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this call just came in today 02/26/2016 at 4:14pm, I did not answer, but called my phone provider and was told it was someone or somebody by the name of Philip Parker and this is also a number used by telemarketers. However, by all the different things that have been posted about this number, I am lead to believe this is some scam artist and would recommend reporting it to your phone company and the local police department to have a case open and for them to investigate said number
Reported by Mark on Friday, 02.26.2016 @ 16:38pm reporting number 006-612-62601
I got call from 006503333333 and they said Hello and disconnected. When I searched in Truecaller, it said Alim Babu from Singapore. He should be trying to swipe the information from the mobile and trying to see if anything will be of use. Anyway, it seems to be a spam or Data thief.
Reported by Prakash on Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 17:20pm reporting number 006-503-333333
The call was from a can artist. He knew my name and address.
He claimed that my Windows computer had sent messages to BT to say that there was something wrong with it and BT had passed this on to him. I do not have a Windows computer or a BT line and I know enough about computers to know that his story was nonsense - but skilfully delivered, so he could probably fool a lot of people. I strung him along for a bit to waste his time, but when I asked for his company's name, address and phone number he abruptly rang off.
Reported by Martin on Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 05:09am reporting number 006-125-6160105
Company Calling: Win Online Support(probably a fake name)
foreign sounding voice proclaiming to be with speak talk. we interrupted & stated we did not think 'em & put the phone down.
Reported by Michiko on Wednesday, 01.27.2016 @ 04:10am reporting number 006-117-018453392
Company Calling: Claimed to be Talk talk
Asian person calling proclaiming to be with `Windows` // soon as we ask for her no. to ring them back she began singing. a clown fraudster
Reported by Horacio on Wednesday, 01.27.2016 @ 03:06am reporting number 006-152-14220048
Company Calling: Windows