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THis is a SCAM which would not be detected until we needed an engineer to the washing machine.
All very convincing .......
Offered to reduce insurance on washing machine as their company TEAM4APPLIANCE had taken over the contract.
They did not know type of machine. (Miele)
They said the new value was about £500 (£800)
WE have no insurance - just a ten year guarantee - it is a Miele after all.
The caller wanted me to 'cancel the standing order' and set up a new one to their account.
When they asked which bank I was with I told them.
Then they said, "are the first four numbers of the card xxxx" (these numbers identify the bank and are common to all cards of a bank and type) and would I confirm they had the correct card.
"No. I do not have access to the card" right now."
at which point they became vague.
Probably their script says to ask for bank details and account numbers, etc.; which they couldn't do if I claimed not to have the details available.

Reported by Ian on Friday, 02.19.2016 @ 07:10am reporting number 033-337-04467
Company Calling: TEAM4APPLIANCE
Type of call: Telemarketer
Why don't any of you fuckwits just call it and find out?!? It's a courtesy call from Admiral insurance
Reported by Aesop on Monday, 02.8.2016 @ 11:35am reporting number 033-033-35513
Company Calling: Admiral
Just got a ring. Welsh man with the 'pension advice centre' or something. we just cut them off mid flow & she did not ring back therefore cannot be important.
Reported by Kermit on Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 15:38pm reporting number 033-344-32360
Company Calling: Pensions
Type of call: Telemarketer
Beware con call!! stating all boilers must be A rated by end of 2016
Reported by Carlton on Saturday, 02.6.2016 @ 03:47am reporting number 033-334-40692

Has called me twice and I have been charged twice.

Obviously a scam were you get charged if answer.

Beware this number!?

Local and National 22/01 14:39 03301330038

SERVICES G21 RATE 00:00:05 £0.29
Local and National 22/01 14:02 03301330038

SERVICES G21 RATE 00:00:06 £0.29
Reported by c on Wednesday, 02.3.2016 @ 20:18pm reporting number 033-013-30038
Company Calling: scammer