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This number has call me several times but never let a message. When I answered it by accident they hung up. Number now blocked.
Reported by me too on Thursday, 02.18.2016 @ 01:30am reporting number 000-207-89625
Caller said he was from Talktalk and wanted me to log in so he could fix my internet which he said was at risk. He hung up when I said I was not going to do that without contacting Talktalk myself
Reported by Rachel on Thursday, 02.18.2016 @ 00:56am reporting number 000-141-2550164
It rang, I picked up. Waited for sales patter etc but it hung up
Reported by Pete on Tuesday, 02.9.2016 @ 05:24am reporting number 000-207-89625
0001312892658 rang this afternoon. we couldnt grasp a word. these people called off soon after a minute.
Reported by Russ on Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 04:09am reporting number 000-131-2892658
Too right. I dont pay for services in order to be harrassed by scum bags.
Reported by Pauletta on Thursday, 02.4.2016 @ 08:19am reporting number 000-122-2330131