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City: Vancouver        State: British Columbia        Country: Canada

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we had the identical sms as Teri
Reported by Vernon on Friday, 02.5.2016 @ 01:01am reporting number 604-345-0018
This was a payphone // A man books appointments with dominatrix's & no shows them.
Reported by Ernest on Thursday, 02.4.2016 @ 02:57am reporting number 604-988-9327
Company Calling: -
Yes we did a bit ago. exactly what did these people say to you?
Reported by Ruthie on Tuesday, 02.2.2016 @ 21:53pm reporting number 604-524-7896
A man called on my door and left a card with my wife with the number 604 659 8786 stating the company was West Coast Delivery and that they had a parcel for me. My wife said he was quite rude. I called the number and talked to a woman. She said that they had a parcel that contained legal documents and asked when I would be home. I told her I'd be home the next day. But I thought I would call back to request a politer person to deliver it. So I called back many times and got an answering machine. Something did not seem right. So I did a search for this company West Coast Delivery and can only find this web site that showed many have had the same experience. This fellow is obviously trying to serve me with some legal documents. Does anyone know if this is legal to falsely try and serve someone this way with deception by claiming you are a delivery company?
Reported by James on Monday, 02.1.2016 @ 15:48pm reporting number 604-659-8786
Company Calling: western delivery
A dead silence happened before a guy picked up who refused to ID. himself or her affiliation & subsequently put the phone down.
Reported by Joaquin on Monday, 02.1.2016 @ 12:52pm reporting number 604-591-2144