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Message left as urgent. some words were "smudged", so message not clear. Felt like phishing.
Reported by Bob on Thursday, 02.25.2016 @ 06:07am reporting number 034-485-65532
Weird voicemail first leaving the last part of the telephone number, and then repeating the full number. No name no company no nothing.
Reported by Anonymous on Monday, 02.22.2016 @ 03:39am reporting number 034-514-26005
E-bays debt collectors
Reported by BG on Saturday, 02.20.2016 @ 15:42pm reporting number 034-447-29377
Company Calling: CSL
Type of call: Debt Collector
The man said he was calling from HSBC fraud department and to call him back. This is not the number given on HSBC website for fraud.
Reported by Kate on Tuesday, 02.16.2016 @ 04:53am reporting number 034-526-69337
Company Calling: HSBC
This is HSBC fraud department checking on a transaction - either online or telephone banking
Reported by Peter Bates on Thursday, 02.11.2016 @ 08:49am reporting number 034-526-69337
Company Calling: HSBC