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Comment by Riley
Friday, 03.14.2014 @ 04:05am
Report# 2409254070
anybody else receiving rings with this telephone no.?
Comment by Marie
Monday, 05.12.2014 @ 10:33am
Report# 6787983775
I got a call from this number 08001510292 claiming to be from Lioyds bank they want to ask me some security questions before they tell me why they called.
Comment by Marie
Monday, 05.12.2014 @ 10:35am
Report# 3083240727
I got a call from this number 08001510292 claiming to be from Lioyds bank they want to ask me some security questions before they tell me why they called.
Comment by Neil
Thursday, 07.10.2014 @ 00:34am
Report# 9012248037
I had a similar call on a private witheld number. They told me to call the above number which is a Lloyds PPI compaints line.
Comment by Gaz
Tuesday, 09.30.2014 @ 06:31am
Report# 7193584424
Same here this afternoon, girl wanted to ask me security questions about my lloyds account, "how do i know your from lloyds I ask", she gives me the same number as above 08001510292, I say I could ring my old dad up and say I'm from lloyds, and say to him "please give me your bank details, here is my work number", she could not grasp what I meant.
Company Calling: Lloyds
Comment by Neil
Tuesday, 12.2.2014 @ 08:52am
Report# 8053014986
Had the same, had anybody spoke to lloyds ? Number checks out as lloyds
Company Calling: Lloyds
Comment by Stevie
Monday, 01.12.2015 @ 12:07pm
Report# 2542751705
From what I know it is Lloyds Bank
I was rejected a claim about 2 years since from Lloyds and the person who called me had all the details from that claim. He was informing me that they had been requested to look in to the claim again and would get back to me within 2 weeks. It's something to do with the government has instructed banks to look in to some rejected claims again. He never asked me for bank details as he already had them
Comment by Jenny Wren
Thursday, 01.29.2015 @ 04:17am
Report# 8172598527
Had a call on my mobile a few weeks ago, thought it was odd but was assured as they had all details from
a previous PPI claim I had made (was rejected) went through questions with me and said they would be in touch?
Company Calling: Lloyds
Comment by Alyson
Monday, 02.23.2015 @ 13:46pm
Report# 3303091158
Got a call today and I was suspicious and told him as much. He said to call this number and he would ring back tomorrow. I said how can I be sure this number is not fake and he said google it. I did and got this site. Am unsure what to do now. He also wanted my name and date of birth which I gave him and then he told me that it was to do with a PPI claim that had been rejected 2 years ago and they were now able to look into it again. How am I supposed to trust them? Has anyone had a conclusion to their call? I will have to wait for his call again tomorrow when he said we would go through the original paperwork I sent. Very difficult to trust anyone these days.
Company Calling: Lloyds Bank
Comment by Gary
Thursday, 03.5.2015 @ 13:56pm
Report# 5416649239
got similiar call it turns out its a third party PPI firm it's basically a scam , although they quote lloyds no. They always ring after the customer service team is closed .
Company Calling: lloyds supposedly
Comment by karen
Monday, 03.9.2015 @ 08:52am
Report# 2179649731
Just had the same thing happening to me.
A lady called and said she was from Lloyds.
And to call this 0800 151 0892 no.
Comment by H
Thursday, 03.19.2015 @ 12:51pm
Report# 2318617944
just got the same call,

I ring the 24hr contact centre 03453 000 000 to see who my details had been sold too.

Unfortunately they were unaware of what other departments do.
That they would make a note of my call and any unusual activity would be flagged.
They advised me to contact the complaints team also the ppi number 08001510292 in working hours for more information.

I have had random calls before from Lloyds but with this being out of working hours and an age of deceit it rattles the nerves.
Company Calling: lloyds
Comment by A
Tuesday, 03.31.2015 @ 11:55am
Report# 6122624218
When I was called by Lloyds and I asked for verification as to who was calling, I was given this number, which I found on the Lloyds Bank website:


It's legitimate.
Company Calling: Lloyds Bank
Comment by CLK
Wednesday, 05.20.2015 @ 07:48am
Report# 4803794575
Company calling themselves lloyds Bank called today 3.15pm saying it was about a claim that had been refused a few years ago,caller confirmed my name and address asked a few details,did not ask my Bank details and said i would hear from them in about 2 weeks.,she gave me a number to contact them on which was 08001510292.They have nothing to gain by this as I have already claimed apart from 1 that was refused.
Company Calling: lloyds bank
Comment by CLK
Wednesday, 05.20.2015 @ 07:52am
Report# 7655979657
I have submitted a reply today Wed 20May 2015. 3.45pm.but it has come up as reporting it at 7.48am Why.?
Comment by sara
Monday, 06.1.2015 @ 12:55pm
Report# 5407371771
This is a scam Beware! Pretending to be Lloyd. Wanting bank details over phone so slammed down on me when I refused.
Company Calling: scam Lloyds
Comment by Lloyds employee
Tuesday, 07.7.2015 @ 06:57am
Report# 5804467460
I work for the bank and I am based in St William's House in Cardiff.

0800 151 0292 is the number that goes out on any complaint letter about PPI, it's on the bottom of letters you get from the bank on Lloyds headed paper and in Lloyds envelopes.

We contact people after they make PPI complaints so when we call trying to give you your PPI back, it may be an idea to speak to us.

People who refuse to speak to us tend to get nothing back. people smart enough to realise that they put in a complaint to Lloyds then get a call from Lloyds and put 2 and 2 together are the ones getting the cheques back

Company Calling: Lloyds
Comment by Rich
Tuesday, 07.14.2015 @ 10:56am
Report# 7012722176
I also work for the bank, based in Leeds. This is a legitimate number used by Lloyds bank (also for HBOS products) to deal with PPI complaints. Though the person above is technically correct, we don't ALWAYS have to contact people. But if we are then it's most probably because we're looking for further information, so it's always useful to co-operate and be as honest as possible with the questions asked.

As someone previously stated, the number is on the Lloyds website:

Still, people should be careful. If it's a legitimate PPI call, the advisor will ask you to verify your identity by asking for your FULL NAME and DATE OF BIRTH. A third question may be asked such as POSTCODE, but they would never ask to confirm any bank details.

If the advisor asks for anything other than the above, it may be a scammer using the Lloyds number to seem legit. If this is the case, I'd recommend hanging up and calling the number to check to see if an outbound call was made on any of their systems, as all calls are logged.

Hope this helps.
Company Calling: Lloyds
Comment by Lloydscallreceiver
Thursday, 07.30.2015 @ 11:32am
Report# 8647352592
Fair enough from Lloyds employees. I've had call from private number today and when I questioned caller gave me the 0800 number but said no ref no. Rang the number and asked for ref no. Got asked for my details but not acct details. I asked for their address etc and kept being put on hold. As soon as I put phone down, private number kept calling. I didn't answer until I've checked this out further. My ppi claim rejected but now being reviewed apparently.
Comment by Old customer
Friday, 08.21.2015 @ 02:24am
Report# 8594007027
All the same for me also. But mine was resolved, had a rebate sent to me in the post. I have since closed my TSB account as it was moved there automatically when Lloyds tsB split up. Sounds like a scam to me
Company Calling: Lloyds apparently
Comment by Lloyds worker
Tuesday, 10.6.2015 @ 18:04pm
Report# 7855008015
As colleagues stated above. The number is real and is the call centre is based in Manila hence having an asian accent. As new guidelines set by the financial ombudsman have been set in place, Lloyds bank are contacting customer again if previous cases were rejected or partly upheld to see whether the original decision was processed correctly or if that outcome can be changed again hence why they are randomly calling about cases a few years ago, most likely 2013/2014, however NO Bank details are ever asked, only a few questions to verify whether it is the customer or not to be able to proceed and say what the call is about (date protection reasons) if however, bank details are ever asked at the begining of the call hang up. Clearly, without being disrespectful, you've stated that the actual Loyds bank website has the number.. If that doesn't verify this number god knows what will but if you still are wary pop down your local branch or call telephone banking. Sincerely from a Lloyds Employee.
Comment by John
Monday, 11.30.2015 @ 13:01pm
Report# 4195842273
Got a call today 1940 hrs, they were calling about a complaint I had made about PPI claims people, not a PPI claim, so not actually a complaint. The call came through as private, with an Indian sounding voice. I too was dubious at first and mentioned how do I verify who he is.

He asked me to go through security questions, which he told me what they would be first, one was my name, the other first line of address.

The fact he had already asked for me by name, brought it down to the first line of the address.

The gentleman was able to tell me the period that my PPI was operational for, which from my viewpoint shows they have enough information, especially seeing it was cancelled back in 2005.

If in doubt about any number they give you, tell them you will phone them after checking the validity of the number through their official website. Then phone your home number from a another line, probably your mobile, which will ensure your house phone has been disconnected from the other party, so they are not holding it open...
Comment by Andy S
Tuesday, 12.1.2015 @ 08:59am
Report# 2093865237
I can confirm that this is a number being used by Lloyds and Halifac Bank for PPI claims/complaints.

I had a call yesterday and after checking out the number and info it seems okay.

I spoke to someone in Chester.
Company Calling: Halifax
Comment by Mark B
Friday, 02.12.2016 @ 04:07am
Report# 2516984632
Just received a call from these guys about my rejected PPI claim in 2013. Never asked for my bank details, etc. I'm pretty sure they are real. I had a feeling the government would asked the banks to relook at some of the rejected claims. Hopefully they will give me some cash back to spend on my hols.
Company Calling: Lloyds PPI
Comment by chris k
Friday, 03.11.2016 @ 07:00am
Report# 9578268680
I received a letter through the post with regards to an old ppi claim that was rejected in 2012, stating that the decision has been reversed. I looked up the number on the letter and it directed me to the lloyds ppi complaints department. i rang it out of curiosity and went through some security questions. (name, address) i was told that the letter was genuine and i would receive a bank transfer within 28 days of the date stated on the letter. i thought i would ask which account it would be going into (to try and trick them) and without prompting her she told me my account number. As far as i am concerned everything tallies up.
Company Calling: LLOYDS BANK
Comment by John Smith
Sunday, 06.12.2016 @ 02:12am
Report# 6976605620
These numbers and PPI calls are probably genuine. Lloyds have been instructed to look at any PPI cases where the decision to not to pay out might be reversed. Lloyds don't want to do this, so to reduce the number of cases, they deliberalty contact people by phone, knowing they will appear suspect, which will considerably reduce the number responses. With PPI, make a point of doing nothing, I repeat nothing over the phone. These banking people are tricky and clever. Always do your own PPI research and contact the bank involved only by recorded delivery letter. If they phone you, ask them to respond by mail. If they do not, send what you have to the Ombudsman. It may take longer, but you stand a far better chance of a refund this way. And alway check the maths that produced any settlement offer. Banks have a a bad record of underpayment. Remember, no phone!
Company Calling: Lloyds PPI
Comment by Carol W
Saturday, 10.8.2016 @ 03:52am
Report# 2481594420
I had a call from 0800 151 0292 yesterday, i work in the finance field so caught on straight away that it was a scam. I was driving so he left a voicemail, on calling it back i gave him a mouth full, i don't even bank with Lloyds.
Rang Lloyds this morning and reported it. shame they don't do something about it, to protect the vunerable.
Company Calling: Lloyds PPI
Comment by Lor
Wednesday, 12.21.2016 @ 02:39am
Report# 7057940464
It's not a scam , it's the number for lloyds bank . PPI dept .
Company Calling: Lloyds
Comment by SuziQ
Monday, 07.17.2017 @ 09:09am
Report# 7634490173
Had a call from a private number claiming they were from the TSB claims department wanting some info. After talking to him for a while he then asked what bank account would I like the money placed into I said I would like it in a cheque he said they usually place the money in your bank account I said I want it in a cheque please he then replied he may get in touch again if there are any other issues but doesn't think there will be.
Company Calling: TSB
Comment by LindaM
Thursday, 11.23.2017 @ 04:09am
Report# 9827602524
Had a letter this morning claiming to be from Lloyds Bank. Quoted 0800 151 0292 to ring. Have rang Lloyds Bank on another number and they have confirmed that 0800 151 0292 is one of their numbers.
Comment by Simmo
Tuesday, 01.2.2018 @ 04:17am
Report# 3788089882
08001510292 is the PPI customer service number for Lloyds bank a second customer service for PPI is 08000964376 BX1 1LT postcode for both numbers
Company Calling: Lloyds
Comment by Anon
Saturday, 08.10.2019 @ 05:49am
Report# 3527417302
The number ending 4376 is the Lloyds ppi bereavement team

The other number is the ppi customer service number

Company Calling: Lloyd’s bank

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