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the number 32665100 has been texting my phone and asking what are you up to?how can I find out who this is and what can I do about it?
Reported by leslie r on Thursday, 01.14.2016 @ 21:26pm reporting number 326-651-00
I got messages from this. It's facebook texting service. I linked it, and it responded to what I did on computer. It is not identity theft.

326-651-00 is Facebook text.
Reported by The Illuminati on Thursday, 01.14.2016 @ 18:33pm reporting number 326-651-00
Type of call: SMS
The message tells me it is my cousins' birthday and to test the number 1 to send Birthday greetings.
Is this real? From the above comments it looks like I have been hacked or spammed. I DID respond with the numeral one! Now what?
Reported by 326-651-02 on Tuesday, 01.12.2016 @ 08:53am reporting number 326-651-02
Type of call: SMS
rings repeatedly, every day, for months, with small variations in the no. Who does this?!? There should be a law against this practice.
Reported by Temika on Thursday, 12.24.2015 @ 21:55pm reporting number 326-650-30
keeps on bugging the hell out of us. Have requested 'em to not ring us & these people keep on doing therefore & we detest this harassing. We are on the national do not ring directory.
Reported by Rosia on Saturday, 12.12.2015 @ 02:42am reporting number 326-291-4831
Company Calling: 326-291-4831