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three rings // 3rd ring requested why I put the phone down on 'em
Reported by Cyrus on Saturday, 01.16.2016 @ 05:11am reporting number 123-645-6543
This telephone no. rang our home this afternoon at four am (Jan 19, 2016).
Reported by Bernadette on Friday, 01.8.2016 @ 15:53pm reporting number 123-381-3621
My mobile (O2) phone seems a target of calls from 12345, which appears as a voice message. When I select Listen it turns out to be an automatic voice time check.
Not a problem, except (1) I didn't waqnt one and (2) It does not come within my free calls bundle and so I have to pay something like 50p.
Someone is making money from this scam.
Don't fall for it.
I am waiting for O2 to respond to my complaint about this.
Reported by Neil H12 on Friday, 01.8.2016 @ 05:01am reporting number 123-45-
This no. came up, did not reply on time, no msg left. rang back, clearly no able to get through.
Reported by Jadwiga on Sunday, 01.3.2016 @ 01:02am reporting number 123-416-5798
we want to recognise who was behind this!
Reported by Kizzie on Wednesday, 12.30.2015 @ 15:37pm reporting number 123-675-0873