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City: Columbus        State: Ohio        Country: United States

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Nature Floors LLC
Columbus, OH, 43228
Franklin County OH; Columbus, OH 43228
(614) 554-4419
Nature Floors LLC is a family-owned company, ready to deliver a wide selection of quality flooring options. Three highly qualified flooring specialists are ready to deliver you the most advance floor refinishing service. We perform all work with professionalism and dedication to our clients. Besides a great natural hardwood floor installation, you will meet a team of professionals which will be able to educate you, so you can have great looking floors for many years. Nature Floors LLC offers a large variety of flooring options, as well as the flooring refinishing option - it doesn't matter if you need a new floor installation or you love the old floor and need it restored - Nature Floors is the company which offers the most reliable solution for your flooring needs. Our main services: Flooring Contractor, Hardwood Refinishing, Residential Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor Installation, Floor Refinishing Services.
Flooring Contractor, Hardwood Refinishing, Residential Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Floor Installation, Floor Refinishing Services,Hardwood Flooring, Flooring, Hardwood Installation, Hardwood Repairs, Harwood Floors, Wooden Floors

Reported by Nicolas Parker on Tuesday, 02.23.2016 @ 07:45am reporting number 614-554-4419
Company Calling: Nature Floors LLC
Type of call: Telemarketer
Calls but puts me on hold. Then when I call company name, and no description. Voice-mail is full.
Reported by Jane on Saturday, 02.20.2016 @ 17:48pm reporting number 614-607-6362
I got a call from this number claiming to be a friend of my grandson and this person said that my grandson was in trouble in Costa Rica on after having gotten drunk all and he's there to attend a wedding and he borrowed a car and damaged it and now he's being held all in jail on bond I guess and so this phone number this person called and said that he was with my grandson but my grandson couldn't contact me and if I send money to A certain number in Costa Rica that if I wired the money that my son could come home but my son my grandson I am I'm speaking this to the phone because I can't really type this much my fingers ache from arthritis I'm rather old and this is just amazing to me how this all works well so I called and they said yes please do wire the money and I can't cover it was some $1500 $1580 so they also said that mice grandson was very embarrassed and not to tell his brother or sister and not to tell his mother father that if I could please take care of this that he would be very very grateful and I hide I was unsure of that so I asked well what nickname does Mike does my grandson have for me and they said well we have to ask him so they hung up and supposedly went to ask him and they called me back sometime later some 30 minutes later and they said it was Nana which of course is right now so I trusted that. so I went to my bank and I got some cash out and then I went to Western Union in and and wire transferred to the Western Union Money Graham to a place in Costa Rica and then I get a phone call saying that my grandson has been the people in the prison have taken a liking to him and they wouldn't let him go unless I paid them so that he could be released so Lassa how much is it now and they said was that I need dish no some $670 so I went to my bank and the bank manager asked me why did I need all this cash because I'm I'm I'm having to walk because I don't have a car anymore I can barely manage to take the bus so the bank manager called the police because he he he was concerned and it turns out that the when the police arrived they they they tried to delay me they would not give me the money and before that they handed to them before they gave me the money from my own accounts I'm kind of glad that they did call the police the police arrived and they asked me well what is my grandsons him home phone where does he live in California and you know maybe I should call Ann and find out if he is there an end instead of it being in Costa Rica and so we called it turns out he was at home in California and definitely not a Costa Rica and had never been in Costa Rica and has no friends that are getting married in Costa Rica and so if this number is a scam if you receive any phone calls from this number please please hang up right away .
Reported by Patricia Louellen Boggs on Tuesday, 02.16.2016 @ 16:35pm reporting number 614-472-8519
Company Calling: Scam
got a telephone ring with this no. No msg left.
Reported by Heath on Wednesday, 02.10.2016 @ 01:07am reporting number 614-335-9330
we just had a telephone ring with this no. these people didnt pass on a name or msg.
Reported by Wilton on Monday, 02.8.2016 @ 06:16am reporting number 614-407-0533