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Ils m'ont appeller 3 fois dans la meme journée et a chaque fois c'est une personne différente qui m'appel, ils veulent parler a une "carole" sauf que mon nom n'est pas carole...

ils disent que carole leurs doit une grosse somme d'argent...

au bout du 3e appel je leur ai dit que carole était morte :D
Reported by Neo on Wednesday, 03.21.2018 @ 11:45am reporting number 888-480-4920
Company Calling: Commercial Credit Adjusters
Type of call: Debt Collector
Keeps harassing me never get a name or number to call back...
Reported by Stephanie C on Wednesday, 03.21.2018 @ 09:29am reporting number 062-252-5671
Type of call: Debt Collector
My name is Anthony Matthews. I'm a scammer, a fraud, and a con artist. Beware! 888-489-0979
Reported by Anthony Matthews on Wednesday, 03.21.2018 @ 08:42am reporting number 888-489-0979
Company Calling: RCS
Reported by SUSAN STEVENSON on Wednesday, 03.21.2018 @ 08:01am reporting number 020-850-30174
Ideal World customer service
Reported by Alun Hughes on Wednesday, 03.21.2018 @ 05:19am reporting number 012-736-47070
Company Calling: Ideal World
Frequently I get call Dr from this number

Reported by Sanjay trivedi on Tuesday, 03.20.2018 @ 00:05am reporting number 533-001-2345
Called at about 4:20 pm pm March 19, 2018 - robo call - female voice said call from IRS - warrant out for my arrest - advised to call back - WHO ARE THESE IDIOTS? They keep calling. Scam. IRS doesn't issue warrants. They also don't call you.
Reported by Rose on Monday, 03.19.2018 @ 14:34pm reporting number 646-313-3789
Company Calling: IRS
guy calls and says.theres some kind of warrant for me.
..i saw this scam on utube..they claim to be irs.saying u owe thousands of dollars then they tell u to go buy gift cards in the thousands and give them the gift.card #s ...scammers
usually out of India
Reported by nunya bidnes on Monday, 03.19.2018 @ 13:20pm reporting number 347-809-5425
Type of call: Debt Collector
thats me
Reported by ryan raynolds on Monday, 03.19.2018 @ 08:51am reporting number 376-459-3740
Company Calling: no
Saturday I got a call from +5044 this number... My lover working in abroad.. He make a call to me, that day I can't attend the call so please identify him caller ID and also inform to him to make a call again for me... I'm from nagercoil...
Reported by A JANCY on Monday, 03.19.2018 @ 00:19am reporting number 504-4-
Company Calling: +5044
ya, got that call today 16/3/2018

woman left a message
very hard to hear
sounded Indian
and sounded like a call center with all the talking in the background

sounds live a scam to me

00 44 1800949523
Reported by Tommy on Friday, 03.16.2018 @ 03:38am reporting number 180-094-9523
Type of call: Telemarketer
This number called my globe number twice today and I wasn't able to answer both calls. Thank goodness I researched on this number thru the web and I'm glad I stumbled on this website. I will just ignore all calls from this number or maybe even block it from my cellphone.
Reported by Lani on Friday, 03.16.2018 @ 03:36am reporting number 028-753-480
Received a phone call from this number, answered and after 5 sec of silence the line dropped.
Reported by Stavros on Friday, 03.16.2018 @ 02:29am reporting number 003-222-501622
Call so many times. Keep calling until you pick up their call.But when answer it they direct cut off the line (have been answer quite few times)
Reported by John on Friday, 03.16.2018 @ 01:14am reporting number 271-952-99
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - If you applied for a home loan or refinance, this is their #
Reported by nancy on Thursday, 03.15.2018 @ 06:48am reporting number 800-443-3498
The guy called from this number today and introduced him as someone from Liberty life on behalf of FNB. He told me that calls are recorded for security reasons. He then asked my date of birth and I told him I don't give out my date of birth for security reasons.
Reported by Fikiswa on Thursday, 03.15.2018 @ 01:46am reporting number 011-558-0000
Company Calling: Liberty Life on behlaf on FNB
Type of call: Telemarketer
Same as Alizabeth. Left voice mail saying call 206-855-5564, claims to be irs and I'm being sued. Obviously a scam. Please do not answer calls from this number!
Reported by notafool on Wednesday, 03.14.2018 @ 10:26am reporting number 206-855-5564
Company Calling: SCAM - claims IRS
I had a vm from this number 206-855-5564 saying the IRS is suing me and I need to call them about the case. I know the IRS doesn't make direct phone calls, they send letters.
Reported by Alizabeth on Wednesday, 03.14.2018 @ 07:56am reporting number 206-855-5564
That's BRIC GRoup in Spain. You probably submitted a form interested in investing in one of their resorts
Reported by George on Wednesday, 03.14.2018 @ 03:06am reporting number 003-495-2810711
Company Calling: BRIC
This a SCAM number, a man call me mention my last name and said that my energy service will be cut temporally, need to pass for the office or call to (816) 666-8867. But the number that originate the call was saved in my phone screen. I call to NVEnergy and they told me that they never call the clients that was a SCAM.
Reported by OWNER on Tuesday, 03.13.2018 @ 11:46am reporting number 800-266-3545
Company Calling: SCAM
This is definitely NHS appointment center rang the number back.
I am not a robot
Reported by Evie on Tuesday, 03.13.2018 @ 09:53am reporting number 017-448-81307
Company Calling: Nhs
Called me at work. I called her back - she said she was grateful I returned her call and she had a science opportunity she knew I'd be interested in. I told her I was not interested and told her not to call and again. She asked why would I not hear her out. I hung up.

I am involved in science field but I do not know her or her company - education travel.
Reported by TL on Tuesday, 03.13.2018 @ 06:31am reporting number 855-573-8247
Company Calling: Education travel
Type of call: Telemarketer
(860) 646-5825 is a SCAM ARTIST
Reported by ANON on Monday, 03.12.2018 @ 16:11pm reporting number 860-646-5825
Company Calling: Constitution LU
Phone rings but just hangs up when when answered.....
Reported by macca on Monday, 03.12.2018 @ 06:41am reporting number 070-318-88670
Prank loser tryimg to get info
Reported by Steve on Sunday, 03.11.2018 @ 21:40pm reporting number 236-266-5791
Type of call: Prank Call
I was charged £8. 65 for calling D&G to fix my mother's boiler. Certainly is a big rip off. Outrageous
Reported by Graham on Sunday, 03.11.2018 @ 15:49pm reporting number 084-448-10100
stop it
Reported by annoyed on Sunday, 03.11.2018 @ 08:27am reporting number 859-797-0688
your mobile number has won $750.000-USD in the On-going 2017 ASIAN MOBILE INTERNATIONAL APPS SUPERDRAW with Reference Winning Number:AJMTH-AU:14168CIH2017.
Contact Dr Robert by E-Mail for claims and Payment Congratulations. Sicerly Ms Sarah Rana.

PS. This Message Came on my Mobile On WhatsApp .
and ring To +1 (667) 228-6107
Reported by Edward Anlyan on Saturday, 03.10.2018 @ 21:20pm reporting number 171-653-14934
Company Calling: Asian Mobile Internation Apps Super Draw .
Received from this number today. Annoying. Nobody at the other end.
Reported by Anne on Friday, 03.9.2018 @ 02:02am reporting number 034-027-3243
Called twice and did not leave a message
Reported by CU on Thursday, 03.8.2018 @ 09:07am reporting number 073-994-98704
These people are attempting to collect a debt sold to them by Cabot Financial Service
Reported by Samantha on Thursday, 03.8.2018 @ 08:44am reporting number 020-881-42299
Company Calling: Ruthbridge Financial Services
Type of call: Debt Collector
Had a call from this number, read the stuff on here and rang the Fiscal offices off their new number 0300 020 3000, spoke to a lady...she said the number i was rang from was their old number and they stopped using it in September 2017. I tried ringing the number that called me, i was told i never had enough call credit, which means the call must cost £50+ to connect to.
The Procurator Fiscal lady has passed the information on to their security/fraud department. THIS IS A SCAM NUMBER! IF CALLED BY IT REPORT IT TO THE 0300 number i listed above!
Reported by Rob on Thursday, 03.8.2018 @ 08:01am reporting number 084-456-13000
Company Calling: SCAMMERS
insurance scammer, looking details of your insurance, tell them to f** off and block the number.
Reported by stephen on Thursday, 03.8.2018 @ 04:40am reporting number 013-923-53790
Company Calling: insurance
Type of call: Prank Call
Called twice by this number and on answering, no one was there???
Reported by Susan Hughes on Wednesday, 03.7.2018 @ 17:02pm reporting number 099-678-623
Type of call: Telemarketer
This is direct line ins .car I'm with ,just called to see if I wanted home and contents ins.they gave me my car Reg direct line it is
Reported by Vincent on Wednesday, 03.7.2018 @ 12:42pm reporting number 034-530-04454
Company Calling: Direct line
Type of call: Telemarketer
12:44pm, 3/6/18
Called and left no message. Tried calling the number back and it immediately disconnects.
Reported by Dee Dot on Tuesday, 03.6.2018 @ 15:47pm reporting number 609-245-0688
Company Calling: Unknown
trying to recognize me. they new my name unfortunately. i have no idea who they are.
Reported by madam on Tuesday, 03.6.2018 @ 07:20am reporting number 441-200-400568
Calls and doesn't leave message. I have not picked up when they call. Just phoned moments ago.
Reported by Vasquez on Monday, 03.5.2018 @ 20:36pm reporting number 844-238-5487
This number is Barclays Customer Relationship Team
Reported by Debbie on Saturday, 03.3.2018 @ 07:40am reporting number 084-507-56575
This person called at 2.20 am and leff disturbing message. Unknown psycho. Dangerous number.
Reported by Pom on Saturday, 03.3.2018 @ 00:50am reporting number 077-716-15562
Call about eight times a day/always reject call/no messages left is I miss call

Reported by carla on Friday, 03.2.2018 @ 08:12am reporting number 844-545-3438
Company Calling: 84454534368
I got a call from this number. The woman at the other end said it's to explain the terms and conditions of the PLDT Tvolution. Afterwards, she asked for my address, other contact numbers, email, and birthday. She said it's for verification. I don't know if it's real or not but even if it's really PLDT, this is too much. It raises a lot of red signals for its clients. PLDT should really look into its telemarketers. They might be doing more than authorised.
Reported by Sofiah on Friday, 03.2.2018 @ 04:38am reporting number 028-753-480
I had a phone call from +44203219568 and don't have idea who was there. I live in Bulgaria
Reported by Emel on Friday, 03.2.2018 @ 04:22am reporting number 004-420-3
Its a recruitment agency
Reported by Dannii on Friday, 03.2.2018 @ 03:08am reporting number 016-146-49870
The telephone number/call is associated with Acurian Health Studies! They are NOT a scam and are a very legitimate respected company that does medical research and studies. In fact, if you qualify for any of their medical studies, you will be financially compensated!
Reported by p on Thursday, 03.1.2018 @ 14:27pm reporting number 866-315-1338
Company Calling: Acurian Health
Type of call: Survey
Also calling me at work!!!
Reported by FT on Thursday, 03.1.2018 @ 11:19am reporting number 855-573-8247
Acorn Agency
Reported by Sandra on Thursday, 03.1.2018 @ 06:00am reporting number 017-927-09036
Scammer. Fits in with many scamming numbers. Put these in your blocker. most all of them are scamming contractors:
(714) 272-4176
(714) 272-7257
(714) 272-6820
(714) 274-6707
(714) 274-6759
(714) 276-1023 *
(714) 276-1047
(714) 276-1201
(714) 276-2395
(714) 276-2851
(714) 278-4383
(714) 278-4817

Reported by El Vato De Suave on Wednesday, 02.28.2018 @ 20:33pm reporting number 714-276-1023
Company Calling: Same outfit, different names
I call the number back didn't ring or anything. Some held the phone for six seconds then it just hang up.
Reported by Domimique on Wednesday, 02.28.2018 @ 15:54pm reporting number 504-383-8817
Company Calling: Unknown
This "RGI VIP Upgrade" appeared on my charge card several months ago. It was an account that I had CLEARED and PAID OFF. Therefore, any mail that I received from the awful credit card company (Barclay) I ignored and shredded, believing it to be marketing junk because they are servants of dark, dark forces of evil. I didn't notice until many months later, when I received an email telling me MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED DUE TO MISSED PAYMENTS. I checked the card balance online, and this was almost $200 DUE TO THIS SCAM CHARGE on my account.

Imagine a world in which "RGI VIP Upgrade" and the Credit Card company are IN PARTNERSHIP, charging paid off accounts and then raking in late fees!!!


Reported by Michael on Wednesday, 02.28.2018 @ 15:48pm reporting number 800-617-3714
Type of call: Telemarketer