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City: Toronto        State: Ontario        Country: Canada

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Debt collector

Reported by Debt collector on Tuesday, 02.23.2016 @ 15:39pm reporting number 647-781-5539
Company Calling: Debt collector
I got call from this number at every 2 hours. I was sleeping and got this ring. I am fed up. Can somebody advise me whether I can register police complain?
Reported by DB on Saturday, 02.20.2016 @ 14:48pm reporting number 647-494-3296
Type of call: Telemarketer
647-628-5385 scammer alert, uses computer services for break-ins..Is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER IN ONTARIO, Cant find a job offers computer fake computer services, know to sell empty iphone 6s boxes to public, sells fake exotic birds, fake ball game tickets,fake jersey's, fake Viagra, fake baby formula..this person is a bottom feeder and is known to police and is nothing but bad news...CAUTION !!! DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH HIM !!!
Reported by ahmed on Monday, 02.15.2016 @ 09:44am reporting number 647-628-5385
Company Calling: 106 goodwood drive, markham,ontario
Type of call: Event Reminder
us ha llamado para vender un seguro de defunciĆ³n por si us muero us pagan???
Reported by Alica on Tuesday, 02.9.2016 @ 01:01am reporting number 647-481-440
Company Calling: Seguros MERIDIANO el muerto sano
Type of call: Telemarketer
647-771-7358-416-543-6099 , 647-287-5949, 416-453-0324 scam alert !!!! same SCAMMER numbers GLOBAL NEWS,has documented this scam artist and thief that uses computer services and claim to fix computers but knows nothing. He sells pirated software but claim he does not..this guy is a Liar and a Thief. He belongs to a TAMIL GANG AND IS KNOWN TO POLICE. He uses computer services to weigh up a customers security and later break in , Do not use this play station 4 junkie and PORN DISTRIBUTOR to fix your computer. Why do you need 2 guys and 1 guy in the car to come to your house to fix a computer ??????????Ahmed is Known to Police and has been A ( *CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER*) for the past 10 years* He cant fine a job and can not be hired from any company so he sells fake ball game and concert tickets, fake jerseys, fake baby formula, fake viagra...Also TRIES to fixe STOLEN computers out of his nasty ( 106 GOODWOOD DRIVE, MARKHAM,ONTARIO ) home that smells and is never ever been disinfected or vacuumed cleaned.This guy is a MUSLIM TURD FROM PAKISTAN...DON'T SUPPORT THIS GUY THAT HATES CANADA AND CANADIANS AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT IS NOT MUSLIM....
Reported by scott on Sunday, 02.7.2016 @ 14:04pm reporting number 647-771-7358
Company Calling: 3m scammer-cons
Type of call: Event Reminder