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these people call my cell phone over 20x's in 2 days im very upset this is ridiculous unknown number comes up all together as 1300000000
Reported by ali- on Friday, 02.26.2016 @ 11:53am reporting number 130-000-0000
Dont give them any information go to your bank people and ask direct they have the information DO NOT GIVE ANYONE any of YOUR PERSONAL info over the phone.

They will send you a letter and advise you if something is wrong.

Reported by Mel on Monday, 02.15.2016 @ 19:22pm reporting number 130-013-0107
Company Calling: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
got a ring on landline.
Reported by Darrick on Wednesday, 01.20.2016 @ 01:02am reporting number 130-013-6616
just a mob of scum bags give no infro at all, they can call you instead
Reported by colin rouse on Monday, 01.18.2016 @ 06:16am reporting number 130-013-3372
Type of call: Debt Collector
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Reported by Benjamin on Sunday, 01.17.2016 @ 22:56pm reporting number 130-271-0891