: Telemarketer
I GOT A CHECK IN THE MAIL FOR $192.80......according to the letter with the attaced check.........i was being re-inbursed from..SEVENTH AVENUE FOR AN ORDERED I HAVE CANCELED......BUT I NEVER PAYED FOR ANYTHING.......SO WHY THE CHECK.......I HAVE EMAIL 'SEVENTH AVENUE FOR INFO AND NO RESPONCE...
Reported by sonia santiago on Saturday, 11.21.2020 @ 08:15am reporting number 800-278-6302
Company Calling:
stalker. and threatening. BE AWARE

Reported by annonyous on Thursday, 11.19.2020 @ 07:28am reporting number 079-579-86128
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Reported by scr888 for pc on Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 23:19pm reporting number 832-413-0079
Company Calling:
Type of call: Telemarketer
Message on A phone to call this no regarding AA insurance
Message on call - they will contact me regarding house insurance.
We dont currently have AA insurance

Reported by Pete P on Tuesday, 11.17.2020 @ 08:37am reporting number 034-331-61617
Company Calling: AA